Imagine going to Asgard with your older sister, Jane, and becoming fast friends with Thor, Sif, Volstagg and Hogun.

You laughed as you ran up to your Asgardian friends, practically throwing yourself into Volstagg’s arms. The large man let out a booming chuckle as he enveloped you in a bear hug, driving the air from your lungs. You squirmed free of his grip and quickly flinging your arms around Sif, Hogun, and Fandral in turn. They received you like they would a younger brother or sister, spinning you around or slapping your back.

You were beaming when you finally pulled away, your face flushed with delight at seeing them again. “I want to hear all about your adventures, please? It’s been so boring back home so I want to know everything!”

“All in due time, child,” Sif promised, taking your hand in hers. “Come now. Thor has arranged for a banquet to celebrate the return of the House of Foster to Asgard.”

“I’m sure there will be all your favourites,” Fandral assured, slinging his arm around your shoulders. “Assuming Volstagg doesn’t eat all of them first.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it!” Volstagg defended with a hearty scowl. “Come, it is a time of celebration!”

You let out a yelp of mixed delight and surprise as the man heaved you up onto his shoulders in one mighty motion. “Onward, to the festivities!”

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RFA boyband lol. And yes this is the video where that awkward group hug gif coming from~

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anonymous asked:

Hey if it is not too much, can you do a recap please?

So much happened, but I am trying to do my best, ok?

Larry-centric recap of the AMA’S 2015:

Boyfriends next to each other, touching everywhere possible in that seat, bonus Louis’ beautiful long eyelashes.

Next to you’s everywhere. Seriously, this recap will be touching boyfriends and next to you’s all over the place.

On stage:

Just look at how beautiful they are!

Group hug:


Just look at them!!

You see, Harry is the funniest!

Big spooning in the group hug.

And hugging Harry here:

A slow motion pre-group hug death gif here:

Harry scurrying back to his seat, next to Louis.

A Larry hug??? And we have been complaining about the Wellington video for years. We need a new adjective, because Wellington is HD compared to this.

This is getting long, so the rest is under a Read More.

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