I’m starting my third year in 2 days and I was thinking about everything I’ve learned in those long 2 years and thought why not share some of it with you guys. Everyone’s experience is different and mine may not cover every aspect of college life, but here are some things that I’ve learned from my uni days so far.

1. College is not like high school

You must be like ‘well duh obviously it’s not’ but listen: you get much more freedom when it comes to your studies. And with that freedom comes more responsibility. You’re on your own here, you study for you and you’ll often study alone outside of class so time management is very important. There are no teachers who will go over the material again and again, you either get it or you don’t . But don’t worry,most professors are always willing to help you out if you don’t understand something.

2. Studying is beneficial for your future but sometimes so is going out

Every once in a while it’s good to take a break and hang out with your groupmates. You will get to know each other better in a more chill and relaxed atmosphere. Also, if you ever get exchange students, hang out with them as well. Believe me, you’ll learn so many interesting things about their culture and the background they come from and it’s always good to broaden your knowledge in those areas.

3. Don’t drink with people you don’t trust

((that is of course if you’re old enough to drink:)) There are some genuinely nice people out there who will hold your hair while you’re throwing up, pay for the cab and make sure you get home safe (or walk you to your dorm room), but there are also those who will not hesitate to take advantage of you, so please be careful about who you’re drinking with (it’s always good to have a trusting friend who you know will take care of you in case you take too many shots).

4. That being said, if you see someone who’s had too much to drink and doesn’t seem to have anyone they know wherever it is that you’re drinking at, take care of them

This is pretty self explanatory, and I know you may think it’s not your duty to take care of this person (especially if it’s someone you’ve never met before) but please don’t just leave them at the party/club/whaever, you will not forgive yourself if anything happens to them.

5. Hangover is a bitch

I’m realizing now that three out of five tips so far have been about drinking but oh well. If you have never (or you think you have never) had a hangover in high school, welcome to college. Keep sipping on that water cause it’s going to be a long, long day.

6. Never take a class you’re not interested in just because your friend is taking it

This one can be tricky if you (like me) suffer from anxiety. But if there’s a class you really want to take that none of your friends are interested in, do it! The best course I’ve taken in uni so far was the one my friends didn’t even consider and it was an amazing one. Yet at the end of last year, when I was signing up for classes for the first semester of year three, I decided to take a course I didn’t like just because my uni best friend had signed up for it, and now said friend is dropping out and I will be stuck with the course I couldn’t care less about for an entire semester, so that’s a cautionary tale right there.

7. Participate in optional work

If you have any debates, film/book discussion and things of that nature, take part in them. It’s yet another chance to meet new people, and you often get extra credit for them which is never a bad thing (that’s how I aced one of my classes in year one)

8. All-nighters aren’t cool

They’re not healthy and often do more damage than good. Only pull one if you absolutely need it (e.g if it’s already past midnight, the deadline is in 9 hours and you haven’t even started writing that 15 page essay)

9. Don’t start working unless you really need the money

Combining study and a full-time or even a part-time job is extremely hard. Think about it this way: there’s sleeping, studying and working; you can only have two. You will be either working and sleeping, studying and sleeping or studying and working, none of those options are good for you and your mental and physical health. And hey, once you graduate you’ll have to get a job either way, so if your parents are still willing to support you or you have another way of supporting yourself financially, it’s best to just not rush it and focus on getting that diploma instead.

10. Dropping out isn’t the end of the world

If at some point you decide to drop out, give yourself some time to think it through; a week, a month, a semester. College is not for everyone, and there are different life situations and if you end up dropping out, know that you are NOT a failure. Several of my friends dropped out over these two years and they’re living their best lives right now. You’re going to figure it out and you’re going to be okay, I’m rooting for you lil bean.

And some additional tips:

- Have a bottle of water on you at all times. Hydration is the key, remember?

- Libraries and reading rooms are the best. They’re pretty, quiet and often have wifi. Just don’t skip classes too often there.

- Don’t compare your success with others’. 

- Sometimes eating dried tea leaves during a lecture is the best way to connect with people. Please don’t ask me why I know this.

Hope you guys found this helpful and hope you all are having a great beginning of your school year!

You know, running in the same vein as Yuuri’s friends not knowing he’s famous, Yura probably has to deal with the same thing.

Except for him, it’s less of “I’m too shy to talk about my achievements” and more of “how could they not already know.”

‘Cause he’s kind of a really big deal. 

So imagine this boy, going to college (not the same one as Yuuri though because fuck him), and he’s loaded all his classes onto two weekdays, so he can spend as much time as possible training.

(He needs as much training as he can get. His body recently started changing, and because he wasn’t able to get a good handle on his jumps in time, JJ was able to snatch gold from him at the last Worlds and he’s furious.)

And straight up, everyone in his classes are fucking terrified of him.

He’s intimidatingly gorgeous, with his slender limbs and pouty lips, his waist-length silky blonde hair always braided in some kind of elven prince hairstyle (courtesy of Viktor, who’s had years of experience with his own hair).

And also, the first time some jackass tried to poke fun at his masculinity and call him homophobic slurs, Yura kicked him in the fucking jaw. 

There’s nothing wrong with being gay,” he growls, fingers clenched into fists.

The next day, they find out the guy has been expelled. No one has any doubt whatsoever Yura had a hand in it.

So yeah, when they get a group assignment in one of his classes and Yura says he can’t meet up with them to work on their presentation because he has training, none of his groupmates can find the courage to complain. They don’t ask what kind of training it is.

It does kinda help that he does his part of the project without complaining, and emails it to them well before the deadline they had decided on.

When Yura says again that he can’t attend their second group meeting, one of the guys in his group finally says something.

“What do you have to do that’s so important you can’t work with us on a project that’s worth 20% of your overall grade!?”

Yura shrugs, not even looking up from whoever he’s texting on his phone. “I’m going to be in Japan then.”

Everyone is too stunned to ask why on Earth he’d be flying to Japan in the middle of a semester.

His phone rings, and he walks off before they can stop him.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m on my way to the parking lot right now. Would it kill you to be a bit more patient, dad?”

The last word is said sarcastically, but there’s unmistakable affection there.

At the third meeting, Yura again opts out. His groupmates expect it by now, and they don’t bother about asking why. He still does his portion of the work, so they can deal with him being an antisocial shit.

They’re taking a break from studying and schoolwork to go out and get some lunch, and lo and behold, guess who’s at the restaurant they go to?

He’s sitting at a table with two others, his usually immaculate braided knot exchanged for a messy bun that looks no less stunning. He’s still got the brand name clothes, but they’re comfier, not as bright or showy.

