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A Whole Group Family.

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it took awhile to finish this, and hope u all like the whole family gang :33

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Genie Pinkie: A nice photo of all of us genies and their masters that are from parallel universes to eachother!

((And that ends all the visits! As I’ve said before you’re still free to send asks over to any of the masters that have shown up throughout all this. I’ve said before that it’s more like they are indefinitely unlocked for asks if you ever have something for any of them. I think it’s important to have the default masters play a part as much as the actual genies here as I love having the differing type of relationships.

But pretty soon now Season 7 begins, and with it the episode responses that has been a tradition of mine since the beginning of Season 3 that I’ll be excited to continue.

I will return the episode response helping idea that was very helpful throughout Season 6 and will make a prompt for if I need help with an episode response idea usually not long after the episode has aired if I didn’t have a previous idea prior to the episode and/or the episode didn’t give anything to particularly inspire me. If I don’t have a prompt by the end of the day the episode aired, that usually means I have an idea already. But you guys are more then free to give ideas out even if I don’t get the prompt out.

But anyway, I had a lot of fun providing all the Master visits. And below I will have a link to all the chrono links for the previous master visits. In case any people here missed them or even want to see them all again. Thank you, and I’ll see you guys throughout Season 7 as well as the official movie in October!

Sunset’s Visit

Spike’s Visit

Genie Rainbow’s Twilight’s Visit

Apple Bloom’s Visit

Genie Pinkie’s Twilight’s Visit))


[SFM] New Friends

RWBY Volume 4. I tear up a little when I see the girls all separate on their own journeys. I also tear up to see how much they grew. I’ve been following them since Day 1 Rooster Teeth announced RWBY. I felt like I grew up alongside them. But anyway yeah here is team RWBY!