Client Testimonial From FitnessPrint Superstar, Brandi.

Brandi is from Vancouver, Canada and has been using our services and heavily participating in team activities since September, 2012. She is also a member of Team Blessed Bodies and is just 5 weeks away from her first appearance on stage!

Brandi says:

“Because of this program, I love the changes in my body; I’m leaner, more muscular, I have glowing skin… I have more energy than I have ever had.

I have gained a new sense of independence, focus and purpose. This is me, where I’m supposed to be.

People see the changes in me and ask questions. It feels great to be inspiring others to lead a healthy life.”

Wow! Just…wow! Thanks Brandi. You ARE an inspiration to others, and we’re happy to have you.

Even if you can’t afford a gym membership, you can look and feel like a million bucks during bikini season. Explore fitness, discover activities you love, and make your workouts sweaty! You’ll take 10 years off your body, add 10 years onto your life… It’s that simple :) Patience, consistency, intensity! #my365goal #blessedbodies365 #hiking #grouseGrind #vancouver #kitsbeach

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Vancouver Day 2:

We hiked up Mt Gouse today.  Well, actually we did the “Grouse Grind” which is basically all stairs all vertical all the time.  It was ROUGH but really awesome.  We took the Tram down at the end.

Then we went a few miles down the road to the Capilano Suspension Bridge.  We weren’t sure exactly what we were getting into, but it was a suspension bridge, treetop hike and some other little walk.  It was crowded and very kid friendly (which made it a little less jess/jill friendly).  It also seemed pretty commercialized and blah compared to Yellowstone so maybe we were just tainted from the past week of awesomeness.

Then we went to Stanley Park and read on the lawn. It was needed after a super active morning.


Der zweite Tag in Vancouver. Im Hostel haben wir June (links auf dem Bild) aus Los Angeles aufgegabelt und sind mit geliehenen Rädern durch den Stanley Park gecruist. Katharina (rechts) und ich überwinden langsam den Jetlag und für morgen haben wir uns den Grouse Grind Trail vorgenommen - ein 2,9 Kilometer langer Pfad mit rund 3000 Stufen auf den Grouse Mountain nahe Vancouver.