anyone else think that lestrade was secretly very hurt by the fact he was not invited to join into john’s stag party and so when they woke up the next day after apparently not even lasting two hours he was secretly (guiltily) thrilled that he wouldn’t have liked going with them anyway? i just, the way he says ‘COUPLA LIGHTWEIGHTS’ with that devilish grin on his face makes me think he was pretty secretly hurt by them not wanting him to tag along but after he finds out they could barely last two hours of drinks he thinks 'oh thank god the best stag party that i never went to i would have had to take care of them’. 


Color of the Week: Sassafras Tea

Not just any brown, Home Decorators Collection in Sassafras Tea is a bohemian hue that is as snappy as its name. Whether used on an accent wall or painted throughout a room, the warm rich tones ground bold and pastel colors, which can be freely incorporated throughout. We love the color paired with powder blues or warm yellows. Now that’s sassy.


I step inside.

The door slams shut behind me but the Warner I find inside this room is not one I recognize at all. […] He’s wearing nothing but socks, a simple white T-shirt, and a pair of black slacks. His coat, his shoes, and his fancy shirt are all discarded on the ground. His body is toned and muscular and hardly contained by his undershirt; his hair is a blond mess, disheveled for what’s probably the first time in his life.

[…] I’ve forgotten how to breathe again.


“Do you have any idea,” he says, so quietly, “how many times I’ve read this?” He lifts his hand but not his head and holds up a small, faded rectangle between 2 fingers.

And I’m wondering how it’s possible to be punched in the gut by so many fists at the same time.

My notebook.

He’s holding my notebook.

Preference: He’s a Cop

Harry: You discreetly watch from across the room as Harry slams the door shut after him, unbuttoning his black uniform. He’s halfway finished when he kicks his shoes off, letting them bounce around on the floor. When he pulls his shirt out from being tucked underneath his pants, his eyes trail upward and he meets your stare. “You alright?” You ask, raising your eyebrows at him. A crooked smirk forms on Harry’s lips as he aggressively tugs his shirt off and tosses it to the ground, revealing his perfectly toned chest. His fingers fumble with the belt around his waist while he slowly crosses the room to you. “Not the best day on the job,” He says, before biting his lip and adding, “But I know you can turn my entire day around.”

Liam: You’re lounging on your couch, with a box of candy and a movie playing in front of you. With your feet resting up on the coffee table, you can’t think of a better way to spend your night alone. Just before you can get too hooked into the winding plot the movie, however, you’re interrupted by the doorbell. A groan leaves your mouth as you unravel yourself and make your way for the door, not overly keen on having any guests. Gripping the doorknob, you freeze in your spot when you swing the door open to be greeted by a very handsome officer. You’re not sure whether you should me amused or frightened. “Um…can I help you?” You hesitantly ask, letting your eyes trail down his trimmed figure. Standing with his hands on his hips, he says, “My name is Officer Liam Payne. I’m investigating an abuse incident that might have occurred next door. Is there anything you can tell me?” You shake your head, mumbling, “Uh, no. I’ve just been watching a movie. I haven’t heard anything. Is everything alright?” He softly smiles and tells you, “Everything’s fine, for now. Would you mind, uh, jotting down your phone number for me?”

Niall: “Touch me again,” You growl, glaring at the girl in front of you. You stand with your hands balled into fists at your sides, ready to defend yourself. “My fucking pleasure,” She barks back at you, before harshly slapping her hand across your face. Before you even have time to tend to the stinging sensation in your face, you step forward and throw your fist across her face. She gasps, ready to come at you again, but not before a pair of police officers break it up. While she’s dragged away by one cop, another has his muscular arm wrapped around you. He pulls you away from the scene, guiding you through the crowd. He backs you up to his car, and it isn’t until now that you get a good look at him. All of your anger floods right out of you as your eyes wander along his figure. He’s breathing heavily as his eyes drop to your lips. “Stay here,” He breathes before disappearing to talk with the other officer. You obediently stand with your back leaning against his car until he returns. “Alright, here’s the deal. I’m not gonna give you a ticket or anything, because you were only defending yourself, right?” You nod, breathing a sigh of relief, “Thank you so much, Officer.” He smirks and slips a piece of paper into your hands. You glance down to see his phone number and name scribbled across it. With a wink, he tells you, “You owe me.”

