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Here’s (most of) today’s Techblr Meet-up at USITT 2017 in St. Louis!

The weather was, shall we say, brisk, but the techblr community, the brave native children of the uncharted internet, indeed we assembled en masse nonetheless! Nets were worked! Usernames were faced! Hangs were outed! 

We’ll do it again next year in Ft. Lauderdale! 

Attendees: @q2qcomics, @backstageleft, @embersandauroras, @darthzeus, @gluphokquen, @techies-in-black, @snapbacksandkarkats, @kreacherofhabit, @bisexual-ben-wyatt, @scenicsauthoff, @officialmothkid, @thatlesbianthespian, @i-am-the-egg, @theaterninja12, @asm-on-heads-nevermind, @scoutfinches, @salouisefar, @tinkertechy, @chargescenicunicorn, @notthatdaniel, @bosierosie, @eponinetheunafraid 

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how do you come up with your group poses? posing is always a really big struggle for me :/

Hello Anon! I will try my best to answer specifically to arranging your characters for group pictures - if you mean individual posing it will require another answer ^^;

  • Staging: Best to do in sketch mode so you can go as messy as you want - if you have individual poses prepared, think of staging to rearrange the characters and play with position and scale. The original is the left side which seems to convey a family portrait - good for showing off personality of characters :D
  • Now simply by rearranging it gives a different feel! The right side seems to show a story - I assume Original Jakob is the hero/MC, Long-haired Jakob could be a villain or secondary MC, and everyone else are minor/supporting characters.

  • Shapes: Use big shapes to draw attention and make it visually cool! Idol picture uses the portrait staging as I place equal importance on each character and I want to show off their design. But the triangle gives an interesting layout compared to the boring Jakob portraits. Azura is front and center as the leader, and the supporting members surround her, arranged to sit in accordance to their personality. 
  • SMTxFE picture follows the story staging - this is an epic battle taking place (inspired by this btw :D). Scaling is used to convey the importance of characters (Chrom and Flynn as leads and fighting solo VS the others engaged in a skirmish), Circles form a natural loop and keep the artwork ‘contained’. While the human characters look outwards, the enemies ‘look back’ to keep the focal point towards the middle.

  • Study: Study references! This gives you an idea of how each artist gives the energy to their group pictures, spend time studying the logic and thought process behind the creation, and think how each individual character has been represented. (From left to right - Bleach, Soul Eater, Bakuman)

thank you everyone who wrote me messages abt the phil reblog i love y’all lots <333

“Suki, I can change!”
“Oh, Sokka.  No.  You can’t.”

Kicking around some ideas with @uncaringport for a Sokka-as-a-therapist AU!  Here’re a couple of flashbacks to his college experience.

Happy Birthday Reiji!

“Shenron the Dragon”
Group picture time!!
Grew up loving this show, but I didn’t have regular access to TV/Teletoon. So when I could, I caught odd episodes at other peoples houses, and hung onto every second. My first anime :)

You can Imagine how frustrated I was that one day I thought I was going to see Goku take on Frieza, only to see them stare angrily at each other for an entire episode. It was years before I found out how that fight really ended.

It was hard to narrow down who made it in, but I wanted to keep it to my main favs


ONS 2016 Calendar cards set 1 Feat.

Mikaela Hyakuya
Yuuichiro Hyakuya
Guren Ichinose
Shinya Hiiragi

Set 2
Set 3

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Omg akaashi looks like he's going to run into bokutos arms

for posterity: did i save this pic or did this pic save me?

which fuels one of my favourite headcanons that seem to be popular in the fandom: every time they win or score a spectacular point, bo immediately picks akaashi up and spins him around, like at this point they’ve perfected the grace and speed needed for professional dancing idk, until akaashi is dizzy but everyone is still cheering and laughing and clapping them on the back, komi is demanding bokuto spin him next,

we miss you cory (1982-2013)

So around three years ago on my old deviantArt, I drew a humanized version of a character from this web series named Puffball. I really enjoyed the series and out of complete boredom I wanted to redraw that (poorly made) drawing~

Underneath is the old drawing if you’re curious to see twelve year-old weeb art: 

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