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Can we please also discuss--

–the similarities between how Blue Diamond is depicted in The Answer–

–and the most recognizable depiction of the High Priestess Tarot arcana?

It could just be me–I see tarot in practically everything–but I felt like there was a really strong connection between these images.  The possible symbolism of Blue Diamond’s deep blue veil resonated on a lot of levels for me.  Aside from the Priestess, there are many depictions of the Virgin Mary veiled in a similar shade:

But perhaps the most intriguing possible connection are the accounts in UFO lore of visitations from blue-skinned aliens, and in particular a powerful “Blue Lady”, who supposedly originated somewhere in the region of the Pleiades star cluster.  I can’t find a good picture of this last one, nor for that matter a good source or even a reference to where I first heard about this…but trust me, it’s a thing.  If you go far enough down the right rabbit holes in ufology, the Blue Lady of the Pleiades turns up eventually, and Blue Diamond looks VERY similar to how I’ve always envisioned her.  

Of course, all or none of these references might have influenced Blue Diamond’s character design; only Rebecca Sugar knows for sure!  This is just my little conjecture based on pondering why it is BD seems to have instantaneously become an iconic figure in the SU fandom.  All the symbolic connotations of that veil are what intrigue me about her. I would love to hear if she sparks different points of comparison for anyone else.

Good Graces

I’ve been asked to be one of Aphrodite's four priestesses in a final honours performance for a lovely male I met recently. In front of 300+ people, with bare breasts under digitally printed chiffon. I feel as one might feel when tiptoeing around an icy swimming pool with greased feet, swathed in electrical appliances. That is literally the most accurate image of the hesitation I am feeling right now. I understand I have a ‘Grecian’ profile (see: Gypsy Hooker Nose) but the priestesses were supposed to be considerably beautiful, intercourse with them was seen as a form of worship to Aphrodite. 

I know this would probably be a large step in some bizarre form of 'self-love’ or whatever but I’m fairly bemused that I was singled out for this. 

Unrelated: I have cut all of my hair off again. I am like a boy you once knew. But definitely not the one you slept with.

Or something.

Before there were temples, there were priests and priestesses. There has always been a class of people consecrated to the divine. Sometimes they held high rank within their society; sometimes they were outcasts consulted only when necessary. Loved or hated, they were always respected by the people who came to them for counsel and knowledge…priests and priestesses were entrusted with preserving the knowledge of the ancestors and spirits who watched over the tribe.
—  Kenaz Filan
Alexus and Priestesses (+Female Roles)


So, Alexus was raised by Priestesses. And he remembers that time as being really happy and pure. As he grew and had to do and live awful things, he idolized that early time even further.

Today, when a woman seems motherly or caring or wise, it inspires some of those of feelings in him: innocence, obedience, gentleness

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