So I’m pretty worried about group tomorrow. In group class the teacher is going to do a big presentatiton on nonbinary genders because I’m new and I’m nonbinary and the only nonbinary person in the class, but I’m scared to death of being the center of attention like that especialy since the class is full of trump supporters and It feels like I’m just set up to be a laughing stock, even though my teacher is trying to help. It’s just too obviously about me. I like attention, but not like this :(

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what are your opinions (if you have any) on the difference in marketing/promo between little mix & fifth harmony? for example, with little mix being unable to sweat in songs due to management, yet fifth harmony constantly releasing over sexualised songs and videos? as well as this, with how camila is often presented as the leader of fifth harmony, whereas there's no clear 'it girl' in little mix..

I think part of that is that 5H are marketed primarily in/for America and Little Mix have been very excluded from the US market foR SOME REASON THAT IS RIDICULOUS AND NOT ONE THAT I UNDERSTAND AT LITERALLY ALL.


Anyway, I feel like traditionally in the schema of girl groups, American girl groups are marketed very Male Gaze Sexually on a totally, ridiculously overt level, where British girl groups are marketed, I mean, still toward the male gaze, but in a more… kitsch way, maybe? (And Swedish girl groups are literally marketed as children, which is a whole thing I don’t even want to get into. Swedes, explain this, please.)

Like American girl groups are almost marketed as softcore that you can put in your school locker and tween magazines, and I’m not sure I quuuuiiiiiiite get that vibe from British marketing of girl groups? But again, I’m American, so I wasn’t around to see exactly how Girls Aloud were being marketed in the UK or w/e, so I may be totally wrong. I’m definitely viewing this from a biased lens, being American.

But yeah, no, it’s very strange, since Get Weird is a SUPER sexual album (“A.D.I.D.A.S.,” anyone? Like. REALLY.) and their stage performances do tend to be very sexy/sexual. (And they’re older than 5H, so it’s less… that.)

So I don’t think that it’s that they “aren’t allowed to sweat due to mgmt,” it’s just that their video direction for this album/era has been fucking embarrassingly bad. I don’t understand at ALL why they haven’t done a simple dance video again like “Move,” because “Move” is their best video BY FAR and their choreography for everything on GW is phenomenal.

It’s also strange to me that they’re marketing such a sexual album with such childish videos??? But far be it from me, I am not a grown man whose job is to decide what teen girls will buy grown women doing and thus rely on my own predatory need to infantilize said grown women for no reason other than my disgusting boner for high school AUs that are totally awkward for non-Male-Gaze-boner-guided humans because LM are in their mid-20s. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


STOP TRYING TO PRETEND LIKE FOUR WOMEN IN THEIR MID-20s ARE UNPOPULAR HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS; IT’S WEIRD AND KIND OF LIKE LOW-BUDGET ‘90s PORN. Just let them be! The entire rest of! Their image!!! It’s very strange!!!!)

…I also have a Lot of feelings about 5H being marketed the way they have been since well before Camila and Dinah were eighteen, and were, in fact, in their VERY YOUNG TEENS, but all of those feelings are INCOHERENT RAGE YELLING IN HUMONGOUS RED TEXT THAT MELTS ACROSS THE SCREEN LIKE THE PITS OF TARTARUS, so. There’s… that.

Also, I just want to say that it bothers me more than strictly rational that 5H’s singles went from “Bo$$” to “baby, you’re the boss at home,” and they were made purely objects of the male gaze for WFH – there is no feminist reading of that video, IMO, but if you’ve seen good (actually good, please) writing to the contrary send it my way – and. yeah. That bothers me. Because I really dislike when brands use feminism as a trend – and I do NOT blame 5H for that, at all, because they are not in charge of their videos. I blame the people who marketed them as being in charge and then went, “wait, all five are Legal Now? Time to turn them into objects and stop giving any illusion of their being in charge of anything! Muahaha. Let’s grab men in their mid-to-late ‘30s and have them be the strong ones now!” Like, they go from LITERALLY BEING THE BOSSES in “Worth It,” and they’re taking it ‘cause they’re worth it, to being the nude wives at home waiting for their man-bosses to give it to them in WFH. :|


Again, I don’t blame them, or even think that anyone put as much thought into that arc as it reads to me – I don’t think marketers are that smart, tbh, which is why I tend to dismiss A LOT of mgmt~ conspiracies in general across the board. They just aren’t that deep. But cultural impact is, and fandom is, so it still matters, and therefore it Bugs Me.

