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Heechul’s love for his fans

 Whenever I give my signatures sincerely during fansign events, it takes a lot of time and many times I was unable to give my signature to a large number of people. (T/N: Heechul said on Knowing Brother that his signature is pretty complicated so it takes him a lot of time to sign CDs and his hand starts hurting a lot)

Which is why I’ve changed it to fan picture events! I’ve changed it to taking selcas with each fan instead. When I did that fans expressed that they really liked it~

Moreover early on in my debut days, fans used to buy me very expensive gifts which made me feel uncomfortable. This is why I said on the radio “Everyone~ you can only give me letters, don’t give me gifts. You only need to give us and our songs your love~”

Instead of receiving expensive gifts, I would rather receive the love of our fans.

Okay y’all need to start learning!

Stop giving to zines and group projects that don’t have names on them. I mean real names attached to stuff. From the Ark Project to this new Mchanzo zine embezzling, every single time stuff like this happens, the only names attached are URLs and nicknames connected to PayPals and accounts based on those nicknames. It’s always Riley or Moon or whatever the fuck y’all need to demand accountability before you give your money Willy nilly. And I know it’s usually minors who are doing stuff like this so they don’t know well enough but as a rule of thumb, stop giving money to people without verified sellers accounts which good reviews in terms of products sold. Check out their accounts do some research. Stop giving to big projects without a second thought or you will continue to lose money.

Juniors who left deep impression on Kim Heechul

As soon as Infinite’s leader Sunggyu debuted, he greeted me by bowing to me in 90 degree angle whenever he would see me. Everytime he saw me he would bow in a 90 degree angle and I would tell him that such greeting is not necessary.

In 2010 I became the MC of a radio program, when the PD asked me who would be a good fixed guest, Infinite Sunggyu’s name came to my mind.

Back then his constant greetings made me feel a little uncomfortable, but it still left a big impression on me.

It is said that the students that the teachers will remember are those who study very well or those who don’t study at all; it seems that the same applies in this case.

Therefore if you want to introduce yourself, put effort into your greetings and never pretend to not notice the senior! If you follow this advice, seniors will surely remember you!

(But if you don’t greet in such way, won’t your promotions become difficult? If you don’t greet variety show MCs, especially Lee Sunggyu, Kang Hodong, Yoo Jae Suk, it might be the end of your activities as a celebrity… Decide for yourself on how to greet your seniors.)

eng trans: _seasoning/heebongie
korean text: heenim.poollip

         “Fear shall not conquer, nor fortitude crumble.”

Hello everyone! I’ve gotten active in this account for 2 years (mainly for Steven Universe content only), but now I’m renewing my account into a studyblr account!

About Me!

  • My name is Sheri and I live in the Philippines!
  • My birthday is on July 9, currently I’m 14 in the 8th grade.
  • I want to be a forensic psychologist, writer/poet, graphic designer, travel blogger, music producer, animator, and a website designer!
  • I love food, music, studying, boxing, archery, Steven Universe, Koe no Katachi, drawing, painting, video editing, photo editing, reading, writing poems and essays, web surfing, debating!
  • My aesthetics are sunsets, moon, ocean/sea, mountains, rain, galaxy, flowers, and pastel colors!
  • In all honesty, I’m broke haha and I’m part of the LGBT community 


  • Willing to fight and stand up for anything 101%
  • Social Science, English Lit., Filipino Lit., Biology, Computer, and Psychology
  • Can take/make aesthetic photos, illustrations, vid edits and photo edits  
  • Crush AYIEEEEE <3
  • Patriotic, Ambitious, & Determined ft. Creativity 
  • Can help explain lessons for you ft. analogy and the like
  • Can make a collection of poetry and prose for youuu
  • On point calligraphy and doodles!
  • Can act on point during declamation
  • honesty is the best policy, bless fam
  • i protecc, i attac, but when it comes to grades, i wont drop bacc


  • Emotional, anxious, & shy to the max at times
  • Cheesy pick-up lines and corny jokes
  • Daydreaming 25/8
  • Crush’s smile and laugh AWTSUUUUUU
  • Math and Physics huhu :((
  • Horror and very heavy & emotional movies
  • Haggard, hungry, and sleepy
  • Stress here, pressure there, hell’s everywhere
  • Bachelor of Procrastination, Major in Cramming haha

Looking forward to gain more inspo and friends! Oh wait, what are my talents? I can… eat and eat and eat, ace Math even if I’m bad at it, dream of crushie while listening in class, hide feelings from crush awww :((, pass all requirements on the exact day of deadline HAHAHA.

