groundbreaking really

padme: look at finn being a part of the resistance! i’m so proud of him! he - wait. is he…

anakin: what?

padme: he’s wearing a vintage beige shirt fashionably tucked into his stunning naboo ocean blue pants with the Gucci Resistance Leather Jacket and Louis Vuitton boots and a Corellian belt made from the finest leather in the galaxy…

anakin: padme…breathe

padme: the aesthetic of the blaster strapped to his belt reminds me of my groundbreaking Geonosis look….he really did that. anakin are you seeing this. BAIL! breha! shmi! are you seeing this. this is beautiful

Big day for PST! One of our organizers received this letter from the MLB today!

Someone is seeing our letters and postcards. The biggest someone in Major League Baseball is seeing our letters and postcards. 

 Keep. Writing. 

 Your voice matters.  

 You’re making a difference.

On Yuugi & Atem's heights-

I prefer the original manga concept that they are always the same height- And yet I tend to imagine early series Atem as slightly ‘taller’.

How can it be both?


The only physical changes from one to the other are the eyes and hair style, but they come off to others so differently because Atem holds himself differently- Perhaps even literally stands a little straighter than Yuugi.

By Battle City, however, the ‘height’ difference has diminished. Why?

Because Yuugi’s grown confident, too.

And so by series end they’re both standing tall. :)

  • cinderella (2015): a faithful adaptation of disney's classic film. although it has problems with diversity, it stays true to the original while updating the story to fit a modern theme.
  • beauty and the beast (2017): a mess trying to recreate everything down to the frame while also trying to pass itself off as groundbreaking when really its not. its attempt at diversity is not only minimal but also a slap in the face of one of the original movie's song writers
jimon fic recs

(updated with descriptions) 

3 times simon flirts with jace in serious situations + 1 time jace gives it a try by hexicity 

‘“Well–well you should come to the library. With me. So that we–so that I could check you out.”There’s a brief silence during which Jace considers opening the car door and letting the demons have him for dinner, but Simon’s sudden bursting laugh halts any and all thoughts.“Dude.” Simon heaves between laughs, wiping at his eyes. “Oh, Jace, that was so bad. Oh man, oh Jace. Oh no.”’

worlds apart by banesexual 

‘highschool AU where Simon is the biggest nerd for space and the guys on the football team like to tease him, except for Jace Lightwood: captain and star quarterback who thinks it’s super cute.

slight misunderstandings by madzielightbane

‘jace and simon reflect on their feelings about why neither of them seemed affected by simon drinking jace’s blood as vampire’s usually have much more significant an effect on people.’

the obi-wan for me by the_magnificentbane

‘Jace never thought he’d be grateful to be forced to work on the day of the new Star Wars’ film’s release, all because Alec decided to cash in one of his favors so he could go on a date with that guy from last week, but turns out working instead of watching the movie wasn’t too bad.’

he’s got something special by rocketshiptospace

‘“I’m in love,” Simon declares, as he joins his friends at their table in the library.“Groundbreaking news,” Raphael deadpans, “Really, I’m shocked. This is too much. I can’t handle the pure surprise that comes with this revelation. I had never expected this. Next you’re going to tell me you’re in love with Jace, of all people. Then my mind will truly be blown.”Or, Simon is in love with Jace. He hates Christian Ozera, a famous singer. It’s a lot more complicated than it sounds.’

call it magic by rocketshiptospace

‘The cutting boards are at it again. Or, well, they are fine for most of the morning, until Jace comes in and they start circling around his middle like they’re trying to sacrifice him to the food gods. Or something. At least they aren’t chanting anything.“Just one normal day,” Jace says, “Just one day I want to come in here and be like ‘Hi Simon, here’s your delivery!’ and that’s it. Just once.”“You and me both,” Maia says, eyeing one of the cutting boards currently circling Jace. It’s holding a half chopped tomato she had been working on.“It’s charming,” Simon says, with the voice of someone who has had to repeat that exact phrase way too many times. “It adds character.”Or, Simon owns a sandwich shop with a haunted kitchen. Jace delivers his bread.’

