group shot

OHANA MEAN’S FAMILY KEITH, U WONT GET LEFT BEHIIIIIIIIIIIINd. I imagine that this is a photo he keeps next to his bed. (and Shiro keeps one in his wallet cause dadcore) but YEAH this was basically me satisfying the need to draw the squad together and happy :’> maaaaybe turn into a print? idk

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I’ve never been great with words, but I just want to say, Kishimoto-sensei,

THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your hard work during those 15 years, for making Naruto this huge part of my life… THANK YOU!!!

Even though I’ve unfortunately witnessed many people not understanding and appreciating your work, Naruto will always be the world’s biggest masterpiece for me, and you’ll forever remain my favourite author, so please, enjoy being with your family and keep up on giving your best on your next works, you can be sure I’ll always be there as your faithful fan!


Still as late as ever, and I’ve missed every chance to thank him properly TT_TT  as it should have been originally my entry for SJ cover contest (yep) but, you know, Naruto’s characters are alive, and all wanted to appear for this last group shot :)

So, to Kishimoto-sensei once again, and I would guess, also from the characters to the fandom :) :



So apparently we could have gotten an Akatsuki-at-the-beach episode had the Rock Lee anime continued….if you haven’t had the chance to see (it’s not translated yet) the new chapter, it’s here

….we could’ve had it allllllll

Jim: omg guys, crew picture, this is so exciting, I’ve never been in a crew picture! everybody smile and say “Enterprise!”

Spock: whomever is using my spine as a resting place for their forearm will be nervepinched as soon as we have commenced with obligatory photographs. 

Spock Prime: Jim, Spock, you two will be perfect for each other. I’ll arrange everything.