• Lieutenant Dariet: Awn, you like paperwork. Could you fill out this form for me?
  • Lieutenant Awn: Well, all right. If you’ll listen to the poem my sister just sent me.
  • Lieutenant Dariet: D'oh…! Oh, okay.
  • Lieutenant Awn: ‘Meditations on Turning Eight’, by Basnaaid Elming. 'I had a mouse named Snowball. She died, she died! Mother said she was sleeping. She lied, she lied! Why oh why is my mouse dead? Couldn’t that groundcar hit me instead? I had a newt named Snuffy. She died…’“
  • Lieutenant Dariet: No deal!
I reject your hypothesis,“ Obi-Wan said, deliberately prim. "I did not wreck the speeder bike, it was blown up by a bomb. And the Sith crashed Bail’s starship, not me. As for this groundcar, well, technically speaking I’m merely a passenger. So clearly I bear no responsibility at all.”
Anakin’s amusement flared brighter. “Admit it. You’re a common denominator, Master Kenobi.”
“Alas. That is sad but true,” he agreed. “Perhaps I should smuggle myself onto Grievous’s flagship. After all, what’s the point in having the mystical power to crash flying machines if one isn’t prepared to use it in a good cause?

Siege (Star Wars: Clone Wars Gambit)

Hahah omg at least he knows.

But this is the kind of sass I live for XD