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Send Me a Number and I’ll Tell You...

1. Dumb Dumb or Russian Roulette
2. BOOMBAYAH or Playing with Fire
3. Ooh Ahh or TT
4. Up & Down or L.I.E
5. Closer or Windy Day
6. Crazy or Hate
7. I Am The Best or Come Back Home
8. Like a Cat or Excuse Me
9. Red Light or 4 Walls
10. Me Gustas Tu or Navillera 
11. Pepe or Hobgoblin
12. Joker or Fri.Sat. Sun.
13. Mr. Mr. or You Think
14. I or Why
15. Whatta Man or Very Very Very
16. You’re The Best or Decalcomanie
17. Touch My Body or I Like That
18. Shake That Brass or Need to Feel Needed
19. MOYA or I’m Jelly Baby
20. Secret or I Wish
21. Ring My Bell or Something
22. Only You or Hush
23. Mamma Mia or Mr.
24. Sting or Vibrato
25. Deepend or High Heels
26. Angel or Don’t Believe
27. The Rain or Galaxy
28. One More or Apple Pie
29. You Don’t Love Me or Secret Time
30. Mind Your Own Business or Home
31. Shut Up & Groove or And July
32. Doin’ Good or Nobody’s Perfect
33. Cider or Crazy Dog

Teacher: as final, show your clasmates themes y’all consider important. 



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13 Kpop Girl Groups That Slayed 2016

2016 was a powerful year for girl groups.  There was a rush of girl groups this year, combined with rookies and older generation idols, dominating the charts.  With the different styles shown, I wanted to make a list of groups that I think K-pop by storm.  

(This is not a rank, just a list!  Please know that this just my opinion too!  #ProtectKpopGirlGroups)

Wonder Girls

Ah, the queens.  They may have only released one song, but it was an important song.  ‘Why So Lonely’ was their first self-composed title track ever!  Yubin, Sunmi, and Lim wrote the song, and not only did it show off their creativity, but it showed their talents as a band too.  ‘Why So Lonely’ won several music show awards, and got them a number one spot on Gaon Chart!  This proves that these Queens aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, which is promising for their upcoming ten year anniversary!

Dal Shabet

Dal Shabet had quite a comeback if you ask me.  They lost two members, which isn’t always easy to come back from.  After losing Jiyul and Kaeun, it must’ve been hard for the group to continue, but with “Someone Like U” and “Fri.Sat.Sun,” they showed their fans that will continue to grow as artists.  I thought that the tracks were really great and definitely underrated by the Kpop community.  Good luck in 2017, Girls!

A Pink

A busy year for the A Pink fairies.  Not only did they celebrate their five year anniversary with Leader Choring self-written song, “The Wave,” they had their second concert in Japan and performed for an international audience in Manila for MTV Music Evolution.  They also had an Asia tour too!  But they still managed to release a well-received album with their title track, “Only One,” showing off a more mature style than before.  They also released a special album, Dear, with the catchy title-track Cause You’re My Star.  You’ve worked hard, A Pink! 


This group is known for their catchy tunes, and 2016 was no different for them. Despite only releasing “Good Luck” as a full group, AOA still managed to start 2016′s summer song trend with their athletic baywatch theme that became quite popular.  Also, another sub-unit came out in the beginning of the year, AOA Cream, with their title track, “Jelly Baby,” which I personally loved.  Their consistent activities show no sign of stopping in 2017.

Ladies’ Code 

Ladies Code probably had an emotional and an important year.  It has more than a year since the car accident that took the lives of their fellow members, Rise and EunB, which may have taken a toll on them as a group.  They proved otherwise and showed that they’re going to continue on in honor of their members.  They released beautiful tracks such as “Galaxy” and “Rain.”  Hopefully, their vocal talents will be recognized soon.  Fighting Ladies Code!


Easily one of the fiercest and most-loved Kpop acts on the game.  The Girl Crushes of Kpop if you will.  They released four killer full group tracks, ‘1cm taller than you,’ ‘You’re The Best,’ ‘New York,’ and “Decalcomanie.”  And let’s not forget that they also released sub-units of the vocalists (Solar and Wheein) and the rappers (Moonbyul and Hwasa)! They starred in their first reality show, MBC’s SHOWTIME, and Solar paired up with Eric Nam on We Got Married.  Congrats on 2016, Mamamoo, keep shining!

Red Velvet

Red Velvet continues to surprise their fans with versatile and unique concepts.  They showed off their delicate vocal strength with One of These Nights and the entire “The Velvet” mini-album.  And they showed off a 180-degree difference with their cute athletic concept of Russian Roulette.  Despite being called a weird or strange group, Red Velvet continues to show off new styles.  We can’t wait for more in 2017.


What an underrated group.  Of all the ones mentioned before, Laboum might have the less recognition, and deserve a hell of a lot more.  They showed off different girly styles with their delightful ‘Journey to Atlantis’ and their hyper ‘Shooting Love.’  Although I’m not a fan of all of their songs, I definitely appreciate their talent and energy as a group.  I hope they gain more recognition from fans for their hard work.  Soyeon already appeared on Girls’ Spirit, heading them in the right direction.  Also, they just got their first reality show the Laboum Project.  Keep it up, Girls!


