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DC Bombshells (2015-2017) + LGBT characters

I feel like some of yall forget that female idols get their period lmao meanwhile your ass is in bed crying they are still on stage trying their fucking best so stop disrespecting female idols and be more aware of the face that they could be in their period right this moment when you’re making fun of them for not dancing powerful so some shit idk I’m just so tried of my ladies getting hate

Beautiful Stranger | Mother!Sojin Fluff

Anon: May I request a Mother AU with this prompt “I’m on the bus and my 2-year-old won’t stop crying, except you just smiled at them and they did” AU. I can see this AU with Girl’s Day Sojin x Fem!Reader (can one of the other members be the child?)

Character: Park Sojin (fem!reader)
Word count: 1081

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Right then and there, in that moment, Sojin swore she was in Hell.

The bus was overcrowded and the temperature was surely reaching hotter than the flames of Hell. News reports claimed it was the hottest June in a decade. And Sojin could tell that already, without a prim and proper suited man in front of a green screen to tell her. With everyone crammed like sardines, the bus was stuffy and smelled of body odour and something else she couldn’t quite place. To top it all off, her daughter would not stop crying.

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I saw a video about Sanduel beating Baro up w smth and it was all fun and games until I read the comments and people were bringing up b*s?? Like that wasn’t a video about b*s, you don’t have to bring them up all the time.
Idk I just wanted to enjoy that lil B1A4 clip, but a*mys have to make everything about their faves.
It’s literally almost as annoying as when an idol is doing a vlive and someone asks for a different member.