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I make movies as a form of activism. I believe we learn from what we see in our leaders. I’m proud to play Mason Weaver in @kongskullislandmovie because she represents the many journalists who risk their lives everyday to share with us the truth. Weaver leads with compassion and believes that unity cannot be obtained through aggression. I’m excited to share this film with you. And in the meanwhile I’m thrilled to have this platform as a way to connect us. Let’s work together. Lets be open to learning from each other. - Brie Larson

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Imagine normally very calm and sweet reader finding out Guz got beat up and going on a complete rampage and beating the absolute snot out of his assailant and putting them in the ER. The next week and a half all the grunts meme at them like 'I heard boss man's girl is shredded. I heard she's got an 8 pack'

I understand that reference >:D

What a first impression…

You’d come to the Shady House with your hands stuffed inside your stained pockets and your mouth shut. The schoolgirl. Boss man’s schoolgirl. What could they say? When a girl grunt had come up to you trying to chase you off, you simply dumped a load of coins in her hands along with a couple Pokeballs, spilling them on the cobblestone streets of Po Town and shoving past anyone who pissed you off, going to nurse your wounds in Guzma’s room as though you belonged there. According to the rest of the grunts Guzma would be trapped in the hospital for an indefinite amount of time. Fighting over turf with the piss poor pussy bitch gangs cropping up was commonplace for Team Skull, but with the new big bastard Torvald that had been terrorizing the island with fists instead of Pokémon everyone had to be on their guard. Unfortunately Guzma happened to be on the receiving end of that dude’s rage.

It was a hard blow to his pride, but his grunts were so worried that their sole provider was in the hospital that they didn’t even care about his rep. His past was no secret. So they didn’t think anything of it when he’d lost a blow, but they didn’t harbor any kind feelings towards you. As far as they were concerned, it was your fault that Guzma had gotten his ass handed to him. If you hadn’t been hanging on his arm at the malasada shop and let that buffoon Torvald insult you, Guzma wouldn’t have flown into a rage trying to protect you.

“The shit was she doin’ goin’ in the boss’s room?!” cried a grunt, “Bitch don’t live here!”

Someone was about to answer him and agree, but were interrupted by a group of other Team Skull kinds screaming savagely and jumping up and down like enraged Primeape.

“DUDE, DUDE!!” one girl screamed, “DID BOSS MAN’S GIRL SHOW UP HERE?!”

“Yeah. Went inta his room like she fuckin’ owned the place and gave me all this money-“

“She kicked Torvald’s ass!” gasped a boy with shocking purple hair, “She ran up on him when he was kickin’ boss man and fuckin’ hammered him over the head wit her backpack!”


Instantly the group was surrounded, a gaggle of Skull underlings demanding details about how you had slammed open the door and jumped him, distressed shorts and all, pummeling him with your books and letting your Pikachu thundershock the shit out of Torvald’s boys when they tried to lay into you. According to the kids it had gotten so bad that even old man Nanu had gotten off his lazy ass to break it up.

You were the talk of Po Town after that. They didn’t disturb you as you hid out in Guzma’s room, but left offerings of food and various odds and ends outside the door. Trying to appease you. Murmuring your name in the halls.

“I heard Boss Man’s girl is fuckin’ shredded.” A newbie, Matt, asserted. “That she got an eight pack. That she fuckin’ ripped off Torvald’s arm.”

“Well… Ain’t no doubt about it, she sure care a whole lot about Boss man.”


Thank you @blood-and-bile for the suggestion for biggest and largest skulls! I have captioned the photos with breeds and stuck with my smallest and largest dog skulls. Dogzilla is my biggest but he is incomplete so he’s less impressive than my other three giants. I also like how the fully grown chihuahua is basically the same size as a 4 month old puppy.

After plauing Pokemon Sun, Team Skull is the first enemy group in the games that I actually feel sorry for and want to help.  Not help in their evil plans, of course, because they need to knock off all that evil, but after defeating them I want to help them fix their lives and get out of the dark place that they’re in.  Team Skull were outright criminals who chose their lives.  Team Magma and Team Aqua are idiots who need to learn that large-scale geoengineering is not a toy.  I haven’t played the intervening generations, but from what I’ve seen the enemy teams there are more like religious fanatics or deluded would-be do-gooders.  But in this generation, the apparent main opposition group Team Skull is convincingly portrayed as being made up of kids who just don’t have anywhere else to go with their life and have banded together because nobody else will help them.  Sure, I want to stop their evil plans, but then I want to help them get some consoling, a jobs program, a better place to live, some PTSD consoling, whatever it takes to turn their lives around.

Po town is particularily heartbreaking.  It’s initially presented as this dark and scary place, the headquarters of what at that time has been presented as the main group, which you have to brave in order to rescue a child’s stolen Pokemon.  The guard outside warns you that if you go in, they’ll have to make preparations to notify your next of kin.  But once your’re inside, you realize this isn’t some supervillain lair, it’s an abandoned slum with homeless kinds squatting in it.  Half of them are too apathetic to even try to stop you from getting in, and they don’t even have enough power to keep the Pokestop running.  The walls around the town aren’t to stop people from getting in, they’re to keep Team Skull contained and locked up away from the rest of the region.

