group cosplays look so fun q q


Boku no hero academia, COSPLAY!

Recently, at april 9, i attended an event, finally after two years! i attended an event and cosplayed again!! q v q)/ i missed it! THE THRILL!

I was invited at a cosplay group in facebook by Bakugou-kun! He is a very kind kouhai in cosplay! 

You will notice my wig is short.. it was due to my cats ruining the right wig i had styled for Mic ( TT _ TT) my cats are mean, maybe a little too much like Aizawa. So i used my prompto argentum wig as it was an emergency. Now i look like a fresh graduate Mic! wwwwwwwww

All in all it was a very fun event! Truly nostalgic and i hope i can cosplay again more this year. q w q) i need an escape.. life had been hard lately…