Louis: You’ve backed yourself in a corner, hugging yourself. You feel cold and afraid as you watch the scene unfold in front of you. You can’t even bring yourself to remember why you came to this party anyway, as you figured something like this would probably happen. You watch a beer bottle crash to the ground, followed by a roar of laughter. Your eyes catch a glimpse of the joint that’s being passed around. You cringe at the foul smell that fills your nose. You can feel yourself getting weaker and weaker as time passes until, almost miraculously, you hear a siren and see the red and blue lights flashing through the windows. Everyone inside scrambles to either hide or run out the back door, and seconds later a loud knock echoes through the house. You watch as an innocent-looking girl pulls the door open, trying her best to appear as if nothing is going on. You finally peel yourself from the corner just as the door opens further and the officer invites himself in. He takes one look around at the messy place, and he knows the girl’s lying. When his eyes land on you, he helps you outside and gives you a ride home, leaving his partner to deal with the situation back at the house. “Call me if you ever need anything,” He tells you, passing you his phone number. “I hate to see nice girls like you in trouble.”

Zayn: “Zayn,” You whisper into your phone, as your back hits the brick wall behind you. Your eyes dart around the dark alley, only lighted slightly by the streetlight on the corner. The pavement beneath you is slick with rain drops. “I don’t know where I am. I tried walking home and I got lost and - I’m scared,” Your panicked voice cracks as tears flood your eyes. “It’s okay, angel. I’m coming to get you right now. Can you find out what street you’re on?” Zayn speaks as he rises to his feet and guides himself through the police station. He’s leaving without permission, but you need him and this is very much an emergency that he feels he is obligated to tend to. “I don’t know,” You cry, “I’m - I’m in the alley by the bar.” Though you’ve barely given him a description, Zayn knows exactly where to find you. He’s able to get you home safely before anything can happen. One of the perks of being married to a cop - you always feel safe with him.

Another drawing inspired by Final Fantasy X. This time its a coloured pencil drawing alongside a watercolor wash. I find the wash helps the pencils take a bit of ground and tone rather than trying to fill the space with the pencils.
It was a little tricky to make a good composition for Ixion due to the size of that massive horn. Alot of my initial sketches I had felt the horn to be to distant from the rest of his body.  But I am quite happy with this final decision.

Artwork © to Holly Churchill (sofear)
Ixion © to Square-Enix (Final Fantasy x)

We’ve gotten a few new Daredevil details:

  • The character of Melvin Potter, a.k.a., The Gladiator, will play a large role in the series, and will function as the Kingpin’s weapons guy.
  • Leland Owsley, a.k.a. The Owl, will appear as Fisk’s financial advisor, played by Bob Gunton.
  • There will be other Marvel Universe characters involved.
  • Both Fisk and Murdock want to make Hell’s Kitchen a better place.
  • Matt’s abilities will be incredible, but grounded in reality. The tone of the show will be similar to that, akin to The Wire or Arrow.

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Such an amazing surprise.

No Spoilers

This is the superhero show we’ve been wanting. Not only did we finish the season in 2 days, but not once did we feel it was a chore to watch the next episode.

Simple, character driven, and unique.

The tone is grounded in reality much like Unbreakable, mixed with the grittiness the world of Daredevil brings. The rivalry between Jessica and Killgrave is as complex and dark as the battle between Joe Carroll and Ryan Hardy.

Oh yeah, there are superheroes too. The abilities play an incredibly huge part in this world, but yet it just seems natural. Like we accept it before we get to the first time they use them. Subtle goes a long way. The fresh take on the abilities that we have seen time and time again makes this universe seem new, yet we have been in Hell’s Kitchen before.

Although I was never a big fan of the B from apartment 23, I thought she did great on Breaking Bad. Krysten becomes Jessica and brings a few friends along with her. The entire cast deals with their own inner demons with some moving from dark to light and light to death. But they aren’t just set pieces. They are important parts of this world and we can’t wait to see what becomes of them in season 2.

So now we come to Killgrave. Not only does this man cease being The Doctor, and David Tennant, but he creates a villain that you just find hard to root against because you get to see all the motivation behind his destruction. Then you hate him. Then you love him. So happy Tennant got to show a wider audience what kind of range he truly has.

With the success of the CW crossovers hopefully Netflix will keep building their own universe and keep giving us that darker edge that has been missing from other Marvel shows.

Now we wait till season 2.

And another one off the bench! This ‘64 Fender Jazzmaster had dire need of an electronics inspection as everything worked fine when the pickguard was off, but installation caused everything to ground out. A crooked tone pot was the major culprit, but I also lined a few problem areas with electrical tape for an extra measure of insurance, namely at the input jack and the switch. Loud, throaty and difficult to put down, this one. #guitar #vintage #fender #jazzmaster #offsetguitars #1964 #yes #seattle #guitartech (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)

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