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Hi everyone~ i’m Lotte, a highschooler in the Philippines. This time i’m looking for a studyblr network to join in. 😄 Hopefully, having a study group could increase productivity. Reblog with your networks and how to join!


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This photo is still too gorgeous to my eyes.

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pining-keith  asked:

do u have headcanons for how keith would hug all of the other paladins? like how comfy he'd be, why he'd go to them, etc. im gay and like hugs leav me alone

ali did you know I’m dead?? I think about this twelve times a day gotdang son

pidge: Keith would go to Pidge for a hug if he saw that she was starting to beat herself up about not being able to do more for her dad and brother just yet. He’s a little awkward about it usually at first because he /wants/ to help, and wants to cheer her up, but he just typically goes in from the side and do like a pull-in-with-a-hug-around-the-shoulder sort of thing and let her just get comfy and she’ll usually snake her arms around him and they’ll sit in silence until she starts to just rant to get her emotions out and maybe punch his side for being a goof and thank him for being there for her

hunk: well Hunk is a big hugger himself so maybe Hunk initiates hugs with Keith, or was the one that helped him get out of his shell about hugging people more casually. If Hunk cooks up a dinner for the crew he’ll give him a nice big hug as a thank you and he’s all fatigued from the long day they’ve had and they just stand there for a bit enjoying each other’s presence and Keith’s in like a food induced happiness.

shiro: these two have hugged the most out of everyone with Keith because they’ve simply known each other longer. In the beginning it was more of Shiro giving him congratulatory hugs and stuff back in the day and Keith wasn’t exactly sure how to reciprocate, but nowadays it’s more of hugs like “I’m not letting you leave us, or me, again, got that?” and just hugs him really big after a major battle and it helps them both relax and ground them and reminds Keith that Shiro won’t be going anywhere soon 

lance: hugs with Lance make Keith’s heart fucking soar. Lance deals out hugs to everyone to breathes just to show his affection, whether platonic or not, so it catches Keith off guard at first  when Lance just randomly hugs him from behind or casually holding onto him when chilling on the couch and he initially used to just sit there awkwardly, but after time he soon turns into the one to initiate it. he’ll do it just to seem like he’s giving congrats kinds of hugs at first but Lance is very perceptive and realizes pretty quick that Keith is doing it to just be closer with him and that makes him super happy too. Keith tries to one-up Lance sometimes and do a lift-and-spin hug and it makes Lance laugh a lot gfdhsjfdshj