March 12th 1912: The Girl Scouts founded

On this day in 1912, the Girl Guides - who would later become the Girl Scouts of the USA - were founded. The organisation was founded by Juliette Gordon Low, after she met the founder of Scouting - Robert Baden-Powell. The first Girl Scout meeting took place on March 12th in Savannah, Georgia, with 18 girls attending; there are now over 3.2 million members. Low wanted to give America and the world “something for the girls” and aimed to encourage girls to become active citizens and to develop their full potential. They soon became an important group in the USA, with Martin Luther King Jr describing the Girl Scouts as “a force for desegregation” in the 1950s and 1960s.

“I’ve got something for the girls of Savannah, and all of America, and all the world, and we’re going to start it tonight!”
- Juliette Low at the first Girl Scout meeting

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Dark Brett show us the forbidden ideologies

Hyper-forbidden ideologies:

Forbidden ideologies:

Ideologies just normally banned:

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Marine Le Pen is leading in the exit polls in the French presidential election, THE FEMALE DONALD TRUMP IS LEADING, FLIP ALL PANCAKES AND PANIC. I hope the French people won’t make the same mistake we did in USA. Nazis groups are rising all through Europe as well I'm so scared :(

Apparently they’re doing a runoff in June. God😒😔


Can you tell that graphic design is my passion?

Anyway- this is a USA group order for the Kim Jonghyun Wartortle doll made by Wartortle_doll on twitter. These are plushie dolls with clothes that you can dress them up in. Prices are in the picture above but also included in the survey linked below. 

Please read all the information and fill out the following survey form only if you are fully committed to this process.


Twitter post -> HERE (it’d be good if you retweet so we get the word out, I’m a noob at twitter lmaooo)

The process is described in the form but it is basically as follows:

  1. You fill out form. 
  2. Once overseas ordering starts (in July-ish) I will message you w/ information about how to pay for the doll set(s).
  3. You pay for the doll set(s) through Paypal
  4. Once it becomes available, I will send out information about EMS shipping.
  5. You pay your portion of the EMS
  6. When the doll(s) arrive to me, I send info about domestic shipping
  7. Once I receive payment, I ship out the doll(s) to you.

Group orders can seem daunting and I’m a stranger on the internet. So to establish trust, you only have to pay half of the doll cost up front and the other half once I receive the doll (so you have security that the doll will get to you).

In addition to this, I will pay for 50% of the total EMS cost and 50% of the domestic shipping cost. 

The remaining 50% of the EMS cost will be split among the people who join. So more participants = cheaper EMS for all. 

It will take a while for the doll to get to you because it is currently in production. Please understand this before you participate. Feel free to ask me any questions! 

(If you are interested in the Minhyun doll send me a private message, I’m currently talking to the creator about a group order but I want to gauge interest). 

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Omg I can't believe they're making dolls, it's so cute TT TT this is a dumb question but is it paper dolls, plastics dolls, or plush kind? 😂😅

UPDATE: I’ll make an official post, too, but if anyone’s interested in the Jonghyun doll please read and fill out the survey -> HERE

It’s not a dumb question, buddy! They’re plush dolls! They come with clothes that you mix and match. The Wartortle one also comes with his Wartortle shell backpack. I sent a DM to the creator asking if I can open a USA group order so fingers crossed that I get an okay. 

Fans usually only make dolls when the fandom is big (because you need a high demand) so I’ve only seen EXO and BTS dolls (and other big fandoms) but now Nu’est is getting their own and I’m so happy ;__;

A bunch of other Produce 101 trainees are also getting dolls made. I’ve seen Hyungseob, Haknyeon, Jihoon, Minki, and Jaehwan doll concept art and I’m sure there will be more soon. 

This twitter RTs a bunch of fan goods but all are Korean so you have to wait for a GO to be made for your country or try to open your own. 


Q: Why do I love BTS?

  1. They’re the best HipHop group worldwide
  2. They’re all talented
  3. They write/produce their own music
  4. They’re funny & dorky
  5. They slay us with their songs
  6. Their dance choreographies are fucking awesome
  7. The members threat each other like brothers
  8. They have an adorable fan club: A.R.M.Y 
  9. They share their emotions with us
  10. A group that won’t definitely fall apart

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Hey guys! There’s a USA group order for the Unknown slogan too! It’s really pretty and it’s glittery~ Unknown said she needs at least 30 orders or she’s going to cancel the slogan production! You can find the USA group order here


Peter Sellers’s roles in Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (directed by Stanley Kubrick - USA 1964).

  1. Group Captain, Mandrake
  2. President of United States, Merkin Muffley
  3. Doctor Strangelove alias Merkwürdigliebe