The two men he’s with are sitting with their backs to the door, but they seem to be listening intently as Yura talks excitedly about something, his eyes bright and hands gesturing wildly.

His classmates have never seen that kind of expression on his face before.

He notices them as they approach the register, and his face softens into a smile as he waves them over. They’re kind of scared. They’ve never seen him in such a good mood.

As they walk over, the two men he’s with turn around curiously.

Predictably, they’re every bit as gorgeous as Yura is.

Yura introduces them all to his….dads?

The silver-haired man grins proudly, talking about how excited he is that his little Yura is making friends.

Yeah, definitely dads. It suddenly makes sense why Yura had been so furious about that jackass’s homophobic slurs back in the first week of classes.

Yura’s face turns a bright red at the man’s gushing, and he yells at him to, “SHUT THE HELL UP OLD MAN!”

The man laughs, but doesn’t say anything more.

Yura introduces the man as his figure skating coach, Viktor Katsuki-Nikiforov, and his husband Yuuri Katsuki-Nikiforov.

“You figure skate?” he classmates ask, surprised.

The three at the table stare at them all, dumb-founded.

Viktor and Yuuri start laughing uncontrollably then.

Yura turns red and shouts at them to “FUCK OFF!! KATSUDON YOU HAVE NO FUCKING RIGHT TO LAUGH!!”

Yuuri gets his laughter under control, and he turns to look at Yura’s classmates.

“He medalled at the olympics last year,” he informs them. 

Viktor nods enthusiastically at them.

“Both my Yuris were on the podium!!” he informs them happily. “But Yura’s still mad he only got bronze.”

Fanfics based on this post:

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Inside Harry Styles’ Intimate First Solo Tour

Music director Tom Hull reveals how the One Direction star is launching a new phase of his career with help from a versatile live band

Just a half hour before doors open for Harry Styles’ first show of his debut solo tour, San Francisco’s Masonic is completely empty. Band and crew members are buzzing backstage, including Styles himself, not yet wearing the snazzy Gucci suit he would be seen sporting onstage just hours later.

Outside, more than 3,000 fans wait to see the 23-year-old perform in one of the smallest venues they may ever catch him in. They’re decked out in a variety of homemade merchandise as well as florals and pinks, a tribute to the singer’s fashion and album aesthetic.

“It’s funny because as this tour’s approached, I’ve been so nervous,” Styles’ music director and producer Tom Hull, known professionally as Kid Harpoon, tells Rolling Stonebackstage while clutching a chalice of wine and wearing a pin that reads “Muna Has Possibly Talked to Harry Styles,” given out for free by opening band Muna at their merch table.

Until this tour, Hull’s work with other artists had been primarily in the studio, producing and co-writing for artists like Haim, Florence and the Machine and Shakira. He had been introduced to Styles through a mutual friend and ended up working on the songs “Sweet Creature” and “Carolina.” Thanks to their musical chemistry, Styles ended up asking Hull to help him put together a live show to perfectly embody the rootsy, rock-tinged sound of his self-titled album.

“I’ve gone into it not knowing what I’m doing [and] learning on the job,” he admits. “We’re all sort of approaching it with a fresh perspective because we haven’t done it before, but it [has us] keeping with what the record’s about.”

To help translate Styles’ solo sound, the first goal was to get a traditional band together. Guitarist Mitch Rowland had been plucked from a pizza shop where he formerly worked to become a session musician for the album and has joined Styles’ touring band as well.

“Mitch has never really toured like this before,” Hull says. “He’s learning on the road as he goes.”

Joining Rowland are keyboardist Clare Uchima, bassist Alex Predergast and drummer Sarah Jones, all of whom had made their debut with Styles during the televised and small club performances around the release of his album. The band began to feel settled long before the tour launched, but Hull sees their relationship becoming further cemented with this trek.

“Bands become true bands on tour,” he explains. “Fans bought tickets [for this tour] before the album had come out, and the band wants to play to them. The idea is to cut our chops on this tour and get really good. Then next year, he’s got an arena tour.”

Still, on the first two nights, the band already felt like a cohesive unit. The first show perfectly bridged Styles’ past and present, demonstrating that he’s a star capable of holding his own outside of his boy band. Amidst the folk-y ballads and rousing rockers, he covered One Direction classics like “What Makes You Beautiful” and “Stockholm Syndrome” as well as one of his lesser-known writing credits: an Ariana Grande piano ballad titled “Just a Little Bit of Your Heart,” off the vocal diva’s 2014 album My Everything. “Honestly, I didn’t know he had written it,” Hull notes.

Styles has released just 10 songs under his own name, but the vast amount of material he had from his pre-solo career helped to fill out the set. “When the Strokes first came out, their album was 35 minutes long and they had to do Talking Heads songs to fill out the set,” he adds. “It’s quite good to be able to do [Harry’s] record and have other songs in the set because he’s written so much music with [and outside of] One Direction. We’re presenting it in a way that sort of reflects the record and where he’s at now, which feels unique to Harry.”

In the months leading up to the tour launch in San Francisco, Hull, Styles and good friends of the latter sat around and began to formulate a vision. “It was like ‘Why don’t we do this? That would be fun,’” Hull describes of the process. “The thing that’s incredible about Harry that I don’t think people realize as much yet is that he drives it all. It’s very much his taste. He’s very musical; he plays guitar, plays piano and writes songs. He loves music.”

For Hull, working with Styles has disproven a common misconception of the pop megastar, one who is governed by his producers and label. Instead, the director paints a picture of a huge music nerd, one who is particularly passionate about classic rock and country, getting to explore his taste on his own terms.

“That was the hard thing, I think, in [One Direction] before,” he adds. “You’ve got a bunch of lads who all have different tastes in music and have their own personalities. Obviously it’s clear they’ve all done something different [as solo artists].”

Styles has been eager to share his tastes with Hull and the rest of the group. “He’s turning me on to music I’ve never even heard of from like 1978, and he’s texting people in the band 'Have you heard this? Have you heard that?” Hull says says, noting that on days off they go to guitar shops, looking at gear and “really geeky stuff.”

“For someone where he’s at, he just absolutely adores it, and it’s inspiring for everyone underneath.”

The next night in Los Angeles, the crowd is even more energetic as they filter into the Greek through the trees and hills of Griffith Park. A few glitches cropped up at the San Francisco gig — run-of-the-mill sound problems and a less expected fire alarm triggered by the theatrical smoke used during Muna’s set. For the Los Angeles show, the band feels even stronger and more focused.

