[!] Seventeen is now included on Naver Mobile’s being only 1 of 5 groups included! allows anyone that searches ‘세븐틴’ on Naver’s mobile app to find a specially personalized set of pages for Seventeen with the theme their official colors! The set of pages included: A general profile page that lists official links, the members names, their discography and more. A timeline page which lists out an in depth timeline of Seventeen’s music show appearances, festivals, V-app broadcasts, and their many achievements with corresponding news photos. A talk page where you can post supporting messages and chat with other Carats about Seventeen. A page listing recently and popular articles relevant to Seventeen. Come on, honestly tell me it also just isn’t really pretty to stare at just in itself??

We’ve been neglecting our tumblr like whoa. Haven’t even posted about the new podcast! Yes, that’s right!

Study Group Comics has a podcast! Join hosts Zack Soto (Secret Voice, Power Button) & Mike Dawson (Rules For Dating My Daughter, Troop 142) as they discuss their own creative processes, comic art, family life, and a ton of other stuff.
Each episode finds a new guest from the world of comics joining Mike & Zack for an in depth conversation, and occasional guest segments from their pals around the world.

Episodes So Far:

  • Episode 01 – Vanessa Davis Your hosts break the ice, cartoonist Shanna Matuszak talks this week’s comics, and guest Vanessa Davis talks about two Formative Works: 100 Demons by Lynda Barry & Charlotte: Life or Theater by Charlotte Salomon.
  • Episode 02 – Elijah BrubakerMike tells us all about his experiences cosplaying at the New York Comic Con. Zack chats with Shanna Matuszak about this week’s new releases. Then Elijah Brubaker (Reich, Jezebel) joins us on the party floor to talk about his process and also, Nth Man!
  • Episode 03 – Derf Derf  joins us to talk about his career from the heyday of the alternative weekly newspaper, to finding a new creative lease on life as a graphic novelist. Shanna Matuzak talks this week’s comics, and Mike & Zack discuss cartoonists and literary agents: threat or menace?
š“ˆš“‰š’¶š“‡š“ˆš“‰š“‡š“Šš’øš“€ | rose & jack


  •。 ✿   java chip frappucino, please, rose smiled softly, tugging on the cuffs of her sleeves to her coat while she ordered. after stating her name for when they needed to beckon for her, she moved aside and sat in an available seat along the bar in anticipation for her drink. originally facing the individual whom she just spoke to, she turned in her seat and rested her arms on the tabletop, reaching for her phone in her pocket to play on until her coffee was prepared. being her first time coming here, she became enamored by the quite and cozy atmosphere in which it was composed of. perhaps she had better come here more frequently. without even expecting it, a light cough from the gentleman caused her to curiously turn her head in his direction, leading to an awed expression to ensue upon her face.  jack rodgers?

And then this happens...

Daryl’s eyes open with a start, the room he is in is dark and a little cold. His heart is racing. The events of the last 24 hours are playing in his head…

“Daryl… Daryl you were having a nightmare.” Beth says as she walks closer to where he was sleeping on the couch.

Daryl sits up quickly, he’s confused, he looks around, he’s in the funeral home… he looks over and sees Beth still standing there, concerned.

Daryl blinks. “Yeah… a nightmare… sorry for waking you.” Daryl is still looking at her.

He’s had this dream before, but this feels different.

Beth shrugs, she walks over and sits next to him on the couch. “It’s alright… i wasn’t really sleeping anyway.”

They’re quiet after that. Daryl glances at the front door. He feels like walkers will spill through that door any minute now. He’s on edge.

“Would it help if you talked about it?” Beth asks suddenly.

Daryl looks at her startled. He starts to shake his head. “Naw… it won’t. Best I just forget about it.”

Beth nods. “So we’re leaving tomorrow?” She asks as a way to change the subject.

Daryl recalls that conversation… he thinks about his nightmare. He glances at Beth, “if your ankle is healed up, don’t see why not…” he knows this place isn’t safe… if they both leave voluntarily… maybe…

Beth nods. She sits back on the couch more, leans her head on his shoulder. “You think we’ll find the others?” she asks.

Daryl glances at her, “yeah… yeah I do.” He rests his head back on the couch, he shuts his eyes.

It was just a nightmare… they’ll find their family, together.

full name: jane villanueva
age: twenty-five
occupation: librarian
children: mateo solano villanueva ( he is one year & five months )
social media:
instagram, twitter &

biography:  jane villanueva was living in miami, florida when she was artificially inseminated with her ex-lover’s sperm by his sister, but she was a virgin at the time ( still is ) so everyone thought it had been a miracle. she was engaged to a detective, someone she loved dearly before breaking it off & began a fling with rafael, mateo’s father ; things grew complicated throughout her pregnancy so that’s when she decided to be a single mother. jane made a big decision on getting full custody & moving out of florida so she & her son could have a fresh start somewhere else, she didn’t want mateo to grow up confused because she already was on making a choice between his father & ex-fiance. after getting home from her sonogram that day, jane did some searching up on the internet to look for the best community/town to live in along with housing & that’s when alexandria popped up ; the brunette thought it was perfect so she left within that week, packed up & left. she has been living in the town for 2 years already, has a great job at the library, focusing on her writing ( she is a writer ) also being a single mother to her beautiful son ; everyone in the town was so friendly & it made jane feel amazing about her decision. jane’s mother & grandmother travel to come see her every so often, also her father decides to come on his time off. she was glad everything worked out the way she wanted it to.

(I’m about to head off for bed and homework and stuff, but I’m growing curious about Discord again…

The first time I tried doing it with a group of people, it wasn’t a very good experience (for reasons I shan’t say in public). But enough time as passed, that I think I’m ready to give it a second go. Problem is I don’t really have anyone to do it with, nor the time at the moment-

Maybe after the convention, I’ll put up an offer?? It just looks like so many people are having fun with it-)

I Hate It When People Say...

“girl groups don’t have any variety in concepts”. Which is bullshit. The biggest problem is that people are reducing girls into being cute or sexy, when in reality they almost never are just doing a cute or sexy concept.  people choose to reduce them as one or the other. Like Afterschool for first love learned how to pole dance. People are completely disregarding the fact that pole dancing is a fucking art that takes a hell of a lot of strength and practice to execute, but for people, they view pole dancing and twerking as the same thing. just “sexy”. After school’s concept was pole dancing, they looked sexy. Or AoA, people see like a cat and say “well they’re doing a sexy concept”. And they completely overlook the whole fucking spy plot in the MV, they were secret agents!!!!Their concept was cat burglar/ secret agent, they looked sexy.  OR how Gfriend is just “cute” concept, when their trilogy was a story about growing up and high school friendship.their concept was high school friendships, they looked cute like it’s so frustrating yes, these girls are cute, they are sexy, but they aren’t just cute or sexy. That’s rarely ever the case. there’s a difference between how they look, and their concepts and i wish people could make that distinction for girl groups.