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with our members SJ, together passed the gorgeous 20th generation, very thanks to you all. Has experienced so many difficult things and its countless, the members are together helping and support each other, and also for the member who can not been together here, now maybe is watching tv, and also for the member who are far in the distance, I love you. And also for our best and bigest fanclub, when there is no one who give us approval, when there is nobody knowing us, let us to become a best and famous people, the fan’s name, makes me feel great scene of E.L.F from all around the world, thank you all once again! We SJ are like ugly duck, we are expecting one day until the ugly duck to become a swan, always helping a lot of SMent CEO Lee Sooman, and Kim Yingmin …etc and also who wrote the song for our Sorry Sorry of Yu Yunjin teacher, thanks a lot. Keep named and thanks for those who helping SUPER JUNIOR; Sincerely thanks to you all. Maybe this is the last award ceremory before I enlisted the army so this is a very memorable ceremony, we will continue to work hard to become a best SuperJunior ever in the future. Thank you everyone.          - Leeteuk. (MAMA 2011)   #Happy11thanniversay.

Fangirls and Fanboys, ELF of all ages I present to you...

Choi Siwon, number 2 in THE 100 MOST HANDSOME OF 2014

So perfect, right?



Whats going on?

Okay since we obviously have the king of Derps here as number two, how about Lee Donghae who ranked 34 in THE 100 MOST HANDSOME OF 2014 

Hes so hot you’re probably drooling 

look at him, such a beautiful creature 


whats going on ?

oh my shisus not you too donghae