“There was a bit of uncertainty, but I think everyone’s really happy and buzzing,” Hull updates from the Greek’s VIP section. That night, they were up against the added pressure that comes with a celebrity- and legend-filled audience, featuring everyone from Emma Roberts to Mick Fleetwood and Styles’ former groupmate Niall Horan. “You want to keep improving and getting it better. It feels like the first gig still.”

Even though he would perform a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” in front of Fleetwood himself, Styles was even looser at the Greek, dropping in cheekier ad libs and at one point halting “Kiwi,” the closer of the main set before his encore, to tease the troves of primarily female-identifying fans by highlighting the “I’m having your baby” line from the chorus. According to Hull, Styles was already prepared to start changing up the set list by night two, something the entire team collectively decided against as they were just starting out. (In Nashville the following weekend, however, they replaced the cover of “Stockholm Syndrome” with a rendition of Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush,” the first of many possibly new covers to be introduced on the road.)

The cover of One Direction’s most memorable hit “What Makes You Beautiful” remains the most surprising element of the show, especially since young solo artists typically tend to distance themselves from their pop pasts on the road to a more “mature” sound.

“At first, he was definitely cautiously up for it,” Hull says of the decision-making process. “I feel like those [One Direction] songs are brilliantly written songs, and obviously it was a moment where we had a conversation. Beyoncé does Destiny’s Child songs, so we were like 'Let’s do some of the songs that people will all know and everyone will love.’”

Styles’ band made sure to adapt the tune to fit the flow of the show. Uchima suggested a “Ray Charles–y vibe” for the keys, while drummer Jones added a “Motown-y beat” during rehearsals, and the group continued tinkering until they found the perfect balance of old and new.

“We all have so much respect for what put him here,” Hull adds, emphasizing Styles’ own desire to not fully let go of his past. “It’s an important part of it. You can’t underestimate his fans.”

ps I feel like a lot, a lot of fans have sehun’s personality very wrong and I am so confused by a lot of fanon posts about him lmao

like yeah, he’s a goofball and a bit silly with his friends but like

he’s such a quiet, polite kid. like. he’s v quiet, he’s courteous, he’s soft spoken and sometimes anxious and socially awkward

there’s a reason why he naturally wears that well-known resting b face. shy people have that expression. observant, but quiet people have that expression. people that spend a lot of time inside their own minds. you think about something, you daze out, you don’t pay close attention to how you appear to others, and before you know it, people are seeing your ‘cold’ expression and calling you rude

I think, contrary to playful jokes about his intelligence or whatever the fuck, he does give a lot of thought to things, he does consider things deeply, and these ‘surprisingly’ profound, meaningful things he says are not completely unexpected or startling to the people that actually know him

there’s a reason why his groupmates are always saying he’s the sweetest, he’s the most encouraging, he’s the most supportive guy on the team. because he’s a cinnamon roll that happens to be a little bit shy in front of the cameras, and it’s very rare that we see his entire personality

he gets restless, he gets anxious, he dodges cameras when he’s moody, he occasionally complains that he gets too much attention from people he doesn’t want it from, while at the same time  almost constantly seeking and appreciating attention from the people he treasures

these are characteristics of a shy person, these are characteristics of an introvert, these are characteristics of someone who’s incredibly affectionate but also a somewhat awkward kid that grew up to be beautiful and doesn’t really know how to present himself as the media icon he’s supposed to be

let him learn. let him live a little.

(and stop saying he’s stupid, immature, and whatever the fuck, damn. he doesn’t act as charming and suave as the others, but that doesn’t make him any less valuable or clever or talented or worthy of appreciation and respect.)

college! au shidge

I may not yet be in college but I am however still a student and really I just pulled these from my butt and accidentally ended up writing a fic ok anyways

  • shiro’s staring dumbfounded at his best friend’s little sister who managed to jump three whole years into his grade like H O W
  • them at the library and pidge cursing her smolness and shiro just hoists her up on his shoulder to the right shelf
  • for some reason they have a lot of classes together. A LOT.

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Byun Baekhyun x Reader - Angst

Words: 4K

Summary: Childhood friends before you moved away and took his heart along with you, Baekhyun soon debuted as EXO’s singer in hopes of finding you again. So why were you standing in front of him as an EXO fan with no memories of your childhood?

Part 1 | 2

He didn’t know when he gave his heart to you. Maybe it was when you pushed some bullies off of him. Or maybe it was the time you came over to help him with his math homework. He wasn’t sure how it happened, all he knew was that it did happen. He entrusted his feelings when you stepped inside your car, tears staining your face and your small hands wiping the tears away.

The vivid scene of your tied up (h/c) hair and swollen red eyes as you gripped your teddy bear was ingrained his mind. He remembered your little bunny backpack that complemented your bright yellow dress. He remembered the tears peeking from his mother’s eyes as she said her goodbyes to your mother. And he remembered the bracelet of the moon hanging from your wrist, his bracelet matched with the sun.

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DK jealous sex

wdym it’s obvious this isn’t my strength,, I honestly had a whole bunch of problems writing this and had to make a compromise of a kind in order to be able to finish this, so it’s most likely not what you’re all expecting and looking forward to, sadly. but I hope at least a few of you like it! sorry!

in which this is honestly much closer to “Seokmin gets jealous and you have sex” than it is to “jealous sex” per se….. if you want a proper smut with a very jealous and dominant seokmin i’m afraid you might want to request on another blog if you haven’t already :c

You were spending the evening at Seventeen’s dorm, and the further the evening proceeded, the more Seokmin was eyeing you with a small frown on his face, although it gradually developed into a more prominent one. At first he hadn’t minded you being with Mingyu - as much as the handsome, tall male made him feel insecure on a few levels - but with the two of you standing rather close to each other and obviously having a good time, he was unable to shake off the feeling building up inside of him.

He wasn’t particularly fond of the ugly feeling known as jealousy, but he could easily identify the heavy feeling as just that, in its purest form. While he wasn’t exactly prone to feeling that way, there was something about his groupmate that had him on the edge.

Seokmin moved closer to you and Mingyu, trying to appear like he was focusing on his phone, when in reality most of his attention was on you and Mingyu and stealing glances at you every now and then.

It wasn’t until when Mingyu told you he had been working out and showed you his arm muscles that Seokmin fully put his phone away to put all of his attention on you. Your eyebrows rose when you saw the muscles in front of you, indeed much more defined than the last time you had seen them, and you found your hand running up and down Mingyu’s bicep.

“No kidding,” you said in awe and slowly moved your gaze to Mingyu’s deep brown eyes. “They’re huge.”

By then, Seokmin decided that he had had enough, and got up from the couch he had been sitting on before walking to you and slowly wrapping his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him. “What’s up, you two?”

