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Give me a nice, Wholesome AU™ where Vlad ~somehow~ stops being a super-creep and agrees to mentor Danny– not because he wants to marry his mom and make him his son, but because he genuinely just wants to help another halfa out since HE didn’t have help way back when.

(Also for angst you could throw in a bit of “plus I feel responsible, because without the research we did in college, your parents would never have made their portal in the first place” or “I feel responsible because I kiiiinda pissed off a bunch of ghosts and all they know is ‘the halfa did it’ so that maaaybe why you’ve been seeing more ghost activity, idk lol.”)

Anyways give me an AU where we’ve got Vlad and Danny training in the basement at 1 am and Vlad’s trying to incorporate Danny’s school curriculum into the training because GOD KNOWS when he’d actually find time for THAT.

“Wait, can I try again? Just one more! One more run through…” Danny says, looking at Vlad with scorch marks on his face that have already begun to heal.

“Daniel, we’ve been at this for hours,” Vlad says, running a hand through his messy, singed hair. “I think that’s as good as it’s going to get tonight.”

“No!” says Danny, but quickly checks his volume, “No. Please, I… but I worked so hard on this power…if I could just–”

“And I know you did.” Vlad says, walking over to him, “I’m proud of how far you’ve come Daniel, but even halfas get exhausted.” He places his hands on Danny’s shoulders and the boy seems to consider this for a moment. But in the end…

“Just one more.”

Vlad sighs.

“You’re gonna be on all those business trips, we won’t meet up again for a month!”

“Fine.” Vlad relents, “Just one more drill. But after that you’ll need your rest.”

Vlad starts up the machines again as Danny gets into a ready position.

“Remember to breathe.” says Vlad as the starting lights blink down in sequence. He uses his own power to bring up a noise-reducing barrier around the training area.




The first target pops out of the wall, close to the ceiling, and Danny flies up to meet it with an ecto-energized punch. The next one appears from the floor, so Danny blasts it with a basic beam. Once Vlad feels he’s got a rhythm he starts the study session again.

“What is the smallest group of biological classification?” He asks, watching his form carefully. Danny rolls out of the way of a hostile drone but still is able to answer.


“And the largest?” Vlad observes Danny blasting the drone.



“How many chromosomes does an individual human have?” Vlad continues. Danny goes intangible to avoid some debris.

“46.” He’s not missing a beat.

“What are the three major parts of a cell?” Two more hostile drones join the fray, and the young halfa starts to falter.

“The membrane, the, uh, cytoplasm, and the nucleus.”

“Is the cell membrane nonpermeable?”

“No,” Danny takes a couple heavy breaths, “It’s semipermeable.”

Vlad pauses upon reading the next one.

“What are the physical or chemical factors in genetic mutations called?”

“M… Mutagens.” Danny swallows dryly, his gaze shifting to the portal at the end of the room.

“What is the phase most cells spend the majority of their time in?”

“Crud, uh…” A drone explodes too close to Danny and he throws up his arms, forgetting to go intangible. The smoke makes his throat burn.

“… Interphase?” He finally coughs out.

“Correct. Pay attention now…”

Seven smaller drones appear from all directions, intent on overwhelming the young halfa. Danny flies up and ecto-punches through the highest one, then grabs it, somersaults, and throws it into the one directly below.

“Good!” Vlad says, standing up in his excitement. They both notice the other 5 drones coming in fast.

“What is the functional unit of heredity?”

“What’s the what of what?!?” Danny blurts out between blasting with one hand and swinging a panicked punch with the other.

“Get higher, try splitting!” Vlad says, abandoning the study guide and moving closer to the battlefield should his assistance be required.

Danny flies almost as high as he can go without phasing through the ceiling. He manages to get some distance between himself and the three remaining drones, but they are close behind.

Quickly he closes his eyes and grits his teeth, trying with all his might to imagine himself splitting into two entities.

“Okay, one more try.” he says to himself, “Kinda like Mitosis…” Somewhere in the back of his mind he can hear Vlad saying something, but he forces that away to keep his focus on the task at hand. Slowly Danny begins to feel what he can only describe as a peeling sensation– as if his “cells” were dividing in such a way that reminded him of when he would peel glue off his skin in elementary school– starting from his wispy tail, creeping up to where his legs should be…

Suddenly, a drone’s blast hits him squarely in the chest. Danny’s eyes snap open, all concentration lost. Belatedly he realizes his tail had reformed after having been split into two. A familiar pink beam takes out the offending drones.

