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Sexual misconduct isn’t just a Hollywood problem, is not just a problem in media companies or in politics — it’s also a problem in the restaurant industry.

This week celebrity chef John Besh left his company after it was revealed in an investigation by The Times-Picayune and that 25 women — all current and former employees — said they were victims of sexual harassment while working for the Besh Restaurant Group.

Besh is a James Beard winner, owns a dozen restaurants and has a couple of TV shows, but departed after this investigation alleging a culture permissive of harassment was published. Restaurant critic Brett Anderson started investigating the allegations against Besh and his company last February. He joins All Things Considered host Kelly McEvers to talk about how he got started and what he found out after talking to the 25 women who say they were sexually harassed.

Celebrity Chef John Besh Leaves Company After 25 Allegations Of Harassment

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Hello Gabi I've gotten my mum hooked on One Direction. I've told her all about Harry and Louis. She's got an open mind, she is sure that "babygate" is not true, because I've told her all about missing bumps etc.. but she also is not sold about HL's relationship either, she thinks it sounds too fairy-taley and that their team is making them play both sides, to please everyone and maximize sales. How I can convince her? maybe you have a tag with irrefutable Larry proofs? (no receipts) thank you!

Hi love! This will be long, like essay-long. I’ll divide it into 3 parts:

1) Harry and Louis’ friendship: The HL part can be only understood if she understands how much damage has been done with their images, and how in normal circumstances NO ONE would do that unless they want to punish them. And why these 2? I mean, why subsequently these 2 all the time? Because what did they do? They were 16 and 18 only, 

  • then think about WHEN the changes started to happen (clue: when they were about to break the American market) and 
  • then WHAT happened (iron closet, no interaction, only ONE (1) 1 on 1 interview, separate group interviews, 
  • then got bearded up sometimes even multiple times. (These relationships were always used for promo) 
  • but then just take a look at how fond they become when they look at each other, how they obviously don’t hate each other, so why is their team not showing that? That hey look they were not okay after the gay rumors started but here they are? And they are friends. LOOK. But no, they just didn’t do that. They kept them separate. 
  • Look at their body language as it closes off when something slips, how everyone looks on the side that shit this is gonna be something we have to pay for, or how openly they all got SCARED SHITLESS that they fucked something up. Seriously, if your mom doesn’t see it on HL, then okay (even though it’s clear), but look at the OTHER THREE boys. Why are they scared shitless when H or L says things like WHEN WE’RE HOME or when Louis said YOU TRIED BABY and so many other things. This is when your mom has to do her thing and look up things because it’s impossible to put it all in one post. 
  • Look at  WHAT they actually do/say/did, their BODY LANGUAGE, how they SHADED BEARDS and how they refused to hold hands, kept distance, kept space for 3 Jesuses between them etc while they both are very tactile people but never as tactile as with each other. The narrative that was PUBLIC for god’s sake that GAY RUMORS DESTROYED their friendship, they were BEST FRIENDS, they LIVED TOGETHER, even if Louis was the messiest, and suddenly it turns all shit and it’s all out for the fucking PUBLIC that they HATE EACH OTHER?? Why is this even out? Don’t forget the shit that’s written about Louis. If you ever read anything about PR teams is that they HIDE all the shit, they pay every single staff member to keep their mouth shut, they give extra concert tickets etc, sign NDA’s with them. Like..when they did the Steal My Girl video they signed an NDA with every single DANCER!!! And they were just dancers??! Now imagine a gay couple, an in-band couple. 

First of all, in what world intra-band animosity is ADVERTISED by their team instead of HIDDEN under seven locks. While 1D was a thing the Zayn-Harry animosity was always covered up. Now pretty much all of the members talk about it openly, and your mom can ask why. 

“When something was going wrong, I’d get a phone call. If there was an APOLOGY needed, it was me. I was the spokesperson for the band, as it were, with the press and the label” (LIAM PAYNE 2017).

“The same way that Harry’s getting to war belly button trousers - he didn’t do that in One Direction because there wasn’t the sense of FREEDOM to do so.” Liam Payne 2017

They were told what to say, what to do, what to WEAR even. Do you think a gay relationship is allowed and advertised?

  • Look at the presence of the PAPS when they’re bearding.
  • and how this INDUSTRY works, jesus just how many stories we already had about people forced to hide their sexuality for the sake of sales and for keeping the crunchy dollars from the parents of their young fans
  • how they SHADED their teams for years, how Louis refused to shake Griffith’s hand, how they hated their teams, 
  • how it’s all out there in every single twitch of their eye that they HATE their teams, and HATE what their teams did to them. 
  • Why is that? What could they do to them? 
  • Look how UNCOMFORTABLE they look next to Simon while surprise surprise the narrative is that they LOOOOOOVE Uncle Simon and they’re sooo grateful he put them together as a band. 

You can ask yourself why.

Why is it a love story when it comes to Simon who’s their boss but it’s a fucking train wreck when it comes to HL’s images. 

It’s a HUGE PUZZLE to put together and it’s not even about being open minded, because one gif or just knowing they have at least SIX known complementary tattoos is ENOUGH to understand it.

Your mom maybe rolls her eyes by now, that yeah yeah maybe, but it’s 2017 and they aren’t out, 1D is over etc etc. She thinks it’s too fariy-taily? Has she seen the lyrics written by these two? The constant presence of running, of being locked, of closed doors and the recurring theme of dark-and light and the feeling that they CAN’T LOVE who they want because they keep getting obstacles on their way. Why does this line exist in SOTT: Why are we always fucking running from the bullets.

What bullets??? WHY?? They’re rich as fuck, they have access to anything and everything. Why is Louis talking about HEADLINES THAT I CAN’T STAND. Why is no one’s interest to PROTECT them? To make SHIT disappear and swept under the rug instead of PUT OUT THERE IN PUBLIC? Read this ask by @lawyerlarrie. It’s a fundamental ask because i agree with it. is everything so fucking SHADY all the time?

This ask cannot and won’t cover the seven year long image- destruction they have been doing for Harry and Louis.

Then analyse their images one by one. The rest is under a read more:

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Women burn burqas and men shave beards to celebrate liberation from Isis in Syria

Raqqan civilians liberated from ISIS oppression in Raqqa by YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces burn enforced clothes and cut enforced beards.
They cursed the strict dress code imposed by Isis, who order women to cover their faces and wear loose-fitting gowns over their bodies.
Syrian civilians celebrated their escape from an Isis stronghold in Raqqa by burning burqas, which they were forced to wear under the groups oppressive rule.
May these clothes they forced us to wear be damned!Another civilian pointed to a womans black robes and said: Burn these, may Allah burn them.
The Syrian army has active front lines with Isis in Raqqas western countryside, where it has recaptured territory from the jihadists.

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