group selfies are the best selfies

I hope zayn and niall argued over who got to take the selfie of them all as they’re the two best selfie takers of the group but zayn let niall do it because he enjoys making him smile


credit to the dorkiest of them all communistbakery for the rad banner


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Why I Will Not Be Supporting Selfie-Week

Alright…I didn’t want to do this but it needs to be done.

So, just as the excitement of #blackout was dying down, the blog anti-feminist-pro-equality took it upon themselves to create a Selfie Week with each day designated to a different group of people, including a #whiteout day.

Naturally, this offended many people on tumblr.

This post summarizes best summarizes why it’s offensive: x

But that’s not the only reason that I’m against Selfie Week.

I’m also against it because of the actual blog!

Here are some of the things that anti-feminism-pro-equality has said:

“I personally would like to tell them to f**king kill themselves.”

“You f**king r****d.”

“Literally go f**k yourself. There is no such thing as a nonbinary gender it’s literally scientifically f**king impossible.”

“I think that cultural appropriation is full of sh*t. I can wear whatever the f**k I want to wear, OK? Like seriously, get the f**k over yourselves.”

When asked to “refrain from using the words like ‘crxzy’, 'stxpxd’, 'idxxtic’ or 'rxtxarded’ [because] it’s incredibly ableist” she replied, “No go f**k yourself, you stupid moron.”

In conclusion, this blogger is a hypocrite and should not be supported!



1. Go to the mall or any public place with a lot of people. This works best with a larger group, but if there is only a few of you, that’s fine too. Basically, the challenge is to split up and go take selfies with strangers. You have an hour. Whoever gets selfies with the most strangers within this hour wins. They don’t HAVE TO win anything, but if you’re at the mall you could just let them choose something and then pool your money to get it. Or you could treat them to Starbucks. A selfie stick would be fitting as well, but I’m not sure how much anyone actually wants that.

2. Ice skating, with a twist. Everyone’s wrists are tied together by a piece of rope (about a yard long) between each person. I don’t know if that makes sense. Oh well. You’re not allowed to untie the ropes in any situation, meaning that if someone falls, you’re PROBABLY going to fall too. But who knows. May the odds be ever in your favor.

3. Blindfold one of your friends and take them somewhere (you can use the subway, walk, take the bus, swim, anything, just be creative) and then have them guess where they have ended up when you’re there. You might also want to put headphones blasting loud music on them so they can’t hear station announcements and whatever. Ok, so this could work with a number of other things, because you could use the loser of whatever you’re doing as the person who gets blindfolded. Also, if you want, you can write a bunch of places on slips of paper and have them pull one out of a hat once they’ve been blindfolded.
Find a forest near you, or any place with a lot of trees. Go there. Are you there? Great. Now, pick a tree and climb it. Seriously, it’s that simple. But while you’re up there, why not leave something. Carve your initials in a branch. Hang some old shoes on a branch (all the bright places/dead gang leader style). Or just leave a birdhouse that you made in elementary school and never actually used as a birdhouse (because honestly who doesn’t just throw that shit in a closet somewhere).

4. Depending on where you live, there should be some places where you’re allowed to graffiti. Do a bit of research and find out. Then, go get some spray paint. Any hardware store should have it, but whatever you do, don’t buy it at a craft store because it is much more expensive there and usually suited more for indoor use. Next step, plan what the hell you want to graffiti. This is where I went wrong when I did this, because we just went there and sprayed random crap. But even if you do that, you’ll still have fun, it really doesn’t matter. So, I just did some research. You’re going to want to start by looking up some examples and figuring out what style you want. Then, you’ll need to sketch it out in a black book (a sketchbook for planning graffiti) with some markers. Technically, it takes a long time to practice all this but just go for it, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Try not to graffiti over any big pieces, and make sure you check where you’re allowed to graffiti in your area.

5. Get a map of wherever you live, and some darts. Pin the map up somewhere (a piece of plywood is ideal) and throw some darts. Wherever they land is where you’re going. At each place you go to, leave the dart, stick it into the ground. Or, if you don’t want to/can’t leave the dart there, you could leave something else, or write your name in Sharpie, or just take a photo of yourself/the dart there. If you want, you can go back after some time and see if it is still there. This would probably work best in a more rural area, but you could do it somewhere else as well.

6. Go to the library, pick some books. Bring them home with you, read them. Then write reviews, or notes about the books, stick them in their respective books and return them. Someone will discover them and WILL enjoy them.

7. Do you have a favorite café? If not, find one. Or don’t and just go to Starbucks. As you know, most people do work and shit at cafés. Not us. We Airdrop random Pepe memes to naïve, stupid people who decided to leave Airdrop on.

8. Wake up early for once. Well not for once if you’re like me, but wake up early. Like, 4-ish. Pack some (or just all the blankets you can find) blankets, warm clothes, maybe even a sleeping bag, a camera, some hot cocoa (or coffee) and hike somewhere pretty to watch the sunrise. When you’re there, you can spread out all your blankets and sit/lay down and just chill and drink hot cocoa until the sun comes up. Maybe you’ll get some pretty pictures of the sunrise. Or, if you can, you could go there the evening before and camp out under the stars. If that’s a bit much for you, you can always just camp in the backyard too. A truck bed would be nice too, if you have access to that sort of thing.

9. I bet you have a million things in your closet that you never ever wear, and your friends probably do too. So why not swap a bit? Have everyone bring the things they never wear and have a clothes swap. That way, everyone ends up with “new” clothes and nothing goes to waste. Honestly, who doesn’t just want to steal their stylish friends closets?