“Danny!” Vlad says, eyes still glowing red, “Are you alright?”

“Yeah,” Danny says as he floats down sullenly, “I’ll heal.” Vlad reaches out to guide him towards the spare workbench they use as a first aid station.

“Better put the salve on it just to be safe.” Vlad says. Danny sits down and watches Vlad take out the special formula he made in his own lab back in Wisconsin, then tosses himself back to lay on the bench.

“ARGH! I was SO close! Right? Was I close? Because it felt like I was close…”

“You were.” says Vlad, “But I think you should stick to the exercises I showed you while I’m gone.” He transforms and makes a few duplications to demonstrate, starting slow but getting faster with each iteration.

“Who knows, by the time I get back you may be splitting in circles around me.” Danny looks up and realizes all the Vlads are literally standing around him in a circle and laughs.

“Ha! So you’re making the jokes now?” He says as Vlad pulls it together.

“Believe it or not, my wit may be used to humor us both.”

“Pfft. Some wit. That was real 'cheesy’, Wisconsin Ghost.” Danny snickers at his own quip and Vlad rolls his eyes.

“You’re never going to let that go, are you?”

“Nope!” Danny says, “Say, what was that last question? On the guide?”

“The functional unity of heredity.”

“Geez that’s a lot of syllables for one thing.”

“Do you know the answer?”

“Uh…” Danny thinks for only a moment. Without the distraction of the fight, he quickly grasps the question.

“Oh! It’s genes!”

“Correct again, Little Badger.” Vlad says, handing off the small salve tin. “I think you will do well on the test tomorrow.”

“Thanks.” Danny says, detransforming. He yawns as his exhaustion catches up with him. Courteously, Vlad lends him a hand.

“Come, I’ll fly you upstairs before I go.”

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So if you decide to nix or table the other prompt, ot6 showing up to an art show that Jeremy’s work is in. Public embarrassment, chatting it up with his friends.

wow okay this turned out much longer than i thought it would.

It’s the end of term gallery show on campus. It’s for his pre-req painting class, and he’s been required to dress up for the occasion. It’s considered to be a black tie affair, so Jeremy dresses as finely as he can, smoothing back his recently blue-dyed hair. He gave invitations to the crew, shrugging off the importance of a night like this, because he knows they’re busy what with the recent Haus fuck up. (“God fucking dammit, James,” Geoff had said. “This is why we can’t have nice things.”)

Still. He’s hoping maybe Jack can make it out. She always does.

He gets there early to make sure the setup is right and welcomes in the flood of parents, friends, and prospective employers. It’s a great night for young talent to show their faces, and immediately, Jeremy can see Tess being surrounded by three well-dressed persons  so she can explain the madness behind her painting entitled The Death of Minos. The figure of her painting—a simple close up shot that captured the person’s collarbones and up to their mouth—looks familiar, and Jeremy frowns suspiciously.

Leave it to Gavin to get himself involved in the gallery somehow. He’s way too taken with his friends.

The night continues successfully, and Jack shows up in a striking red dress with a V-neck and slits up both legs. She hugs Jeremy when she sees him and looks to his painting.

“Oh, Jeremy. This is gorgeous.

“Thanks. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.” And he is. He can see his own improvement from the beginning of the term to now, and he’s come so far. And he has so much further yet to go.

“Did the others say they were coming?”

“I talked to Geoff, but he sounded rushed. I’m sorry, baby.”

Jeremy shrugs. He wasn’t expecting anything, honestly. They’re criminals and managing several branching crews at the same time. And what with Haus fucking up and the vein in Geoff’s forehead bulging, he assumed it was going to be a long night.

But he’s happy here as it is. Jack doesn’t do the grand gestures like the others do. She likes keeping it simple, and Jeremy is occupied enough with talking to fellow classmates and visitors, explaining the theory behind his painting.

