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Since I consider myself a big sis to all of you, I have made a small list of academic and misc. tips to make college/university not suck as bad.


  1. If you get distracted in large lecture halls, sit in the front row. I discovered in large classes that I was sometimes more focused on the girl in front of me being on facebook, than I was on the actual lecture. Sitting in the front is always a good idea. It is honestly the easiest tip I have for you.
  2. RECORD YOUR LECTURES! How ever you decide to take notes, you can also record your lectures. I use notability to take notes and to record my lectures with. When reviewing before an exam, recordings are a lifesaver. Also just reviewing after class, it deff helps to clear up anything that was slightly unclear in your notes.
  3. Dress comfy for class. Literally no one care what you wear to class. Don’t feel like you haaaave to look cute, I understand wanting to look good to feel good for yourself but sometimes nike shorts are gonna be your best option.
  4. Book group study rooms in the library. If your libraries on campus are anything like mine, they’re always packed. BUUUUUT it is very likely that your library has a way to reserve library rooms, thus guaranteeing you a silent study place on campus. Book ahead for finals week!!
  5. GOOGLE DOCS. Once you make a good study group, condense all of your notes together on a google doc shared between you all. Google docs and slides  are also amazing for group projects and presentations. Become familiar with both, they are your new best friends.


  1. Starbucks has a loyalty program, get on it. I worked as a barista and literally the gold card program starbucks has will safe you a ton. There are literally 10 Starbucks on my campus, you will become familiar with yours. Download the app and start collecting points now! Also a pro-tip, skip the lattes and frappuccinos. Drip coffee is the best option for you, it is cheaper, better for you, and has the most caffeine besides the iced coffee. Also, once you’re a loyalty member at starbucks, refills on all coffee and tea is FREE
  2. Keep snacks in your bag, it’s not rocket science. You get hungry, eat. The more protein, the better. 
  3. Easy way to talk to someone in class. Pull out a pack of gum. Has not changed from high school. Having “class friends” is needed. They’re great for getting notes from if you miss class and for getting together to study with!
College Boy

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 1311

Prompt: Harry wants a shot at a normal life so he attends Northeastern University, but it’s harder than he thinks. The friends he made just want fame, and the other hardly look at him. But then he meets her, Y/N, and she wants nothing to do with the a-list celebrity.

Cole and Dylan Sprouse did it, Emma Watson, Amy Pohler, they all went to college, and Harry wanted to as well. He wanted the experience of something normal for once, he wanted to be able to say he graduated, he wanted his family to come to a graduation. When the news broke out everyone went crazy trying to figure out where he was going, and Harry got accepted everywhere. But he wanted to succeed he wanted to go to a school he knew was right from him, which was far from Harvard, but it also wasn’t community college. He wanted a roommate, he wanted to live in a dorm, attend the dreadful eight ams, and have RA’s. So he picked Northeastern University, still the top best, but no Harvard.

Harry was thankful for his roommate, Nick. Nick didn’t care at all about who Harry was. Nick spent most of his time in the library or in the room studying, he hardly spoke to Harry. Nick had a plan, two years at Northeastern and then Harvard. Nick made it clear that he didn’t want parties or girls coming in and out every night and Harry promised he would be as normal as possible, but Nick just scoffed.

It wasn’t easy for Harry and he wondered how everyone else did it. Students watched him, took pictures, videos, whispered, they just kept following him around, and Harry hated it. He found it difficult to make friends, the ones he did make wanted fame, and the other kept away. He couldn’t seem to find someone who wanted to actually sit and talk with him.

Nick had been holding a study group in their room so Harry grabbed his bag and made his way to the library. It was quiet and as soon as he walked in he saw a couple phones point his way. He huffed and made his way to the back where there were small cubicles. He pulled a chair back and pulled out his laptop. Texts from Jeff and Nick quickly popped up.

Nick: How’s the college life, join a frat yet?

Jeff: Do you miss the studio yet?

