Don’t Tell Nobody ((Scott)) 2

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The sun peaked in through the window, illuminating the cream colored bedroom.  

Scott shuffled in bed wrapping himself around you, only you weren’t bed.  
His eyes fluttered open as he felt the cold spot.  
He used his keen ears to listen to his surroundings.  
A hiss sound of the shower being turned off, the crumpling sound of the shower curtain opening, wet feet planted onto the ground, and the sweet tone of your voice as you sung softly.  

Scott put his hands on the back of his neck and sighed.  
Last night was truly amazing.  
He got the girl that he wanted for so long.  
Although, under unorthodox circumstances, he was happy.  
The mere thought of your smile makes him smile even wider.  
But when he remembers your naked body, his breath hitches and he’s a little boy again.  
“Am I interrupting your thoughts?”
Scott looked up to see you leaning against the doorway in boy shorts and an oversized shirt.  
He plastered an innocent smile on his face even when he thought about all the dirty things he could do to you.  
You giggled as you ran toward the bed and tackled Scott.  
“I’m not going to school today”
Scott lifted her chin so he could meet her eyes.  
“So what do you want to do then? ”
She shrugged her shoulders.  
“Bake goods? I haven’t made anything in a long time”
Scott thought about for a minute and realized the only thing they have in the house is pasta, leftover pizza, and hot pockets.  
“We don’t have anything to make goods with”
“So we’ll go to my place, problem solved”
You guys grabbed your things and headed straight to your house

Scott’s pov  

“Three teaspoons of sugar”
We decided to go with cookies and cupcakes.  
Mixed together because why not?  
“Now stir it”
While I stirred I couldn’t help but notice her staring at me.  
I looked at her and smiled.  
I couldn’t read her chemo signals because her emotions were so jumbled.  
“You’re not thinking of him, are you? ”
She tucked her hair behind her ear and looked down at the floor.  
After a while she looked back up to me.
“Yeah, but not in the way you think. I’m thinking, why didn’t I do this earlier? Why didn’t I choose you?”
The statement made me smile with glee.  
I pecked her on the lips and give her an Eskimo kiss.  
“Well you chose me now, so no need to think about it anymore”
“I know”

The cupcakes came out good.  
I grabbed the icing from a cabinet and we started decorating.  
She put whip cream on hers and I put buttermilk icing on mine.  
I fed her one and watched the crumbles fall onto her clothes.  
Why was this girl so gorgeous?  
The pieces of Oreo on her lips looked tempting.
It was scattered but pronounced every dip and curve.  
“I dare you to lick icing off your finger”
“You’re not very good at dares”
I picked up the icing and dug my hand in it.
I preceded to lick off all the icing on my hand except the pointer finger.  
Y/N stopped me and brought her lips closer to my finger.  
She slowly slid the whole finger in her mouth all while making eye contact with me.  
She looked down when she started to Bob her head up and down.  
The strange behavior revved me up.  
It brought chills all the way down to my spine.  
I could just feel all the blood being drained from my brain.  
She stopped and smiled at me.  
The next thing I know, flour enters my mouth and the evidence of it being thrown was on her hands.  
Oh it was war.  
I picked up a bowl of flour and tossed it on her.  
Y/N cheated by squirting icing all over me.  
I couldn’t think of what to do next, so I put a handful of whip cream on my hands and slapped her face, gently, with it.  
We laughed for a while at how ridiculous we looked.
Don’t know why, but seeing her all dirty, turned me on.  
I kissed her the same way I kissed her last night.
With desire and a hint of sexual lust.
Y/N wrapped her arms around my neck and jumped up so she could wrap her legs around my waist.
“Fuck me in the shower, Scott”
I gulped and dove for the stairs.
Derek was right, the bite is a gift.
Had I still have my asthma, there would be no way I could carry us both to her bathroom.

Liam’s POV

The steam in the locker room encaptured a large variety of scents.
Stinky socks, gilette shaving cream, axe body spray, worn shoes, and guys.
I stood in front of my locker and checked my phone again.
Y/N hasn’t texted me since last night.
She always sends me a morning text if I don’t send her one.
What’s worse is that she wasn’t at our spot waiting for me like she usually does.
Was I worried? Just a little bit.
I know that if anything bad happened to her, I would be the first she’d call.
She probably just slept in.
A ding went off and I looked at my phone.

