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Dallas Les Mis Shadow Group Watch at 10pm GMT on Saturday 25th!

Please sign up before Saturday!

(Seriously though, I don’t mind if you’re late to the watch along, it’s your problem if you miss the beginning. BUT you do need to sign up ahead of time.)

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I'm late to the party but if you're still doing the Shinee asks game 3, 8, 19, 20

shinee ask game

3. favorite era
holy cupcakes that’s a hard one.  “everybody” had eyeliner, “lucifer” had onguns blazing, “ring ding dong” had “hello baby”…*sigh*

ultimately, just on dynamics, “dream girl” is probably my fave.  jinki flipping a mic stand, everyone asking  about the price of the mic stands, “one fine day”, ALL the ships sailing.  everyone was so warm & soft with each other, the music was fun, all-kills, good promotions, floral suits (when will your fave!), & just a really fun time for everyone.  no one got hurt!

8. first impression
”why are they wearing fur vests?  why is that dude pointing to his back?  a romulan!  i want that guy’s red pants!  holy frick this dance is awesome!!!” - me watching the “lucifer” mv.

one of the really cool things about not having a lot of exposure to other k-pop groups when i got into shinee is that they essentially set the bar for “normal/standard/basic”.  when you’re introduced to that level of quality in music, performance, professionalism, group dynamics, & overall politeness it’s really hard to settle for “popular”.  their staying power is just incredible & they’ve done it pretty much on their own merit.  yes they have sm at their back but even in the very beginning they did much of their own promotions.  also they’re just nice to each other.  not always, we’ve seen them each be bullied in their own time, but in comparison to other group interviews they’re pretty damn protective of each other. 

19. is there another group you like to see interacting with SHINee?
have you ever seen them with big bang?  because it’s pretty awesome.  jonghyun literally jumped onto seungri & they were…very “friendly”.  other than that it’s kind of hard to say a “group”.  but fx seems to have the most members that match well, & amber definitely seems to be one of taemin’s “safe” people.

20. any collaborations or solo activities you’d like to see?
jinki solo & ontae duet (even though taemin doesn’t think he’s good enough).  the moment their voices blend in selene 2.6 is so nice.

& honestly i want to see how much taemin clings to jinki if it’s just the two of them promoting.  more gripping onthighs or less gripping?  grasping at him/hiding behind him more or less frequently?  more discussions about jinki’s body or no?  ttakbam encouragements?  the sangtae, man.  the sangtae.  #magical   

I swear to fuck my school is in fucking Nightvale or some shit

Our classes have just ended and we were by the lockers - ours are in the narrow hallway, so it’s always crowded. I noticed a large group of people were gathered around this one girl from my class - I’ll call her Jane.
You know that little webbing thing you have between your thumb and your finger?
Jane’s webbing thing looked like it was ripped apart or some shit. There was blood, so fucking much blood, and my friend asked her what happened to it. She just smiles and calmly says “I don’t know”.
What the fuck.
Why was she so calm.
What the fuck is this school.
I know most of you probably won’t even believe it, but to be honest I wouldn’t believe it either if I didn’t see it myself.

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About you post on loving fics with everyone secretly being on the Yuuri protection squad/fan club: ME TOO!! I love it so much. But I haven't found many fics for it yet. Any fic recs??

OmgOMG Ikr isn’t it so precious?? Yuuri deserves all the love in the world :’)

Here are some of my favourite :

1. My Heart of Constellations (WIP) by  LFMH021 
[Story of Yuuri; his daily happiness and struggles as he started to live and train in Russia with Viktor.] –> my ABSOLUTE favorite!! Everyone ADORES Yuuri.. and they’re also a hardcore Yuuri protection squad. 