Nick: I love you but this is just insane why are you doing this?

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How the Mercs Study for Finals

(So I’m a couple days late with this, but whatever.)


Did his undergrad in cell biology.

He has the worst study habits known to humankind. He procrastinates. Pulls all-nighters two nights in a row, then crashes on the floor of his dorm common area.

If the material for a certain class is interesting, he’ll go waaaay beyond what’s expected of him. Read the textbook sections that aren’t assigned. Sit in the front row of class and ask questions that stump the professor. He’ll stretch a two-minute summary presentation into fifteen minutes.

If the material for a class isn’t interesting, he can barely force himself to work on it. Homework isn’t in by the deadline, and he’s winged quite a few tests with no studying at all.

Also, being a bio major, Medic is slave laborer volunteer in one the cell bio labs. The undergrad peons are tasked with feeding the cells in the middle of the night, so he frequently studies in the lab break room. He’ll kick his shoes off, throw books and papers everywhere, and erase the common blackboard so he can draw his own anatomy diagrams and dove doodles.  When it comes time to feed the cells, he’ll pad across the lab in his socks. The PI knows Ludwig is a walking safety violation, but hey, the kid is really good at keeping the cells alive.

When Medic’s grades come out, he’s earned a mixture of A+’s and D-‘s.

Only reason he got accepted to med school was because his name was on several scientific papers before he finished undergrad. Always give authorship to the guy who keeps the cells alive.


Electrical engineering undergrad.

Dell is that one guy who grasps very abstract concepts very quickly. (“Well, of course adiabatic compression causes temperature increase.” And he understands fugacity.) He’s really good at thermo. Fight me.

All of his classmates would hate him if he weren’t so willing to help everybody else. He does it partially out of niceness, partially to show off, and partially because explaining concepts helps him learn.

For finals week, Dell and a friend or five will camp out in one of those group study rooms that have blackboards. They’ll settle down with coffee and a box of doughnuts or something and just crank out practice problems. Groups study sessions are loud. Lots of talking and arguing about theory and approaches. Occasional tears.

The janitor has to kick them out every night. It’s probably a good thing. Dell is not Ludwig – he’s never pulled an all-nighter in his life, and when he doesn’t sleep, he doesn’t function.


Did his undergrad in literature.

He’s the most serious student you’ve ever seen. Going to college is a great opportunity, and he’s very lucky to be here. And damnit. He. Will. Not. Screw. It. Up.

Anyway, because of the nature of his degree, he has more final projects than final exams. Misha starts his projects the day they’re assigned. All his books have annotations in the margins; they’re so well-thumbed that the bindings are starting to fail. He goes to every office hour every week, asking the professor to give his draft a looksee. (“For the umpteenth time, it’s fine, just write the final draft already.) The biggest fault with his writing is his tendency to pander to what the professor wants to hear. He wants good grades so badly that he’ll forget about himself in the process. The professors have had to give him a loving kick in the pants now and again. Tell him it’s okay to disagree with them.

Misha’s been known to get over 100% in some of his classes because he went to all the extra-credit poetry readings.

It goes without saying that he got into graduate school without trouble.


I like to think that Demo tried college, but never completed it. Entering a formal classroom setting after a lifetime of homeschooling is rough enough. And it’s been shown pretty clearly that Demo’s coping skills are… not the greatest. Because I am a cruel and terrible person, I hc him as suffering from crippling test anxiety.

And let’s face it, testing environments can suck. Being stuffed in an enormous lecture hall with a “desk” that’s smaller than an 8.5x11 sheet of paper, listening to the sniffles of a hundred other students, not being allowed to use the bathroom while the florescent lights flicker overhead…Tavish will choke. He can’t focus on the problems because he’s panicking so hard. And then he’ll look up, realize he has fifteen minutes left and scribble down some sort of nonsense synthesis because he has to write something.

