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February 22nd 1943: White Rose group executed

On this day in 1943, three members of the peaceful resistance movement in Nazi Germany, the White Rose, were executed. The White Rose, comprising students from the University of Munich and their philosophy professor, began in June 1942. The group secretly distributed leaflets protesting against the regime of Adolf Hitler and the war being waged in Europe, highlighting the repressive nature of the Nazi police state and drawing attention to the mistreatment of Jews. The group took precautions to avoid capture by keeping the White Rose group very small. However, on 18th February 1943, the siblings Sophie and Hans Scholl were discovered distributing leaflets by a university janitor, who informed the Gestapo. Hans and Sophie were arrested and immediately admitted guilt, hoping to avoid being coerced into implicating their fellow members of the White Rose, but after further interrogation were forced to give up the names. Four days later, the Scholls and Christoph Probst - some of the founding members of the group - were put on trial and found guilty of treason; they were sentenced to death. That same day, February 22nd, the three were executed by beheading at Stadelheim Prison. After their executions, the remaining members were arrested and killed, thus ending the White Rose resistance movement. The White Rose, alongside other groups like the Edelweiss Pirates, are an important example of Germans speaking out against Hitler’s regime, and their deaths are yet another in the litany of Nazi crimes.

“We will not be silent. We are your bad conscience. The White Rose will not leave you in peace!”

How Would Blackpink Wake You Up In the Morning

Actually, I really liked the idea, its cute. Hope you like it.

Jennie: Probably wouldn’t want to wake you up and neither she would want to wake up, since both of you have really tight schedule and need to get proper rest.

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Jisoo: She would poke and would tickle and shake your arm until you opened your eyes all of sudden, seeing her on top of you laughing.

“Jagiya, Wake up!”

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Rosé: She would wake you up the sweetest way possible. She would totally wake you up with little kisses all over your face and would whisper your name over and over until you’re awake.

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Lisa: She probably wouldn’t want to wake you up unless she had to. If that’s the case, she would just lay there and softly trace your face until you wake up. You would wake up to Lisa’s bright eyes staring at you.

“Are you watching me sleep?”

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BLACKPINK when their GF blushes a lot {REQUEST}


Would find it adorable, and would have the biggest smile around her

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Would smile everytime it happened, effectively making it worse for her girlfriend

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“Awh~ Jagi you’re so cute,”

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Finds it so cute, and will go out of her way to do things to make her GF blush.

“Hey Jagiya! Look at this! *does a thing*”

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