Hufflepuff Happy Vibes Playlist ✌


Welcome To Your Life // Grouplove
Campus // Bastille
Let Me Love You // Justin Bieber
Love Me // The 1975
All Time Low // Jon Bellion
We Move Like The Ocean // Bad Sun’s
Champagne Supernova // Oasis
24K Magic // Bruno Mars
Rollercoaster // Bleachers


happy new year, honeyblossoms! while 2016 pretty much sucked in every other area, it was a fantastic year in music. here are some of my favorite tracks released in ‘16

  1. welcome to your life / grouplove
  2. revolution radio / green day
  3. genghis khan / miike snow
  4. shame / bastille
  5. woke up hurting / frightened rabbit
  6. in a drawer / band of horses
  7. bring my baby back / dr. dog
  8. not easy ft. x ambassadors, elle king, wiz khalifa / alex da kid
  9. found my religion / jmr
  10. someone to stay / vancouver sleep clinic
  11. dusty trails / lucius
  12. oceans / seafret
  13. river / bishop briggs
  14. on hold / the xx
  15. here in spirit / jim james
  16. fantasy boys / broncho
  17. human performance / parquet courts
  18. classic masher / pixies
  19. that’s all i need / dirty heads
  20. do you still love me? / ryan adams
  21. 33 god / bon iver
  22. on my one / jake bugg
  23. love on the weekend / john mayer

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Being a fan of underground/indie music is really hard because whenever you’re like “oh have you ever heard of this band?” people are like “no” or “wtf that’s a really weird name” and you’re like “but…but they are so good!”
And then of course, a lot of them have that one popular song that everyone knows and they only know that song which is even more annoying.

Watched 2x07 again and did a little song analysis

So i kinda did an analysis on the song used in the scene where Mon-el was making heart eyes at Kara. WARNING: long post ahead lol since im breaking down the lyrics of the song to match what’s happening with our beloved Karamel

Hey, it’s a deal, we’re back in business. Hey it’s a deal, you’re such a big mess and I love you.”

“A big mess.” That’s how they started, literally. As mon-el said, a Daxamite and a Kryptonian working together, who would’ve thought, right? Esp. given their history.

In three episodes, they managed to change their dynamic from being two people biased against each other to friends who have a borderline crush on each other.

Mon-el was a mess when he started off. He was so used to his old Daxam life that he had a hard time adjusting to how things were on Earth, and not to mention he was probably unnerved at the idea that Kara wanted him to be a hero. Their constant arguments didn’t help their cause either.

"Hey, it’s a deal. We’re back in business.”

At the end of ep. 6, there seems to be a truce between Kara and Mon-el after he showed up and tried to defend the city against the parasite. Kara is obviously happy that he did what he did and Mon-el is surprised that he’s actually capable of standing up for others too. They’re starting to see each other in a new light and the truce is between them is, in my opinion, the “deal” in the song. The rebuilding of their friendship is symbolizing “we’re back in business.”

”…and I love you.”

Kara and Mon-el are far from love. They’re just friends who are starting to build a deep connection, fostered by the fact that they’re both technically stranded aliens in a foreign planet (Mon-el especially). You can see in the whole of episode 7 that the writers are planting the seeds for the KaraMel ship, and who knows if they’re really going to end up together. (Of course, I want them to be endgame hahaha). I think that Mon-el and Kara relate in a way no one else can, not even Clark because they grew up in Krypton and Daxam. They remember how life was like back then. And they remember their homes being destroyed. Plus, the difference of their backgrounds is a good opportunity for both of them to open up their eyes to a new perspective in life. Kara getting drunk and letting loose. Mon-el trying to be a hero. It’s a good dynamic to work with, just saying. ✨

Clever song choice, really. Good beat + great lyrics = ONE AMAZING SCENE

—okay, rant done! Hahaha—

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Originally posted by rainyjelena