Inspirations: @emmastudies @educatier @studyquill @mildlineurs @milkteastudies @sadgirlstudying @yume-studies @studylustre @scholarc @jasperstudies @studyign @studyblr @studywithinspo

Anyway, that’s all about me! I’m also looking forward into posting my orig. content and more! I’m also going to soon open for application for a study group/club, zines, and my own debate team! Have a great day! Cheers and deuces!

For the group zine VITE by Brussels artist Dennis Mariën, who also happens to work at the Belgian Comic Strip Museum, I made these successive illustrated pages. Working around the theme “quick, change!” I was inspired by transformation and personal favorite pop culture references like Doraemon, David Cronenberg’s “The Fly”, Gremlins, Batman and transformer robots.


Hi everyone, since we’ve been getting a bunch of questions about it, here is the price list! Visuals + previews of everything will be released when pre-orders open, on the 15th of December at 11:59PM (GMT+8).

$20 - Zine only (A5 size, full-color, saddle-stitched, composed of 40 pages)
$35 - Character bundle (1 zine with bonus merch of one chosen character, either Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee, Jumin, or Seven. Includes a 2.25" button pin, a 1.75" clear acrylic charm, a A6-size postcard, a ~secret~ A6-size postcard, of your chosen character + RFA kiss-cut sticker sheet)
$60 - VIP bundle (1 zine with ALL bonus merch of 5 characters + 2 A6 size group postcards)
+$7 - Zine only shipping
+$10 - Bundle shipping

Within the Philippines:
800PHP - Zine only
+70PHP - Shipping (within Metro Manila)
+110PHP - Shipping (Provincial)

For people who are paying through bank deposit, orders will be made through Google Forms. For the rest of the orders, it will be through the zine’s Tictail store, which will be linked when pre-orders open!

Note: Unfortunately, the bonus merch will not be available locally unless you make a purchase through the Tictail store! >_<

Decided to get back into group zine making once again. And the theme for this one is “Stranger Things

For this zine the guidelines are :1 or 2 submissions,black or white OR colour, send your illustrations, comics, stories, poems that are inspired by this pretty sweet show. 

The deadline is : 31ST AUGUST

Any questions please do ask

To submit your pieces, send with the subject title as ‘STRANGER THINGS ZINE’  as well as a name and link to your blog/site to :

anonymous asked:

colin,from your vast, sagely knowledge of internet furry history; can you explain exactly why were furries seen as absolutely detestable/unpopular in the past? like, what was it about the furry community that made it so that there has been a 'growing acceptance' of them in the recent years?

hm hm hm hm hm. this is kind of a funny thing, because “furry as detestable” didn’t really enter the internet discourse till round late 90s, early 00s or so. something awful, chanboards, portal of evil, and a buncha other “gawk at this weird shit”, with varying policies around that, kinda sites, really pushed this kind of attitude.

i’ve talked about this before with a friend, but “furry as repulsive” doesn’t really exist, and can’t, until furry as a community exists. before this happens, sexy animal people don’t seem to be responded to with any kind of “oh my god, i can’t believe this!” shit, it just gets subsumed into the general world of erotic art. something that gets a slap on the back and a “you sly dog, you!” instead of the whole “oh god can you believe these FURRIES” thing. carl barks, famous disney comics artist, has a whole bunch of art featuring duck ladies with their tits out, dating back to 1980 and then some. doesn’t get the same reaction at all, and the furry community is only starting to really find their legs here, with stuff like Funny Animal (and they were called Funny Animals, not ‘furries’) zines like Vootie in 1976 and its followup, Rowrbrazzle in 1983. before it’s “furry”, it’s just “sexy duck lady” or “sexy tiger lady” or etc, etc. it exists in a different context, and in a different execution, and without all the “how DARE you” around it. hourglass figures with boobs, with duckbills or not, they all kinda get subsumed into that general world of erotic art.