Anyway, he failed his finals for Principals of Chem and Orgo I. That locked him out of being any sort of chemistry major. His advisor recommended he transfer to the humanities, which Tavish interpreted as a major slap in the face. He didn’t return for a second semester.

Interestingly enough, he aced the practical portion of the Orgo I final. He had four lab periods to identify a completely unknown chemical, but got it done in a period and a half. Pop that sucker in the IR, do a functional group test for confirmation, and he’s golden. He also got a copy of the Sigma-Aldritch catalog from his mom and used that to compare spectra.

Study Time

Happy Smut Appreciation Day!

Summary: You and Sam are studying for an upcoming test.

warnings: Stanford!Sam, unprotected sex (wrap it up kids!), quickie in a semi-public place

word count: ~2350

You were sitting in a group study room in the Stanford library, slaving away studying for your next exam with your regular study group: Maggie, James, Sam, and you.

You had all met freshmen year in your intro to law class, and since then had been in at least one class each semester together.  Even if you weren’t always studying for the same subject, you’d meet up in the library every Wednesday and Sunday, keeping each other accountable.

Now, being in your junior year, the four of you were studying together more than ever, sometimes upping your two sessions a week to three or four.  You were all in one of your hardest pre-law classes together, and your midterm was sure to kick your butts.

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college au prompts (from experience):

  • we have zero classes together but i see you at least five times a day what the fuck????
  • i go on late night walks around campus and apparently you do too
  • you work in the cafeteria on campus and i order the same thing every day so we keep making small talk and wow you actually seem pretty cool???
  • you keep grabbing the biggest group study room but you never have a study group; i actually do have a group and i’m gonna give you a piece of my mind 
  • you work in the starbucks on campus and picked up on my obscure reference/t-shirt from some obscure show/etc. and now i’m determined to talk to you about it
  • we both went to grab the last ice cream and i’m insisting you take it but you’re insisting that i take it (added bonus: hey, why don’t we just share it?)
Library Services at Elsewhere University: A Guide and Compendium
(Crossposted to A03

Part One: Student Services

Welcome to the Elsewhere University Library. This guide endeavours to provide students with a general outline of library services, facilities, and safety precautions. More comprehensive help, including study guides for planning your research, finding books and journal articles, evaluating and citing sources, and safely navigating the library both with and without a map, compass, or bread crumb trail can be found online on the library’s website, in print at the first floor reference desk, and translated into Norse runes and carved into the foundation of the condemned building in the west quadrant of the campus.

Instructors wishing to book a tour and orientation for incoming classes can make arrangements directly with the subject librarian assigned to their department. Basic research skills and bibliographic instruction for classes is a core services provided to all faculty. Advanced research support may be obtained with proof of approved interdepartmental charge. Payment will be extracted at the campus health centre, or during one of the library’s monthly fundraising blood drives. A pound of flesh is no longer accepted in payment, as the exchange rate is currently exorbitant. Requests from the biology department will be assessed on a case by case basis until the overdue accounts resulting from the escaped blood scandal last fall are resolved.

Borrowing privileges for undergraduates and non-academic staff include a semester-long loan period with no renewals, and a maximum of three interlibrary loans per course per year. The length of the semester is determined by time passing within the registrar’s office, and no exceptions will be made for the west quadrant of the campus, philosophy majors, or those born on a Tuesday. Library staff, and RAs and custodial staff assigned to Brigadoon Hall are eligible for an exemption, however. Please ensure that circulation staff are advised of your status upon yearly renewal of your library card, and keep in mind that time passes differently within the library.

Graduate students and faculty are eligible for a year-long loan period, and unlimited interlibrary loans. Additional charges for interlibrary loan material may be passed on to the borrower. Library staff will do their best to ensure that you are aware of the procedures and policies of the lending institute, however, can take no responsibility for additional fees and fines accrued. Arrangements for payment must be made directly with the lending institute. We do not have the liability insurance required to send your first-born, existential sense of dread, or the memory of the colour of next spring’s tulips via interoffice mail or interagency courier. Please note that while all graduate theses are archived in the library collection, borrowing privileges for theses that have not yet been written are limited to faculty only.