I can say this with confidence that these girls are the definition of underdogs claiming the top spot.  Every kpop fan knows - and for those who don’t = that if you’re not in the Big Three Companies, gaining success in the industry is much harder.  Source Music lucked out with Friend, finding these talented girls and giving them title of “Powerful Innocence.”  Rough slammed the charts in the beginning of the year, and then they came back for another hit, Navillera, in the summer. Yuju and Eunha’s vocals are being praised by the industry, and SinB is one of the next top sought after idols for variety shows.  They also co-starred with Mamamoo on MBC’s Showtime!  It seems like these girls are unstoppable!

Oh My Girl!

This group is finally gaining some well-deserved love.  They’re known for their plethora of fangirls (EXID’s Hani, Twice’s Nayeon, etc.) and are considered to be the new “dolls” of K-pop.  And boy, have they worked hard.  Liar Liar got a lot of popularity for new idols, and their popularity shot even higher with ‘Windy Day.’  They got to collaborate with Haha for their summer jam, Aing~, and again for their winter song, White.  They’re appearing on more special stages and on more variety show appearances.  I hope they get to continue with their success and finally get a much-deserved music show award.


The new “it-girls” of K-pop and all around Asia.  Their comeback took a minute, but they came back strong in April with Cheer Up!  Twice is the first JYP recording artists to hit 50 million views on Youtube; that’s a fucking feat! Shy Shy Shy! became a major hit in K-pop, and Super Junior’s Heechul made quite stunt with Momo’s line in the song.  And they killed it again with ‘TT’, my personal favorite, as a halloween theme.  They’ve won countless music show awards this year, and the Best Female Artist for MAMA 2016.  They’re loved for the variety skills and unique personalities.  These girls are truly on top and they don’t seem to be stopping any time soon.  


Produce 101 and IOI made its mark on Kpop.  These 11 girls proved that they didn’t want Produce 101 for their charms and popularity, but also showed off their talents.  They chose their debut song ‘Dream Girls’ so that it can be remembered in their hearts.  The sub-unit of Whatta Man won the group’s first music show win.  Once they all came back again, IOI and JYP released one of the catchiest songs of 2016 with Very Very Very!  They had CF deals, variety appearances, and cameos for days.  They even won Best New Female Artist at the MAMAs.  These girls will not be forgotten, and I can’t wait to see them together again in 5 years.


The Killer Rookies.  Just two weeks after their debut, Black Pink won their first music show award.  They’re the first girl group to ever do that, so they deserve to be on this list.  Already, they’ve released four tasteful and eye-grabbing MVs to show off their cool sound.  YG is doing these girls a great justice by also sending them onto Variety Shows, proving how cute they are underneath those bad girl images.  Fighting BlackPink!


Protect Your Girl Groups!

BANNED: K-girl songs whose dances, performances, outfits, lyrical content, or music videos have been deemed inappropriate and banned from radio or broadcast

Orange Caramel Catallena // Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra // Miryo Dirty // Sunmi Full Moon // Crayon Pop Uh Ee // Yoon Mirae Get It In // HA:TFELT (ft. Beenzino) Bond // Rainbow Blaxx Cha Cha // Dal Shabet Joker // E.Via Oppa, Can I Do It? // 9Muses Wild // Park Jiyoon Adult Ceremony // Orange Caramel Bangkok City // Lee Hyori (ft. Ceejay) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang // HAM So Sexy // Hyuna Very Hot // Dal Shabet Hit U // Gain (ft. Bumkey) Fxxk U // Hyuna Bubble Pop! // Sistar Girls Do It // Rainbow A // Exid Up&Down // f(x) Red Light // Fiestar One More // Gain Bloom // Hyuna Blacklist // Song Jieun (ft. Bang Yongguk) Going Crazy // Sistar How Dare You // 2NE1 I’m Busy // After School Funky Man // G.Na (ft. Swings) Banana // Narsha (ft. Sunny Hill) Mamma Mia // Kara We’re With You // Sunny Hill Pray // 4Minute Heart to Heart // Ivy Touch Me // Park Jiyoon Beep

After watching a freaking lyrics music video in YouTube of Twice’s Knock Knock, seeing the amount of dislikes and reading so many comments of people calling the members “fake” and “useless”, I just have to say that stanning girls groups was the best decision I have ever made, and I’m just proud of being a fan of them, buying their music and simply contribute to loving them. All my girls are beautiful, talented and hard workers, they must be cheered on and not insulted because of stupid misogyny.

not all girl groups are forced into doing sexy concepts by their company, because maybe they fuckin want to do a sexy concept like hell yeah support the girl groups that want to show off their sexiness and stop shouting that “their company made them do it” because ur basically saying that girls shouldn’t be sexy unless told to