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The final no particular order

The older son is about to hit send on his first batch of applications.  He’s doing it in three tranches.  First is one early action and two early decision.  Next are four “fit” schools.  Last, if needed, are two safety schools..

First batch is due 11/1.  He’ll hear from them mid-to-late December.  

Second batch is due 12/1.  He’ll have to submit those because he won’t have heard yet.  If he gets the early action, he’ll withdraw all applications and be done with it.

If, for some reason, he gets into neither his three reach nor four fit schools, he’ll apply by 1/1 to his two safety schools.

In no particular order other than grouped by city:



University of Pennsylvania

Brown University


University of Michigan


George Washington University

American University

Meantime, the poor kid is swamped with college essays.  You’d think the point of the “Common App” was one application for all the schools, but every school except one on his list has “supplemental essays.”  Brutal.  It’s like he’s taking two extra classes.

At least he’ll be done by Thanksgiving.

In case you care, I do not care at all where he goes.  It is 100% his pick.  Yes, it’s true, I will refuse to visit him for four years if he goes to Michigan, but he can live his own life.  I mean, it’s not like I have Bucky Badger tattooed on my arm or his mother flies an Ohio State flag every weekend.  He can break our hearts if that’s what he wants to do.  (FWIW, I think there is about a 2% chance he goes there….his #1 request is to go to college in a major city and Ann Arbor isn’t one.  Pittsburgh won’t be big enough for him either.  That’s why it’s Boston, Philly or DC….Columbia had Mattress Girl and a high suicide rate and NYU undergraduate is too spread out, not campusy).

And Chicago is out because “why would I want to go to school in the same town I live.  All my classmates will be all excited to go to Millennium Park and that’s where I have gym.” [true story - that is what he said and that is where he has gym]