“So, I titled it Agony because I wanted to capture the side of us that we often try to hide. The angry part of us that’s just screaming all the time, so that’s when you get to the left half of the painting and it all begins to melt together to create this muddled self-perception of ourselves.”

He answers their questions, explains the methods he used while he worked, and many people seem genuinely interested in what he has to say. It’s great. And then comes the question—

“Yeah, hi. What colour of gold did you use for the highlights on the right side of your painting? I’ve been looking everywhere for that shade.”

And it’s Gavin. He sees him there, and he spots the others, dotted throughout the gallery, milling around, blending in.

Jeremy answers and after that the crowd begins to dissipate. Gavin approaches him sheepishly. “Sorry we’re late. Geoff was bitching about us looking presentable. It took forever to get out of the damn house.”

Jeremy laughs and looks down at the floor. “It’s fine. You didn’t need to come. It’s not that big of deal.”

“Hey, don’t say that. We love what you do. And this? Stunning. Absolutely perfect.”

They don’t come up to him in a group, and for that he’s thankful. They come up by themselves, or in pairs like Jack and Geoff. They look their fill, lean in close to see the detail Jeremy’s put into his work. It’s a rather relaxing evening, and by the end of it, Jeremy and his friends are bone weary and exhausted. They’ve finished the semester on a high note, and it feels good to have made it this far.

Outside in the lamp lit streets, Jeremy stands in a group with his friends. They plan on hitting up a bar to close off the night, and are inviting Jeremy to tag along. He’s ambushed by a giggly Michael before he can answer.

“Jeremy,” he says, wrapping a strong arm around the back of his neck. There’s slight bruising around one of his eyes, concealed by Gavin’s hands no doubt, but still. They probably ran into trouble tonight. “We’re gonna … we’re gonna hit up Taco Bell on our way back. You should totally bring your friends.” He sounds a bit out of it, probably on heavy duty painkillers as well. Poor guy.

Jeremy holds him up and spots Ryan’s gaze. He gives him a look and nods to Michael. Ryan makes his way over.

“Hey, Michael,” Jeremy says. “That sounds great, but I was actually planning on going out for a few drinks. Maybe next time, pal.”

“Okay, okay. I just want you to know that … you’re damn amazing, you know that? Look at this guy.” He’s talking to his friends now. “He’s so good, and so humble, right? It drives me crazy sometimes.”

Ryan swoops in to save the day. “All right.” He takes up Michael’s other arm and tugs him away gently from Jeremy. “I think we’re going to call it a night. Call us if you need anything, okay?” He brushes Jeremy’s shoulder gently and says goodnight to Jeremy’s friends before hauling Michael away to the crew where they wait for Geoff’s limousine to pull up. Geoff salutes him and ducks inside.

“What’s up with Michael?” Paula asks. “He seemed really out of it.”

“Oh,” Jeremy says, pulling something up quickly. “He’s a semi-pro boxer, and I guess the fight was a bit rougher tonight than usual.”

“And he still came out to see your show?” Rob says. “That is, like, the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Fuck, Jeremy. I’m getting, like, second handed love vibes from you. This is just too adorable. I need to go drink my feelings away.”

They go bar hopping until one am and Jeremy feels like crawling back home and under the covers of whoever’s bedroom door is open. Mostly, he’s feeling morose. If Michael was hurt bad, then the others must be sporting various wounds as well.

When he gets to the penthouse, it’s dark and quiet. Geoff is up in the living room his feet on the table. He startles when Jeremy tosses his keys in the key dish by the front door.

“Hey, Lil J.” He stretches and yawns. “Have a good time?”

“Yeah. Are you guys—”

Geoff waves him off and then pats the cushions next to him. Jeremy sits down. “Listen,” Geoff says. “Tonight was for you. And yeah we had a schedule conflict, and yeah we’re a little beat up, but this night was for you. You don’t need to worry about us all the time. Take some time for yourself, okay?”

“Okay,” Jeremy says. I’m trying.

“After this, we’re heading to the Swiss fucking Alps,” Geoff says. “Enough of this Haus bullshit. They can sort out their own problems next time.”

“Sounds like a plan, boss.”

