group selfies are the best selfies

So, feel like dropping hcs about Phichit/Leo/Guang-Hong because why the hell not (psst, someone please give me the ship name I BEG Y’ALL)

  • They love to watch netflix together. Phichit serves tea (for himself), coffee (for Leo) and hot cocoa (for Guang-Hong).
  • Leo is the best cuddler. Phichit and Guang-Hong love to be wrapped in his arms.
  •  So. Many. Group selfies.
    • About that, Phichit and Guang-Hong are fierce contenders when it comes to be the prettiest boy in the selfie.
    • Leo loves his pretty boys.
  • Their fights last about what it takes them to watch a Ghibli movie, because they always watch one when they’re angry to calm down and discuss stuff again, with their heads cooled down.
  • They all know how to cook! And of course they make some meals or sweet things for everyone.
  • Guang-Hong has a really sweet tooth. Leo sometimes just gives in to Phichit’s requests and they end up spoiling Guang-Hong with pastries.
  • Phichit is the kind of bf that puts stickies with nice messages all around the place. Leo will wake up to prepare breakfast and there’s a stickie that says “I love you guys” with a heart emoji on the refrigerator.
  • When it’s snowing outside, sometimes Leo will forget to dress up for it properly, so Phichit and Guang-Hong have carry scarfs and gloves with them.
  • They all have something pink, because pink is a really good colour.
  • They like spooning. Guang-Hong likes to be the biggest spoon of them all.
  • Phichit will usually put up some music and prompt ‘dancing around in underwear’ sessions just because it’s fun!
  • Guang-Hong has cheeks that Phichit and Leo love to smooch.
  • They have a collaborative Spotify playlist. You know they have one.
  • And, overall, they’re so, so supportive of each other. The moment one of them is sad, the other two are collecting blankets to make a fort, and baking cookies. 
  • I just like the idea of these three boys being cute and poly and happy dON’T LOOK AT ME.

Lockwood & Co. selfie… except not really a selfie. Just Lockwood being his ridiculously charming self and managed to convinced a paparazzi to took a group photo of them on the Fittes party.

Years later, the said paparazzi was amused on how much money he got from this single, unplanned photograph as it made its way for the best-selling biography of London’s most legendary independent agency.

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Bonus: Lucy’s problem with the dress is the same as mine (except her arms are actually okay).

ok but ai having an Instagram would be the best and cutest thing

-he’d post daily #ootd omfg

-cute pics of random animals he sees throughout his day


-momo would probably steal his phone and post pictures of himself making as many chins as possible

-group selfies w/ the swim team aw

-silly selfies when he hangs out with nagisa omfg

-pics of cool places he goes to bc he’d totally be one of those aesthetic/pastel instagramers


About #asianselfieday and #selfieweek

(Okay I just want to preface this with the following. This is going to be pretty western-centric. If you are a white person who lives in a country where white racism is an issue, click here to see my response to an anon who brought this to my attention, and I apologize if I’ve hurt or offended you.)

So I started seeing some stuff about this selfieweek going around today, and that apparently today is Asian Selfie Day, and then the days following are for people of other groups of people based on their race or sexuality, and that apparently blackout was part of this? I looked into it a little more and found that it was actually created entirely seperate from blackout and this kind of irks me now.

I’ve seen mixed commentary about the organiser of selfie week, but won’t get into it since I don’t have all the facts, but as for the event itself…

I think it best if you guys hold off on this whole thing for the time being. The whole point of Blackout is to take a day to work on cracking down on this rampant anti-blackness and poor representation of black people in the media. It’s for black people to celebrate who they are and show the world that they’re beautiful with the skin they’re in, and to take a stand against standards of beauty that favor white skin. If you tack on a generalized  selfie week literally the day after this event happens, you’re overshadowing it and pushing it further out of a much needed spotlight, not to mention undermining its importance.

I’m not saying other minority groups don’t need representation or positive self-image, but just be patient. Space these days out so they aren’t easily overshadowed by a flood of new images the following day, especially since different groups have different respective social issues.

And as a final note, if you’re considering berating or harassing people who are opposing “whiteout” for being racist or exercising double standards then you have missed the point entirely. People aren’t opposed to whiteout in order to discriminate against white people or call them ugly. It’s literally because whiteout is unnecessary. The reason Blackout exists is because for the most part white people are already portrayed as beautiful by the media. White is seen as the “default” skin colour and standard of beauty, while other races and ethnicities are seen as subcategories. This in no way means you’re not allowed to feel good about yourself or feel beautiful if you’re white. Everyone is allowed to feel beautiful in the skin they’re in, but the problem here is whites are favored more by society as a default standard of beauty, when there shouldn’t be one to begin with.

A movement doesn’t have to be about you for you to support it, or recognize why it’s important. Please don’t invade tags trying to include groups of people who are totally irrelevant to the core issue behind the movement. You may think you’re acting in the name of equality, but even if you don’t intend to, you are being disrespectful. Part of supporting equality is understanding who isn’t equal, and doing your best to support them.

We now return to your regularly scheduled Blue.

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not that it's important but Louis is taking a selfie with oli and idk whether it's just me, it's probably just me, but if I went on a holiday with my "gf".1 I wouldn't take my best friend with me 2. If I did I'd have a group pic and include her and 3. If my "gf" didn't want to be in the pic I would have thought that she would have took it for us?? Rather than take a selfie idk probs just me

I was at my gaming group the other night and a friend there was talking about my blog and she said THE BEST thing about my blog was the “other people’s selfies” tag. She explained to another friend what it was and such and so, it’s official, you guys are the best thing about my blog, and I mean that with all the love and genuine affection I have ❤

MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

my warped tour experience in San Diego when meeting Johnnie, Jordan, Damon, & Bryan was one of the greatest moments in my life. when I got to warped, me and my best friend went right away to the warped youtubers tent (after 15 mins of an intense search for it) when we got there we bought mercy and found that the selfies didn’t start till two hours later so we walked around and bought merch for bands we listened to such as Pierce The Veil, you get it XD  an hour more till the selfies and we sit in the line for THAT LONG! it was really hot but then a really awesome thing happened and because groups for the selfies were 5 people each and this one group at the very front only had 3, me and my friend ended up going TO THE VERY FRONT WITH THEM! I didn’t think I would be so nervous meeting them to be honest I thought I would just be giddy but I started shaking very little meeting Bryan who was up first. by the time I reached the last person (Jordan the Aussie Babe) I was shaking so much I couldn’t hold my phone so well, I’m glad Jordan took the selfie instead of me doing it XD after hugging Jordan one last time I walked to my friend who finished before me, hugged her, then bawled. I was so gosh darn happy and shaken that I cried for joy (lol) That was a really good memory (:

the signs as selfies

aries: posing selfies
taurus: the selfie u use for everything
gemini: group selfies
cancer: the selfies u thought wouldn’t be good but actually turn out great
leo: the best selfie u will ever take
virgo: the great selfie with 80 not so great selfies alongside it
libra: the selfie that gets the most likes
scorpio: the selfie w all features on fleek
sagittarius: no filter selfies
capricorn: ironic selfies
aquarius: edited selfies
pisces: half (or less) face selfies