Hayden: Last night was great, we should do it again
Liam: Yeah, but we should lay low, Y/N’s been on my back lately
Hayden: I thought you said you were going to break up with her  
Liam: I told you, I’m not going to do that
Hayden: You need to choose Liam, me or that bitch

I couldn’t even text back.
I clutched the phone and in my anger, my eyes began to glow.
Hayden had no right to call her that.
Y/N is my first love, why would I leave her for Hayden?
Sure the sex was great, but that was it.
I love her.
I don’t think I would be able to even function without Y/N.
The bell interrupted my thoughts, pulling me back to the present.
I shoved on a pullover jacket and slung my backpack over my shoulder.

At lunch I sat with the regular crew.
They talked about the deadpool and other suspects.
I pulled out my phone and started texting her.

“Babe, where are you? I miss you here at school”
“Is my little cupcake ((I couldn’t resist)) upset with me? I’m sorry for not calling you back”
“Baabbee, don’t ignore me”

“I wonder where Y/N got that top”.
My head snapped up from my phone, finally listening to the conversation.

Liam: What top?
Lydia: The one she was wearing last night
Liam: Last night? Y/N was at the party?
Stiles: Yeah, didn’t you see her?
Liam: No I thought she stayed home
Lydia: No, I picked her up and we got the house ready for the party
Mason: What’s going on between you two?
Liam: What do you mean?
Stiles: Well let’s see, yesterday she was so distant that she didn’t even eat lunch, she barely paid attention in class, and Lydia had to talk her out of her gloomy trance
Liam: I don’t know, we didn’t get into a fight
Lydia: Well you did something
Liam: Who’d she leave with?
Mason: Scott
Liam: And where is Scott?
Stiles: Home, he said he didn’t feel too good
Liam: Oh, I’ll see you guys later, I have to go see if Y/N’s alright

Before going over to Y/N’s house, I went to Scott’s place.
Melissa opened the door and gretted him with a smile.

Melissa: Liam, what are you doing here?
Liam: I just wanted to talk to Scott
Melissa: Uh, Scott’s not here
Liam: Are you sure? Stiles told me he was
Melissa: Maybe he was just playing a joke on you, I haven’t seen him since yesterday, is everything okay?
Liam: Yeah, maybe you’re right. I think Stiles is just playing around
Melissa: Okay, bye Liam
Liam: Bye Mrs. McCall

He wasn’t home?
That’s weird.
Why would Stiles lie to me?
Whatever, I’ll deal with him later, I have to go talk to Y/N.
I saw Scott’s motorcycle parked in her driveway.
Scott’s here?  
But why would he come over to see Y/N?
I used the second key that was hidden in the fake rock near the plants to get inside the house.
A strong aroma of freshly baked cupcakes permeated the household.
I walked into the kitchen to find it a complete mess.
Flour, whip cream, and frosting was on the floor and on the counter.
It was faint but as I walked near the stairs I could smell Scott and Y/N.
Using my acute hearing, I listened for any sounds.
I could hear the water in the shower running, squeaky tiles, and I swear I heard a moan.
My heart began to race as I continued up the stairs.
I could clearly hear the sound of slapping skin, her silky moans, and a guy’s strained moan.
My body froze as well as my heart.
Scott’s motorcycle is in the driveway, I can smell him, and there’s a man in the shower with her.
The shower turned off and I could hear the glass door open.

~Third Person View~

Y/N stepped out of the bathroom with Scott and giggled.
“Give me back my towel”
“Why? I’ve already seen you naked”

Liam bursts into the room with teary eyes.
It’s true, she slept with Scott.
“How could, how could you?!”
Scott gave Y/N back her towel and allowed her to wrap herself up.
Liam grabbed his chest as his breathing became erratic.
The love of his life was just caught having sex with his Alpha.
The same Alpha who told him to find an anchor; his purpose of living.
The wolf inside him was furious.
His fingernails extended into claws, his facial hair popped out sporadically, his eyes shone brighter than it ever did, and the adrenaline coursing through his veins made him angrier.
He wanted to kill him.
Scott told you to get out because he didn’t want you to see him wolf out.
You closed the door behind you and waited in the hallway. 

