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Apostle Islands - Wisconsin, USA

The Apostle Islands are a group of 22 islands, located in the largest lake in the United States, Lake Superior. The islands are famous for their sea caves, most notably those on the mostly uninhabited Devils Island. Kayakers can meander freely in and out of the caves. As popular as the caves are in summer, they are also popular in the winter, when the caves ice over, and the stalactites crystallize. 

“ i dont support either candidate and i voted to reflect this “

congrats, you’ve indirectly helped donald trump win

you can cash in your moral points at the nearest fuck you to marginalized groups station at your location

Legacy of World War II on the Philippines

In early 1946 Japan’s General Tomoyuki Yamashita was tried as a war criminal and hanged by order of MacArthur. In 1986, a salvage group located the wreck of a Japanese ship containing $500 million worth of treasure in Filipino waters. The ship was sunk in World War II.

In 1994, President Fidel Ramos had hoped to turn the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Leyte into a sort of an Asian version of the D-Day commemoration at Normandy. President Clinton and MacArthur’s 92-year-old widow were invited to event but neither were able to attend. In their place came the U.S. Secretary of State William Perry and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. John Shalikashvili.

After World War II and independence, the United States Congress reneged on promised to give benefits to Filipino soldiers who fought on the Allied side against Japan. In 2009 Associated Press reported: “Men and women from the Philippines were promised recognition and benefits when they enlisted to fight alongside US troops during World War II. Many of those honors are only arriving now, 64 years after the war ended. The Fil-Am veterans are also set to receive long-awaited benefits that the United States pledged during the war. [Source: Associated Press, June 7, 2009]

“Some 250,000 Filipinos enlisted in 1941 to help defend the Philippines, a US commonwealth at the time. They were promised that they could become US citizens if they chose, and receive benefits under the G.I. Bill. The US Congress took away that offer in 1946 when the Philippines became an independent nation. Congress passed legislation in 2009 rewarding the soldiers for their service with $9,000 payments for non-US citizens and $15,000 for those with citizenship. In 2009, about 18,000 Filipino veterans, many in their 80s and 90s, were still alive. Ravaged by old age and disease, they were dying at the rate of 10 a day, officials said. “ [Ibid]

Carlos H. Conde wrote in the New York Times, “Unlike in other countries where the war’s end brought renewal and hope, there is a strong sense in this country that the war victimized Filipinos twice over, that its horrifying toll went beyond the destruction of its cities. If the war destroyed 80 percent of the Philippine economy, its consequences - the reparations, the ensuing relationship between Manila and Tokyo, the Cold War, the rise of Ferdinand Marcos, who exploited Japan’s postwar penitence and benevolence and almost single-handedly repaired relations with the Japanese - damaged Filipinos even further, diminishing their sense of pride and their ability to appreciate their past and learn from it. [Source: Carlos H. Conde, New York Times, August 13, 2005 +=+]

“In short, World War II left the Philippines devastated long after it ended, historians and sociologists say. This damage, they say, defines the modern Filipino: poor and lost, perpetually wandering the globe for economic survival, bereft of national pride, and - like the women of Mapanique - forced to suffer, to this day, the indignities of their violation. “Filipinos have a very short historical memory,” said Ricardo Trota Jose, the country’s foremost scholar on Philippine-Japan relations, who teaches history at the University of the Philippines.“ +=+

Outcast Second Contact Cover by Atomhawk Design

Artwork by Atomhawk’s Viktoria Gavrilenko, Mike Howie & Marcel Van Vuuren

OUTCAST – Second Contact is the remake of the 1999 PC game Outcast. It will be available in March 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Outcast takes place in the near future when Humanity has just discovered the existence of a parallel world, Adelpha. The American government, which was behind the discovery, sends a probe there to investigate. The experiment is a success but a native of Adelpha, a Talan, attacks the probe and causes a distortion of space-time that threatens to destroy the Earth.

You are Cutter Slade, a former Special Forces operative, assigned to escort a group of scientists sent to locate and repair the probe. Nothing goes as planned, however, and you find yourself embarked on an adventure on an unknown planet, with the future of two worlds in your hands.

gearstorm  asked:

I REALLY wanna try and make an animatic for I've Got A Dream after seeing the amazing job you did, but that would be so hard to edit the audio, having to separate all of Rapunzel and Eugenes lines from the thugs, which luckily I don't think the two ever sing at the same time as anyone else but still. Also have you explained the lanterns in your au yet? I some how doubt Zarkon would set out a beacon of lanturns for Keith once a year.


