group: vocal adrenaline

20 Times Glee Got It Right (Musical Edition):

#6 Bohemian Rhapsody- Journey to Regionals

The conclusion to Quinn’s pregnancy, the season-long arc that drove most of the plot of Glee’s first season, was marked with quite a bang.  Easily Vocal Adrenaline’s best performance ever, Bohemian Rhapsody featured show-stopping dancing, birth imagery choreography, and a very sweaty and amazing Jesse St. James.  The intensity of the song and performance, alternating with quick scenes of Quinn giving birth to Beth, served well for the climax of the episode and the season as a whole.  This number was so good, that even though audiences loved New Directions and hated Vocal Adrenaline, there was no denying that Jesse and his band of soulless automatons won Regionals fair and square.

Featured singers: Jesse St. James