only fools by rocketshiptospace

‘Jace looks conflicted now and Simon places a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “I know what you’re thinking: ‘Simon Lewis, what does he know about dating?’ Well, from experience, very little. But I’ve been friends with Clary all my life, and on top of that I’ve watched enough rom-coms to be able to confidently call myself an expert. You’ll be successfully dating Clary before you can even say ‘Simon you’re an idiot’. Trust me.”or, Simon convinces himself Jace is into Clary, and like the Amazing Best Friend that he is, tries to teach Jace how to properly wine and dine her. It doesn’t really go as planned.’

I don’t understand how Sasha claims her drag is so different and groundbreaking when it really isn’t? We’ve seen bald queens before, we’ve seen queens draw their eyebrows in a similar way (tammie brown), and her makeup otherwise is still very glamorous and beautiful. Her outfits are great but they’re not very unique either……..idgi!

Let it be gay!

As excited as I am to here the news about 8 seasons of Voltron and a PG rating, I’m also very nervous.

Like, the creators can slow down the plot now and work on character building, but they can also change the foundations of relationships.

Remember in Legend of Korra? She went from two straight relationships throughout the course of two (?) seasons then finally got to be with her GF for a grand total of, what…30 seconds?

And as awesome as that was to see, and groundbreaking for cartoons (really pathetic for a gay couple to be considered “groundbreaking” but that’s society) there was so much untapped potential for that relationship.

So I guess what I’m getting at is that Klance could happen. If that’s the case then we may see a slowburn romance build up as the series progresses, ending with a bonding moment of some sort (I would be happy but also pissed.)

Or we could have a relationship develop early on that ends (I would riot)

Or (and this is the worst) we could see the dreaded heterosexual ship build up. The pairing of Allura and Keith (cringe).

Now I don’t know what to expect, and I’m hoping that the writers will see and acknowledge the fans and the Klance ship (you may not like it but that shit is popular af) and work that into the series.

It would be so positive to have a gay romance that’s developed and explored throughout the series and not just as an ending scene, to show kids that it’s normal. There’s nothing wrong with not being straight. Two bros CAN be rivals turned lovers.

And as much as I love angst, it would be better overall to have a gay romance that lasts throughout the series. Maybe they fight and bicker a few times. Maybe they get in an argument that jeopardizes the mission. Who knows. The point being that they work through their differences and stay together.

All I’m saying is it that showing a couple of teenage boys in love and working together, growing together, over the series, would be a huge step in media aimed at children and adults alike.

Idk, I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

Jimon Fic List

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Call It Magic by rocketshiptospace

This is honestly one of the best fics I have ever read - it’s original, fun and fluffy. 

“Just one normal day,” Jace says, “Just one day I want to come in here and be like ‘Hi Simon, here’s your delivery!’ and that’s it. Just once.”

“You and me both,” Maia says, eyeing one of the cutting boards currently circling Jace. It’s holding a half chopped tomato she had been working on.

“It’s charming,” Simon says, with the voice of someone who has had to repeat that exact phrase way too many times. “It adds character.”

He’s Got Something Special by rocketshiptospace

This is adorable and never fails to satisfy all of my fluffy Jimon needs. Also, I just realised that it’s by the same author as the revious fic on this list, go figure!

“I’m in love,” Simon declares, as he joins his friends at their table in the library.

“Groundbreaking news,” Raphael deadpans, “Really, I’m shocked. This is too much. I can’t handle the pure surprise that comes with this revelation. I had never expected this. Next you’re going to tell me you’re in love with Jace, of all people. Then my mind will truly be blown.”

Sweet Cheeks by bisexuallaurel

Jace owns a bakery and I guess he kind of owns Simon’s heart too!