Which is why, when I visited Po Town again in the endgame and there were two Team Skull members selling a T-shirt at an inflated price, outright stating that it was to raise money so they could get out of there, I bought it without hesitation. I would do so repeatedly if the game let me.

And then there’s Guzma, and the actually quite surprising for a children’s game not so subtle hints of physical abuse when you visit his childhood home.  He may be an arrogant, full-of-himself asshat, but he’s got a quite dark and heartbreaking backstory of his own.

So kudos to Gamefreak for actually coming up with a villain group that’s better written and deeper than just “We’re committed to doing evil with Pokemon!” or whatever. Now I want to team up with Plumeria to take care of these idiots and help them turn their lives around.

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Auntie Jilli, I'm not sure if I've missed it or if you haven't said anything more yet on the migraine treatment you were having such success with? I hope this doesn't mean it's failed you after all! And I don't mean to pester but I remain curious (and hopeful, as a migraine sufferer myself). Shall patiently await if that's what's necessary of course.

Hey, I didn’t tell you peeps, did I?! And no, it hasn’t failed me! Okay, this is going to be long, and be warned, involves needles. 

I went to my (delightful, awesome) dentist to see if there was something weird going on with my bite or my jaw. He said that he didn’t see anything, and then asked me some detailed questions about where the headaches focused, where I felt the pain, and if I had one right then. When I said I did, he did some gentle pressure tests at the base of my skull, my temples, and at the hinge muscle of my jaw. 

After I flinched away from all of those, he proposed another test, which would be quick but terrifyingly painful. I trust him, so I agreed. He applied a hellacious amount of pressure on both sides of my jaw muscles on either side of my face. HE WAS NOT KIDDING about the terrifyingly painful. But after he did that, the headache dropped away to nothing.

It turns out I have recurring cluster headaches (which are a form of migraine), caused by three muscle groups in my skull being so tight and stressed that they’re in a constant state of spasm. They never unclench.

My dentist has the same issue, at the same level. He researched, and decided he was willing to try the treatment of Botox injections in those three muscle groups to get them to stop locking up and eventually be trained to stop locking up. (He did them to himself, because he is more badass than anyone.) I had nothing to lose, so I decided to do it.

I went in a few days later (with a headache, because they’ve been a daily part of my life for years now), and 10 minutes later, I had NO PAIN. The pain level started dropping after the first two injections. When I told my doctor about this the following week, she was THRILLED.


This … this is huge. I have been enduring some level of headache pain every day for years. When I woke up the next morning, I braced for the usual headache, and it wasn’t there. I almost started crying in relief.

So! I have no idea if this would work for any of you other migraine sufferers. You’d need to find someone who can do the pressure tests, including the blindingly painful one, and you’d have to find someone who would do the Botox injections in those three muscle groups, instead of the usual “crown of thorns” migraine injections. But if it *would* work for you, it is worth it. So, so worth it.

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Hanbee's Arata looks pretty cool. I just wanted to say this because I think everyone is still in shock and did not stop to notice that.

IT WAS that panel with both of them in Arata armour was so cool

what I find interesting is how Hanbee’s armour has a skull mask design when he was first introduced in the Joker Oneshot, where the main antagonist was the leader of a group called the Skull Masks

She was made into his Quinque- Silver Skull

If Tsukiyama is the Moon Moon of Tokyo Ghoul, does this make Hanbee Skull Skull?

Hear me out:
In every single main series Pokémon game from gen 1 and upwards they have real-world consoles and make references to other video games like Mario and even some more obscure ones… So consider the idea that some offshoot pokemon games, like Conquest and the Mystery Dungeon series probably ALSO exist as video games in the universe that the main series games take place in.

And if that’s the case, imagine someone from Team Skull sitting around playing Explorers of Sky on his old DS and suddenly he stops and stares really hard at the screen before getting to his feet and running into the boss’s room.

The guy didn’t even bother to knock, so Guzma is kinda annoyed about the intrusion, but then the grunt shows him what got him so worked up, and Guzma just stares at it for a second before he’s like “…The fuck?”

Now HE’s gotta go show Plumeria, so he takes the DS and barges into her room, and she’s like “what the hell, G!? Learn to knock!”

But before she can kick him out he shows her the DS and she’s like “…Team Skull. Yeah? What…? You mean you didn’t know?!”

All of a sudden she’s laughing her butt off while Guzma is just standing there totally clueless and kinda irritated tbh…

Plumeria stops laughing long enough to say she always just assumed he had intentionally named their group after the ‘Team Skull’ from Explorers of Sky, led by a Skuntank of all things, but turns out Guzma never played the game. Shoot, he’d never even heard about it until now! Now he’s mad because he thought he was being original, and worse yet.. Plumeria knew this whole time and she never said anything!! Dammit!