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Things about me: Whenever I block a user or a post, particularly if it’s not the first one I’ve done that day, I have a tendency to be making up a song about blocking in my head, and it’s always to the tune of Rawhide! Then I giggle, because I amuse the shit out of myself.

I haven’t been able to stop crying, I obviously respect Nam’s decision to leave but I can’t help but be in despair, he worked so hard to get into Winner… I’ll never be able to see all of them perform together live like I always dreamed… I’ll never get to hear more music composed by Nam… I won’t get to see the members all together anymore and it honestly breaks my heart. And then on top of that my first favorite girl group of kpop is disbanding.. I just… I am inconsolable right now *inner circle group hug* 


adj. having no one else present; on one’s own.

word count: 1055

warnings: swearing

Aside from the sound of the crunching dead leaves underfoot, there was an aura of silence suspended over the group. Nearing the edge of the forest, you took note of the small township you were to spend the night in. Trailing ever so slightly behind the group, you couldn’t help but notice how well everyone seemed to get along, and then there was you. You often found yourself bringing up the rear of the group, sleeping off to the side alone with one exception. You and Daryl seemed to drift towards each other, and you simply figured it’s because he felt a sense of responsibility for you. You’d been with the group since Daryl had found you on a street in Atlanta eight months ago, and maybe you were just being touchy, but you felt as though the group thought of you as more of a burden than even a friend.

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Backstage she… uh..  invited me to be a part of her, like, group’s circle and stuff and..uh.. during that time she told everybody that the money from the next couple of concerts was gonna be donated..uh… to build schools and give homes… I don’t want to quote her on what she did but the point is that she was giving close to a million dollars to people that were in need and to charity… And I just think that, like, that’s what you should use your platform to do… To be a great person.
—  Todrick Hall talking about Taylor (x)

anonymous asked:

Longtime follower here who is a big fan of your blog and I was wondering what kind of role do you play in your friend circle/friend group? Thank you!

Related answer:

I bring order to chaos.

When things go to hell in a handbasket like personal conflicts (disagreements, misunderstandings, fights, family drama), professional problems (client issues, team mistakes, project delays), emotional meltdowns (breakups, stress, family issues, mental health issues), life fuck-ups (bad grades, breaking the law), and general disasters (physical injuries, domestic violence, sudden deaths) I step in, take control of the situation, and right the ship.

I’m not the social leader of my friend group because the Fe-doms– two ESFJs in particular plus an INFJ– are more willing and much better at organizing dinners, lunches, gatherings, vacations, etc. for the rest of us. I have no interest in party planning and I’m happy to just tag along.

Or Nah (Jackson)

Plot: car sex with Jackson

Length: 2,225 words

Genre: Smut/Rated M

*A/N: Inspired by listening to Or Nah by the Weeknd at 2am when I was chock full of Jackson feels. I edited it a bit to make it a bit more appropriate for tumblr. I recommend you listen to Or Nah while you read to get the feels going.

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Don’t even look at me when I’m thinking about Lardo speaking Vietnamese, reading Vietnamese, picking up phone calls in Vietnamese, especially in a crowded room, especially in the middle of a big group circle and she knows she can’t ignore her mom’s phone call even if her phone is actually on silent. 

Larissa has been told in the past that she speaks “good Vietnamese”, the refined kind, the kind that is a mix of old North and old South, the type that epic Viet dramas and the well-dressed hosts of variety shows that her mom watches on YouTube, that they own on DVD and VHS. (They are a Paris By Night family, but they appreciate some Asia shows). (But, they are a Paahree Bai Nai family). It’s “high-class Viet”, not “bán cá dialect”, fish-monger’s speak, which is totally her dad’s accent. It’s not distinctively nasal, like a lot of people she hears at the store. She can make it sound that way, but she loves her accent, how it’s a mix of her family’s accents. She loves her grandmother’s accent, loves her mom’s and dad’s and her multitudes of  and and bác and and ông bà!! 

Lardo gets asked to say things in Vietnamese all the time, gets put on the spot, gets asked to say names in Vietnamese? Like, what’s up with that? Just listen to her talk on the phone, Jesus Lord. She mispronounces her own name, but whatever, it’s spelled the Chinese way–a lot of things are–names and records were switched for security during the war. Her real last name is probably Nguyen. Everyone’s is Nguyen. But, she likes being Duan. It’s her mom’s last name, and it’s hers too. Every time she says it like how her Kindergarten teacher pronounces it, there’s a part of her that thinks she’s erasing her culture, that panics, that wants it to change, wants her to pronounce it right, because ???? Isn’t that just a Little First Gen American Thing??

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Circling Sharks by AnniTakesAPhotograph Took this scary looking picture of my friend heading towards a group of circling sharks on a dive around Broughton Island, Nelson Bay, Australia. Fantastic site to dive with grey nurse sharks. Taken with a simple GoPro Hero 4 Silver - nonetheless, a cool photo I think.

  • Other inner circles/groups/squads greeting a member that someone has brought in: Hmm... I'm not too sure about this... It's gonna take at least 300 pages for me to trust them... (Usually followed by: "Are you sure about this, pal?")
  • Rhysand's Inner Circle greeting Feyre: Hello new bestie! Let's share life stories!