The lanterns are set out by the people who are hiding from Zarkon and from the resistance group. It does risk their location being found out but it’s also a sign of “we’re still standing up to you Zarkon you can’t make us fear you”

TalesFromRetail: On A Roll (Of Pennies)

LTL;FTP and all that jazz. I apologize for formatting, I don’t post often!

I used to work at a fairly large chain of gas station/convenience stores. A friend had gotten a few people in our group jobs at different locations, fairly close to each other. We would always tell each other our stories of weird customers, thieves, etc. While hanging out one night, somebody mentioned that a couple guys had come into their store and tried exchanging rolls of dimes for cash, except the rolls were actually full of pennies. Armed with this new information I go into work the next and tell my coworkers to watch out because they might try it on us. A few hours into my shift, it’s getting dark and it’s pretty slow when a guy, we’ll call him Rolls, walks in and comes up to my register.

Me: Hello, what can I help you with tonight?

Rolls: Hey, can I get a can of Copenhagen Long Cut? And would it be possible to change a couple rolls of dimes for bills?

Me: (Really? Already?!) Sure thing!

So I grab his can of dip, ring up the total and take his rolls of dimes. As I’m about to break open the rolls of dimes I tell him that I just have to make sure that the rolls all add up to $5 each. A look of terror dawns on his face.

Rolls: Oh…so…uh, you have to check those rolls, huh?

Me: Yes sir, some people don’t fill the rolls all the way or they try to use other coins. Just last night somebody tried to exchange rolls full of pennies at the store down the road.

Rolls: Oh, yeah, totally understand.

At this point, I take the three rolls of coins and smack them on the edge of the counter to crack them open and out pours a flurry of pennies. Rolls is now stuttering and mumbling, has no idea how this possibly could have happened blah blah blah. He grabs what pennies he can, leaves his can of Copenhagen and bolts for the door.

Me: Have a great night, sir!

I marked down the time and left a note for my manager, the next day pictures of Rolls and his car were up in every store in our district.



please tell me yuuko took pictures of them and place them everywhere in the treasure room

Bride’s Story playlist

I made a playlist to 8tracks, which includes traditional folk music from Central Asia. Here are the ethnic groups and locations of the protagonists of Bride’s Story. 

  • Eihon family, Pariya’s family, Camora 
  • Uyghur / Uzbek | Uzbekistan
  • Halgal family (Amira’s family):
  • Kazakh / Kyrgyz | Kazakhstan / Kyrgyzstan
  • Laila & Leyli
  • Tajik | Tajikistan
  • Talas:
  • Karakalpak | Karakalpakstan
  • Anis & Shirin:
  • Persia

Track list:

  1. Laïli Djân
  2. Three Stars Of Uzbekistan (Uzbekistan)
  3. Glorious Morning (Uzbekistan)
  4. Dudarai (Kazakhstan)
  5. Kambarkan Folk Ensemble - “Jolughabuz az kündö” (Kyrgyzstan) 
  6. Nigina Amonkulova - Dil az baram raft  (My heart abandoned me) (Tajikistan)
  7. Davlat Nazri - Ovozi Kabki Darvoz (Tajikistan)
  8. Gulistan Temirxanova - Nolish (Karakalpakstan)
  9. Tomos Brangwyn -  Chaharmezrab Nav (Persia)

      “The screaming handout that I keep hearing describes my inner turmoil since existing pretty accurately…” 

      The screaming is starting to get to him. Sleep without worrying about furry death bots every hour would be nice.


@screeching-pterodactyl-fangirl requested: High school AU? Reader is a tuba player and gets hate for that. Dean is football captain and fluff ensues. Maybe he confesses a crush?

Characters: High school!Dean x reader

**Gifs are not mine

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High school. Ugh.

Just get through the day, Y/n. You thought as entered the building from the student parking lot. Thankfully, you had band second period and history first, so at least the first portion of your day would be enjoyable.

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someone: *has zero regard for the time constraints of their friends, orchestrates scenarios in which they control when a group leaves various locations, is consistently late, is generally inconsiderate, and cultivates all of these negative qualities either out of spite or the delusion that they are aloof*

everyone else: that’s just their personality! theyre a fire sign

The CARYL moments in Daryl Dixons ‘flashback’ just keep adding up!

The newest promo features a brand new CARYL moment that randomly (or not so randomly) popped in Daryls head as he kneels in the dirt and faces Negan and his 'Lucille’.
The scene in question is from TWD Season 2 and shows Daryl and Carol riding together after the farm falls.
As we all know Daryl rescues Carol and they ride away into the night towards the designated group meet-up location on the highway.

