groundhogs lie

Boston 2013 Wk 9 Saturday

Ten miles in 1:15:33, 7:33 pace

On the pod: The Nerdist podcast w/Mark Hamill

With temps creeping into the 40s this week, I thought maybe I had made it through the worst of the winter. Nope. “Feels like” 5 degrees this morning, so I had to put on all my winter attire. You’re dead to me, Punxsutawney Phil.

I tried to get up and out early so I could go to the forest preserve for this, but I got caught up taking care of the dog and the kids in the wee hours. By the time I was finally ready, I no longer could afford to drive anywhere and still get in my full run (10am appt). So out through the neighborhood I went. Not as exciting to run on the sidewalks, but you do what you gotta do. I should have time to drive over for tomorrow morning’s 10-miler (back-to-back this weekend).