Simon might have a tiny crush on Jace. Just a tiny one. But most of all he just really enjoys his company. He loves coming down to the bakery after a long day and sinking onto a bar stool and pouring out his problems to Jace’s patient ears.

Some days, when Jace laughs particularly loudly at one of his jokes or when his eyes drift to Simon’s lips as he speaks, Simon almost thinks the attraction is mutual.

My Power, My Pleasure, My Pain by Creatrix

Ahhh fake boyfriends I’m dying!

Elaine wanted to meet this mysterious person who’d kept her son away for weeks.
Jace was the only one available.

Being Great Must Suck by pettigrace

Basically Simon’s got a crush, Jace works at the grocery store and Simon keeps buying super weird shit.

Jace works as a cashier at a supermarket and becomes rather fond of this one customer who keeps buying weird things.

Video Games by bisexuallaurel

Apparently, I have a few reccurring fic authors but hey that’s a good thing!

the Jimon AU where Simon goes to a Halloween party at the Lightwood house to wingman for his best friend Clary, and somehow ends up playing Mario Kart with an unfairly attractive stranger all night instead.


Walk to Me by DynaEvangeline

This takes place during TFTSA and Jace is helping Simon with his Shadowhunter training.

“Don’t worry about down yet. Eyes on me.” -Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy


Little Bit of Truth by how_about_no

Chapters: 2/2

Let’s face it, truth spells are always fun. 

“Truth spell.”
“No,” Jace shakes his head, laughing slightly, “This isn’t a truth spell.”
“Why not?” Magnus tilts his head, narrowing his cat eyes at the young man. He looks like he’s trying to resist the urge to run away.
“You look so pretty when you frown.” Simon reaches out to touch Jace’s face and he slaps the hand away.
“That’s why.”

You Have Cat to be Kitten Me by the_magnificentbane

Chapters: 2/2

Holy crap this is so adorable. Kittens + Jimon = I am now a human puddle

Based on this. (also those photos are adorable)

Want some more fic recs?

I’m just so glad that Vax and Gilmore are canonically in love and dating and have been since 2015 our time? Really groundbreaking the way that in the field dominated by & catering to straight men, one of the most public fictional characters frequently expresses how much he loves his boyfriend and has emotional talks about their relationship and it’s just. so touching. Iconic tbh

waterhazard replied to your post: there are literally no super famous bands right…

21 pilots

oh sorry i meant a good one

By now, I think we know what this is about.

I almost picked the Burnside Batgirl, Supergirl, Agent Carter and even Rey from Star Wars. But I chose Windblade and here’s why. But first a little back story.

I’ve been a loyal fan of the Transformers franchise for the last three decades. I was part of the original target demographic for Transformers back in 1984, and the years passed, when other kids grew out of it… I stuck with them. I talked before how important they’ve been to my life, and there’s no need to go into that again. But I’ve been hanging about the franchise and fandom for many years. (Kind of like Rung. I’ve always been there, but no one ever noticed. And I’m okay with that.) I’ve seen some awesome things in the fandom. The rise of creative talents… As well and the fall of creative talents. I’ve seen projects come that revolutionize the franchise, as well as projects that makes Dark of the Moon look like the Avengers.

So yeah, like all long running franchises, there’s been ups and downs.

My fandom has been changing a lot over the last couple of years, and really… For the best. It’s becoming more inclusive and more experimental, both conceptually and literally. While the toys have been lacking lately… And I suspect this is just an industry phase. That’ll upswing again in a few years… The creativity of the media, from the comics to the cartoons and video games have really been groundbreaking for a bunch of tie-in merchandises. (Movies leave quite a bit to be desired, but the upcoming future movies here kind of give a glimmer of hope here, with the Bay-influence being shifted out.)

