group: dal shabet

Stop preaching about underrated groups if all you mention are boygroups 🙄 there’s amazing girlgroups that come back every single year with absolutely fantastic music you ignore, there’s girlgroups who only have their original member left but are still coming back strong and there’s girlgroups that debuted over 5 years ago with still no wins.

Be more appreciative of female artists too please. They all deserve better, stop making it a matter of your favourites only. It’s one thing not knowing about them but something else if you pretend that women do not struggle in this industry because clearly there’s an unbelievable amount of sexism that is still not taken seriously enough by many. But a huge thanks to those that do, we need more people like you!! 

Send Me a Number and I’ll Tell You...

1. Dumb Dumb or Russian Roulette
2. BOOMBAYAH or Playing with Fire
3. Ooh Ahh or TT
4. Up & Down or L.I.E
5. Closer or Windy Day
6. Crazy or Hate
7. I Am The Best or Come Back Home
8. Like a Cat or Excuse Me
9. Red Light or 4 Walls
10. Me Gustas Tu or Navillera 
11. Pepe or Hobgoblin
12. Joker or Fri.Sat. Sun.
13. Mr. Mr. or You Think
14. I or Why
15. Whatta Man or Very Very Very
16. You’re The Best or Decalcomanie
17. Touch My Body or I Like That
18. Shake That Brass or Need to Feel Needed
19. MOYA or I’m Jelly Baby
20. Secret or I Wish
21. Ring My Bell or Something
22. Only You or Hush
23. Mamma Mia or Mr.
24. Sting or Vibrato
25. Deepend or High Heels
26. Angel or Don’t Believe
27. The Rain or Galaxy
28. One More or Apple Pie
29. You Don’t Love Me or Secret Time
30. Mind Your Own Business or Home
31. Shut Up & Groove or And July
32. Doin’ Good or Nobody’s Perfect
33. Cider or Crazy Dog