group vii

This is one of my highlights of being a cosplayer, getting our Final Fantasy VII group together ~ <3

Cid - @amaitofuu
Cloud - @shinkastudios
Aerith - @malindachan
Zack - @Ex_shadow (Insta)​
Yuffie - @gracingyou
Tifa - @firagafox
Lucrecia - @serenarockbell
Vincent - NipahDUBS
Sephiroth - @moderatelyokaycosplay

how to study certain subjects

hi everyone! i took biology, chemisty, mathematics and economics for my a levels, and i’d like to share with you how i studied these subjects!

keep in mind that this is what worked for me, and i hope it works for you too! note that i’m a 2nd year college student so my memory of these stuff might be a little fuzzy. c’:

i will also only be covering everything but economics because up till now, i have no idea how to study for economics lololol.

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rules: write TWENTY random facts about yourself so your followers can get to know you better. then, tag those who you want to know better (no limit)
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i. I have a black belt in tae kwon do

ii. i play many instruments, including: violin, ukulele, piano, guitar, and a little bit of cello

iii. other than the shadowhunters chronicles, another influential series for me is the giver quartet. i highly recommend it.

iv. i listen to mostly indie and alternative music, only a few pop artists that influenced my childhood

v. i am entering eleventh grade (second to last year of general education)

vi. i am an introvert, specifically infj, and often i am found hiding behind a book or my phone while around big groups

vii. i have severe anxiety and depersonalisation disorder, which is why i often look to books, writing, and music to keep me somewhat grounded

viii. i am a very creative person, and have many ideas constantly — even though half of them never happen

ix. i am a ravenclaw!

x. i have never had a boyfriend, and have not had my first kiss yet. i somehow land very great relationship advice for my friends though… don’t know why that happens.

xi. what a shocker, but, my favorite characters from tsc are james carstairs (my husband) and magnus bane (my glitter son)

xii. i am VERY organized. i try and stay as organized as possible, whether in school, or just in general. on my phone, for example, a majority of my apps are in folders.

xiii. i prefer writing in multi-colored ink, than in black. my school notes are always color coded

xiv. i wanna dye my hair. i had the tips of my hair red a few years ago, and my ombré was all officially cut out a few weeks ago. but, i want to dye it again AHH!

xv. i love tea, and hate coffee.

xvi. i’m pretty good at doing makeup, however, i can’t do eyeliner at all.

xvii. i love learning new things

xviii. i love going to New York City, it is so much fun!

xix. my favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate

xx. i believe everyone deserves a chance to prove they’re a good person.

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Dullhypotheses’ Guide to Rehab (Part 1, probably)

A few months back, I was admitted into a rehabilitation center because my depression hit its lowest point. Now, however, I am feeling much better and thought to share my experience with the rest of you, whether it be to include in your writing, in the background of your character, or just for your personal use.

Disclaimer though: Not all rehabs works the same way. Different rehabilitation centers have different styles – some more lax, and others more strict. The type of rehab I was in is not the only type of rehab there is, but it is one type.

There’s probably going to be a part two, since I finished this and thought there should be some more, but for now, I guess this is it! Hope this helps!

If you have any further questions about life in rehab, feel free to send me an ask!

Under the cut, you will find sections about:

i. Basic Overview
ii. Confidentiality and Anonymity
iii. Staff: Nurses and Houseparents, the Program Coordinator, Case Managers
iv. Safety of Belongings and of the Students
v. Medicine and Food
vi. Daily Schedule
vii. Group Therapy Sessions and Activities
viii. Behavioral Modifications and Privileges
ix. The Students
x. The Stigma that comes with Rehab

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The Flower Girl and her Bodyguard… eating rice with chopsticks, watching the news of another terrorist attack by the rebel group, AVALANCHE. 

Last name, sir?