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i know that its good for the kinds of stim toys you have to be varied, do you have any recommendations for toys you think all stimmers should have? i tend to have a very particular idea of what i like and i only get those kinds of things [i have almost exclusively fidget toys, honestly], but i dont want to neglect whole types of toys i might really enjoy just because i didnt think i would like it looking at it online.

I’m going to answer this in two parts, because it’s an awesome question. Today, I’m going to give a general breakdown of stim toy categories and possible toys one might choose from those categories to build a varied kit. Tomorrow, I’ll take a photo of what I consider the core essentials of my own stim toy kit and talk more in depth about why I’d recommend those toys for others, especially with regards to offering different types of stims.

A great deal of this, though, will depend on one’s personal preferences with regards scent, texture, appearance and sensation. I’d start by working out what cannot work for you. For me, strong artificial or chemical scents and flashing lights are permanently on the No Stim list as both trigger headaches and flashing lights trigger partial seizures. Tackiness is a Bad Texture (as in I just won’t touch something that’s tacky) so I steer clear from that as well. You may not know yet what your dislikes or triggers are, and that’s okay, too.

Once you know what to avoid (or know you don’t know), you can then approach categories of toys. It’s worth trying a thing or two from each category to build up a collection that allows for swapping/variation, and then going deeper into each category, or not, depending on how it clicks with you.

None of these categories contain complete listings, just a few examples. These categories also don’t include the variety of larger therapeutic items used by OTs and the like but focus on more-portable stim toys. All the different types of toys featured so far on this blog can be found on the toys tag page, grouped by type. Keep in mind that many toys belong in two or more categories as well: scented slime, for example, is both a mouldable stim and a scent stim!

Mouldable: kinetic sand, slime, floam, playdough, Thinking Putty. The issues with this category are those of texture and scent: slime and floam can be sticky or oozy; everything often has a synthetic fragrance or a chemical odour. I’ll be honest: as much as I despise Autism Speaks, Spinmaster-branded Kinetic Sand is the only kinetic sand I’ve found in Australia that has a non-chemical odour. Handmade playdoughs might be best for those scent-sensitive.

(My rec: kinetic sand. Non-sticky, non-messy, wonderful.)

Tossable: stress balls, prickle balls, bouncy balls, bean bags. These range in shape, size and firmness. Many also have plastic odours. I adore prickle balls because they give texture as well as bounce and squish.

(My rec: prickle balls, but only for people who like hard textures.)

Squishable: squishies, puffer creatures/balls, playdough, thicker slimes, balloon stress balls, grape mesh stress balls. Again, ranging in shape, size, scent and firmness. Puffer creatures often smell very strongly, but they have soft fronds great for pulling and they’re very squishable.

(My rec: squishies. Available in fast and slow rising, many with scents but some without, inexpensive if one purchases from a free-shipping listing.)

Fidgets: Tangles, chain fidgets, bead rings, bead lanyards, Klixx, snake puzzles, wooden block puzzles, fidget cubes, marble mazes. These are all basically “things you hold in your hands and manipulate”. Note that one uses some of these differently - a chain fidget is a one-hand fidget for me, but I use a Tangle Jr in both hands. I use a snake puzzle and a Tangle Jr pretty similarly, though. Fidget jewellery also fits in this category, like bead-filled tube bracelets and snake necklaces.

(My rec: Tangles first, chain fidgets second.)

Plush and/or weighted: any soft toy/plushie, weighted plush, Disney Tsum Tsums, Teeny Tys, @caseydickdanger‘s Hedgehugs, my own mop-head creatures, weighted blankets and lap pads. I look for things that usually offer multiple textures, like embroidery, fur, chenille or multiple fabrics used on the one toy. It’s pretty easy to DIY weighted versions of these things.

(My rec: Disney Tsum Tsums: they’re squishable, crunchable and portable.)

Visual: glitter balls, flashing/light up balls, flashing puffer creatures/balls, liquid motion bubblers, glitter batons, liquid paperweights, glitter jars. Most of these require some hand movements to use, but nothing as intensive as a fidget. Note that glitter balls without lights do exist but can be tough to find.

(My rec: Glitter jars. Easy to make and fun to watch.)

