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Nct Dream Reaction (The other members find out your dating a member and one is your brother)

Mark:Him being your brother he wouldn’t mind he knew there was nothing to ever worry about. ”Y/n i’m not mad Haechan is my best friend I have nothing to worry about”

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Haechan:He wouldn’t mind you dating Jaemin tbh he loved it he thought it was cute all though he would roast you both everyday.In the end your brother supported you both. “Mind if I steal this picture off your phone I gotta post it”

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Jeno:He cared about you and he knew you would be safe dating Mark he didn’t mind at all he shipped you guys a lot.He would hear you too talk and he wouldn’t mind it.You would cry and ask Mark what Jeno would do if he didn’t like you guys being together anymore.He walked in and heard you. “Y/n your my sister i am fine with it Mark is pretty good so your fine i wouldn’t wanna make you sad by telling you no”

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Jaemin:You dating Jeno was no problem to him not at all he loved you guys both being happy you would ask him sometimes. “First off Y/n your both cute together and second off your both happy that is all that matters”

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Renjun:Your his sister he would find out at dinner when it was finished you sit by Chenle and you nodded.You looked at Renjun and he was waiting for you to tell him. “No problem with me”

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Chenle:He would be happy you told him like on his birthday you have been dating Jisung for so long now he needed to know.He smiled and hugged you both group hug. “Omg i am so happy when y’all getting married”

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Jisung:He is pretty cool with you being with Renjun he wouldn’t mind even though limits are always there.He would be happy for you guys but like i said there are limits. “First Renjun no sleeping in the same bed second off don’t even dare think of it and last respect her and Y/n respect him”

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I loved Heroes vs Aliens

Okay I know I was ranting like 20 minutes ago, but also, completely serious:

I freaking loved the 4-part crossover.

I had specific issues (the lack of screentime for Amaya, how Felicity just magically knows how to send a message to the Legends crew?, the fact that the Dominators coming to earth was Barry’s fault), but I also loved so so much of it.

I am genuinely impressed at how well they balanced the time and the narrative for so many characters. I am in awe of how they drew in so many emotional storylines and made them work. I freaking screamed at some of the full-team shots at the end and all the Justice League references (and references in general, like Darmok and Jalad at Tenagra!). I teared up at some of the emotional scenes. The whole thing felt like a whirlwind.

One of my favorite things from the last episode is that I’m glad that Cisco got a slightly different perspective on time travel, and how very very easy it is to screw up with the best of intentions. It doesn’t solve what he and Barry are going through, nor does it alleviate his grief, but it helped pull him out of his frame of mind and I appreciate that. Felicity wasn’t helping, and neither was anyone else. He needed to get there himself, and I respect that the narrative let him.

I loved how the team came together, and their friendships. How Oliver pulled away from Kara and then thanked her later. That we got a group freaking hug omg. That Digg and Barry talked, and Digg didn’t absolve Barry either, but pointed out that ultimately, if Barry wants to move forward at all, he has to forgive himself in order to do that (because wallowing isn’t gonna fix anything. And for all the characters who’ve tried to tell Barry “it’s not his fault”, he feels that it is, and what Digg said to him reached so much deeper than that). I’m just thankful for Digg in general, I miss seeing him on my screen.

I loved seeing different characters paired up that I never would’ve guessed at. To see Cisco and Sara working together, to see Cisco defending his meta-humanness to a bunch of people on Arrow. To see Kara and Mick interact, to meet Stein’s daughter (and to get to watch Martin and Caitlin interact again). To be reminded of the friendship and love between Oliver and Sara. To see Moira D Queen interacting with her daughter again. To see Ray interacting with Arrow characters again after all this time. To see Barry laughing at Mick’s comparison of the team to a crew of criminals. To see Felicity and Mick interact. Even to see Nate teasing Oliver. Even to see Sara and Mick have a happy moment, even if it was about them calling the (amazing??) new president hot.

Just… there were so many positive moments, and I loved that. I love that in the end, everyone felt closer. Supergirl was introduced to this universe and can come back anytime. All the characters across all the shows have been introduced to anyone who watched the full crossover.

It was just… lovely. I genuinely didn’t expect to like it all that much, thinking it was going to just be unwieldy. But it was wonderful. And I know it’s easy to pick apart the negative things to death, so that’s why I wanted to say this. To highlight the good. Because there was a lot of it.

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We have many members, there are many times where we are apart, but I hope we can cherish the times we spend together. Even if there’s only a minute. Even if we are so busy that we are unable to meet. I still hope the members can enjoy the happy times together and comfort each other during hard times. ♥

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startup by ark | enjolras/grantaire | 10k | modern era, friends to lovers, first time, enjolras was a charming young man who was capable of being oblivious | thank ye soemily | rated e

In the way of busy city friends, Enjolras and Grantaire haven’t seen each other for some months.

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OMG IM MEETING YOU NEXT MONTH!! OH MY FUCKNG GOD. Im gunna jump on you hahaha, and take to many attractive pictures;) ohh and we have to have a group hug yeh? Hahah omg waayy to excited!!!