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My Favourite Songs From ABGT139! - Countdown To #ABGT150 Continues!

My Favourite Songs From ABGT139! – Countdown To #ABGT150 Continues!


Before I start I just want to take a second to remind you all that I’m currently giving away 6 months of Spotify Premium for free! To find out how to win it please click here!

In this post I’m going to be continuing with my countdown to ABGT150 and also I’m going to be FINISHING the process of updating my ABGT posts!

Yes, that’s right! This is the last ABGT post until next weekend when the…

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Sara and Wolfram traveling on horseback together with some of the others, Sara in the lead. Wolf casually nudges his horse to the front. Sara doesn't tolerate that and reclaims the lead. Both of them trying to be real low key about taking the lead but they just end up speed walking their horses till the rest of the group is like 50 feet behind them.



imagine wolfram ruins the whole being subtle about it thing and is like “STOP THAT” and theyre all like “hey dont harass sara”

I also encountered what I suspect to be a red-tailed bumblebee queen today, staggering around in some grass beside the road. She didn’t appear to be making any sort of nest and just looked distressed, so I offered her a blackberry flower and she attacked it with her proboscis and then climbed onto me. It was really fascinating to be observe her reactions on such a larger, more detailed scale than usual; she was obviously very aware of her surroundings.

Eventually I got her to crawl onto a group of thistles twenty feet from where I found her, which she nectared from hungrily and I left her to it.

No one popped upstairs to see if I was out of my room after Vacation Bible School ended tonight and I ended up being the only person left in a dark church. Good grief.

Also part of the ending skit involved a guy smashing a block of ice with a mallet and our pre-k group was literally five feet away from the skit area. But don’t worry! As the chunks of ice flew wildly from the smash, the actor was wearing safety goggles! So everyone was totally safe!

“Okay everyone! I want you to think about a time a sin you committed caused a break in your relationship with God!” The hell? How is a four-year old supposed to process that statement? 

This VBS is such a train wreck but at least it ends tomorrow.

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