Scent: plushies, bean bags, slimes and doughs, Stimtastic’s scented vial necklaces. This can be as simple as a few drops of essential oil on a handkerchief, blanket, pillow or soft toy. (Just don’t scent anything you plan to chew.) I recommend pure essential oils, but for those who like non-oil fragrances and don’t have chemical sensitivities, fragrance oils can work, too.

(My rec: any of these. I can do a post about essential oils if anyone’s interested in exploring this further.)

Sound: bean bags, rattles, pop tubes, the spinning wheels on toy cars, cronch slime, fishbowl slime, cracking squishies, crocheted stress balls, toys with noisemakers or crinkle paper. A lot of things, surprisingly!

(My rec: I really like rattling bean bags. I use soup mix to make mine, because the different-sized beans and lentils make a pleasing sound.)

Touch/texture: crocheted stress balls, Hairy Tangle, Tangle Jr Fuzzy, prickle balls, prickle fidgets, swatches of fleece, fabric stress balls, wooden toys, bead rings. This is category is for anything that is primarily about touch for the sake of touching - I quite often hold my coiled Tangle Jr Fuzzy in my hands and just run over it with my fingers. It’s not even a fidget toy for me!

(My rec: Tangle Jr Fuzzy first, crocheted stress ball second.)

Chewable/oral: necklaces, pendants, bracelets, chewables, teethers. Can be made from fabric, silicone or wood. It may take some experimentation to find out what kind of chewer you are and where you prefer to chew. You may not chew at all but prefer to suck on toys or rub them over your lips, so this category may still be useful for non-chewers.

Tomorrow, I’ll post what I consider to be the essentials for my own kit and the roles they serve within it. I think, however, looking at the kinds of toys in each category and picking a couple from any category that isn’t covered by your current kit/collection is a good place to start.

Orientation - Mulder/Scully college AU

Title:  Orientation

Fandom: X-Files

Summary: Punk!Scully and Hipster!Mulder meet during orientation.

Notes: I just got into the X-Files (only took me 20 years) and I discovered this adorable college AU that came from the mind of punkscully. Long story short: I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole of awesome fan art and joy and then this little story just fell out of my head and onto the page. Shout out to littledeerling whose art made the words come. 

They meet at an orientation event in a large hotel ballroom filled with 100 other students. The Orientation Counselors — over caffeinated sophomores in garish neon orange t-shirts — set out the rules. You are to go up to as many fellow students as possible in fifteen minutes. Shake hands, exchange names, ask each other one question, answer, move on. 

Mulder moves towards the small girl with the rocket red hair, torn Nine Inch Nails shirt and knee high boots. He caught a glimpse of her in the auditorium, intrigued most, not by her piercings or the nautical star tattooed the back of her neck, but by the caduceus patch crudely sewn to her messenger bag.

She sees the aliens first. Tiny green heads floating against the brown background of a knit sweater, some of them blocked by a name tag that reads “Hello My Name is: Spooky.” She looks up into the face of a lanky young man with messy brown hair and thick hipster glasses. She smiles despite herself because with one glance she knows this guy doesn’t give two shits about what other people might think of him. She appreciates that. 

She introduces herself as Dana. He introduces himself as Mulder. 

“Is that your first name or your last name?”

That’s you’re one question?” He teases. 

She rolls her eyes. So far the orientation activities have been a mix between hokey and corny and she’s not sure how much more she can take. 

“Well, my stock question is ‘what’s your major?’ I guess you can pick which one you want to answer.”

“It’s my last name. And I’m majoring in psychology.”

“Wow, now I know two things about you. Careful, Mulder, the orange shirts are likely to shut us down when they realize our conversation has moved beyond the superficial.”

He casts a quick look at a group of orange shirts, too wrapped up in their own conversations to notice any rule breaking.  

“The neon gestapo doesn’t scare me. I’m older than most of them anyway.”

“I thought you looked more like an upperclassmen. How’d you get dumped with us babies?”

“They require transfer students to—hold up, I haven’t gotten to ask you anything yet.”


“Last name?”

“Scully. Pre-med.”

“I didn’t ask your major.”

“I figured I’d give it to you as a freebie.”

“But that still means I get to ask one more question right? It’s only fair.”

“Better make it quick. We’ve been found out.”

