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finnrey for the ship thing !!!!!

thanks kait!! hoo boy i really went all out for this, prepare to read A LOT

send me a couple and i’ll tell you who…

Who hogs the duvet? REY. she’s used to sleeping either curled up in a ball or with her limbs thrown haphazardly everywhere. As a result, she tends to drag the covers along with her. She’s not easy to sleep with but finn deals with it bc he loves her

Who texts/rings to check how their day is going? both would, but rey does more bc whenever she’s bored she always checks up on finn, sends him a meme or just a string of heart emojis. He usually responds with a related meme or more hearts. Sometimes when rey’s feeling like a little shit she’ll snipe pics of finn during important resistance meetings and send them to their group chat with poe, rose, paige, jess, karé, snap, kaydel, and pamich (the group chat name changes like five times a day, but it’s usually something like “general organa’s angels” or “does the resistance is gay???”)

Who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts? Rey! She loves tinkering with stuff and makes a ton of weird little sculptures/figures out of scrap metal that she gives as gifts

Who gets up first in the morning? I think they’re both so used to getting up at the crack of dawn that both of them much prefer to sleep in. sometimes, though, rey’s biological clock refuses to let her sleep past sunrise, so she spends some quality time admiring finn sleep before slipping out of bed to sneak off to the kitchens and swipe some baked goods to surprise finn with when he wakes up. Sometimes finn wakes up early too and they take a walk around d’qar together, holding hands and talking softly. !

Who suggests new things in bed? Finn, usually. Rey is super shy about sex, even with finn, and gets really flustered and dorky when finn brings it up (he likes to tease her about it). I don’t see either of them as being particularly adventurous, but they trust he each unfailingly so they’re both usually pretty open to trying something new as long as it doesn’t sound potentially deadly.

Who cries at movies? Both, but rey gets really emotional and is not good at keeping the tears at bay AT ALL. usually once she starts crying, finn can’t stop his own tears and they cuddle and cry together, the big babies

Who gives unprompted massages? I can see rey doing this for finn- rubbing his shoulders/back when he’s stressed or while they’re in bed together just to get him to relax.

Who fusses over the other when they’re sick? Rey gets very distressed about leaving finn alone when he’s sick bc it makes her think of when he was in his coma, his life in the hands of doctors and machines. She stays with him and tells him stories about her times scavenging on jakku or funny anecdotes about luke from when they trained on ach-to, or cuddles with him if he wants her to. She’s a very doting gf, always running to get him water/hollering for a doctor if he needs something

Who gets jealous easiest? Rey, but it’s bc she has a deeply instilled fear of abandonment and therefore gets paranoid that finn doesn’t actually love her sometimes. Finn makes sure to assuage these fears as best he can

Who has the most embarrassing taste in music? Rey probably. She seems the type to like really corny/bad music bc it reminds her of some drinking shanty a couple of old ladies at niima outpost used to sing as they walked home from work

Who collects something unusual? Finn collects and cherishes little things that people have given him since he defected from the first order. Poe’s jacket is one of them, of course- he also has a cool looking rock from ach-to that rey gave him, a hand-made bracelet that a little boy gave him after finn saved him and his younger sister from being abused by a couple of stormtroopers, a note that rose left him one day for no other reason than to say she was thankful that finn was her friend, and a faded picture of the rebel hero bodhi rook that leia gave him to keep after they had a long talk about the old rebel alliance and the many imperial defectors who filled its ranks. His collection only continues to grow!

Who takes the longest to get ready? Neither takes especially long, but finn does take his time bc he likes not having to rush anymore

Who is the most tidy and organized? Finn is used to keeping his belongings and quarters clean and out of the way. Impulsively cleaning is a habit he can’t seem to break

Who gets the most excited about the holidays? Finn definitely does bc they never had proper celebrations in the first order. Whatever the space equivalent of wearing ugly holiday sweaters and singing christmas music before thanksgiving is, finn is all into it

Who is the big spoon/little spoon? I think they like to alternate, but they prefer to lay facing each other with their foreheads touching/legs intertwined :)

Who gets the most competitive when playing games and/or sports? They’re both extremely competitive, but finn is the most over the top of the two, whooping and shrieking and putting in 110% effort to win (rey sometimes gives in simply bc she melts at finn’s radiant triumphant grin. He also demands kisses as his reward for winning, which rey happily obliges)

Who starts the most arguments? finn because he’s a naturally more confrontational person. He doesn’t beat around the bush and is upfront when he’s pissed at rey for some reason. Rey, on the other hand, internalizes her frustration and then every once in awhile explodes, leading to most of their more intense fights. It’s impossible for either of them to stay too mad at each other for long tho