2. Yuri Anonymous by  preciousbunnynoiz
Phichit runs a support group for all the people with unrequited crushes on Katsuki Yuri. Which is everyone. Everyone has a crush on Yuri. –> another one of my favorite XD everyone is hopelessly pining after Yuuri even after he’s taken lmao 

3. Adventures in Agape (WIP) by  Zadabug98 
Yakov wants Lilia to train Yuri in ballet, but Lilia has better things to do and besides her student would do a much better job at teaching this kid how to do The Thing, so Yuuri trains Yuri. Viktor is smitten. –> his friends become his protection squad in the latest chapter! Also long haired and nonbinary Yuuri <3

4. Sincerely Yours by  Vein_Is_Simply_Tired
So when Chris picks up hints of Victor feeling dissatisfied with his choreography, he sells out his latest choreographer. The fact that his latest choreographer is an adorable, and absolutely charming cinnamon roll is just a nice bonus. –> Yuuri is a choreographer who has also unknowingly broken so many of his clients’ hearts XD All of his past clients are harboring a giant crush on him, not excluding Victor, of course ~

5. Tale of a Sleeping Prince by  LFMH021
“What’s your theme for this year, Mr. Nikiforov?”
Victor quietly stared at his laced hands on his lap.
“Mr. Nikiforov?”
He looked up, tears almost spilling down his cheeks. “…Sleeping Beauty.”
Victor starts to hate the ice. And the reason could be discerned once you enter the Hospital’s Room 143. –> not exactly a fanclub/ protection squad, but… it’s clear that everyone loves Yuuri TT_TT prepare your tissues.

6. Butterfly Effect : Venture Capitalist by  Vein_Is_Simply_Tired

Top 10 List of Wealthiest Winter Olympic Athletes of All Time

And that is why Victor Nikiforov is on our Number Two.
Now you must be wondering since a while ago, who exactly beats King of Class, Victor Nikiforov? Be prepare to get surprised because you don’t need to look very far.
Number One on our top 10 Wealthiest Winter Olympic Athletes of All Time goes to the last Winter Olympic Figure Skating Single Men Gold Medalist Yuuri Katsuki. Surprise? Well, I surely am! –> I just had to include this one! XD 

7. 5 Hidden Talents of Yuuri Katsuki (And one not so hidden) by  Fangirlshrewt97
There are only a few days to the Victuuri wedding so all the skaters have joined our favorite couple at Hatsetsu in the days leading up to it. During their stay, they all learn some new things about the Japanese skater that they had previously not known. –> Just recently finished reading this… Idk if it counts as the fanclub category but everyone is pretty much in awe because Yuuri never fails to surprise them! And our precious Yuuri is just so humble ~

8. Dawn’s First Rays (WIP) by  RaeValentine 
About three things I was absolutely positive.
First, Victor was a vampire.
Second, there was a part of him - probably a very dominant part - that thirsted for my blood.
And third, I was deeply enamored with him.
I didn’t know what love was, and I felt like I was barely living… but there was one thing Victor Nikiforov taught me.
I was surrounded by love all along. –> if you can tell, this is a Twilight AU.. WITHOUT the stalking, emotional manipulation, or abusive relationship signs. 
Yuuri is a less lame version of Bella with cinnamon roll qualities and Victor is the less creepy and less angsty version of Edward who also somehow keeps his dorky qualities lol. Oh and just like Twilight, pretty much everyone likes Yuuri!  Though unlike Bella, he’s not an annoying Garry stu

So that’s all I could find (sadly).. anyone feel free to add some more because I’m always starving for more fics like this! 

my-kinda-funny  asked:

So I have another question about Fiasco. You have three writers on that episode and an actress, and you who have acted who are quick thinking and know how to adlib a scene. What if I get regular people who have never acted before or who are not as creative, am I still going to get the same kind of fun gameplay or is it not going to be as fun?

I think so. All that it takes to have a gosh darn Fiasco is a group of creative people who want to tell a story. If you want to get some good and useful tips and insights into the techniques experienced players use, get a copy of The Fiasco Companion.

