blue night radio - 150707

(on groundless rumors spread around about himself.) jonghyun: such situations happen frequently to me (also) due to the nature of my job. when / as time passes, i just… i just acknowledge the existence (of these) people. those people speak of me behind my back and they spread bad things about me but, if i were to hold on to those things, whether it would exhaust my energy or not, i should have been prepared for them to begin with. i would be very, very busy if i were to pick out all of those things, even if they (ie: people, netizens, ect.) speak ill of me. i thought i would be acknowledged (ie: well; in a good / positive light) if i did all that i have to do. (pause) actually, i’m not doing things so that i will be acknowledged, but this work …, i’m staying silent with the mindset that “if i do all my work well then i’ll get what i want (from that).” (source: cosmicsticks)


[Fancam] 150706 SNSD - Ending @ SMTown in Tokyo by astrodice0130

(150707) @realjonghyun90: i saw all three endings of “bloodborne”… and the end for “the last of us”. the’re both wicked games… the music-y is so good too… the tension on your heard is no joke…. (s/n: jonghyun said “music” in a cute way by adding an “-ee” ending. this is a common speech pattern / habit for little kids in particular. “심장쫄깃함” is an idiom. literally, it translates to your heart being “chewy,” but it’s just an expression for feeling tense — like your heart is pounding or being squeezed.) (source: sullaem)