Well, a couple years ago, Windblade was created by the fans during an online creation poll. As how a majority of the OC characters are female seekers, this shouldn’t have shocked anyone. The writer, Mairghread Scott, created this character that was, in my opinion, a breath of fresh air. She wasn’t an angry victim, or cold assassin, or even manic pixie girl… She was this flawed spokeswoman, who was in over her head, trying really hard to make the right choices and barely keeping her head above water as she sparred politically with one of the most conniving, underhanded, backstabbing, silver tongued bastards of modern fiction: Starscream.

But Mairghread Scott, had a lot of complaints thrown at her… And these complaints where… Well… Quite unjustified. Hell, one of the first times that she has a Q&A feedback from the fans, one of the first questions asked was “Does she put out?” (Seriously. That was asked.) And the same complaints we heard toward Furiosa, Rey, Ms. Marvel, CW’s Supergirl and all the others… Pretty much, Windblade got labeled a Mary Sue. Even though, nothing she’s done even comes close to matching the definition of one. Now granted, this is the literal example of a “vocal minority”, and Windblade, Ms. Scott and this new progressive attitude in Transformers isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And as one of the original fans, I’m quite good with this.

(Note: Not to be confused with the “Vocal Minority label lobbied at female readers all the time, which much like the labels thrown at Furiosa and the others, is also unjustified.)

So long story short, last week, when the comic over at Marvel, Mockingbird came to a conclusion. and the harassment of Chelsea Cain, I was reminded of the crap that Ms. Scott dealt with, and how some of those vocal people reacted to it all. And all of this over a t-shirt… Which had nothing to do with the comic itself. (Which was a comic about mer-corgis and relationships with ghost cowboys. Seriously, the comic was awesome and I’m gonna miss it!)

So when people were drawing images of various characters, wearing the now-infamous t-shirt… I wanted to join in support. I have a lot of creative friends who are women trying to make their place in comics, and I wanted to show that I stand with Ms. Cain, not just because it’s the right thing to do, not just because I never want those friends of mine to feel they’re alone against the world… But also because, this is something that’s getting frickin’ old.

And I thought “Windblade would be a perfect candidate to wear the shirt.” Ripped sleeves for her shoulders and everything. And there you go. :)

Start Again

Pairing: E2 Harrison Wells x Reader

Word Count: 4,184 (I’M SO SORRY!)

Anonymous: Any chance for an E2 Harrison Wells X Reader where he confesses his love but knows that it’d be complicated? (Can the reader also have fallen for him too?) I love your work!

A/N: YES THERE IS A CHANCE! I technically don’t take “one-shot requests” but I REALLY wanted to do this one. The way that E2-Harry is; I wanted to really play up all those little moments in between that would make your relationship. This was one of those requests that was SO simple and easy but SO complicated and heavy all at once and there was no way I could justify cramming into an imagine. This one struck me and it deserved expansion. It STILL isn’t even close to where I want it but it was getting so long… (Thank you for the compliment btw!) Enjoy and thank you for giving me the chance to bring your imagine to life! It was so much fun to write!

Warnings/Tags: Harrison is in a Dark Place, Some Language, Long Fiction and I’m SO Sorry, Grammatical Errors, Possible Age Gap (Depending on YOUR age,) You Help Harrison Open Up, Harrison is a Prickly Pear, Junk Food, Stick Figures, Harrison is Painfully Awkward with You… Until He’s Not, Harrison is Also Stupid-Cute, Angst, Heavy Make-Out Session.

Song Rec(s): Eyes Shut by Years & Years

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He wasn’t sure what is was like to be picture perfect but he knew he didn’t fit the description…

He supposed he used to know, back when he chased pretty girls and picket fences - wanted an ideal family - the kind that put the Cleavers to shame but that was before… Before all of this - before everything - before the lab, meta-humans, and Jesse. He’d long since forgotten what picture perfect looked like but he caught a glimpse - just a taste - the day you walked into the lab.

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It’s annoying how difficult it is to savior ‘doctor who’ because, you know, common words that do reasonably occur after one another. 

Also I think I thought Game of Thrones was off the air, or maybe I installed a new version of savior at some point, because it’s no longer on my blacklist.