Is It Scary For You Too? || CLOSED || Nate, Nick, Nina, Andre & Havana

As they boarded the small train for the haunted house – Havana unwillingly taking place next to Nate while being followed by the boy she recognized from campus but had never really talked to before, Andre if she recalled correctly from everything she heard about him in the hallways, things that especially now freaked her out, even though she was a firm believer of trying to find the good in people and never believing rumours that wander the corridors of school. The three of them sat at the back row while Nick and Nina sat next to each other on the front row. If she had gotten the chance to sit next to Nina, Havana would have gladly done that. Or next to Nick, of course, however knowing how he tried to get on Nina’s good side, the blonde figured he’d prefer sitting next to Havana’s friend. So she just moved a row up. It was going to be dark anyway, and soon they’d be out and safe again. No need to make any fuzz about it.

While they took their seats, a loud thunder was sound from outside, making Havana slightly jump up in her seat. The rain had already started to fall down heavily from the sky and for a second, the blonde wondered why they had chosen today – out of all days – to visit an amusement park. But they were here anyway, so there wasn’t really something left for them to do then enjoy one of their last days of freedom. That out of all people they had to run into Nate was a bummer indeed and Havana immediately regretted not having Finn with her. But she had decided to simply ignore him as much as possible, not letting him ruin her fun day out.

As the vehicle left the station, darkness surrounded the five people in the small train and creepy ghost sounds were heared, however nothing was yet to be seen. The blonde had a deep hate towards haunted houses. They left her sleepless for weeks after riding through them and time after time she wondered why she let people talk her into riding them. They weren’t even inside for that long when she had already hit her face against Nate’s shoulder, not even thinking twice about who was sitting next to her and whether they were on good terms or not. She was afraid as hell – anything or anyone would do if it came to keeping her from seeing or hearing what happened around her. Until she suddenly didn’t feel any movement. Slowly, she took her hands from her ears and heard nothing but a few yells – real ones. When she moved away from Nate’s shoulder, sitting closer to Andre immediately, the girl noticed everything was pitch dark once more. But this didn’t feel like a good pitch dark – it felt off. Something was wrong. “What’s going on…?” she asked with a trembling voice.