Hate groups in America by state. A highlighted state indicates that at least one hate group of that ideology is active or headquartered in that state.

If the labels don’t work, in order, the ideologies are:

- Anti-LGBT
- Neo-Nazi
- Anti-Immigration/Hispanic/Latinx
- White Nationalist
- Islamophobic
- Ku Klux Klan

For those of us who don't know what to do but can't stand running around like terrified poultry any longer

Join a local working group. Don’t start one – join one. 

Join one that feeds people, or provides healthcare services, or supports immigrants, or serves the imprisoned. Join one run by the community it serves. Join one that is unafraid to be and unhindered from being political. Join one that connects with other local groups. Join one that meets *in person* and communicates *off Facebook*. 

And then be accountable to them: show up to meetings and events; be honest about your capacities and resources; hear them when they call you in; heed them when they direct your attention and your action. 

You might not be able to take part of direct actions that disrupt the current systems, but you can take part in caring for those who do.

There are people already organizing, who *do* know what they’re doing. There are people already strategizing, who *do* have some plans for ways out. There are roles for you to fill, that do not center you, that do not exist for your feelings, but that do get work done. There are groups working, and you can help.

Pick a cause. Find the people already on the ground. Follow them. That is your role.
People are crying: It's not because they lost a race
People of color, women, LGBT people have long been marginalized and the violence and rhetoric faced this year terrifies many.

More than 200 hate incidents — ranging from swastika graffiti to physical threats — have been reported across the country since Donald Trump’s election, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a non-profit that monitors hate groups in the USA.

Now many people of color, women and LGBT people who have long faced threats large and small must grapple with the knowledge that half of their fellow American voters elected someone who has advocated policies aimed at them: Keeping Muslims and Mexicans out of the country, using police tactics considered racially biased such as stop-and-frisk, and grabbing women without consent.

They are part of the other half of American voters, many of whom wept on election night and since, crying not because their horse in the race lost but because they fear for their safety and well-being.


‘DEMARCATION LINE’: A Mark and Jackson photobook by Limit

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Race of Champions Draw

Race Of Champions Draw (Saturday 21 January) -

Group A:

Sebastian Vettel (Germany)
Travis Pastrana (USA)
Helio Castroneves (Brazil)
Scott Speed (USA) or Alexander Rossi (USA) - to be decided by play-off

Group B:

Juan-Pablo Montoya (Colombia)
Petter Solberg (Norway)
Felipe Massa (Brazil)
Pascal Wehrlein (Germany)

Group C:

Jenson Button (Great Britain)
Kyle Busch (USA)
Tony Kanaan (Brazil)
James Hinchcliffe (Canada)

Group D:

Tom Kristensen (Denmark)
Kurt Busch (USA)
David Coulthard (Great Britain)
Ryan Hunter-Reay (USA)

ROC Nations Cup Draw (Sunday 22 January) -

Group A:

Team USA NASCAR (Kurt Busch & Kyle Busch)
Team USA IndyCar (Ryan Hunter-Reay & Alexander Rossi)
Team USA Rally X (Travis Pastrana & Scott Speed)
Team ROC Factor Canada (James Hinchcliffe & Stefan Rzadzinski)

Group B:

Team Great Britain (Jenson Button & David Coulthard)
Team Germany (Sebastian Vettel & Pascal Wehrlein)
Team Nordic (Tom Kristensen & Petter Solberg)

Group C:

Team ROC Factor Latin America (Helio Castroneves & Gabriel Glusman)
Team Brazil (Tony Kanaan & Felipe Massa)
Team Colombia (Juan Pablo Montoya & Gabby Chaves)

Sunday’s action will conclude with a new, Ryder Cup-style points-based event that will make its debut at ROC Miami: America vs The World.

The six USA drivers will unite to take on the drivers from the rest of the world in an extreme driving challenge, with individual line-ups decided in advance by the team captains. Competing across a maximum of three rounds and 10 races, the winning team will be the first to amass eight points.

The penthouse at 550 Madison Avenue. 550 Madison was designed thirty years ago by Philip Johnson and is to be updated by Robert A. M. Stern, his one-time student. It is said that this triplex will cost $150,000,000.