I’ve gotten some hate for my most recent post, which says that trans girls are the same gender as cis girls, and that trans boys are the same gender as cis boys. People have said that “I’ve never seen boys and girls naked” and that I’m “blatantly wrong”. Here’s what I have to say about that (and to anyone else who might see it and have a problem with it):

Someone’s body doesn’t equate to their gender. That’s a fact. No matter how many times you may deny it, that’ll always be the truth. Get used to it. That post was made with the sole intention of validating groups of people so often ridiculed simply for being themselves, and the fact that some people felt like they had to be so nasty on a post that was supposed to just be for positivity is honestly upsetting. They could’ve just moved on without commenting, but I guess they had nothing better to do. Shows a lot about who they are as a person. I have absolutely no respect for those people, or for anyone else who might say more horrible things. And before I end this little mini-rant, I just wanna reiterate this: Trans girls and cis girls are the same gender. Trans boys and cis boys are the same gender. Someone’s body does NOT dictate their gender. Accept that, or just move on with your life.

anonymous asked:

I really hate the phrase "gender non conforming" because I have never come across a single person who identifies that way - it's usually cis people that push that label onto them. I think that it's meant to basically group nb people with trans people though, right? For the nb people who don't consider themselves trans, do THEY like being called gender non conforming? What are your thoughts on this terminology?

GNC is a term that includes anyone who doesn’t behave and/or look in ways that people of their gender are “supposed” to behave and/or look like.

So for example, a masculine girl, whether they are cis or trans, would be GNC.

I think it is a useful term to have, as a lot of people use it as a way to validate their own identity - for example, “I am a GNC nonbinary people - I may not be androgynous, but I am still nonbinary!”.

And it can be important to cis people too, as cissexism and transphobia does sometimes splash over and harm them as well. A masculine cis woman is going to get shit for being masculine, and a feminine cis guy is going to get shit for being feminine. So if they want to use GNC as a way to identify, to find a community and support etc, then they can absolutely do that.

It is a term that I do sadly often see used as a weapon against trans and nonbinary people though - for example, people calling trans people who were cafab “GNC women”, which is just… disgusting transphobic misgendering in a painfully obvious form. And because of that (as well as probably other reasons, as it’s entirely possible to have other reasons to not want to use a certain label) a lot of people don’t like being called GNC.

So my thoughts are, I guess, it is a good and a bad term.

It has many valid uses and can be an important part of the way that people identify. But it is also terminology that is often used to invalidate and misgender trans and nonbinary people, which is of course very, very bad.

So, in conclusion… meh? It’s not a term that I use for myself, it is a term I have had used against me, but I can understand why people use it.

thewinterroza  asked:

What about in the case of Izzy from shadowhunters? I cos played the character before she was played by a Latina actress, but now is it not ok to cosplay her, even if the character was payed by a white actress in the movie and in the books is basically white? I'm not trying to be rude I just wanna know your opinion because I've been thinking about this for a while.

This is actually best case scenario. Because you absolutely can keep cosplaying them. But now a whole other group of people can feel comfortable now too.

A canon white character is now ALSO getting representation as a POC! This is good!! that means that it’s a character that latinx people don’t have to be afraid of trying out because they have something to do now too to ease into things.

anonymous asked:

so glad gillian called you out on your shit. long may her and peter reign as a couple.

Well, the tweet applied just as much to you and your people as it did to our side. At least we have 24 years of interaction to go by.  We don’t need manips, we don’t need to make up heart eyes, and most of us can think for ourselves and figure out what’s real and what isn’t, what’s normal and what isn’t.

Gillian’s tweet told everyone she can do whatever the fuck she wants.  Guess what?  That includes being with David and not having to explain it or prove it to anyone, fans included.  That also includes being in a professional relationship with PM.

The small group of us people who believe in Gillovny and still have sense and eyes (as well as life experience) will wait patiently to be proven right.  Because Gillian does whatever the fuck Gillian wants, and she’s making it pretty clear with her interactions, expressions and behaviour exactly what that is.

I feel really bad because everyone from the Discord is so nice, but they also play on NA or EUW so I can’t play with them because my ping is 150+ and it’s literally unplayable. I am also always the youngest in every group of people I find on internet and I feel really shy to join the voice chat because my voice is still immature and my English is kinda weak when it comes to the talking part. Time zones really suck too, because whenever I have to go to the bed, they are in the middle of the day. I wish I was a bit older and born somewhere else, but not in this stupid country where I live now.