Overdue fines may be waived at the discretion of the library staff for just cause. Fees for lost items must be paid by the end of the semester or late charges will continue to accrue. Nonpayment of fees and fines may result in withholding of your final transcript, degree, sense of smell, or sense of self. Barter for tangible, nonmonetary items will not be accepted as payment, with the exception of plastic beads. Intangible items may be accepted on a case by case basis. Baked goods are always appreciated, but will have no effect on the balance of your account. (Donations of plastic beads will be accepted at the circulation desk, and will be donated to the library’s current community support program, who is welcome to join us in the library foyer, coffee shop, and first floor classroom space, but we would appreciate it if it refrains from attempting to use the elevators to reach the rooftop garden.)

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Title: Mathematical Equations

Date: June 1, 2017

Commissioned by @unashamed-shipper: Gajevy College AU

Pairing: Gajevy (mentioned Nalu)

Word Count: 1503

Summary: While lost in the Mathematics and Science Building, Levy finds her self colliding with a rather odd looking man. Who knew she would find him more than odd. 

Rated: K+

Read on ffn.

Request closed. Commissions open.

“MSC 109. MSC 109. Where is it?”

Murmurs filled the hall as a blue haired young woman strolled through the Mathematics and Science Building (MSC) of Magnolia University. Levy McGarden bowed her head, hazel brown eyes focused on the class schedule in her hands. Every now and then, Levy would lift her eyes to scan the open classrooms, looking for the doorway that read “109” up above it.

This was her first year in a university, studying at one of the most prestigious schools in Fiore. She was hopeful and prepared; enrolled in the necessary classes, taking the proper amount of units, even best friends with her roommate after just a week of moving into the dorms. And, yet, she could not find the one door that led to her calculus class.

“All of these classrooms are in the 300 range,” Levy paused in her steps, looking back on the empty hall as she attempted to process her thoughts. “MSC 109 must be in a different wing then, right?”

Just as she voiced this question, a rather loud metal clang was heard, the sound of a heavy hallway door closing on itself. Such noise frightened the girl, Levy pulling her head back before she met impact with a man almost twice her size. Sprinting through the hall was a fairly tall man, piercings adorning his face and long wild hair flying quickly behind him. With no warning the two bodies clashed, chest meeting forehead as they collided to the floor.

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[Fic Request] Permanent Stain

Thank you for the prompt and the fic love. >////< 

Thanks to @bottomkook for being the awesome beta that she is~

Title: Permanent Stain 
Word Count: 8060
Genre: Angst, arranged marriage AU
Summary: You don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone.

[AO3 link]

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humanstuck gamkar thoughts
  • it isn’t until the fourth time an attempt to go further than kissing (you should, right, that’s how far you should be by now after officially dating for so long) turns into a tickle-fight that spans the entire apartment and ends with you sprawled on each other wheezing that you realize maybe this is really just completely stupid.
  • “Baba made us a cake,” says Gamzee, and holds out a cake in apology for dripping on your carpets.  It’s got an offensive amount of rainbows on it.  The icing, in Mr. Makara’s round, careful hand, says “CONGRATULATIONS GAY”.  You would be insulted except in the middle of all the rainbows he’s somehow found a way to print a photo of you and Gamzee cuddled up on the couch together and okay, the cake looks really good.
  • It take a long time for you to calm him down enough to make out words, but nobody stops to look at the two boys sitting on the park bench in the sunset.  Gamzee’s sobbing keeps their faces pointed toward the ground.  “–threw me out,” you make out finally, and think about his dad on TV, eyes wide and wild, pounding the pulpit and yelling about fire and torment for eternity.  You hold him tight, put your chin in his hair and just hold him as he sobs.
  • When you’re sixteen you find a hand-drawn manga lying on the floor of your group study room while you clean up, and it isn’t until page four of Nepeta’s painstakingly sparkly art you realize the dark-haired bishonen with the commanding eyebrows is you, and the flaxen-haired elegantly androgynous figure of his new romantic conquest is meant to be Gamzee.  
  • Your embarrassment that day is nothing compared to the next, when Gamzee picks it up and recognizes both of you instantly.  Out loud.  Loudly.  You have never seen Nepeta go that red.
How the signs study
  • Aries: has like 50 flashcards on everything
  • Taurus: writes out notes over and over and over
  • Gemini: reads the book like twice and gets an A
  • Cancer: starts to study but gets distracted by things on their desk
  • Leo: heads to starbucks for a group study sesh
  • Virgo: entire room is actually a chalkboard and has things written EVERYWHERE
  • Libra: watches TV show on subject, somehow aces the test
  • Scorpio: basically hasn't left the library in a week
  • Sagittarius: doesn't. at all. ever.
  • Capricorn: has created a fort made of homework pages and textbooks
  • Aquarius: records lectures and basically plays them on repeat all day long
  • Pisces: drinks 50 cups of coffee and crams all studying into the night before the test