You smiled at Seokmin, oblivious to how tense he was. “Mingyu was just showing me the results of his workouts.”

Mingyu gave Seokmin a toothy grin and nodded, his left bicep still bare with the sleeve of his T-shirt rolled up. Seokmin gave the two of you a slow nod and turned more to you. “Could you come with me, Y/N?”

You tilted your head a little, but reached for Seokmin’s hand either way when he had unwrapped his arm from your waist and turned away a little. “Sure..?”

He led you to the smallest of the bedrooms in the dorm, being the one he shared with Soonyoung and Joshua, and closed and locked the door behind you. You looked at him confusion.

“Is everything okay, Seokmin?” you asked and placed your hand on his left bicep, holding it lightly. He let out a deep sigh and placed his hands on your hips, his gaze intense as he stared into your eyes.

“We all know Mingyu’s tall and handsome and all, you don’t need to… I don’t know, boost his confidence, you know,” Seokmin said with a frustrated frown. “He can have a bunch of other girls tell him that, but you’re my girlfriend. I know it’s selfish, but I just… really didn’t like what happened back there.”

He was doing his best to put his feelings into words without sounding too jealous, and by the end of his words you were giving him a small smile while playing with his hair.

“Did you get jealous?” you asked, your voice both soft yet teasing. Seokmin nodded with a serious expression, and you raised your eyebrows in surprise when he held you a bit tighter and pulled you closer.

“You could say that,” he said with a low voice and lowered his head so that he could place a kiss on your neck. “You know I don’t particularly want you to flirt with other guys.”

You rolled your eyes good-humoredly and sighed quietly when Seokmin sucked on your skin lightly. “I wasn’t flirting with him, Seokmin. We were just talking.”

“Why do you think he insisted on showing you his muscles?” Seokmin asked, his fingers slowly raising the hem of your shirt so that they could sneak their way up your sides under your shirt. You swallowed, shivering under his touch while continuing playing with his hair.

“I just assumed he wanted to share his results,” you said in a mere mumble, closing your eyes when Seokmin sucked on the sensitive skin at the area where your neck joined with your shoulder, and let out a content sigh.

Wrong. He wanted you to feel them up - which you did - and I know for a fact that your attention is what he wants the most,” Seokmin said against your skin and unhooked your bra under your shirt. You tugged at his hair as a sign that you wanted to see his face, and so he pulled his head back a little, his hands caressing your back.

“You really don’t trust him with me, do you?” you asked, slightly amused, and looked into Seokmin’s eyes.

“Not really, no,” he admitted and gave you a sheepish grin. “Sorry.”

You giggled, and while putting words together in your mind, took off your shirt and let your bra straps slide down your arms until the garment fell to the floor. With your upper body bare, you wrapped your arms around Seokmin’s neck and clung onto him, bringing your mouth close to his ear. “I think I get you, so it’s fine. If I saw you being touchy with an attractive woman who I knew fancied you, I would get jealous, too.”

Seokmin slid his hands into your jeans from the back and cupped your ass, pulling you flush against himself, which made you gasp. “Are you saying Mingyu’s attractive?”

Knowing you were more or less playing with fire, you pulled back enough to be able to give Seokmin a challenging look while biting your lower lip lightly, intentionally obviously. “Well, isn’t he?”

His jaw tightened a little, and you realized pretty fast that it was surprisingly hot to look at, sending tingles of excitement down your spine.

Seokmin swallowed and squeezed your ass in his hands. He was about to say something, but you brought your forefinger to his lips and smiled. When you leaned in to whisper to his ear, Seokmin could feel blood start to rush to his groin.

“Won’t you show me how upset you are about him?”

He picked you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist with a grin spreading to your lips, while Seokmin looked at you with hooded eyes, his jaw still tight. “Don’t mind if I do.”

Seokmin took a few quick steps to his bed and lay you down on it. You kept your legs wrapped around him and pulled him down for a hungry kiss, meanwhile Seokmin ran his hands up and down your sides, teasing your breasts with his thumbs every now and then, until he began opening the button of your jeans.

“Shouldn’t your shirt come off first?” you asked against his lips and tugged at his shirt so that the hem rose enough to show his abs. Seokmin let out a low chuckle and got up enough for you to be able to pull his shirt over his head excitedly.

“Did Mingyu get you that excited about arms?” he asked teasingly when you began stroking his toned arms as soon as his shirt was gone, and you gave him a playful smirk.

“Oh, baby,” you said with a shake of your head and lifted your upper body enough to be able to give him a kiss on his jawline. “I’ve been excited about your arms since the first time I saw them.”

Seokmin felt a surge of pride and confidence at your words, and smiled at you. “That’s good to know.”

You hummed against his lips and continued stroking his arms, feeling up the muscles with your hold tightening a little when Seokmin began slowly grinding into you, both of you still wearing your jeans. With his hands massaging your breasts and fingers teasing your nipples, you couldn’t help but whimper quietly as his hips continued pushing into yours.

At that, Seokmin smirked. “I see how it is.”

Without giving you time to reply - not that you were going to, anyway - Seokmin began rubbing your nipples and ground into you a bit harder than before, his breathing growing heavier little by little as his cock began hardening in his pants. You continued kissing him, your tongue playing with his eagerly even when your hips began bucking against his every time he pushed into them, and you could already feel just how aroused and desperate for his touch you were.

“I’ll fuck you real soon,” Seokmin mumbled against your lips, like he had read your mind, and slowly broke away from your kiss to unzip both of your jeans, first his and then yours, and also got up to get rid of his pants and underwear. While he did that, you pushed your own jeans and panties down your legs and completely off, throwing them to the floor, where they were joined by Seokmin’s.

With both of you now bare, Seokmin got back on top of you and grinned against your lips, his half-hard cock rubbing into your already slightly wet pussy.

“I hope you’ll own up to your words soon,” you said with a content sigh, reaching to Seokmin’s muscular thighs that you so much loved while he continued his earlier grinding against you. He chuckled, both at your words and your hands grabbing him almost desperately, and gave you a long, passionate kiss.

“I will, don’t you worry,” he said quietly, but didn’t particularly change his actions for another while. You occasionally moved your hands up to his ass, then back down to his thighs, and just enjoyed the way it felt to have his cock rubbing into your wetness while it grew harder and you got wetter.

You kissed for most of the time he spent grinding into you, your tongues playing with each other and his lips feeling incredibly soft against yours, as much as his kisses weren’t soft. By the end of it all, you started to get whinier and whinier, unwilling to come until you had really gotten some.

