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A list of B.A.P’s songs that aimed to spread a message (non-romance) ---- will be updated.

writing for a school assignment, don’t mind don’t mind.


Never Give Up (2011) Pre-debut Unit (Bang&Zelo)

never give up : everything will be okay ultimately, just believe in yourself and chase for your dreams

“ Taking thousand dollars private lessons
This system that emphasizes grades over friendships
This pressure called exams, this burden called college
The stress that are building up, would my parents know? “

“  Never give up
Cheer up, toward your dreams, never give up
Get up, get up, you can do it
Wake up, wake up
Don’t worry, everything will be fine, never give up
Because it’s you, it’s you, believe in yourself
Never give up “

Warrior (2012) Debut EP

warrior : talks about the injustice within the society that we must fight against

“ A punch that I throw for you,
Who are thirsty from the long fight
Everyone’s different, everyone takes sides
And those words are just words of ignorant people
Since the words that echoes in my heart is different from yours
I’m mad so listen to my 4 measure nagging
(Rest In Peace) This prayer for truths
Even if the hidden system, the black shadow cover it up
This holy badge that won’t yield “

unbreakable : talks about not giving up on oneself and not letting others tear you down // motivation

“ In the beginning, when everyone said we would fail
We clenched our jaws and sharpened our wings
Even if it was dirty and upsetting, we held it all in
We fought and won all of our self-battles
(Even if we have to kneel down, even if we clash
we’ll never break down) “

Power (2012) EP

fight for freedom : fight against conformity, to be who we really are, to say things we really mean

“ When others say yes, we say no
We don’t associate with the same types
Like it like it like that
I want to say what I want without being stopped ”

“ Until when are you gonna be trapped
Until when will you live like others ”

power : encourages the weak to stand up against the strong who abuse their money and power

“  You block out your ears and mouth,
You’re so busy filling up your own boats that your roles are stolen away from you
Like a decalcomanie, a role where money, power and honor don’t change Move, it is time for the anthem for the battle between the strong and the weak
This is a Revolution, a Guernica flow
So everyone, keep your head up “

“ There’s no more, no more justice
The world surrenders to money
In the shadows of the powerful,
The weak are dying “

“ One shot!
Anger, it’s the oppression given by those
Who covers the bright light
Two shot!
Those who look exactly like the devil
Put on a fake face every day
Three shot!
They put on a mask called justice
And my ego stands up against them and fights
Four shot!
Go with the rhythm and without knowing,
break down those who are trapped in a boundary “

“ Don’t need it, don’t need fakeness
Only the wicked can survive in this world
With a smiling face, they appear on TV
and trample on young souls “

what the hell : problems within the society that should be recognised, but they are hidden and that we have the power to change the world for the better

“  So many ties are being used to cover the truth
Putting a make on the fakes and saying
It’s only indifference
Leaving the children alone one by one
There’s a crime but no criminal, does it even make sense? “

  “  The strength that governs the world is a problem
What the hell is the law of the jungle?
Why are good and evil split by money?
And why are the weak killed? This is a coward war
Hey, can you feel this?
The fact that invisible hands
Are maneuvering you according to their will
Hiding the truths, TV and radio
Are putting a blindfold on me, hiding the scandals  “

“  Change over the world, you have the right to do so
Now spread your voice far far away “

Goodbye (2012) Single

goodbye : encouragement for listens to pursue their dreams, to pick themselves up when they are down, to not be afraid of new beginnings / startings and that it is okay to feel lost.

“  I don’t know the word,
“quit” – there’s no need to rush
It’s good,
I am just breathing for my dreams
If I fall down, I’ll get back up –
If I enjoy my failures, that’s that
That’s right,
The world is becoming my side again “

“ Why are people so easily influenced?
I’m worried that
I will walk on this path,
Swayed by others words
Their hearts are poor
But I can escape it
I will brush myself off
And run once more
Get up once more, right now  “

“ Take in a deep breath and let it out
You can do it,
Keep walking toward your hopes
That can be reached
Don’t stop in this shadow of the world
You are more free than anyone else “