He glances over his shoulder, matching her gaze. Sure enough, an orange shirt is making his way towards them. He turns back to Scully, looking directly into her very blue eyes. 

“Do you believe in the existence of extraterrestrials?”

She laughs. Is he serious? He frowns. She realizes he is serious, extremely serious and genuine. She feels terrible and instantly drops her smile, trying to match his intensity, staring into his deep hazel eyes. Fuck the orange shirts, he deserves an honest answer. 

“Logically, I’d say no. Given the distances needed to travel the reaches of space and the energy requirements would exceed a space craft’s capabilities. Not to mention how many laws of known physics would have to be broken—“

“All right, break it up you two.”

“Annnd busted.” She keeps eye contact with Mulder.

“You think if we ignore him, he’ll go away?” Asks Mulder, smirking.

“Come on you guys, this is supposed to be fun.”

“Emphasis on supposed to.” Says Scully, voice dripping with such pointed sarcasm that Mulder can’t help but chuckle. 

More orange shirts surround them, gingerly pushing them in opposite directions, Scully moves easier than Mulder. She gives him a tiny wave before she finds herself face to face with a fellow freshman. 

“Don’t worry, champ,” an orange shirt says, clamping his hand on Mulder’s shoulder. “You’ll see each other plenty more this weekend.”

“Don’t call me, champ” says Mulder, sliding out from under the orange shirt’s grip.

They don’t see each other that weekend. 

Scully ditches the Saturday night freshman mixer. She catches a ride with some fellow punks to see a Ministry cover band at a shitty club in Baltimore. She drinks cheap beer and looses herself in the pounding music. She ends up administering first aid to a 16 year old kid who busts his head open in the mosh pit. His older brother thanks her by buying her Jagerbombs for the rest of the night. On the ride home, they have pull over so she can puke on the side of the road. She screams into the cold night because it makes her feel alive. Just before sunrise she stumbles into her dorm and collapses into her bed. Images of little green alien heads dance on her eyelids as she drifts off to sleep.

Mulder skips the mixer too. There’s a sighting of mysterious lights hovering over a small town in Canada. He spends his night analyzing grainy photographs and posting his theories on UFO & conspiracy message boards. They say it’s flares but flares don’t hover, it’s clearly a craft. The truth is out there. He climbs out onto the fire escape and looks at the stars. A cold breeze kisses his face and hair and he feels alive.He falls asleep listening to Coast to Coast AM. In his dreams he sees a flash of rocket red hair.

They don’t see each other until a month later, when Spooky Mulder has a hunch and needs a microscope. Rumor has it Dana Scully owns a good one.

So, what is an SJW?

@atelierashley asked me who I’m talking about when I condemn SJWs. Seeing as that’s a very valid question and something I’ve been thinking of addressing for awhile, I’m going to make a post dedicated to explaining exactly what I think an SJW is. If you feel like I’ve missed anything, want to expand on my points, or even disagree with my assessment, please reblog with your commentary. I will edit the original post with more info as I see fit.

Edit: here’s a tl;dr version. SJWs

1) Prefer to achieve social justice by disenfranchising those in power as opposed to raising up those who are oppressed

2) View social justice issues very simplistically and narrowly (e.g., X occurs because of Y and that’s it) as opposed to being a result of historical, cultural, and economic reasons.

3) Categorize people into “bad” or “good” 3a) based on their identity as opposed to their beliefs

4) See themselves as paragons of moral virtue, to the point where they feel that they need to speak up for those they think are oppressed, even if people from the oppressed group don’t necessarily want them to.

5) Dismiss someone’s arguments due to their identity (e.g., it doesn’t matter what you say, you’re white!), or dismiss someone’s identity based on disagreement (I know you’re PoC but your internalized racism is keeping you from seeing the truth/you’ve been spending too much time with these white people and you’re not really black anymore)

6) Claim as many oppressed identities as possible, even if it involves stretching the truth. This is because of #5. They feel that they have to be as oppressed as possible so that no one can argue with them.