Seokmin chuckled when he realized that, and broke away from the kiss to get up and grab a condom from his nightstand. You panted while watching him, some of his skin glistening a little with a thin layer of sweat, his abs slightly defined and the whole man just utterly gorgeous in general, from head to toe.

And admittedly, considering the heat of the moment, your gaze locked on his cock for a good while as you appreciated the size and look of it and got even more excited than you already were when Seokmin had gotten the condom out of its wrappings and put it on himself.

“Come on,” you urged him and opened your legs and arms invitingly, the gaze you gave him being just as pleading. He grinned and returned to you, caressing your body while finding a good position for himself.

When Seokmin finally pushed inside of you, you let out a satisfied moan, your legs hoisted over his shoulders and your hands trying to reach for his hair. His grin didn’t leave his face as he leaned down enough for you to do just that, and while you played with his hair, he began thrusting, slow and deep.

“Faster,” you begged almost immedaitely with a pout and a pleading look in your eyes, but only got a shake of his head from Seokmin.

“We’re just getting started, baby,” he said huskily, leaned down to give you a quick kiss and continued his slow thrusts, each of which only made you needier.

You whined, so turned on that in all honesty all you needed and wanted was him to fuck you hard and fast, but made no more complaints. Instead, you began massaging your breasts and shut your eyes, focusing solely on how your hands felt on your skin and how amazing it felt to have Seokmin push into you, his cock filling you up just perfectly.

It wasn’t easy on his end, either, though, because while he wanted to tease you a little, it required all of his self-control not to start ramming into you - that’s just how intoxicated he was, being so deep in you when you were so wet and letting out the most beautiful, pleased moans whenever he thrust in.

So, it wasn’t too much later that he groaned quietly and straightened his back, now standing on his knees, and began fucking you just as fast and hard as you had wanted him to. You let out a moan louder than you intended to, since neither of you quite wanted the other members to know what you were doing (although you figured some probably knew anyway, if from nothing else, then the creaking of the bed and the sound of skin slamming against skin), and gripped the bed sheets tightly.

Seokmin watched you in awe, his hands running up and down your legs and his lips slightly parted as he thrust into your dripping pussy and eyed hungrily the way your breasts moved with every movement of his and how your back arched a little every now and then.

“Do you feel good?” he asked, voice rough, and bent down a little, pushing your legs lower in the process, which allowed him to thrust a bit deeper.

You gasped at the sudden increase in the depth of his thrusts and held the sheets so hard that your knuckles were starting to turn white. Even as you spoke, your voice was shaky and had a whimpering edge to it. “So good, Seokmin.”

He grunted, loving how it was clearly audible even in your voice that you were loving each and every thrust that he delivered. Placing his hands on either side of your torso, he leaned down to give you a sloppy kiss, during which you moved your hold from the sheets to his arms, holding onto them for dear life as his hips continued meeting yours.

From your position, you weren’t able to buck your hips against his as much as you would’ve wanted to, but the feeling of Seokmin moving inside of you, stretching you as pleasantly as he always did, was more than enough.

Your moans got higher in pitch and you had more and more trouble muffling them, and you could feel your orgasm building up inside of you already. Trying to keep your voice steady yet failing at it, you spoke while feeling up Seokmin’s arm muscles. “I’m, ah, close.”

He groaned: he had seen your words coming, as it was almost obvious with how dripping wet you were around him and how your pussy was starting to clench rhythmically around his cock. Without a reply, he moved his right hand from the bed to between your bodies, his thumb reaching your clit amidst his thrusts.

“You’re mine,” Seokmin whispered to your ear while pushing deep into you with his thumb rubbing your clit, which threw you over the edge as you clung onto him and came around him.

“I’m yours,” you whined as he rode you through your orgasm while chasing his own, his thrusts just as hard and deep as the ones before.

Soon he released into the condom, too, and gently let your legs down from his shoulders and caressed your sides. You remained still for a while, with him burying his face into your chest and you holding his head as you caught your breath.

When he had gotten rid of the condom, he lay down next to you on his bed and took you into his arms, his hand stroking your arm slowly. If you had seen his face, you would’ve seen just how troubled he looked, with the earlier jealousy mostly dissipated and the heat of the moment during which he had said his previous words long gone. “I hope you know I don’t think you’re actually mine. I just–”

“I know what you mean,” you said with a smile and looked into Seokmin’s eyes. “And I hope you know that if you ever act like you really own me, it’ll be time to say goodbye.”

He chuckled and leaned down to press a kiss to your slightly puffy lips. “If I ever act like that… help me come to my senses, will you?”

You smiled softly and stroked Seokmin’s hair. “I will. But Seokmin… You really don’t need to worry about Mingyu. He might be attractive and all that, but you’re the only one I want - the only one I love. Even if you don’t trust him, try to trust me, please?”

Seokmin gave you a kiss on the top of your head and held you close to himself. “I will.”

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Chanyeol’s self composed song ‘’Heaven’’ lyrics (Analysis)

So, this is my first post & the first analysis in tumblr (since I had a lot in twitter lol).

Anyways, this is based on my own opinion, accept it or not; it’s your decison.


Let me start from the beggining.


Chanyeol once asked a queston ‘’If you could describe Baekhyun with one word, what would it be?’’

He answered ‘’SKY’’.

Since 2014, when Chanyeol started using Instagram, he often started posting pictures of sky as well and he still posts them, till now. Let’s see.

Now, I’d like to show you something from Baekhyun’s account. 

This pic. As we all can see, the caption is a cloud, which a certain person (and not only him) uses when posting a pic of SKY. But this is just a selfie and obviously it’s not related to the sky. Baekhyun doesn’t wear any blue thing or etc that might be related to a cloud, yet the caption says it all.

Now here.

Chanyeol puts different captions while posting sky pics. Such as ‘’Beautiful’’. But also, he puts clouds. 

In conclusion, we can guess, since Chanyeol thinks the sky resembles Baekhyun, he was actually the one who posted Baekhyun’s selfie with such caption. Usually Baekhyun rarely posts anything. When he does, he always puts some long captions, thankses fans and so on. But here we see a single cloud which, I do repeat, doesn’t really relate to the post.

Of course, it might be a coincidence but as they say ‘’Coincidence isn’t a coincidence at all’’. Haha, anyways, you may have your own opinion about this posts.

NOW, let’s go the the main topic, since we all, I think, realized the word ‘’Sky’’ for Chanyeol is related to Baekhyun.


‘’Heaven’’ is a song composed by Chanyeol (!! only the lyrics !!)