It’s worth mentioning that after the group reunites Carol and Daryl in fact CHOOSE to continue traveling together and the choice is not made out of convenience or necessity.
Carol could have been way more comfortable (and warmer) in one of the vehicles, and Daryl the self-described 'lone wolf’ was expected to want his personal space back once an alternative for Carol was provided.
And yet Carol stayed with Daryl on the bike until the very end of the season, even though she didn’t need to stay with him.
They choose each other’s company voluntarily and to each other’s personal disadvantage. Together.
A separate mini unit within a larger group one.

Essentially what we have here is ONE MORE scene in Daryl’s 'flashback’ reel, that is a deliberate and a very direct callback to a moment in his journey where Carol and Daryl were becoming a 'something’ together.
One more moment showcasing the evolution of Carol and Daryl into CARYL.
One more moment TWD wants us to remember.

It’s almost as if TWD wants to remind it’s audience of the CARYL subtle beginnings and the journey this relationship has taken.
To share what and who has shaped and affected, Daryl the man, the most since the world ended.
To show that these are the times in Daryl’s journey that he cherishes, thinks about and appreciates the most.

Or maybe this trip down memory lane is a way for the writers to get the audience to recall the steps of what’s been going-on between Carol and Daryl all this time - ALL in order to maximize the emotional payoff they want the next step in this relationship to provide.
'Look how far they’ve come’; kind of thing!
'We’ve been building this up from the very beginning’; scenario!

All the moments that Daryl is re-calling shaped HIM but they also shaped the connection HE nurtured between himself and Carol. They represent his journey but also their journey.
The key here is WHY we are being reminded of all this right now. Why this season? Why these scenes?
Why so much? (multiple scenes)

TWD history tells us that when the writers focus on something and do it THIS directly, something important is coming.
Something BIG.
They want us to remember how CARYL started and want us to know without a doubt just how important CARYL is in Daryl’s own evolution.
No subtlety or beating around the bush either.

All THIS, along with the CARYL spoilers we already have, justifies and bolsters our faith and hope for this ship.
I just have a whole lot of CARYL feels, I don’t know what to do with right now!
But I will…soon ❤️

Creepypasta #404: The Pursuit Institute

Two years ago, a bunch of my friends and I went on a school sponsored trip to Alaska set up by the Pursuit Institute. I was placed in a group with nine, no, ten other students, and two adult chaperones. Another group was also made up of similar numbers, and each group would start at one location and then we would switch places halfway through. The trip would consist mostly of hiking and backpacking in Denali where we would camp in tents and then hiking near the Kenai Peninsula where we would stay in a cabin.

We arrived in Anchorage at about 2:00 in the morning, but it was still light out as Alaska never really got dark that time of year. Our groups parted ways after claiming our baggage, and my group began our trip by driving to Denali National Park where we would be spending the next several days. We all had a great time and before we knew it, it was time to meet up with the other group and trade places for the second half of our trip.

We converged in front of a supermarket and the two groups swapped stories and shared some laughs. It was all fun, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was … wrong with the other group. Their stories would be incredibly vague or they would just stop halfway through as if they caught themselves from mentioning something without even realizing it.

It was all incredibly eerie but no one but me seemed to notice. When I tried to question them further or go into detail about their trip they would simply become dazed and say that it was really all just a blur. Then, getting defensive, they would ask me details about our trip so far. I scoffed and tried to remember a specific event only to find that … I really didn’t remember much either. In fact, as I began listening to my groups own stories, we were being just as vague as them! It was all so strange that no one, not even I, immediately noticed that the other group was short one kid.

Suddenly though, it hit me.

“Where’s Josh?” I asked the group. Everyone turned to face me, their eyes seemed glazed and cloudy as their faces reflected my own confusion right back at me. What they said next made my blood run cold.

With such genuine seriousness that it couldn’t have possibly been a joke, one by one, they asked, “Who the hell is Josh?” Even the adults looked puzzled.

Giving a nervous laugh, I turned to my own group for support only to see that they were looking at me with the same expressions. Confusion was plastered across every one of their faces, looking at me with blank eyes. Then, suddenly, confusion turned to laughter as if they realized that I had been joking.

“Haha! Nice man! You had me goin’ for a second there!” Matt said as the mood quickly lightened back up. I laughed with them and pretended that it had been a joke, but all I felt was a horrible sickness rising up inside me.

That’s when a kid from the other group said, “Haha, but seriously, what’s with YOUR group? You guys are acting all weird and … where is Sarah?”

“Haha, very funny.”

“Yeah real original.” Members of both groups snapped back at him, almost in unison. No one named Sarah had even been in our group, and even I was pissed that he was making fun of me. That is, until I saw the look on his face.

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