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Discovering your ig and more of your personality (female member of bts)

~~Feels good to do these again 😀


[Making Film] THE CLAN pt 2.5 [BEAUTIFUL] JACKET


Goodbye Girlfriend!
23 March 2017

My upper arms are hams! 😂 I love these happy sweaty photos by my buddy and Thai-X-Fit instructor Claire. Our awesome girlfriend Kaz is Sydney-bound for work and all of her morning workout cronies are going to miss her bigtime. (It will be now up to me to carry on the class moan, groan, grunt and loud self-talk vocals solo.) 💪😁👊

Mitzy our mini-schnauzer getting her selfie-face on. Post-prandial relaxation on The Girl’s knee. She actually did take one photo but, well, pratice is required. 😂🐶😂 (Rose gold iPhone in your dreams Mitto!) 🐶📷🐶


Skyline R31 GTS-R, 1987. The GT-R had been dropped from the Skyline range in 1973 in the wake of the 70′s energy crisis but in 1987 a limited edition of 800 GTS-R models were created to allow homologation for Group A Touring Car racing. It used a revised version of the standard RB20DET in-line 6 with a larger turbocharger and intercooler boosting power to 210 hp for the road car with the racing version making over 430 hp in Group A tune


No words, just watch.

Drive with your head // Drive with your heart.