Now, let’s start analyzing what’s behind the lyrics~

‘’Hello angel, you’re like a painting

You’re all I see when I look to the skies…’’

These two sentences are quite simple, I think. The author (Chanyeol) as we see, talks about his beloved one and tells us that he sees his beloved one when he looks to the skies. The beloved one is related to the sky. 

‘’City street lights, even if the lights go out

And the moon disappears, It’s bright because

I have a star that fell from the skies

And it’s you…’’

As we see, he keeps repeating the word ‘’light’’ several times. He compares his beloved one with lights as that one, he claims, is brighter than all the street lights.

Lights, lights lights… Would it be safe to remind Baekhyun’s power is exactly the LIGHT. Not only that, but also the fact that he’s the light, the brightest member of the group, and as EXO claims he keeps them as one.

‘’Even the brightest jewel in heaven

For sure couldn’t be brighter than you

Don’t drift away from me

Baby won’t you stay

I’ll love only you forever..’’

Quite interesting that Chanyeol keeps talking about lights and brightness. Indeed, the beloved one is brighter than any jewel :)

‘’I keep laughing for some reason every night

Even when I close my eyes, I can’t sleep

I spend the entire night with thoughts of you

Your sparlking smile lets me breathe..’’

I really should mention, that besides any romantic relationship, Chanyeol and Baekhyun are besties. People say ‘’The best relationship is when you both can be lovers and best friends at the same time.’’

Chanyeol’s stans and Chanyeol himself admitted it. During the concerts, awarding events and so on, we see they’re all over each other, smiling and laughing at jokes only both of them understand. So I guess, we can bravely relate the first sentence to this, because no matter anything Chanyeol laughs most when he’s with Baekhyun and at anything that Baekhyun does.

The following sentences are very intimate as well. Some people might misunderstand it and say ‘’It can’t be about Baekhyun, because they’re groupmates and they’re always together.’’

Nope, they’re not. All of them have different schedules and they spend quite a little time together. The facts say it; for example in their last interview for VIVI Magazine 2016 Chanyeol said ‘’We chat together till we both forget about time’’ .   (almost as sweet as the lyrics to be honest haha).

Your sparkling smile lets me breathe..’’

Well, quite common for Chanyeol because since 2012 he mentioned his ideal type is someone who smiles a lot. 

I don’t even know someone who smiles more than Baekhyun. It’s my opinion, maybe yours differs? Haha, anyways, the sparkling smile

The part about wings is SO interesting. Today (10.12.16) Baekhyun said he was an angel in his past life, his wings disappeared when he came to the human’s world, but there’s still left. He also demonstrated. Lets see.

So there we see, only Chanyeol knows what’s Baekhyun actually doing. He even asked Baekhyun to kneel and turn around so that people would see his ‘’wings’’ better from behind.  Baekhyun isn’t really fond of complimenting himself. So I guess, someone actually gave him the idea of him being an angel and having wings behind back.

Did Chanyeol discover those wings himself? As he says in the song, he’s sure, his beloved one ‘’hides wings behind back’’. Hm, who knows.

Chanyeol keeps talking about skies and skies and skies… 

‘’The sky gave you everything
And this world gave me you
I want to keep you by my side
So you can’t fly back into the sky
Hold you down, keep you with me
Hug you…’’

As we keep reading the lyrics, we can be sure that It’s impossible to write such heartwarming lyrics If you’re not in love.

Chanyeol about the lyrics said himself ‘’I’ve written the song as If I was really in love’’

The next sentences that I’m gonna talk about are very veryyyy important, at least to me. In my opinion, they’re the key of the song.

‘’She says, easily, so easily

To not jokingly call her so pretty..’’

Many people keep saying Chanyeol used the pronoun ‘’she’’ as he describes his beloved one, so It can’t be related to Baekhyun.

Let me tell you, it proves absolutely NOTHING. Chanyeol is an artist, he’s an idol who has responsibility over his members, over his fans. He has an image and no matter what he must keep that image. It would be totally thoughtless if he did put ‘’he’’. There would be rumors, articles that media sites post every day, and of course hundreds of people that would be ready to judge him and question his sexuality. Chanyeol is one of the idols that gets criticized even when he does nothing. It would put his career on risk if he did really put not she, but he.  We all know Chanyeol apologizes for everything, he cherishes his fans too much to be that free in his actions. 

As a proof to my words, I’ll tell you an example of Western artist, a singer Darren Hayes. He, in 2006, got married to his boyfriend. 

In past, before admitting to be in a relationsip with a guy, Darren sang songs that included pronouns ‘’she’’ too. Such as ‘’Insatiable’’. (You may check the lyrics yourself to get sure).

I have more examples but lets not waste time.

To think, he was afraid that public would judge him, so he kept his relationship in secret. Even while living in such democratic and free country as the USA.. Considering South Korea, where homosexuality is judged way too hard, its totally normal Chanyeol is trying to ‘’stay safe in shade’’ too.

So, as we see, those pronounces prove nothing.

Anyways, the lyrics

The word that caught my attention was ‘’jokingly’’.

To be honest, if we analyze, it’s impossible to call a girl pretty jokingly. I mean, a guy compliments a girl by calling her pretty and there’s no way for it to be a joke. You call her pretty to make her happy, to make her smile and I don’t think any girl would stop it. Jokingly call a girl pretty would be even offensive because (‘’You’re pretty. Lol no, never mind I’m just kidding’’) ??? Nonsense. 

But the author (our Chanyeolie) says

‘’She says to not jokingly call her so pretty..’’

Does not make any sense right? Now let’s change the pronounces.

‘’He says to not jokingly call him so pretty..’’

See? :) Now, it makes sense. 

Korean guys, especially idols, have a bit feminine features of face. So usually their fans or friends call them not handsome, but pretty.

I think there’s no need to remind that most of Baekhyun stans (and one of them is me) call him pretty most of the time because he has cute, feminine side. He can be manly, but the cute side, of course, overwhelms.

All EXO members call him cute and pretty, you can rarely see them call Baekhyun ‘’handsome’’. Chanyeol calls him pretty most of all. Me, a fan since 2012, never noticed him to call Baekhyun ‘’handsome’’. 

The key is, Baekhyun always stops them when they call him pretty. Even when his fans call him pretty, he asks to not to.

Between guys, it’s such a joke. They tease each other by calling pretty or beautiful. And as we see in this song, Chanyeol teases his beloved one and calls pretty while that one asks to not to. You can relate, I think.

An important thing that should be mentioned I think is also the fact that during the interview for their EX’ACT Album, Baekhyun was asked a question.

‘’Which lyrics do you like best out of all the songs’ lyrics in this album?’’

