group therapy


  • Bucky attends Sam Wilson’s therapy group
  • he doesn’t talk to anyone for the longest time and he declines to talk at all for the first couple of months
  • eventually Sam convinces him it’s a good idea to share
  • he only talks about all the problems with his arm at first, it’s actually easier to talk about than what’s going on in his head
  • he describes how it’s too cold to touch people with
  • one of the other veterans knits as a part of their rehabilitation because it’s therapeutic
  • they knit Bucky an arm warmer and glove in black, cause it’s the colour Bucky wears the most
  • they tell him they can make more in other colours if he wants
  • he doesn’t really know what to say, so he doesn’t say anything
  • but he wears it when he sleeps in the same bed as Steve to stop the coldness of his arm from waking Steve up in the middle of the night
  • he goes back to the group and says thank you, and can he have one with stars and stripes on the upper arm, please?? 

(now a fic!!)