@alouettelark and I have been given the opportunity to participate in art residencies and exhibitions in Antwerp, Amsterdam and Venice.
But we need some help.
Follow the link in my bio to see our Indiegogo campaign.

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3 Great Websites for Your Next Beach Trip

Fresh squeezed orange juice. Palm trees waiving in the wind. Warm sand between the toes. What do you want your perfect beach weekend to look like?

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With the hottest summer months yet to come, a nice get-away can be just the needed relaxation and change you need after some hard weeks at work (or school!)

Here are a couple of sites that will help you find the perfect spot for you and your friends. 

  • Airbnb - If you’ve never heard of this website, make sure to check it out! You can find some great condos and villas at really low prices here.
  • Homeaway - One of the largest directories of vacation homes and condos. If you can’t find it on here… it most likely doesn’t exist ;)
  • - If you are looking for the traditional experience, this website is still probably the most encompassing website for hotels out there. 

There are plenty of other websites that will help you find good deals as well, but the three above are the best ones out there.

If you still haven’t made any plans for July 4th, this could be the perfect excuse to grab a few friends and get away for a few days :) 

@alouettelark and I have been given the opportunity to participate in art residencies and exhibitions in Antwerp, Amsterdam and Venice. But we need some help. Follow this link in my to have a look at our Indiego campaign: #art #artist #artresidency #contemporarypainting #contemporaryart #exhibition #artexhibition #antwerp #Belgium #amsterdam #nederlands #venice #italy #europe #opportunity #groupfunding #indiegogo #campaign #travel #artpatron #patron #metamodernism #painting #oilpaint #oilpainting

What You Need vs. What You Want - The Power of Setting a Goal in Crowdfunding

Ever feel like you’re asking for too much? Or do you aim too low because you’re afraid of falling short of your goals? Worry no more. Our brand-new targets let you tell your supporters exactly how much you need, while inspiring your supporters to chip in for a home run! 

After all, nothing is impossible in the world of crowdfunding! A model of a Tyrannosaurus rex with Christopher Walken’s head raised $2,000 just last week

Upgrade that fundraiser

Just imagine: Hundreds of friends groupfund vacation homes and classy Vegas suites on Crowdtilt each week. They set their “tilt," raise their funds, and pack their party clothes to Vegas!

But imagine if they were to reach a "target” of $1,200 alongside their “tilt” of $800! They’d be able to upgrade their parties to a luxury, top-floor suite complete with a jacuzzi and unlimited bar tab. This party sounds like too much fun for even Jennifer Lawrence to handle.

More inspiration:

  1. Crowdfunding a surprise gift for your graduating friend? Set the tilt at $800 (the minimum cost for a nice laptop). But set the “target” as $1,200, and cross your fingers for an upgrade to the Macbook Air! She’ll be overwhelmed.
  2. Fundraising for a local family in need? Instead of taking whatever you can get, set a target too. If you hit $700, you’ll be able to throw in some Christmas presents.
  3. Crowdfunding a party? ($200) Aim for $400 to upgrade your drinks, and decorations. You could even throw in a… festive mime?

Telling your supporters your “target” helps you make an awesome goal even better. It’s clear. It’s effective. And it’s judgement free :) 

Really, don’t be shy.

“Target” helped this real life campaign raise $48,097 more than its tilt…

[Click here to read the compassionate story behind this boat fundraiser.

Boldly speak up about your goals. Here’s how:

Target comes in 3 easy steps: 

  1. Fill in your tilt amount when you set up your Crowdtilt.
  2. Fill in your target amount too! 
  3. (Optional) Encourage your supporters to contribute to the target in your description.

It’s that easy!

Finally, here’s a gallery of high-fives to encourage you through your tilting journeys! 

(At Crowdtilt we’re all about high-fives)

You may be small, but you are filled with power. 

Puppy eyeing your way to the top? #respect

We’re going nuts over you :)

You plunged straight in. 

To make giant things happen.

You’re so awesome, we can’t bear it.

Neigh-ver again should you dare to dream small.

Because you are pure fierceness in disguise.

Happy tilting!

Keep reaching for the stars,

P.S. If you haven’t heard about David Henneberry’s boat in TIME, Bloomberg, or Buzzfeed yet, read about it here. It’s so inspiring it would be a crime not to.

Pursuing our dreams has been tough, really tough, but it has also provided us with peace, joy and love. It has provided us with life. We’ve been working away on a #socialnetwork that is currently available on #itunes with more features and improvements on the way, so that you have a community of dreamers to create, connect, collaborate and share with, and also, a #groupfunding platform that will soon be available, to allow you to have those dreams funded. We are doing this because we know just how hard it is to achieve your #dreams, because we want you to experience life as well. #NOYEARSLOST

The amount of problem solving that has gone into #noyearslost, well, we’d rather not talk about it. Quite an astronomical one today in the code on like line five bajillion, “FATAL ERROR,” which shut down the site as we were trying to add code to our yet to be released #groupfunding platform. Anyway, it had us like #fxxx, another one? Pushing through as always, hope to have the site back up tomorrow.

Throw the Biggest Tailgate for Your Upcoming Bowl Championship Game

Overtime wins, last-minute interceptions, and missed field goals… ah, the excitement of college football! As the regular season draws to an end, we hope your team earned enough W’s to claim a spot in one of the upcoming bowl championships. 

Check out the latest listing of bowl games on ESPN here 

If you were one of the many tailgaters that pooled money for your tailgate on Crowdtilt during the regular season (find out 5 great reasons why you should too), we bet that you were able to do so with more ease than other tailgaters around you, who had to painstakingly collect cash and checks in person.

Since a trip to the bowl championship will bring out the most loyal and dedicated fan in you, let Crowdtilt help you easily pool money with your group for:

  • Shared expenses for your biggest and most awesome tailgate of the season.
  • A bus or van to take you and your group to the game.
  • Hotel accommodations or house rental for the complete experience. 
  • Group tickets to keep all your seats together.

Start a campaign now to plan your upcoming trip or tailgate with your group. #DoMoreTogether

How to Tilt Thanksgiving This Year

It’s the time of year to reflect and give thanks for the good things in our lives. Let Crowdtilt help you spend the week with friends & family, eat well, relax, and give back to others. Start your campaign to:

  • Raise money with friends or co-workers for a family in need (Suggested tilt: Any amount helps)
  • Pool money for a Thanksgiving dinner with friends (Suggested tilt: $350)
  • Fundraise for charity or a local organization (Suggested tilt: $1,500)
  • Put on your own Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in your city (Suggested tilt: $27,500,000)
  • Collect money for your upcoming ski house rental (Suggested tilt: $2,000)

And if you’re raising money for Sandy-related causes, make sure to use promo code “sandyrecovery” to have ALL fees waived. Yes, we’re waiving all fees for Sandy relief efforts. Read more on this here.

- Marek & The Crowdtilt Team