A StormPilot ficlet

(Inspired by this post)

Finn had been in the hospital wing of the base for almost a week, now. He had spent three days unconscious – battling the Sith had left him drained, an exhaustion he had never felt before, and the injuries on his back would need far longer than that to heal. He didn’t mind that much, though. In his small room he had the privacy to mourn Han’s death. Rey came to visit a few times, but she was spending more and more time with General Organa, trying to figure out her newfound powers. His most frequent visitor, however, was Poe Dameron. Poe would spend the vast majority of his free time with Finn, in hope of keeping up his spirits. He would tell him about the Rebellion, the greatness of Luke Skywalker and the then-Princess Leia, and the Resistance, the New Republic – all things new to Finn, people and stories that to him and Rey (who came in to listen as much as she could) had been just legends and myths just a few weeks before.

In the early hours of the morning, one day not long after Finn had regained some of his strength, a healer and a medical droid entered his quarter. The former Stormtrooper wasn’t expecting anyone – it was too early for either Poe or Rey to come and see him, and he had already received his morning treatment.

Still sleepy, Finn propped up on his pillows and faced the healer and the droid: “Is everything okay?” he asked.

The healer was inspecting his folder, his bed, everything. Finn was propped up on the very side of the bed. He remembered why, and blood flushed to his cheeks. Poe had spent the night there. He had fallen asleep mid-story, and Finn had been too tired to wake him up. They hadn’t been very comfortable, in a bed too small for two grown men, and the pilot had left when the sky outside was barely turning pink, for his morning patrol shift.

“Nothing to worry about, sir. Just checking that all of your medical history has been recorded”, the healer replied. The droid was copying data into its hard drive, but suddenly stopped and beeped. Brows furrowed, the healer inspected the droid, pressed a few buttons, checked the folder once again, and turned to Finn: “Last name, sir?”

Taken by surprise, deep into the memories of the previous night, the young man just said, “What?”

“Your last name, sir. No last name appears on your record.”


The healer seemed extremely annoyed by Finn’s slowness. Flustered, without thinking one second more, Finn blurted out, “Dameron.”

“Dameron? Finn Dameron?”

Finn stammered a ‘yes’. He was sure the healer was going to recognize the name and rat him out.

The healer didn’t say anything, though. She just scribbled it on his folder, inserted it onto the droid’s hard drive, and walked away.

Finn sighed loudly, relieved. He fell back on his pillows, fast asleep in a matter of seconds.

When he woke up again, the sky outside the small window was a bright blue, the sun high. The first thing his eyes focused on was a pilot sitting on his bed, inspecting Finn’s medical folder.

“Dameron, huh? You sure that’s not someone else?”

For the third time that morning, Finn felt his face getting warmer.

Looking away, Finn mumbled, ‘Sorry – it’s just… it’s because they asked me for a last name this morning… a-a-and it was the first thing that came to me.”

Poe stared at him for a few seconds, then squeezed Finn’s hand, and when he spoke again his voice was warm: “It’s fine. Don’t worry about it. I gave you a name, I think I can give you a last name, too.”

Finn squeezed back, and smiled. “Thank you.”

“After all, it suits you.”

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Cloud Smiles

One of the staff’s favorite scenes was where Cloud smiles in an embarrassing way towards Tifa. Nomura liked it as there was almost no dialogue, and the expression on his face communicated his emotions to the viewer. Composer Nobuo Uematsu commented “It sounds cool!”, considering the fact that gamers who have finished Final Fantasy VII would find it hard to imagine how Cloud smiles. Upon reading that scene in the script, Uematsu was inspired to write the score.

Family -“I made another promise too. To protect my family.”

A mix for the ragtag team of l'cie who made the impossible possible. [listen]

i. Raging Fire - Phillip Phillips // ii. Where We Belong - Thriving Ivory // iii. On Top Of The World - Imagine Dragons // iv. Count On Me - Bruno Mars // v. Something I Need - One Republic // vi. Forever Young (Cover) - Youth Group // vii. My Hands - Leona Lewis // viii. Feeling a Moment - Feeder // ix. Pompeii - Bastille // x. Welcome Home - Radical Face