Artwork by 神之豆腐

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Best piece of advice for a conservative going to college in one of the most liberal cities this fall?

Is it too late to change schools?

I’m only half joking, but in full seriousness, find an outlet where you can be yourself and vent your frustrations. For me, that was the College Republicans and this stupid tumblr account. College will try to beat you down and change you, but having groups of like-minded people who support you will help you keep your sanity in place.

Good luck in the fall and if you ever need someone to blow off steam with, feel free to message me :)

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Honestly I don't even know why I'm asking this but whatever. I honestly believe that the twitters are run by BBC and I believe in the ARG and everything but I'm so so scared to get my hopes up just to have them crushed again, and I see so many people in this community who I look up to disagree and it's very disheartening because I feel like everyone used to agree on things like this. I'm sorry for this rant, but is there anything that you can recommend that I do to feel any better abt this?

Well, the best thing I can suggest is take a step back and don’t lose sight of the bigger picture.  I vary back and forth on what is and isn’t real (like I am side-eying that Spotify thing on twitter something hard), and have moments of doubt, but then I remember that this group of people are some of the smartest,  most thoughtful people I’ve ever met, and we did not imagine things. If it was just the queerbaiting…but it’s not.  It’s cameras in the shot and unexplained notes and blood on the floor then not on the floor, a fucky iconic skull painting and feet stuck in the well.  THAT is not normal.  An entire production that’s also the biggest money maker the BBC has ever had just doesn’t go to shit like that.  And GARRIDEBS!  My instincts have been honed through the years because of and in spite of mental illness, and are pretty reliable where I am.  I can only speak for myself.  Also, I predicted in another time in July 2015:

As for disagreement…people are hurt and confused and I can’t speak for anybody, but, hang on to you want to, let go of those you can’t, and if we’re wrong, we have that we created a better story than them. And i will be there throwing rocks with everyone.

Just, be sure to take time for yourself.  Those of us following it won’t let people miss something HUGE.  And remember what brought us all together:  the fact that Sherlock and John are madly in love and always were and always will be.

Anytime you need to vent!


sweets-books-and-anime  asked:

Hi there! I love your blog and I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I'm writing an asexual character in a fantasy world setting. In this world, sexuality isn't that important but I don't want to just call him asexual and not have any actual representation. So I was wondering how I could show him to be asexual in a place where your sexuality isn't questioned/doesn't matter to others

Hi! Thank you!

My best suggestion is to remember that not everyone thinks the same. So a sexual character could question it, even if it’s in a completely innocent way.

For instance, a group of people could be talking about love/sexual interests and question why the asexual character isn’t contributing and you can bring it up then and have your other characters just treat it as normal. That way it’s still being addressed, but asexuality is normalized and the questioning is just treated as an effort to include the person in the conversation, which is much nicer than how people treat asexuality in the real world!

Hope this was helpful!


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Um hi, I was reading the Tim Drake soulmark AU and I just wanted to say that I'm not plus size, but it's great that you're writing it for people who are plus size. It's just I've been struggling with my body and I'm slowly getting better to achieve a more healthier body weight and I was hopping everybody would be spoken for if you know what I mean? You did say that y/n would be more like us but you described y/n differently from what I imagine is a somewhat big group of people...

The thing with this type of story, is I’m not going to hit everything for everybody. For these stories I go off of personal experience: both my own and those close to me. So you see a lot of that here especially in regards to the anxiety aspect and the fandom aspect. A lot of it is what I or someone close to me has experienced with those things. If that isn’t you I’m sorry, I can only write based off what I know.
For the plus size thing it could just as easily be anyone of any size, because all sizes are beautiful. I made this particular choice because I had a friend struggling with their body image, and I myself struggle with my body image.
I am plus size, and I too am on this journey of self acceptance, and I have been eating better and adjusting my diet. And i’ve started exercising.
So while I understand your thoughts, I hope you understand that I never meant to make you feel excluded, but I also can’t please everyone. I hope you’ll keep reading, but to be completely honest I think self image will probably play a part in this. All I can say is that I’ll try and make it a bit more generic.

Sorry 😥