s-ummr  asked:

Part 2/2. how do you study with your period? A lot of times mine comes during finals and I'm trying to study but I lose patience and it's also so painful that I can't study for that day and I get behind. Thanks sm 😭😭❤️❤️

Honestly, my period puts a wrench in my studying way too often. On the second day of class last semester I actually missed a class because it was so painful and I was in a group study room laying on the floor. So I’m no expert on this either!

Typically, though, I will try to take Advil or something before I even start cramping so that I don’t have to wait for it to kick in once I do. I’ll also try to do yoga to ease the pain that the medicine doesn’t take care of (google ‘period yoga’ – it’s awesome!), or go for a run which sucks at first but really does help if I can manage it. For studying specifically, I try to make myself as comfortable as possible and give myself more breaks than I normally would. Also keep some yummy snacks near by because you know they totally help. 

If anyone else has any tips for studying (or just feeling human) on your period, reblog this with them!

heyprofessorwhitman  asked:

Hi, do you feel like sharing your headcanon for Jeff and Annie post s6? If you don't want to just ignore this ask, I just figured I'd ask since I can't sleep and therefore am bored. :D

sure thing, sure thing.

  • after the big group hug in the study room, the group starts to break apart. jeff goes to head for his car, but annie catches him by the elbow and they hang back. (abed notices of course, and they say they’re going to take one last walk around campus. just for the heck of it)
  • once everyone’s gone, annie says, “we should probably talk, right?” and jeff looks kinda pained but annie gets up on her tip-toes to kiss his cheek and the fear dissipates and he nods. “probably couldn’t hurt”
  • so they go back to his place and sit on his couch and annie shrugs out of her blazer and the whole tightly fitted button-up look is really working for jeff, but he knows this is important and he needs to focus so he slides to the far end of the couch
  • but annie follows, kneeling beside him and toying with the hair at the nape of his neck, and says “so…i’m kinda disappointed you’d be willing to give me up that easily.”
  • and it has exactly the effect she wants it to. he laughs and relaxes a bit, settling into their game of back and forth. she eases him into the more serious conversation, and they decide that, yeah, maybe now - when annie’s about to leave for a couple months - is not the best time to start a relationship. but they agree to give it a try when she comes back.
  • except those plans go out the window the first time jeff visits her in dc. they missed each other so much that the second they get back to annie’s room they’re all over each other.
  • after the sex, while they’re cuddling and recovering from all that stimulation, jeff makes the comment “well i sure as hell never pictured that happening for the first time in washington dc.”
  • which, of course, leads to a discussion of all the places they have pictured that happening.
  • which, of course, leads to the second time.
  • when jeff gets home, he immediately books another flight.
  • once annie gets back to colorado, they start stressing about telling their friends. when is the right time? how will they break the news? 
  • when they sit them down for a fancy dinner at jeff’s apartment, britta totally steals their thunder. “we know you guys are dating.”
  • and jeff and annie are flabbergasted. i mean, they were so careful! 
  • but frankie is like. “typically people engaged in a strictly platonic relationship don’t fly across the country to visit each other 4 times in the span of 10 weeks.”
  • after being outed, jeff and annie start spending every moment they can together. they do their grocery shopping at the same time. they go on runs together. annie gets a drawer at jeff’s apartment. jeff stops drinking so much
  • and, even though he’s feeling better, annie encourages him to look for things other than their relationship to stabilize his mood.
  • he thinks he should feel offended, but the look of nervous terror on annie’s face is enough to make him consider it.
  • he starts looking for a new therapist (despite britta’s grumblings that she’s right. there.)
  • annie starts spending more and more time at jeff’s apartment. she gets a local job at a lab. 
  • jeff sends his resume to some law firms, looking for consulting gigs. he gets a very positive response and cuts back his time at greendale to adjunct professor. (the dean, dramatic as he is, weeps and begs him to reconsider until annie takes him aside and points out that if he really cares about jeff he’d be supportive. the dean is appropriately remorseful.)
  • troy comes back home. everything looks brighter. 
  • abed starts to split his time between la and greendale.
  • annie and jeff look for a new place. they adopt a golden retriever puppy.
  • everyone is together and happy forever and ever the end 
Sunday Smut Spotlight - Class is in Session

