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Watching Yuri!!! on Ice with your straight male friends

Male friend 1: I like how in anime foreigners are always screaming ‘BAAAAAKA’ in a Japanese person’s face.

Male friend 2: Why are the pants on these male figure skating costumes so loose?
me: That’s not what-
Male friend 2: They should be more like tights, right? Why aren’t they more like tights?

Victor: I was drawn to the way your body makes music
Male friend 3: That’s not all you were drawn to… *eyebrow waggle*

All the male friends: KISS! KISS! KISS! KIIIIISSSSS!!!!!
(five episodes later)
All the male friends: THEY KISSED!!!!!!!!!

Male friend 2: How quickly would I be able to find gender-bend fanart of these guys? It would basically be the first thing I would find, isn’t it?
(five seconds later)
Male friend 2, holding up phone: Yup, here it is

Male friend 4, who showed up for food/hanging out in the middle of episode 12 and had no idea what we were watching: (after 5 minutes, Victor and Yuri Katsuki are on the screen): ….are they in love?

Later, after we watched a bunch of Yuzuru Hanyu videos, one of which has the camera continually showing Yuzu’s butt even though it’s the video of when he got injured right after slamming into Yan Han at the Cup of China:
Male friend 3: Now I understand why there were so many butts in that figure skating anime


The Fukuoka shows have safely come to an enddddd!! It was a fun 5 shows! From here on, it’s our return to Tokyo… The shows will be long, so I will eat well and do my best! To everyone who came out to the Fukuoka shows, thank you very much! 


New group shots with new 50mm Lens by Annette29aag
Via Flickr:
Still using auto focus but exploring lots of possibilities and having fun:)