Who suggests that they buy a pet? Rey! She loves animals and has always been really good with them. Finn’s a bit apprehensive about it at first bc being responsible for another creature’s life is additional pressure added to his already stressful life, but he’d become such a proud parent to their pet once he realized he wasn’t going to kill it by accident

What couple traditions do they have? They always have breakfast together, no matter what. They also love playing cards/having game nights (sometimes with friends!) This isn’t really a tradition but idk where else to mention it- they have a TON of inside jokes that they roll over laughing about while everyone else looks on in confusion

What tv show they watch together? I don’t see either of them being big tv people, but whatever the space equivalent of the history channel is is probably what they’d watch in their free time, bc history interests them both (especially finn)

What other couple they hang out with? All their friends are gay and in love too so it really depends lol

How do they spend time together as a couple? they like to work out together and spar! they also just like to talk/take walks together! 

Who made the first move? I think that rey confesses her feelings and says “i love you” first, but finn is the one to bring up actually being in a relationship! They have a good talk about it and become a couple with little fanfare/drama (everyone was expecting it)

Who brings flowers home? FINN. he’s incredibly considerate, and so he always thinks of rey when he’s away on a trip to another planet and makes sure to get her some of the native flora bc he knows how much she loves plant life

Who is the best cook? They’re both pretty awful but rey is SLIGHTLY better

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PLEASE tell us how vegetables are a social construct

so a long time ago humans were trying to figure out edible plant matter, right

and because they didn’t have fucking microscopes or anything they were like “okay we have to divide them in some way that is easy for us to figure out”

so they COULD have divided them up by like, color or some shit

like all the red things are called noogles and all the orange ones are called fuckips and all the yellow ones are called snarglebutts or whatever

but they didn’t

they divided them by taste, which makes sense if you’re trying to sort edible plant matter, the whole point is eating them so why not sort them by the most likely reason you need to know the difference between them

so all the sweet tasting things are called fruits and all the not sweet tasting things are called vegetables

except like other than that there’s no rhyme or reason to it at all??

like potatoes are roots and broccoli is a flower and pumpkins are fruits and celery are stalks

but we’re putting them together because they don’t taste sweet

and lemons are juicy and wet but not sweet but they’re fruit for some reason but tomatoes aren’t even though they’re also juicy but not sweet and carrots aren’t even though carrots can be sweet

meanwhile apples are genetically more closely related to fucking roses than they are to shit like blueberries but because they both taste good in pie we put apples and blueberries in the same group and roses are a different thing 

like, there’s a good reason why we sort plants this way, and that reason is “it’s easier to make food if you know vaguely what it tastes like beforehand,” and sorting plants by genetic family also makes sense if your reasoning is “i want to know what plants are related,” but they’re both sorting groups that humans made up and we could just as easily sort by color or shape if we decided that was an important thing we needed to know and that’s why it’s a social construct


first of all, “What is shipping?”

Keep in mind that BP are REAL PEOPLE! Please be respectful to blackpink and other shippers ^-^

Let’s Begin:

1. Jensoo

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  • anti-lisa’s-aegyo club
  • like combine Jisoos 4D-ness with Jennies boyfriend aegyo
  • Double Wine Moms
  • Jennie’s done with Jisoo though
  • One of the most popular ships in South Korea

2. Chaelisa

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  • relationship goals 
  • two gorgeous queens, but really just babies
  • I’m pretty sure they spend most of their time cycling together
  • probably the most popular BP ship internationally 
  • definition of precious 

3. Lisoo

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  • choco soulmates
  • best friends
  • 4D couple/ living memes 
  • total opposite of their stage selves in real life
  • LOUD
  • recently started getting more popular

4. Jenlisa

  • push and pull relationship
  • mostly just Lisa’s unrequited love for Jennie
  • cheek-kisses
  • touchy
  • used to be really popular right after their debut
  • Lisa finding everything Jennie does sexy is now their main aesthetic

5. Chaennie

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  • double moms
  • two quadruple threats (vocals+visuals+rap+dance always on point)
  • babysitters-club
  • chipmunk cheeks + rice-bun cheeks 
  • needs more recognition 
  • always suffering during v-lives

4. Chaesoo

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  • the definition of adorable
  • like can you imagine their natural aegyos and their vocals together 
  • each other’s bias wreckers 
  • the “sunshine” ship
  • used to be popular right after their debut (like Jenlisa)

The 2017 Rookie groups

a.c.e.: always. wearing. shorts.

loona: solo songs for every girl… predebut

wanna one: korea LOVES them. from that really popular survival show

weki meki: did a teen crush concept and…

pristin: catchy choruses

the east light: the one really adorable boy group

golden child: the other really cute boy group but with more members

the rose: the new band with the great debut song

dreamcatcher: horror concept girl group