Here’s the long version

1) SJWs take a very destructive approach to social justice. They commonly emphasize revenge (e.g. Cis white men should be banned from the film industry) and desire to achieve equality by knocking down the privileged group as opposed to raising up the oppressed or disadvantaged group. This also extends to segregating and separating oppressed groups from the majority, (e.g., “safe spaces” for PoC, women, LGBT, etc.) as opposed to encouraging mingling and unity). It’s been awhile but I made a post about some students that wanted to create dorms exclusively for African American students on the grounds of giving them a safe space to express their culture or something like that.

2) SJWs fetishize oppressed groups and (directly or indirectly) reduce them to nothing except their label (e.g., Cis people are so gross, heterosexual relationships are so unhealthy, men are evil/rapists/worthless etc.). An excellent example of this is the Afro-centrist movement which, funnily enough, attempts to appropriate historical figures into African culture by claiming that said historical figure was actually black (Mozart, any Egyptian, and I think even Thomas Jefferson). If you replaced the name of the group an SJW is vilifying with “the Jews” and it sounds like something from Nazi Germany, it’s an SJW (check out r/stormfrontorsjw for more like this).

3) Speaking of labeling people, SJWs are actually kind of discriminatory. If you hear someone utter the phrase “_______-passing privilege,” they’re almost certainly an SJW. They use this to discount the opinions of people in an oppressed group by basically saying that they aren’t ____ enough (especially when it comes to being “a person of color,” but another good example of this is bisexuals having “straight passing privilege”)

4) There are an entire subset of feminists that at least I personally consider SJWs. Generally I’d label them as radfems, but to be specific it’s the type of feminist that thinks men have too many rights and need to have restrictions placed on them (e.g., no “manspreading,” curfews [a thing I have seriously seen suggested], no credibility when it comes to rape/dv, and so on). This could probably be folded into one of the other points but it’s such a prominent and specific aspect associated with being an SJW that I think it deserves its own entry.

3) SJWs will feel offended on some other group or person’s behalf based on race/gender/sexual identity. An 80% guarantee of an SJW is if they continue to be offended on someone’s behalf after that person has said they’re not offended. A 100% guarantee of an SJW is if they tell that person they’re wrong for not being offended (e.g. “internalized misogyny”). This is especially relevant for cultural appropriation

4) Instead of social justice discussions being about how to implement policies, practices, and behavior to treat people the way they deserve, they devolve into narrative shouting matches where the person who has the most minority status “wins” the argument (e.g., as a black trans woman of color I know better than you what racism/transphobia/sexism is and if you disagree with me then you’re wrong).

4a) SJW arguments revolve almost entirely around the identity of the person they’re arguing with. For example, as a cishet white male, nothing I say will ever matter to an SJW. It does not matter how many sources I cite or how I construct my argument. Because I am a cishet white male I cannot possibly know anything about feminism, racism, or LGBT issues.

5) SJWs don’t always fully understand their own positions. To avoid answering hard questions, they will say “It’s not my job to educate you” even though in any other discussion that means you just don’t have a counterpoint. It also shows that they don’t care about their cause except as far as they can use it to make themselves look good.

6) On tumblr in particular, if someone has a separate page for “don’t follow me if” requirements, they’re probably an SJW though that’s not always the case.

7) Correlatively, those on Tumblr who support self diagnosis and otherkin (in particular otherkin that is not animal related, such as fictionkin) are SJWs. As with #5, this isn’t always the case but there’s noticeable overlap between the two groups

You don’t need all of these to be considered an SJW, but the more of these you have the more likely it is that I would consider you an SJW.

@takashi0, I’d be very interested to hear your opinions if you have the time and motivation to respond, though I know you hate being tagged to fight battles for people so if you don’t respond I understand.

How Deep Is Your Love: I'm An Olicity Fangirl

One of the benefits of being an older fangirl is the benefit of experience and a touch of wisdom. I’ve had my fair share of pairings over the years some were simple, others more complicated. But it is because of my love of television and experience with shipping couples that I can take in the big picture and look for signs. Another benefit of being an older fangirl, is my steadfast belief in my cause, whatever that may be. Once I love something, my heart never strays. I’m an all or nothing type of girl. I know there are those that do the fickle multi-shipping thing, but I’m too set in my ways for multi-shipping. I may tolerate things on the path to my OTP, but I will never lose focus on my endgame.

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