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This award is so much larger than me. This moment is about visibility and about representation. What and who we see in the media defines our perception of the world around us, and so to see ourselves in this picture of what is ‘normal’ and what is acceptable and what is beautiful is absolutely vital. In saying that, so much of the work that has contributed to our progress as a community is far less glamorous than the work that I’m being honored for tonight.

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Ok, so, Not-Freddy is just standin’ around,

mindin’ his own business.

But suddenly, oh noes!

A giant… sarcophagus… robot?

…with a fuchsia triangle on its chest?

…that can’t move its arms, but shoots lasers…

…that move slowly enough for you to duck under?

And then, they all abruptly do… uh… a little operating room skit?

And then, Not-Freddy has a mustache over his mask? Because… surgeons are so well-known for their wild-west-villain facial hair, I guess?

And then, she gets a mustache, too? …even bigger than his? …for even less-explainable reasons?

And then, Colin realized he couldn’t tell whether these were actual events in a cartoon he was watching, or just some bizarre fever dream.

If I wake up from this mysterious unreality, I’ll let you know.

So, the gals have fallen down through the trapdoor that totally wasn’t there before.

Quick, better try to escape!

They run, and run, and run horizontally through the submarine…

…smashing through a door…

…and… discover… wait, the gals?

…who fell through a hole into a room underneath the first room… which is also somehow hundreds of feet away?

Laws of physics? Pfft. This is Josie and the Pussycats.

The laws of physics have no authority here.

foreverthesickesttbitch  asked:

Fuck off, I saw your comment on my post you reblogged of a good friend of mine wearing a native headdress. I myself have native american blood, part of my family is Choctaw Native American. I am also Jamaican & Cuban, though I look like I'm just a black female. So I bet if it were me wearing the headdress you would bash me too, thinking I'm mocking a culture when actually it's in my blood. Quite possibly hers too & many others. Shame on you. Culture is meant to be celebrated, not to divide!

Choctaw never wore those type of headdresses btw.
If you want to bring blood into it.

I’m the great grandson of Chief Whippoorwill signatory to treaty 1. Also the great grandson of Carries the Pipe from the former Pembina Chippewa, Basically Northern Plains Anishinabe….Along with several other Chiefs and headmen going back to before the reserve era. I’m also a Status Indian in Canada with ties to the White Earth in MN. 

I’m the nephew of an Aunt and Uncle who were activists since the 1970s in groups like the American Indian Movement. I’ve been carrying on their more peaceful community work since 1998. (long haired me from the old days) 

Super disrespectful to people like me who work to earn their feathers. If I've been working in the community for years and only have one (two technically) What gives you the right to talk down to actual ones who earn theirs?

So to recap.

You just told an actual northern plains native whose culture you’re disrespecting to fuck off.

You just told a native man who lives in an area where native women are going missing at such an alarming rate its brings national headlines to fuck off

You should told a urban native who has to put up with white people disrespecting his culture and mocked him on a monthly basis for his entire childhood/adulthood to fuck off.

So fine, I’ll fuck off. But I’m going to reblog this question every single month for a year (maybe 4 for each direction). If you have a problem just go to a pow wow and find some female Anishinabe pow wow dancers from my area and tell them how bad of a person I am to you. They will probably agree with me because they are the ones who put me up to this because of the threats they received for talking out.

Amnesty International No More Stolen Sisters 

That’s all I’m going to say about this..