I don’t really have feelings on Camila being promoted as the leader of 5H, honestly. I think she has great stage presence and is fun to watch, and that makes it easy to see her as a lead member even if she doesn’t have the strongest voice in the group/etc. I think with Little Mix, Perrie IS definitely marketed as the lead member, particularly in the British press, but it isn’t as overt because of how they present themselves in interviews and the way the choreo works onstage since she’s the weakest dancer and isn’t usually up front and center.

I like both groups but I like them very differently because they are fundamentally different groups. There’s room for both to coexist in the US market, and internationally, and I think it’s a shame that Sony doesn’t see that. I have a vague preference for LM because I think they’re more interesting vocally and their style of music on their albums is more my jam, but I also like 5H and I really want both groups to succeed on a high level and I adore them all and will Fight For Girl Groups In General really.

Anaylsis - Zerrie

Before I start, if you send me hate because of my opinion I will get rude and act my color.

1. Perrie Didn’t Like Zayn from the beginning!

In an interview, she admits she didn’t like Zayn. She thought he was full of himself and egotistical. So why would you get in a relationship with him a month or two later? Wouldn’t you want to get to know him and be his friend before jumping into the relationship. 

2. Before something LM related comes out, there is Zerrie pictures/sightings.

I didn’t even know who LM was before I heard their song on a Glee episode. I was a fan of One Direction before that but really didn’t get into the heart of the fandom like that because I was busy with school and sports. So when  I looked them up, I researched them you know watched their journey and everything. Anyways I saw that pictures of her or them together would come out a day before something of Little Mix came out… At first I thought supportive boyfriend how sweet but now I’m just like this is annoying. I like both groups but honestly LM is so focused on Zayn and Perrie that they are dick riding 1D.

3. Little Mix is focused Mainly on Perrie now

I like Little Mix and was a fan of them but now I am not because I feel like since Perrie is known as Zayn’s fiancee she has gotten all the solos and all the long notes. In interviews they bring up Zayn everytime. I understand that he is famous and her boyfriend but they never NEVER ask about the other girls boyfriends like seriously ? Like they should use that time as promotion because honestly they haven’t even hit the USA like they think. I live in a State that most people don’t come and most my friends haven’t even heard of LM.

4. The Engagement

Ever since the engagement Perrie has been full of herself in my opinion. I am not hating on her but she is taking the engagement to the head like Zayn took that blunt. 

5. The Rest Of Little Mix Is Over It

Look at any interview when Perrie mentions Zayn. The girls grimace or flashes a fake smile at Perrie when she does. They look like they are over it while Perrie is smiling and giggling to herself. When she shows her ring to the camera they look like they want to shove that ring up her ass. They didn’t look happy to be at the concert the other day, I wouldn’t be either if I had an off day it wouldn’t be spent at my friend’s bf concert. It would be relaxing and catching up with my family.

6. One Direction Is  Over It

Anytime the engagement is brought up the boys try to change the subject.

7. The Engagement

Why isn’t there a date set or at least a venue or something? She is busy I get that but your wedding day is one of the biggest moments of your life why wouldn’t you be anxious to plan that? 

8. Trisha Malik/ Malik Family

His cousin doesn’t support his soon to be wife. Trisha recently put a post saying to stop the hate to Safaa which was wrong to those who did but she never said to stop the bullying to Perrie why is that ? I seen pictures and looked at the pictures that some of Zayn’s family pictures liked Zerrie is fake or something of that sort

9. Zayn Malik

Zayn is a man of few words but when talking about your engagement, shouldn’t you want to be happy and talk about your love ? Nope not Zayn he just gives you two or three words and changes the subject

10. Perrie

Okay so Perrie is as you can tell happy about the engagement and sucks in the lime light to tell how happy she is and excited she is to start planning the wedding. She always gets credit for being a supportive girlfriend cus she stuck by Zayn through everything, his hate and rumors. My question is why the hell is Perrie mentioned about how she stuck through Zayn through getting called a terriost thats what I girlfriend does she sticks by her man. With that also being said why in an interview did the Zouis smoking video appear in the questions. Her manager can tell them what they can and can not say during an interview so why now all of a sudden does this question pop up it has absolutely nothing to do with LM. Period point blank.  

I am annoyed with Zerrie, I don’t hate Zayn or Perrie. It’s just way to publicized in my opinion.