Edmund x Reader: Just a dance

@itsalwaysnarnia said: Heyo friend. Could you possibly do a EdmundxReader where they are both attending a ball and they think they just friends. So the reader is sitting there complaining to Edmund about how she can’t dance and how no one is asking her to dance and while she’s ranting Edmund slowly pulls her up for a dance and before she realizes it she’s dancing with Edmund, and cute fluffy stuff happens after they finish dancing and they walk with each other and fluff fluff. Thank you!

~Here it is! Love you Danielle :D~

“I mean, just look at those girls over there. They’re having fun.” 

You fiddled with your dress as you watched the dozens of happy couples dance in front of you. “Her dress is so pretty. Why isn’t mine as pretty?”

 You leaned into the refreshments table, frowning and watching as the prince of Archenland asked a lady to dance. Everyone looked so happy. “Why won’t anyone ask me to dance?”

 You turned your head to the side, nudging Edmund in the ribs. “Ed? Hello?” Edmund jumped, blinking and straightening his posture. “Oh, sorry. I’m just really bored.” He said blatantly. You huffed, grabbing a brownie from behind you. “Same here.”

 “What were you saying before?” Edmund asked, tearing off a piece of your brownie for himself. “Nothing. Just that I’m standing here all alone at this ball with no one to dance with.”

 Edmund shook his head. “You’re not alone,” He said, biting into the brownie, “I’m here.” 

You groaned, making a face at the wine glass you had snatched from the table. “This tastes awful. It’s like the liquified version of muddy grass.” You said, ignoring Edmund’s comment. He sighed. “Y/n, this ball isn’t that bad.”

 “Not that bad? I’m the one who can’t dance. I’m the one who no one likes. I’m the one who-” You paused to take another sip of the wine. It still tasted terrible. “I’m the one who’s always left alone.” 

The two of you stayed in silence for a minute, the only sound coming from the music played by a group of fauns. You took a deep breath as you continued your rant.

 “You know, it’s bad enough that nearly every lady in Narnia is either engaged or married. You’d think they wouldn’t have to show it off.” Edmund turned to look at you. You ignored him again. 

“Actually, no. That isn’t the worst part. The worst part is that I have to be here to witness this, this,” You gestured to the dance floor, “This abomination. It should be a crime, that’s what I say.” As you chattered, Edmund started to get an idea.

 “Why can’t I just go back to my chambers and-Edmund, what are you doing?” You stopped your rambling to look at your friend questioningly. Edmund was slowly pulling you towards where everyone was dancing. “No. Edmund, I am not going to be in the middle of all that.” The young King just laughed as he dragged you further. “Ed! I swear on Aslan’s mane, I will kill you if you make me dance with a random King from who knows where.” Edmund smirked. “Well, it’s a good thing you’re not going to be dancing with a random King then, isn’t it?” 

You frowned, walking involuntarily towards the dancing. The music seemed to die out as Edmund grabbed your hand and placed his on your waist. “I can’t dance.” You muttered, realizing what was going on. “My dear Y/n, neither can I.” 

And with those words, Edmund lead you into battle-erm, the dance. You tried to remain calm as you glided back and forth throughout the room. You peered over your shoulder to look around the room. “Ed, everyone else is-” 

“Shh, forget them. Focus on me.” Edmund looked you dead in the eye as he tightened his grip on your waist. You stepped on his foot accidentally. The Just King brushed this aside and spun you around, catching you before you fell.

The dance felt like a ballet, a tango, and a classic Narnian dance all at once. After a little while, you stopped focusing on what was going on and just rested your head on Ed’s shoulder as he guided you.

Suddenly, the music stopped and everyone was clapping. You had no idea what just happened, but you loved it.

 “Do you still hate everything about this ball?” Edmund asked, raising an eyebrow. You smiled, grabbing his hand slowly. “Not anymore.” As everyone headed over to the refreshments, you and Edmund slipped away unnoticed. 

“It’s a little chilly out here.” You commented, stepping out into the cold air. Edmund smirked. “If I offered you my jacket, would that be a little too cliche?”

 You rolled your eyes, laughing as he placed the material over your shoulders. “Such a gentleman, aren’t you Pevensie?” You began to walk through the gardens. The moon lit your path, illuminating every small bush and tree. “Thanks for dancing with me.”

 Edmund smiled, hooking his arm around your shoulder. “Anytime.” You walked in peace for a moment, taking in the lovely aura of the evening. 



 “I think…I think I love you. And I think I have for a long time.”

 He stopped dead in his tracks.

 “You love me?”


 More silence. “Well, I didn’t think you would be the first to confess, but I- obviously- am deeply in love with you too.” 

He smiled, brushing a strand of hair out of your face so he could get a better look at you. You didn’t need a kiss to convince you. You didn’t need to say any more. You just walked. But this time, you both walked with wide smiles across your faces.