And as we see out of ALL THE SONGS Baekhyun chose exactly Heaven and exactly those lyrics :)

His explainations looks so weird to me as well lol.

Another thing.  Here is ‘’Heaven’’ line distribution (credits to cyhun9461)

As we see, the one who actually sang most is no one else, but Baekhyun.

44.4% of the song lines are Baekhyun’s. Jongdae, Kyungsoo are in vocal line too but their lines are only 27.6% & 29.5%. 

Even Chanyeol, who actually composed the song, has 36.8%.

Thank you, if you have read this. I did put a lot of efforts in this article and I hope you all will like it. As I said before, the article is based on my own opinion, which might be different from yours. So yeah, thanks again :)

Fuckboy! Kim Jaehwan

masterlist can be found (here)

Fuckboy x Wanna One:
Yoon Jisung II Ha Sungwoon II Hwang Minhyun II Ong Seongwoo II Kim Jaehwan II Kang Daniel II Park Jihoon II Park Woojin II Bae Jinyoung II Lee Daehwi II Lai Guanlin

“When you love something, it loves you back in whatever way it has to love.”

  • Jaehwan is the type of fuckboy who gets dump by others
  • He is the lead singer of the super popular rock band in his university
  • He always has a crowd cheering for him whenever he performs
  • He will flirt with literally all the girls who managed to get backstage tickets
  • They get infatuated really easily with his smooth lines and sweet voice
  • Even if he serenades them with the exact same song and uses the same greasy pick up lines
  • He has a reputation of changing girls quickly
  • One day it will be Chungha, the next week it will be Naeun
  • But rather than him dumping them
  • The girls are the one who breaks up with him
  • Why?
  • He’s the literal definition of a hot mess
  • His apartment is so MESSY and let’s not even talk about his locker at school
  • Dishes are piled in the sink, there’s a mountain of laundry that isn’t touched and the sofa is covered in dust
  • Dating Jaehwan comes with 99 problems
  • He never gets his shit together as his assignments are all undone on his table
  • So the girls usually dump him as they become fearful when they noticed how different he is from the glamour of the stage
  • To be fair, the girls don’t really say why they broke up with him
  • They sort of want to brag they dated the ‘dream boy’ of their uni
  • It’s a bit embarrassing to reveal that they dated a hot mess
  • So they make up stories saying that it was because they had something on
  • You live next door to Jaehwan but you knew nothing about your neighbour
  • All you knew from the landlord that he was a boy around your age
  • This person was never home and when you first moved in, you left cookies outside the apartment
  • Two days later, you had received a box of chocolates with a bright yellow post-it note saying 'thank you’
  • You do hear music playing once in a while and the occasional whiff of ramen
  • But you have never spoken to him
  • One day you had come home at 4am after staying up all night studying for a really important quiz
  • You also had to finish up a group assignment since your groupmates literally did nothing but you couldn’t afford to lose 5% off your grade
  • You were drained to say the least as you also had to climb 5 flight of stairs as the lift somehow broke down the day before
  • Once you reached the 5th floor, you literally sat on the stairs since you were so exhausted
  • That was when someone held a can of coffee to you
  • You were like is this a ghost????
  • But Jaehwan laughed and introduced himself as your next door neighbour and told you he saw you and thought you needed it
  • You were shocked that this cute boy infront of you was the neighbour whom you have never met before
  • And the fact that he was apparently leaving at this hour???
  • But he continued saying that he was heading out for band practice and left you as he climbed down the stairs
  • It took you a few cups of coffee later to remembered that your neighbour was Kim Jaehwan

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a fluff/smut w/ Vernon where he's really stressed out so you come by their dorm & make food for all the boys but while you're all eating he realizes you're wearing lingerie under your clothes and gets impatient so he excuses himself to have his way with you. Thanks!!

I decided to join this with a request where you surprise Vernon with lingerie, since I thought they were quite similar and fit together well! Hope you like the outcome 💓

» If you’re using the tumblr app and can’t see the scenario, which is under a “keep reading”, please try opening the post in your phone’s internet browser (or a computer)! 💕

» 4,530 words

Vernon had been stressed for quite a while - you could barely even remember how he was when he wasn’t perpetually tense and tired - and you had, for the longest time, tried to figure out how to help him relax, or at the very least blow off some steam. On occasion you had succeeded, too, with relaxing bubble baths, movie nights where you made sure all he focused on was the movie and you, and so many other things.

You had taken note that a blowjob or a good session where he could ram into you as hard as he felt like, however, seemed to have the best and most long-lasting effects, followed by good meals enjoyed in good company.

And so you figured out that with your boyfriend so stressed that he could snap at any given moment under the pressure of his fans’, groupmates’ as well as his own expectations, you might as well combine those two, and decided to go cook for the boys of Seventeen with a hidden surprise under your clothes.

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Warmth - Seungcheol [57]

57. “There’s enough room for the both of us.”
Word Count: 1524
A/N: I had four different plots for this but I liked this one the best!!! I hope you guys like this too!! Thank you for this anonie ♡♡ (I really wanted asks for the 100 ways to say I love you prompts) I reblogged it and it says drabbles but I won’t make them drabbles!!! Sorry for that ㅠㅠ -Clar

Originally posted by choiseungchcol

You were stuck at the school library working on the papers your groupmates were supposed to complete. Grumbling, you crumple a few of them and shove them into your bag to dispose of them later. “Stupid,” you muttered under your breath, “they don’t do anything. And if they do, I can’t even use it because of how terribly done it is.” You had several essays to complete in a few hours before you had to turn it in; sleeping wasn’t an option right now.

Halfway through the first one, light showers of rain hitting the ground created a lovely monotonous sound that disrupted your train of thought. Barely managing to finish, you moved onto the next paper not long after. It gradually grew louder and louder after every paper you completed. Soon, you couldn’t think straight at all. The rain roared, filling your ears. It sounded like the roof was about to break. You decided to give up on the final paper and suffer the loss of a few points. Leaving before it started flooding was much more important than the grades of your group; you couldn’t care less about them anymore.

After packing up, you made your way to the main door of the library. Aside from the small space underneath the protruding roof on top of the entrance, everything was dark as rain continued to fall. You gulped, how were you going to get through this alive? Running was out of the question. It was hard to see with all this rain, plus the moon hardly helped. You might slip or get hit by a car. Either way, you’d probably die like that and no one would find you until the rain had stopped. Not a lot of people go out on walks in a dreaded storm like this at three in the morning after all.

