group shot

so I’m almost done gif’ing and I noticed something kind of interesting about this episode. 

First, there’s a lot of group shots which is great because it’s the penultimate episode so I was expecting there to be more group stuff in this episode and in next episode.

But secondly, Spencer is isolated in like….most of them. 

They’ll have a group shot, and then cut to like. Ali & Aria and then Emily & Hanna, or Ali & Emily and Aria & Hanna, or Caleb & Hanna, but Spencer has almost exclusively been alone when they cut to her. 

When the cops find them at the gravesite? It starts with Hanna with Ali in the background (but they’re in the middle of the group) and pans to Aria with Emily in the background to the left, and then it goes suddenly right to where Spencer is standing alone. This happens really really often this episode.

When Ali finds out about her mom, Emily comforts her, and then Ali walks to the back of the room. Aria is the first to join her, then Emily, and then Hanna. Spencer stays closer to the glass and no one comforts her, there’s no comforting gesture at all, not even a touch of the shoulder before joining Ali. 

Which makes me almost curious if Spencer will actually die. They seem to be showing her as more of the outsider, like she doesn’t belong with the girls anymore. And didn’t someone say something about how the girls say goodbye to one of the liars…? What if it’s because one of them actually dies?

OHANA MEAN’S FAMILY KEITH, U WONT GET LEFT BEHIIIIIIIIIIIINd. I imagine that this is a photo he keeps next to his bed. (and Shiro keeps one in his wallet cause dadcore) but YEAH this was basically me satisfying the need to draw the squad together and happy :’> maaaaybe turn into a print? idk

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My last few #Pleinairprils. What a fun month, and ending it with CTN Roadtrip was amazing. Glad the group is growing. I remember when it was just my girl, me, and my dogs at the paint sessions! blessed for the awesome crew and all the others that help me (michelle, steve, laisay, misty, randolph, vaughan, etc!). Love you all! Thanks for a awesome month!