Wreck It Ralph 2:               *Changes release data from march 9 2018 to to November 21 2018*

me: *Screams, wails, throws blankets, breaks window, jumps out said window, screams, runs the world in underpants, sets school on fire, screams, comes back home, runs into my bed, screams*


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Make me choose: Hwang Sung Yeol or Ahn Dae Gil 

“Doctor Ahn, You’re an okay man!”

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wait sorry i forgot the prompt for Lucien lol: "You said you wouldn't forget, but you did. I'll just add it to the list of broken promises."

You said you wouldn’t forget, but you did. I’ll just add it to the list of broken promises.” 

Lucien wakes panting and sobbing, his face buried in his hands, his entire body shaking with the weight of his grief. She had been beautiful in life. Full of soft, musical laughter, bright gold eyes and a smile she would freely offer to anyone to brighten their day. 

In death she is terrible. Skeletal and ghastly, pale skin, hollow, empty eyes, the only smile she has for him now the red one that still weeps across her throat from where his father’s blade tore the life from her. 

Her words echo around his head. Haunting him. Torturing him. Tormenting him. The list of broken promises. There had been so many of those. He had promised her that they would be together forever. He had promised her that he would keep her safe. He had promised her that he loved her, that he would never let anything happen to her. 

He had broken them all. Every one of them. They had not been together forever. And he had not kept her safe. He had let her die. He had watched her die and done nothing to safe her. 

There had only been one left. The oath he had sworn to her as he cradled her body in the halls of the Court he now despised with every fibre of his being. He had sworn that he would never forget her, would never stop loving her. And now…Now. 

“Lucien?” Elain’s voice is soft as her pretty face peers around the door of his bedroom. She flushes as his red, wet eyes meet hers and shuffles awkwardly, “I, I heard you scream,” she murmurs quietly, voice so full of worry while he drowns in self-disgust. “I thought you might be in pain, I thought…” She trails off awkwardly, hovering, clearly requesting permission to come closer, to comfort him. 

He doesn’t want her comfort. He doesn’t deserve her comfort. He turns away from her instead, not even having the decency to look at her when he whispers softly, “I can’t do this.” 

“Lucien-” Her voice breaks slightly, sensing the rejection swelling through their bond because he isn’t fast enough to spare her from it. 

And that’s why he has to say this, why he has to kill this now before it destroys her. As everything else around him does. He may have fled Autumn, may have turned his back on the Court, on his heritage, but it has seeped into his bones. Everything he touches is sure to die and he can’t bare to let that happen to her. This soft, sweet girl of life and spring deserves better than that, better than him. 

“Please leave,” he says quietly, still not looking at her. Coward, coward, coward, his father’s voice whispers to him. He doesn’t care. 

She doesn’t move, doesn’t listen to him. In fact she takes a step towards him. “Lucien, please,” she whispers, her voice trembling. 

Now,” he barks, unable to bear it a second longer, hands fisting in the sheets beneath him as he tries to anchor himself to something. 

She turns and flees with a strangled sob, leaving him quite alone, as he’d wanted. Lucien closes his eyes but not fast enough to stop the fresh tears escaping him. 

“I’m sorry,” he whispers into the darkness that envelopes him, welcomes him home. 


Today in D&D we were in a library and I asked to roll an investigation check to find children’s books to bring back home to our daughters. 

(For comparison, two other people in our party rolled to find porn.)