As you were in the middle of standing there with absolutely no plans of moving due to your lack of an umbrella, you saw the opposite half of the door move. You turned to your right and met pretty brown eyes hidden behind long lashes. You spent a moment admiring the person’s eyes before you recognized who they belonged to. “Seungcheol?” you did not bother to hide the surprise in your voice, “why are you here so late?” He runs fingers through his hair, yawning as he replies, “same as you. Got a shitty group and had to do all the work.”

“It’s raining really hard,” he remarks, watching the rain through the glass door as he stood beside you. “You might need this,” an umbrella nudged your arm. You reluctantly took it, asking him if this was his spare. He smiles and gives you a small shrug before pulling his jacket over his head, “be careful out there.”

Seungcheol opened the door and the ice cold breeze blew in. As it touched your skin you shivered and took a step back, rubbing your hands together to keep warm, “wait, Seungcheol.” He was out the door by then, shoving his hands into his pockets as he marched on and into the thick sheet of rain. One step outside and your teeth were already chattering. The wind blew ferociously and you struggled to stand straight. You could see his bright red jacket from where you were and you hurriedly opened the umbrella to chase after him. “Seungcheol!” you hollered. The storm was far too loud for him to hear you over it and thus your words were drowned out. Catching up to him was the only way and so you did. You ran and ran, almost slipping several times due to your poor choice of footwear during this season.

It was cold. It was wet. It was dark. As the skies continued to cry out, he took his time and walked at a leisurely pace. He was getting sick anyways, so he might as well be careful with his step instead. Water seeped into his sneakers and he grew colder by the second. The water beating down on him stung a bit, making him he stop in his tracks.

It was so cold.

The faint red spot that you saw grew bigger with every step, it finally stopped moving. “Seungcheol!” you called out to him. He didn’t turn around. You make your way to him and cover him with the umbrella, “there’s enough room for the both of us.” He looks at you and laughs in relief, “I didn’t expect you to chase me all the way here,” he looks away for a moment, “but thank you.”

He let out a sigh, walking at your pace with a smile on his face. The breeze was still strong and stone cold as the two of you continued wallking. Seungcheol rubs his hands, blowing hot air into them to try and ease the stinging pain. “(Y/n),” he saw you shiver as much as he did, “do you mind if I hold your hand?” Wanting his body heat to warm you up, you agree. He placed his ice cold hand on top of yours and your cheeks started tingling. It was warm, you couldn’t help but smile as the bitter frost that numbed your fingers melted away. His hand on yours felt odd as skin contact was a foreign thing to you. You weren’t really one for affection or anything of that sort; but you liked his touch. It was probably because you were colder than ice at this point but nevertheless, it was a calming warmth. His other hand found its way to the yours, intertwining your fingers with his. He then pulled you closer until your arms were touching. The both of you eventually stopped shivering.

“How far is your house?” he struck up a converstion. You told him it was a long way from here. He replied with a nod, “well my house is right around the corner.” Upon hearing that, you silently wished you were already home. Despite having the umbrella, you were wet; not as wet as you would be if you didn’t have one but you were still wet. Your neck and legs were sore from all the typing and running you’ve done today. In short, you were exhausted. While you daydreamed about your warm bed and soft pillows, Seungcheol stayed silent as he thought about something.

“Hey do you want to sleep over?” Seungcheol suddenly asked. You gave him a look and he instantly shakes his head, “it’s nothing like that I swear. My house is just really near and you look tired.” He had such a sweet smile as he said it you decided that the boy didn’t really mean any harm. “It sounds like a good idea,” you return his smile.

In less than a few minutes you were at his doorstep, watching him pick out the right key. Once he opened the door and invited you in and kept the umbrella. You found a nice spot on the couch to sit on. From your point of view, you could see the entirety of his house. It seemed a little bare.

“Do you live alone?” you asked him, tapping the edge of the couch with your fingers. He nods and opens the door to what seemed to be his bedroom, “I’m gonna look for clothes you can borrow. Are you okay with loose shirts?” It was sweet that he cared about that. You laughed, “anything is fine.” He comes out of the room not long after in shorts and a shirt, he had a similar pair in his hands as he offered it to you. “There’s another bathroom over there,” he points to the door on the right. You immediately stand up and run to the bathroom, not wasting a second more in your uncomfortable, wet clothes.

His shirt was soft and you enjoyed being dry; it put you in a good mood. You peeked into Seungcheol’s room and found him all bundled up. The blanket that was wrapped around him had stars and moons all over it, you couldn’t help but giggle. “Hm? (Y/n)?” he groaned, eyes still closed. “Where do I sleep?” you asked him, eyeing the whole place again only to find two other doors, “is it the door next to the guest bathroom?”

“Come here,” he says, “I turned the guest room into a storage room recently.” Seungcheol apologizes for it and tells you to bear with it for just one night, “the rain will stop soon.” You reluctantly close the door, caution painted all over your face. He watches you and laughs, “come on, there’s enough room for the both of us.”

He was incredibly warm; it wasn’t a scorching type of heat that radiated from him but a more loving one. It was gentle, and it reminded you of your cozy blanket at home and the soft pillows your head would rest upon. His arms slithered around you and he pulled you closer. You looked at him and a smile graced his sleeping face, “good night.”

This was the first time you’ve ever enjoyed anyone’s warmth.

coding and chill → johnny

summary: you just wanted to get some coding for an app done but your boyfriend has something else in mind.
genre: college au, a lot of smut, a little bit of fluff
pairing: johnny x female reader
word count: 2.7k
warnings: mature content, strong language
author’s note: i wrote this because of a realistic dream that i had a while back and i wanted to share the experience with you all johnny stans. :)) english isn’t my first language so i’m sorry if there are sentences that are constructed in an unusual way and i proofread this about three times to make sure there aren’t any spelling or grammatical errors so you could enjoy it better. anyway, i hope you like it and let me know what you think by sending me an ask or im me! ♡

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Only You

Anon asked: Heyyy omg I freaking love your blog your acc amazing at writing!! Can I pls get a taeyong make up smut scenario thankooooo xx            

Anon asked: Hey! I really like your works and id like to request a super duper fluffy smut with my king, lee taeyong!!! Thanks!!!             

Anon asked: Heyyy do you take requests? Can i request a smut (or a smutty scenario) with Taeyong in which he comes back from his work so he is tired and you take him to the bedroom and he falls asleep but you go shower and when you get out he’s horny? Thank you for even reading this^^  (Your blog is amazinggggg~~ I’m hooked^^ keep up the hard work!)             

HOPEFULLY this is smutty enough for all of you. I hope you enjoy. Listen to every day by ariana grande or rollin’ by brave girls those songs got me through this. ^^

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