group study rooms

Study Time

Happy Smut Appreciation Day!

Summary: You and Sam are studying for an upcoming test.

warnings: Stanford!Sam, unprotected sex (wrap it up kids!), quickie in a semi-public place

word count: ~2350

You were sitting in a group study room in the Stanford library, slaving away studying for your next exam with your regular study group: Maggie, James, Sam, and you.

You had all met freshmen year in your intro to law class, and since then had been in at least one class each semester together.  Even if you weren’t always studying for the same subject, you’d meet up in the library every Wednesday and Sunday, keeping each other accountable.

Now, being in your junior year, the four of you were studying together more than ever, sometimes upping your two sessions a week to three or four.  You were all in one of your hardest pre-law classes together, and your midterm was sure to kick your butts.

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college au prompts (from experience):

  • we have zero classes together but i see you at least five times a day what the fuck????
  • i go on late night walks around campus and apparently you do too
  • you work in the cafeteria on campus and i order the same thing every day so we keep making small talk and wow you actually seem pretty cool???
  • you keep grabbing the biggest group study room but you never have a study group; i actually do have a group and i’m gonna give you a piece of my mind 
  • you work in the starbucks on campus and picked up on my obscure reference/t-shirt from some obscure show/etc. and now i’m determined to talk to you about it
  • we both went to grab the last ice cream and i’m insisting you take it but you’re insisting that i take it (added bonus: hey, why don’t we just share it?)
How the signs study
  • Aries: has like 50 flashcards on everything
  • Taurus: writes out notes over and over and over
  • Gemini: reads the book like twice and gets an A
  • Cancer: starts to study but gets distracted by things on their desk
  • Leo: heads to starbucks for a group study sesh
  • Virgo: entire room is actually a chalkboard and has things written EVERYWHERE
  • Libra: watches TV show on subject, somehow aces the test
  • Scorpio: basically hasn't left the library in a week
  • Sagittarius: doesn't. at all. ever.
  • Capricorn: has created a fort made of homework pages and textbooks
  • Aquarius: records lectures and basically plays them on repeat all day long
  • Pisces: drinks 50 cups of coffee and crams all studying into the night before the test