Locked In || Group 7 Open
  • Ethan:[His eyes flickered open and he groaned, realising he was still in the same predicament. When the tornado had hit, Ethan had been at the university giving a talk to some literature students and in the ensuing chaos, the author had been trapped in the quiet section of the library. Two incredibly large bookcases had fallen against the main door to the room, knocking the handle off in the process. There was another door, a steel emergency exit at the back but it was locked, and despite his best attempts, he had failed to break it down. Finally, he was in a room with two windows positioned at the top of the wall, meaning there was no chance of calling for help that way. So, accepting he was locked in, he had spent the last two days trying to call Bella, to find that mobile reception was out; reading the books he was trapped with and rationing himself on the refreshments provided for his talk. He hoped to god that someone would open the emergency exit soon before he went mad.]

QUIZ:  Which ‘90s Pop Group Were You Destined to Be a Part Of?

The ’90s were full of pop groups that could dance, belt it out and make you want to jump on stage with them. So, imagine if you could be a part of one. Which one would it be?! Obviously, we know how hard it is to pick one. From *NSYNC’s catchy lyrics to the fashion of the Spice Girls, the ’90s was a time for pop music to remember. It’s finally your time to find out which pop group you were destined to join!

AS Flash Cards: Group 7 (halogens)
  • All halogens exist as diatomic molecules in which van der Waals’ intermolecular forces act between the molecules.
  • Halogens dissolve in organic solvents, like hexane, to form characteristic colours, for example, iodine forms a purple solution.
  • Halogen atoms gain one electron to form halide ions, X-, and this ability becomes easier on moving up the group.
  • Halogen atoms become larger on descending the group, so a gained electron is only weakly attracted due to greater shielding.
Teens react to the React channel! A Youtube review

The Fine Bros’ third Youtube channel: React Channel, consists of segments with people of all ages reacting to anything provided by the hosts and creator, Benny and Rafi Fine; the chosen people themselves make the video entertaining without the use of a script and are backed up with smooth animation and video editing and clear audio.

The react channel is Fine bros’ third channel; making Fine Brothers Entertainment the first and Fine bros2, the second. The channel was created on Youtube of 2013 which, unlike the first channel that has several series, this one focuses mainly on reacts, which has over 4.8 million subscribers and more than 250 videos. The react cast consists mainly of kids, teens, adults and elders, that were auditioned. They shoot the react videos without them (the reactors) knowing what it is they will be reacting to.

They upload different videos every week have following the specific theme each day using their schedule:

Sunday- Gaming

Tuesday- React Bonus

Wednesday- Gaming

Thursday- Kids Vs Food, Lyric Breakdown, Do They Know It, and Laugh Challenge

Friday- React Bonus

Saturday- Advice              

Animation/Video Editing/ Audio

For a Youtube channel, the animation is professional and has smooth frames and transitions. The animations aren’t overly done (if it was it would distract the audience), it gives the video itself leverage and it accents the videos nicely. Even the intro shows effort for each opening per segments and gives a big impact on what the audience is about to watch. The video editing was done nicely, cutting irrelevant things, without making it look ugly. The quality of the audio is very clear, every word can be hear loud and clear, although if it is not heard, there are subtitles provided, which is a plus, so as viewers we can understand what they are saying. The sound effects, like the animations, aren’t overly done, they give the accents to the video and gives a comedic affect.


The start of the video “Today, you will be reacting to this..” and each person is individually shown giving their insights on what it is and whether they know what it is, is very attention grabbing and the audience will immediately be interested in it. Although the screen time for the cast for the day may not be equally divided because they choose highlights of what everyone has to say but to the audiences eyes it may be appealing because the reactions are always in order and are neat. Episodes know exactly when to switch to the next reactor so that the flow of the program may be executed smoothly. Although its soothing to watch opinions or advice because they’re short or straight to the point, you may feel a bit impatient when watching the video. Overall, the flow is appealing and never tiring to watch with the diversity in characters and opinions you may hear.


The opinion from all ages gives a big impact to the audience. It shows the different generations and how they think and act in the 21st century. The different age group makes the videos relatable to different people of all ages. They are confident and aren’t afraid to speak what they feel and are very expressive about it and they are give honest opinions on a certain topic, even if that opinion isn’t widely accepted.  They happily agree to give their opinions and reactions to anything whether it’s playing a scary game or tying out unusual food. And since they are using “normal” people to react it is easier for us as the viewers to relate and feel closer to them.


We can see that the Fine Bro’s are well known for their react series. In their react videos there are different varieties, such as the kids react, teens react, elders react, and more. Through these react videos, viewers can see all of the expressions made by the people who reacts and, we as viewers find it more relatable, and that what they need to meet a common ground with the viewers. All these videos are entertaining and give out facts and opinions to the viewers. The Youtube channel targets all kinds of viewers, it allows them to choose what will seem to suit their taste.

Collaborative Design: Post 1 - Problem Mind-Maps & Ideation

(Posting on behalf of Team 7 because our notes are in my notebook! Have tagged their x500s!) 

After briefly discussing all of our different briefs, our group (Group 7/Lucky) decided to focus on the logistics and possibilities of 3 of them! Jason’s brief about the boredom and annoyances associated with Vacuuming, Adora’s problem with having to carry around a heavy, unorganized, and impractical bag full of lots of different things, and Leah’s frustration with the uncomfortable chairs and cramped personal/work spaces often found in the University’s large lecture halls.

Fundamentally, we decided to focus on these three because they provided us with a starting point that we could really expand on! We noticed that each had a lot of possible solutions and the potential for some great innovation. So, to decide on just one as our project-focus, we created a Mind-Map for each product/problem. It was produced through a casual sharing of ideas that included a lot of bizarre suggestions and jokes, which I personally think helped us come up with some great ideas! I really appreciate the fact that the group I’m in are willing to have a laugh and get creative, whilst still being productive and getting the job done! The result was the following:

Considering what we had come up with, we took a vote and it ended up being unanimous; our chosen project was to design an aesthetically pleasing bag that is able to carry a lot of stuff in an organized fashion without getting too heavy or difficult to carry! I really liked the fact that we came up with some ways to incorporate other problems/briefs from our group and the class within this hypothetical epic, legendary bag - like having it keep you warm in winter, or keep beverages hot, charge phones, double as a seat cushion, or even have a mini vacuum in it. 

Anyway, with this chosen and some other great ideas in the works, we moved on to the task of thinking about the Target Audience and User Scenarios. Although at first, we were simply listing different demographics - like students, professionals, travelers etc. - we realized that our audience was quite widespread and that different users might want different features or functions! This brought about the idea of making our final product customizable! That way users could choose the style of bag they wanted, alongside the features and functions they needed! This would also mean that our product could appeal to a much wider audience than just specific individuals - people with all kinds of different needs could get the perfect bag, as if it was specially tailor made for them! We wrote down some basic notes on this, but didn’t manage to go into greater detail:

And just to clarify, I accidentally wrote ‘ultimate sleepover’ instead of 'user scenarios’ because Adora was pitching the 'Ultimate Sleepover’ version of our product… I wasn’t just daydreaming about the ultimate sleepover…

Personally, I thought class went really well! I’m confident that our group will be able to really expand on this initial plan and come up with something great! And I couldn’t help but notice the fact that we kept switching back and forth between Divergent and Convergent thinking, it’s something I’ve never thought about/categorized before, but now it’s become really apparent.