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➛pairing: taehyung x reader
➛genre: hybrid au, single dad au, light angst, fluff
➛rating: sfw
➛words: 9.6k+
➛warnings: nothing in particular to note! The situation for hybrids and Taehyung in particular aren’t great, so there’s that– a bit of financial struggle
➛notes: ok listen the whole crack chat supported me and hyped me with this but @oppamansae​ & @yminie​ planted this god dang seed in my mind and @gimmesumsuga​ watered it regularly with her praise….. I love u all and would die for u  💓💕💞❣️💕❤️💗❤️💓 also tagging @cinnaminsvga bc i cant remember her role but I know she’s guilty

↼ prompt: “Why are you crying, It’s only you and me here, Me and you, Oh you”

Even if it weren’t for the two twins that had endeared you so, you were sure you would have eventually been drawn to the beautiful soul of Kim Taehyung, like a planet to its star.

posted; 07.07.2018

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 “J-Jungkook! Stop! You can’t use those glasses for that drink!”

You look up at the sound of your manager’s voice, exasperation and an unspoken plea tinging his tone. Namjoon stood, hand outstretched as though to stop the younger male from committing a hospitality sin from several feet away. The barista in question blinked, two fingers on one of the tall glasses Namjoon always specified were only to be used for iced coffees and other such beverages.

A pout moved onto Jungkook’s lips, hand remaining where it was by the glass. “But it will look cool?”

A great sigh left Namjoon’s body, and idly you wondered if the remainder of his will to live had gone with it. “Jungkook, you can’t put espresso shots in the big glasses no matter how cool you think it will look— look how big the glass is! The shot is going to look tiny!”

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Two Peas in A Pod  • Requested by @indiana-sims

• For the poses with phone, you need this phone by @inabadromance

• Includes 10 total poses

• To set up, place the teleporter in the center of each object shown!

•  You NEED Andrew’s pose player & the teleport any sim mod!

•  Sorry this took a while! I just wanted to make all the poses look nice :)

**Pose requests are now closed!

TOU: Please be nice! I know they’re not the best, but I’m still learning! NO stealing or claiming as your own! Don’t use as a base, and if you use them tag me so I can see your posts :D

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I love robots so much you guys and the workshop dlc doesn’t cover how CUTE TURRETS ARE, SO I FIXED IT !!! Meet F1-D0, a turret on wheels who is just curious and doesn’t really understand why people often run away. Guess they’ve never seen a friendly turret before huh? OH WAIT, LOOK–


can we please take a moment and appreciate how good 2015 was for kpop?? i mean, f(x) had the greatest comeback ever, twice, clc, gfriend and svt debuted with certified bops, bts started the HYYH era that was everything, exo released one of their greatest title tracks call me baby, red velvet’s ice cream cake era is still that bitch™, shinee’s married to the music mv aka my religion was out, party and lion heart by snsd was everyone’s jam, and 4minute’s crazy?? yes. 

girls’ day’s ring my bell made me question my life, sistar’s shake it saved the music industry, big bang’s bang bang bang became the national anthem, super junior’s devil is forever unforgettable, iu’s twenty three deserved a grammy, and who could forget 2ne1′s surprise perf during MAMA? no huge groups really disbanded too

2015 was a superior year, no one can tell me otherwise


(Requested) You’re texting Taeyong while you’re hanging out with Mark Tuan, but he doesn’t realize that it’s not Mark Lee! (I loved this request so much lol)

Requests are open, so please feel free to request for any of the 4 groups I write for!