group of women


Loving My Lady - A young gentlewoman is saved from destitution by an offer to be a lady’s companion–and her new position includes duties and pleasures she never imagined.

The Sisterhood -  A debutante to London Society discovers many unexpected things–but none more unexpected than a group of women who share a secret.

Petticoats and Promises - Two young lovers are parted when one of them suffers a sudden loss of fortune and social status, and they must struggle to find a way to be together.

I was watching some video on youtube about the group of women who played league of legends together and formed a professional team. I don’t know much about league or their group and that’s not why I brought this up anyway. The comment section is an absolute gold mine of trash, here is my personal favorite -


guy 1 - “that’s what happens when a group of females live together and are on their periods at the same time” (in reference to them disbanding)

guy 2 - “do you guys really think they touched their uteri (*not a typo*) together so they would have their periods at the same time?? xDD”

guy 3 - “um actually, women’s periods can sync up if they spend a lot of time together”

guy 2 - “Ah… you learn something new every day xD”

happy women’s day, ladies!! here’s to another year of sisters and cisters both kicking ass together


In our fourth episode of Ordinary Women, we share the story of the valiant and uncompromising Ida B. Wells – a woman who was said to have the “loudest and most persistent voice for truth in an era of injustice.” Now more than ever, we must continue Ida’s fight and protect our marginalized communities. 

If you see someone at a women’s march tomorrow who is visibly trans PLEASE keep an eye on them and step in if you see somebody harassing them.

Unfortunately, women’s spaces have a history of not being welcoming to trans women/people. These marches aren’t even women-only spaces (the organizers have said they’re for anyone “who believes that women’s rights are human rights”), but there may still be marchers who reject trans women’s validity in attending it (even though some of the planned speakers in Washington are trans). Personally I’m nervous about attending my hometown’s march because I’m visibly gender non-conforming. I would hate to be reading stories from trans news sources tomorrow about my sisters/siblings being rejected from women’s rights spaces. If you see something going wrong, step in and do something about it.