group shot

OHANA MEAN’S FAMILY KEITH, U WONT GET LEFT BEHIIIIIIIIIIIINd. I imagine that this is a photo he keeps next to his bed. (and Shiro keeps one in his wallet cause dadcore) but YEAH this was basically me satisfying the need to draw the squad together and happy :’> maaaaybe turn into a print? idk

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Life imitates art~

Photos by: @bunnyqtea (on Twitter)

Ushijima Wakatoshi: @aonetakanobus / @captain-ushijima
Semi Eita: @siruoa
Oohira Reon: @thehauntedboy / @askshiratorizawa (made the art)
Tendou Satori: @phleboptimist / @bigspicie
Goshiki Tsutomu: @geomiyo
Shirabu Kenjirou: @rede-mption
Kawanishi Taichi: @literaryartisan
Yamagata Hayato: @ghostmachinations

Danny has his first baby and then pulls the most passive aggressive power move at the next truce Christmas party. He lets everyone have the chance to hold him, obviously only Dorathea takes him up on the offer.

Everyone knows now. The baby. Off limits.

This suuuucks cause i don’t have my scanner anymore! but it was fun anyway