10. We all see homeless people when we’re in the city. And everyone has heard about all the terrible things, like how there are organizations that force these people to beg for money in exchange for giving them a place to sleep. So just don’t give them money. Buy them something to eat. You can’t go wrong with a cup of tea and a warm sandwich. Or just McDonalds. You don’t even have to buy anything, just make something. They’ll be grateful for anything that they won’t just have to pass on later.
11. Go geocaching. Download the app, the hunt away. Maybe you’ll find your new favorite place along the way.

12. Make an inspiration wall. Print out pictures of your friends, family, yourself, adventures, places you’ve been, anything that makes you happy. Write down some quotes you like. Cut pictures or words you like out of magazines. Gotten any letters recently? Add those too. Use anything. If you have a candy wrapper and you like it then hang it up too. It doesn’t matter what it is, just use anything that inspires you or makes you happy. Glue all of this onto a huge sheet of paper (butchers paper works well, or you can buy a big paper roll from IKEA) and then just hang it up in your room.

13. Go to a flea market and try to create a whole ensemble (leave me alone I like that word okay?) using less than whatever amount of money you choose. About $30 is probably a good amount, but choose whatever you want. Afterwards, whoever looks the best wins. You can just ask strangers who looks the best or have a designated judge.

14. Buy some floating lanterns. Write something on them. Wishes, dreams, or even just things you want to go away. This one is cliché af, I know, but everyone has to do this at some point in their life.
Spend a day out, without your phone. Don’t worry about the time that’s passing, or what’s happening to everyone else. Don’t worry about anything. Just wander, anywhere you can. It doesn’t matter what you do.

15. Don’t complain about the rain. Instead, dance in it. Play your favorite song, and just dance. Or bring a mug outside, collect the rainwater and drink it, because why not?

16. Every day of the year take a picture of the sunrise. Print them all out. This would be especially cool with Polaroids, because you could write the date and time on them. If not, you could always upload them to your computer and put them into a Polaroid template and print them like that. Either way works, or you could just use the normal photo. Then hang them all in your room, in order, on a clothesline. How did things change?

—  olivia, 16 things to do with friends (or alone)
About #asianselfieday and #selfieweek

(Okay I just want to preface this with the following. This is going to be pretty western-centric. If you are a white person who lives in a country where white racism is an issue, click here to see my response to an anon who brought this to my attention, and I apologize if I’ve hurt or offended you.)

So I started seeing some stuff about this selfieweek going around today, and that apparently today is Asian Selfie Day, and then the days following are for people of other groups of people based on their race or sexuality, and that apparently blackout was part of this? I looked into it a little more and found that it was actually created entirely seperate from blackout and this kind of irks me now.

I’ve seen mixed commentary about the organiser of selfie week, but won’t get into it since I don’t have all the facts, but as for the event itself…

I think it best if you guys hold off on this whole thing for the time being. The whole point of Blackout is to take a day to work on cracking down on this rampant anti-blackness and poor representation of black people in the media. It’s for black people to celebrate who they are and show the world that they’re beautiful with the skin they’re in, and to take a stand against standards of beauty that favor white skin. If you tack on a generalized  selfie week literally the day after this event happens, you’re overshadowing it and pushing it further out of a much needed spotlight, not to mention undermining its importance.

I’m not saying other minority groups don’t need representation or positive self-image, but just be patient. Space these days out so they aren’t easily overshadowed by a flood of new images the following day, especially since different groups have different respective social issues.

And as a final note, if you’re considering berating or harassing people who are opposing “whiteout” for being racist or exercising double standards then you have missed the point entirely. People aren’t opposed to whiteout in order to discriminate against white people or call them ugly. It’s literally because whiteout is unnecessary. The reason Blackout exists is because for the most part white people are already portrayed as beautiful by the media. White is seen as the “default” skin colour and standard of beauty, while other races and ethnicities are seen as subcategories. This in no way means you’re not allowed to feel good about yourself or feel beautiful if you’re white. Everyone is allowed to feel beautiful in the skin they’re in, but the problem here is whites are favored more by society as a default standard of beauty, when there shouldn’t be one to begin with.

A movement doesn’t have to be about you for you to support it, or recognize why it’s important. Please don’t invade tags trying to include groups of people who are totally irrelevant to the core issue behind the movement. You may think you’re acting in the name of equality, but even if you don’t intend to, you are being disrespectful. Part of supporting equality is understanding who isn’t equal, and doing your best to support them.

We now return to your regularly scheduled Blue.

Oscars 2014: My Dash Edition

At the moment, we have

  • Ellen took a selfie
  • Group selfie (and Meryl just grabbed JLaw like “ayy get in here we’re taking selfies”)
  • Twitter broke because Ellen
  • Frozen won best animated feature
  • Lupita Nyong'o won best supporting actress for her role in 12 Years a Slave
  • Ellen talked about ordering pizza and the first person she asked if they were going to eat some was Jen
  • Leo doesn’t want pizza he just wants that Oscar
  • Give Leo the Oscar
  • Can Idina wear an Elsa-inspired dress
  • Leo

Lockwood & Co. selfie… except not really a selfie. Just Lockwood being his ridiculously charming self and managed to convinced a paparazzi to took a group photo of them on the Fittes party.

Years later, the said paparazzi was amused on how much money he got from this single, unplanned photograph as it made its way for the best-selling biography of London’s most legendary independent agency.

EDIT: For @35portlandrow (request ¼)

Bonus: Lucy’s problem with the dress is the same as mine (except her arms are actually okay).

ok but ai having an Instagram would be the best and cutest thing

-he’d post daily #ootd omfg

-cute pics of random animals he sees throughout his day


-momo would probably steal his phone and post pictures of himself making as many chins as possible

-group selfies w/ the swim team aw

-silly selfies when he hangs out with nagisa omfg

-pics of cool places he goes to bc he’d totally be one of those aesthetic/pastel instagramers