DBOX 2015

Hi guys,

I attend Monmouth University in New Jersey, and here we have an amazing music program where as a class we get to find talented acts, develop them, record their songs and compile them into a wonderful compilation album! This semester is the 10th CD release that this class will be producing. I’m so lucky to be apart of such a wonderful class, and talented group of people where we all get a little taste of what we all wish to do someday! We have five fantastic artists are this compilation and we are all in the works of recording them shortly! I’m going to keep posting about the progress of this semester and the compilation for anyone who is interested! This is going to be a great collection of music! I’m the A&R and manager for the band called The Nooks, who are a wonderful all girl band with such a great sound and style! I’m so excited y’all! please follow Blue Hawk Records on Spotify, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for all the news on the compilation album as well as other projects we will have in the works soon. Also quick shout out to follow The Nooks on their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! Trust me music lovers, you wont regret it! Have a wonderful day y’all! Thanks for reading 


Long time no see! I am sorry for being away for so long and making everyone worry! The Cyclops Event orders are ready to start shipping.
The shipping date is a few weeks later than originally planned but there wasn’t much I could do but wait for the casting service to finish. While I was waiting, I decided to order protective foam for the dolls. Padded on all sides, the dolls should be quite safe and secure.
The final packaging is being finished as I write this, and I hope to send them off to the shipping service as soon as possible, with the hopes that they can avoid delays caused by Chinese New Years holidays. This first shipment will begin with international orders. USA Group Order as well as the rest of the International Orders would have to wait until my casting service returns with the second batch of castings, currently scheduled for February, but, like our original estimation for the December shipping date, can only be a tentative date at this point.
In any case, I will return to packing now. Have a great (Gregorian) New Years!
Groups unite to create roadmap for replacing lead pipes that poison water
Nearly two dozen groups are uniting for a common purpose: to help communities nationwide replace lead pipes.

Nearly two dozen environmental, health, consumer and water utility groups are uniting to help communities replace old lead pipes that are the primary culprit behind the lead contamination of millions of Americans’ drinking water.

The Lead Service Line Replacement Collaborative won’t change out the pipes itself. But starting this week, it will provide communities with advice and tools to speed up pipe replacement.

Organizers say the effort was inspired in part by a USA TODAY Network investigation that found excessive levels of lead in almost 2,000 water systems spanning all 50 states. The reporting also revealed a double standard that leaves Americans served by small utilities especially vulnerable to lead-tainted tap water. The primary source of the toxin is old lead water pipes, and communities and homeowners, especially those in small, rural communities, have struggled with the cost of replacing them.

“You showed (lead in water) was a broader problem that reached beyond Flint,” said Tom Neltner, chemicals policy director for the Environmental Defense Fund, a Collaborative member. “We had all sort of suspected this, but we didn’t have compelling evidence in front of us.”

Starting with $300,000 in foundation funding, the Collaborative aims to help community leaders and utilities by:

• Launching a website this week to provide utilities information on cost-effective, safe pipe replacement options, how to pay for them and how to engage with customers;

• Providing technical assistance for pilot projects;

• Sharing lessons learned and recognizing successful programs.

“It’s a matter of helping communities with a roadmap of how to move forward,” Neltner said.

An estimated 7.3 million homes are connected to their utilities’ water mains by individual lead service lines — pipes carrying water from mains under the street onto people’s property and into their homes. Experts liken them to “lead straws” because the brain-damaging toxin can leach from the pipes into water. The estimated cost of replacing these old pipes nationally is $30 billion or more.

Federal regulations currently consider lead service line replacement a last resort. Utilities aren’t required to replace pipes unless more than 10% of tap-water samples across a utility’s system show lead levels above 15 parts per billion and efforts to control corrosion with chemicals fail. USA TODAY found thousands of small utilities skip tests or don’t do them properly and more than 100 utilities didn’t promptly start treatment plans after finding excessive lead.

The creation of the Collaborative “is a recognition it’s going to have to be an all-hands-on-deck approach to getting the lead service lines out,” said Greg Kail, communications director for the American Water Works Association, a Collaborative member that includes public water utilities.

Neltner said some members of the Collaborative were represented on a working group of the National Drinking Water Advisory Council making recommendations to the EPA about lead regulations. A "concept paper” laying out the Collaborative’s purpose says it’s focused on supporting local actions, not on EPA’s revisions of the United States’ drinking water regulations.

The group’s concept paper also says pipe replacement plans should benefit all households regardless of income, race or ethnicity. But as for how much of the cost homeowners should pay compared to the utilities, Neltner said, “it’s going to be a community-by-community decision.”

Madison, Wis., which has replaced more than 8,000 pipes since 2001, came up with a compromise on that issue. That city required homeowners to replace the portion of the lead pipe on their properties, but offered to pay half of the costs — up to $1,000. The average homeowner paid $675.

Queen Zakia Shabazz, CEO of Collaborative member United Parents Against Lead, said failing to deal with lead contamination endangers millions. Doctors found high levels of lead in her 22-year-old son’s blood when he was 2, and he suffered cognitive deficits, impulsivity and dental problems. She said health officials traced his lead poisoning to paint and soil, but they never tested tap water in their rented home, which she suspects had lead pipes.

“Flint can happen again, and we need to prevent that,” said Shabazz, of the Richmond, Va., area. “We know lead causes permanent and irreversible brain damage. … And once a child is damaged, there’s no coming back from it.”