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Backstage at the femme FATales burlesque group photo shoot!

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bethgrop2010 replied to your post “What’s your take on Nicholas and his DUI and arrests? Honestly I would…”

Which group photo do you mean? The one with all of them together that I’ve seen has him in it. Unless that’s his brother

You do know that there is this thing called photoshop right?The fact that he’s in the photo doesn’t mean he was physically there for the photoshoot. Just watch the video on youtube and you’ll see. Wait, I’ll make it easier for you.

Screenshots from the actual photoshoot:

No Nicholas in sight.

Then (or maybe before this) he made his own photo shoot:

And the final product, magic! He’s there!


ARIES: P-Goon claiming that he motivates group members with a whip because he can’t afford carrots

TAURUS: Xero nearly killing Jenissi pushing away a chair in order to win a game

GEMINI: B-Joo being interviewed by a PD after being scared in an empty street and replying that he “didn’t care”. The footage rolls, B-Joo ran away from the prankster and his legs got so week that he had to crouch in the middle of the road.

CANCER: Jenissi’s oral memoir of being an exchange student in Italy

LEO: A-Tom threatening to kill Nakta after being accused of being a bad maknae

VIRGO: Nakta inviting A-Tom and B-Joo to sing “Downtown Love”, except A-Tom and B-Joo do a terrible job (Hojoon joins too and Hansol breaks out laughing) but Nakta keeps singing as if his life depends on it

LIBRA: Hansol freaking out over how much B-Joo, A-Tom, and P-Goon mentioned underwear

SCORPIO: Xero and B-Joo thinking that Rome was the capital of Greece and lowkey not believing that they’re wrong

SAGITTARIUS: A-Tom volunteering for the intimate Brazilian wax treatment (additionally, the hysterical laughter and noises he made when Nakta walked in on the scene)

CAPRICORN: Sangdo pulling out an umbrella when doing the pepero challenge with Hojoon because their lips touched 


PISCES: Xero, after spending a good half hour actively participating in a group pose for a photo shoot, asking in a dead serious tone what they were doing and what was happening because he forgot

EXO Reaction to: A Girl Joining Their Group

Xiumin: would be very shy at first but wouldn’t want to come across as rude, so he’ll make an effort to make you feel accepted and be polite to you. “hello! if there’s anything you want help with, don’t ever hesitate to contact me or any of the boys,” he tells you

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Luhan: burst out into laughter at the news, clapping excitedly. he waits for your arrival with anticipation and is one of the first to approach you when you join the group. “here’s my number, don’t hesitate to ring it if you need something”

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Kris: was a little freaked out by the idea. “a girl? surrounded by 12 guys? are you sure that’s safe?” will be a little protective of you but it might come across as harsh, since he’s not good at showing he cares for you. if he gives out to you, it’s only bc he wants you to improve or to be careful and more aware of being surrounded by hormonal young men

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Suho: dreaded your arrival to the group. the boys were already hard enough to manage, if they were fueled on by the presence of a girl, they’ll be even more boisterous and loud. however, if you join the group and help him out, he’ll be very happy about your arrival. is very polite and blushes a lot, no matter how he feels about you being in exo

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Lay: didn’t really care that you were a girl. is only concerned about you fitting in and if you’re nice. sometimes forgets that there’s a difference between boys and girls so will grab your deodorant or shampoo if he’s out and doesn’t get why people are commenting on the girly scent. it’s just shampoo like what ??

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Baekhyun: at first he was awkward and shy, keeping his distance from you. but once he warms up or if you’re an easygoing, funny girl, he’ll befriend you and you can be his sidekick in crime. always slips in pervy comments, not just bc he’s flirty but also to make you feel better. if he sees that you’re self conscious with whatever colour sm made you dye your hair or something they made you wear, he’ll wolf whistle when you walk by and throw you greasy winks until you feel more confident in yourself

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Chen: is like a big brother to you. makes you laugh and looks out for you, but also let’s you have your fun. he’s okay with you drinking responsibly or dating, as long as you’re careful. won’t hesitate to threaten whoever you’re dating though, giving the stereotypical big brother line - “if you break her heart, you’ll have 12 guys here who’ll break your face. understand? okay, good! have fun on your date, guys!”

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Chanyeol: if he sees you as a sisterly figure, then he’ll always tease you and act very playfully. but if he thinks you’re attractive or starts to form a crush on you, he’ll start to distance himself. the boys notice immediately, just based on his awe struck gaze whenever you dance or even just walk by. and he gets relentlessly teased about it

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D.O: blushes at every little thing you do. if he sees you wearing a towel, just out of the shower or simply brushing your hair, he’ll blush. in group photo shoots, if you’re standing anywhere near him, he gets stiff and giggly. the photographers always get annoyed, but he can’t help it. squishysoo just can’t deal with girls. but if you ever have a problem with one of the guys, go straight to him. he might not know how to interact with you but he won’t hesitate to defend you. and beating up the others is practically his hobby at this point

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Tao: tries to act cool and like he knows it all. tells you to come to him if you need help but if you actually try to rely on him, he’ll panic about messing up and worry he’ll be a bad friend/brother figure

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Kai: is very relaxed around you. helps you whenever you need it, always invites you out with him to get food. introduces you to as many other idols as he knows, esp girls bc he wants you to be able to bond w someone in a way he knows him and the guys never can. he can understand the biology behind periods but that’s totally different to experiencing them. even introduces you to his sisters, in case you need advice from older female figures

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Sehun: is a complete brat. teases you constantly. even if you’re younger than him, it will still feel like he’s the younger one from how he’s always nagging you or hiding your things or trying to get you into trouble

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The Beatles find a new group member at this photo shoot taken at West Hamstead Studios on London’s Sheriff Road.  This elegant set was designed by Stuart Bisley and theatre designer Carol Russel using mirrors, silver foil, polythene sheets and blocks of polystyrene.