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I’m once more annoyed by the rpc’s reliance on fc resources – as in, gifs and icons to represent their character during every. single. reply. Some people act like they’d die without resources and it’s gets so dramatic and, honestly, pathetic. We’re a community of writers; we should be able to describe our character’s movements, expressions, and reactions without the use of a gif/icon. Am I going to say I’ve never used one? No. Am I going to say they aren’t nice? No. But so many of us have turned them into this unwitting crutch, using them to substitute writing rather than add to it. We’ve all seen that starter, that one that’s just a gif with some text. Y’know the one. There’s no writing, just that gif with a one-liner that the player didn’t even make or write and we’re supposed to treat it like a starter. But how is that a starter? 

We’re a writing community and there’s no writing in that. There’s also no effort. It’s getting so tiring; there are tons of model faces out there, like Amalie Gassman, Rania Benchegra, Bartek Baroweic, or Sol Goss, that I’d love to rp as but I can’t. Because even most rps that don’t ban any faces will still expect you to have resources, like that is somehow intrinsic to and inseparable from our writing. Even if that clause isn’t written down anywhere, maybe not even expected the admin, it’ll be expected by the other player – you end up fighting two biases: a) the fact you’re using an underused fc, and b) you don’t have any resources. ‘Cause both of those things matter to a lot of people for some silly reason.

Y’know when they don’t matter though? When you’re on mobile or when Tumblr is messing up. Yeah, those are just brief periods where you’re without a gif/icon but people are fine with it for a brief period, writing with and/or as the person without the resources. But no icons? No gifs? No, and it’s ridiculous.

i wish people would stop seeing animated movies at the result of big name studios and see them rather as the result of the hard work of hundreds of artists who dedicated their time and effort into creating something for us to enjoy

what probably happened in the 97 line group chat

someone: i like kpop but i don’t like girl groups, they’re all the same

me: screencapped and emailed to my lawyer. She will have filed charges by tomorrow afternoon. By law We must allow you 48 hours to remove the offending material. If not, you will be charged with defamation of character, libel, and criminal mischief, all misdemeanors. You will face a judge trial.

honestly I am so confused by interpretations of Enjolras as some Charismatic Revolutionary Controller of Minds when the very first interaction  we see him have is Courfeyrac yanking his chain about Rousseau 

like, he’s a likeable guy, clearly! His friends love him! He gives one heck of a speech! But there is a notable lack of people holding him in Awe or even Doing What He Says in 90 percent of his not-immediate-combat interactions. 

Watching fanwars happen while being multifandom is the most infuriatingly interesting shit ever. Like I wanna fight, but I can’t fight for both sides so I just grab the popcorn and observe while the others do the damn deed.

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Happy simming for Autism Acceptance Month <3 

the irl captain america

it must be real fucked up to be a gay idol and know that people will “ship” you with someone of the same gender for their enjoyment but if you ever come out as gay some of those same people will turn around and call you disgusting in the same breath that they called you their “gayby”