Class! Class! Come (heh) to attention, please.

This week’s reading assignments are the following works of erotic fiction centered around the actor Tom Hiddleston (or one of his characters) in university settings.

You have your choice of assignments:

  • read these and ‘enjoy’ them to your usual custom
  • use these as springboards for your own fiction or fantasies
  • or, you may simply show appreciation to our authors by likes, comments, and reblogs

Notes: There are several authors who are “new” to us here at SSS and I am thrilled!  The first one or two paragraphs of each work is included below. 

These stories are for mature audiences. I don’t provide warnings, although the authors might. If you’re under 18, please check back when you’re of age.

Get to reading. And Feely, stop passing notes to Smitty at the back of the class. I have my eyes on you!


The Joy of (Writing) Sex by losille2000 (added to edition 2014-10-13)

Summary: Tamsin Shaw only wants out of Professor Hiddleston’s class as his mere existence drives her to distraction every single time she sees him.  Professor Hiddleston has other ideas, however, especially now that he’s Tamsin’s interim thesis advisor.

(first two paragraphs of Part IV - Revision:)

Four afternoons later, I sat in my car with nothing but the Gulf of Mexico to my left and a row of well kept beach houses ordered neatly along the beachfront to my right. I peered out the windshield up at the large stilted beach house nearest me which cut an imposing but attractive figure on the horizon. The salty weather hadn’t aged or warped the wooden deck or bleached the paint. It stood untouched and welcoming against the orange and purple sunset, a shimmering beacon that made my body tingle with excitement.

Listening to the ringing on the cell phone pressed to my ear helped a little to calm me as I concentrated my attention on the peaks and troughs of sound and silence instead of the rapid rush of blood in my ears and the sickening, nervous twist of my stomach. It relaxed me in the strangest of ways and gave me a moment to slip into a much needed meditative trance; everything about the even rhythm was what I needed, but a clipped voice on the other end interrupted my equilibrium quickly and without regard to my jangled nerves.

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From Yale’s 12 residential colleges boasting suites, common rooms, libraries, courtyards, and more, to the 22-building network of libraries, the surrounding campus filled with classrooms, and the city of New Haven offering coffee shops and public spaces of its own, there really is no shortage of study spaces on and around Yale’s campus. Whether reading a book in the comforts of your bedroom, or meeting in one of Bass library’s reservable group study rooms, the when and where of studying is left up to you.  Here is a brief compilation of popular study spots on campus, but this is by no means an exclusive list!

(Additional Photos: Michael Marsland, Kamaria Greenfield)