it’s when the community starts actually forming together and having more outlets to personally express themselves - and to be found - online that shit starts to come together to create the context that lead to the situation of “something awful dudes (among others) constantly looking to start fights with furries”. now furries aren’t localized to clunkily organized MUDs and obscure Usenet groups, and zines, now they’ve got VCL in 1995 and more and more easy access to making their own, personal websites. it’s easier to find them, interact with them - and make fun of them, as under a general banner of “look at these weirdos!”, fused in with a lot of homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc.

another friend of mine says that part of it probably grew out of a way to deal with people on forums that the rest of the forum didn’t particularly like - as you can find in a lot of old material revolving around “fursecution”, there were a lotta folx who’d react pretty hard to getting teased at, so if a forum wanted to push someone out, and if they were a furry, they could just make fun of their furry stuff until they self-destructed and left on their own. friend says this later mutates into a lot of what we got with SA and others, but there’s a lot of other factors going on.

in general, furries fell under the general group of “let’s gawk and make fun of weirdos on the internet”, back when trying to position yourself as “cool and normal” was actually the regular thing to do on a lot of net spaces instead of just shamelessly tweeting about oviposition or whatever. some dudes wanted to bully, furries were an easy group to bully, and if you were looking for a layer to obscure your homophobia and other bigotries in your bullying, furries were great for that too. a lot of net groups getting a rush out of making fun of someone, teasing and prodding ‘em, and this sort of gestates into a whole net culture at the time, resulting in things like The Burned Furs (a furry group who wanted to push away from the sexuality in the community and focus on “serious, legitimate” works), dudes on SA forums, chanboards, Encyclopedia Dramatica, etc who are very obviously clearly furries to know so, so much about the community, but spend all their time mocking them to hide their own interest furry (among other reasons), and on and on and on and on

there’s a lot of sub-arguments to get in there, a lot of stuff from the past, but god that’s a lot to get into and even more to detail piece by piece. it was basically a whole big mess kicked largely into action by the growing visibility of furries at all, and circa 2k net groups and sites looking for something sufficiently weird enough to put on the shitlist and make fun of. that’s not ALL of it, of course, like i’ve even just detailed a lot of it up there about how complex and messy this gets, but if i was to try and burn it all down to as simple as possible explanation…

there’s some carry over from earlier furry days too of just some furries being… really fucking not good. like if we’re digging way back, Dennis Falk of usenet jumps immediately to mind. and webcomics like Better Days and Jack which expanded out from “holy shit these comics are bad” to a general “furries are bad” kinda discourse.

there was a lot going on, and… it just turned out, bit by bit, people weren’t actually that opposed to furry stuff? even way back when this shit was at maximum heat, you’d have people going on about like which furries they made exceptions to jack off to, and all that, and as time went by, people were less and less interested with fighting a ridiculous net war, furries got more new blood who didn’t know or didn’t care about any of this shit, a lot of the old guard gawkers moved on, and just… shit happened. people got chiller with furries and they didn’t wanna hang out so much with dudes posting about “heresy” all the fucking time.

the trouble in summarizing all this is that there was a LOT happening, on a lot of different sites, and net mediums. like i point to SA repeatedly because they’re kind of iconic in this whole history, but they’re not the only active factor agent, not in the least. it was fucking messy. trying to summarize it all up here off the cuff is, unsurprisingly, messy too.



So my student group puts out a zine every semester, and we did some advertising to try and get submissions. 

It looks like some baby didn’t like that we didn’t include the male symbol on our anti-sexism themed flyers 

If you would like to submit to our zine send your submission to 

Art, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and anything else you can think of is accepted! 

Open Call


noun \ˈjȯi\

a feeling of great pleasure or happiness


noun /ˈsärō/

a feeling of deep distress


What do joy and sorrow mean to you? Are the two emotions inherently conflicting, or do they fit on a spectrum of feeling and human experience with greater nuance?

How would you depict either or both emotions in a way that is true to your personal experience?

For our upcoming group zine, please submit up to five photos at 1500 pixels on the long side at 72 dpi.

Deadline Friday the 13th (November) at Midnight. 

We will also be sharing submitted work on our blog and instagram.

Email photos for consideration to