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What is this Dino dream I heard about? 👀👀👀

OKAY I KNEW I WAS GOING TO REGRET THAT TAG im sorry you have to read this

okay li k e LISTEN I had this dream the night before my APUSH exam and istg it’s why I didn’t get a 5.
So basically we were at a music show. And I’m a stylist noona and Dino is.. Dino. It’s like the end of the show (it was mcountdown or smtn) and everyone is onstage while groups are awarded. And so svt wins first and there’s hella confetti and idk what I, a STYLIST NOONA, am doing on stage but I am so. Sucks to suck. Anyways, Dino and I make eyecontact. And first of all, I’m so not into younger guys. But sleep deprived Sammie apparently is and happens to dream up Chan winking at her from across the stage. And I’m just?!?!? Wth right. And so freaking everyone is cheering and its wild and great and I’m chilling sort of in the back. And wHADDAYA KNO. Chan is like walking over. And, mind you, this is not baby channie. This is puberty chan with a slick jawline and ahdkajdja. And let me just tell you, this is one of those dreams you FEEL everything and just wow

And he walks over right. Its more like rapidly stalks over. And this bih. This kid. GRABS THE BACK OF MY INNOCENT HEAD LIKE WHO EVEN ASKED LIKE BYE FELICIA. AND KISSES ME. And then my alarm rings and its all over and I can’t even remember who George Washington is as I walk into my history exam.


Okay, so this summer, I was in my camp’s production of Hairspray.

I was a Dynamite, and there was a scene where my group was sitting onstage listening to the radio with Motormouth and Little Inez before “I Know Where I’ve Been”. The radio bit was previously recorded and was basically a few sentences about Tracy escaping from jail, which prompted Motormouth’s first line and started the scene.

WELL, during the whole rehearsal process, things went fine. The radio segment worked smoothly every time and we had an awesome tech crew. On performance day, we did one “open dress rehearsal” for the camp and then a show that evening for family/friends.

So we get to the scene in the real performance. The whole show has gone great, and the lights come up on us sitting on the blocks on stage, listening intently for the radio.


We’re all sitting there, in front of the audience, with no idea what to do since Motormouth’s line was in response to that sound bite. We’re just there, waiting. Our director starts to say a line from offstage in place of the recording, but it’s the wrong part so her voice just fizzles out awkwardly. My friend and I are facing upstage, blocked by the other girls in the group, literally shaking with silent laughter. We just sat there, for a solid minute, in total silence. It was awful.

Seaweed and Penny then decided to make their entrance early, but the girl playing Seaweed messed up and said “Hi, Ms Motormouth….I mean, Mom!” Since “Hi…” was Link’s next line upon entrance.

The rest of the show picked up and went smoothly from there, but I was lowkey traumatized.

You know school is interesting when tomorrow I’m portraying Henry David Thoreau as a homeless-Frank Gallagher-type character for an exhibition and yelling at a bunch of people on a train for conforming to societal norms ✔️✔️✔️✔️

A Tribe Called Quest Steals The Show At The Grammy's

A Tribe Called Quest surprised the Grammy audience with their powerful performance of “We The People.”  Busta Rhyme’s declaration that “President Agent Orange is perpetuating evil” and  ATCQ are the most popular trending topics on Twitter regarding The Grammy’s. The group brought Muslims onstage, knocked down a wall and encouraged everyone to ‘resist’ in obvious reference to President Trump’s proposed wall and travel ban. Portraits of Phife Dawg hung high above in the ceiling and there was a lone microphone stand where he would normally be onstage Anderson.paak and Consequence joined Jarobi, Q-Tip and Busta as the audience became more alive.

I wrote this fic as per request at least six people in a stream I was watching, one of which may or may not have been @midumatsu. And since it’s her AU that this fic is about, it is only important that I mention her in this!


My rambling aside, here’s basketball star!Karamatsu x idol!Osomatsu!:

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