“Liam, calm down”
“Calm down?! You just fucked the love of my life!”
Liam threw a desk chair at him then lunged for Scott.
Scott dodged both the chair and Liam and went to a corner in the room.
“She found out about Hayden. She saw you guys having sex”
Liam let out a loud growl and pushed Scott up against the wall.
Scott’s eyes turned red as he kicked him back.
“Don’t make me hurt you Liam!”
“You already did!”
Liam deeply scratched Scott’s face making Scott throw him against the door.
The door broke upon impact, sending Liam to hit the wall in the hallway.
Scott picked him up by the shirt to punch him in face only to have Liam retaliate.
The two fought for a while, destroying vases, picture frames, doors, walls, and the floor.
Y/N tried to break up the fight.
She took a step towards them but a hand covered her mouth and she was dragged into a room.
Luckily she was able to scream before being knocked unconsciuos.
Liam and Scott both halted immeadiately.
Liam widedned his eyes and called for Y/N.
When he heard no anser he looked back at Scott.
The two ran into her mom’s room and saw that the window was opened and a piece of paper was left on the floor.
Scott looked around the room while Liam read the note.
“She’s not here”
Scott looked at a crying Liam.
“What, what did it say?”
Liam handed Scott the note.
He braced himself for what he was about to read. 

Y/N Y/L/N  

Scott: I don’t get it
Liam: What don’t you get?! It’s the deadpool Scott!
Scott: But she’s not –
Mrs. Y/M/N: Yes she is   [Your Mom’s Name]
Liam: Mrs. Y/M/N, I –
Mrs. Y/M/N: Not now Liam. Those bastards have my daughter and we need to get her back before they kill her
Scott: I still don’t understand, why would the deadpool want Y/N?
Mrs. Y/M/N: *sighs*Because, she’s a werewolf 

I could not resist!!! Plot twist on the biggie! 40 likes and I’ll write part 3

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Walton & Page + While driving or in/around a car

“I’m going to burn this city. Burn it to the ground.”

The tone of his voice was calm, but like the blue ocean on this yellow, sunny day it held an undercurrent that dragged a sigh from Walton Simons, whom sat bored in the driver’s seat an arm’s length away. He, too, hated traffic, but he was taking the delay with a far better stride than Bob Page. The man in question fidgets and tugs on his seat belt like an irrate child and not like the rising star he was groomed to be. “I, too, am not fond of L.A.” he confesses dryly, looking out over the rows of red taillights. “It is an incredibly inefficient city.”

The younger man gives a snort and stretches out his legs. “Inefficient. More like a fucking embarrassment,“ he huffs, rolling up his window just before a rattling bus with questionable emission results slowly rattles on by. A fury bubbles up in his predatorial eyes as his already dismal view of the metropolis is obstructed by a plume of burnt oil and gas. He shakes his head and curls his hand into a fist upon the center console he leaned against. "Gangs, droughts, bankruptcy, polution - this infuriating traffic !” Carelessly, he slams his palm down making Walton flinch off his lean in anticipation of a fight. “I’ll burn it all!”

“Jesus Christ,” the older man curses as a whisper, straightening himself up so both of his hands held on to the steering wheel. A frown dresses his face, for his indifferent mood was now sullied by the Illuminati heir’s violent outburst. Sometimes he wished they had maintained a strictly professional relation instead of one that bordered on friendly familiarity. It might have made the mogul less inclined to lose himself to rage in front of him.

Or not. He had heard whispers of Page’s temper from Versalife employees and once had to silence a frightened custodian whom threatened a harassment charge when he left a bruise upon her with a paperweight.

The man shrugs his shoulders and lifts his foot off the brakes as traffic makes another crawl forward. He was not immune to rage, he knows, but he tried to be more…productive with it.

A sigh now escapes Page’s lips. He looks calmer now that the cars moved, but the twitching at his jaw betrayed a lingering anger. Red eyes roll back into closing eyelids. If Walton listened close enough he might have been able to make out the entrepreneur’s soft countdown, a trick recommended by his therapist, but the rumbling of wheels on the highway drowned out his trembling voice.

After a moment of silence, Page reopens them. His voice no longer carries a growl but returns to its normal, sharp pitch. “Yes, I shall burn it. I’ll burn this state, this country, maybe the entire world,” he muses softly, his perfectly manicured fingers now tapping an off-kilter beat at his armrest. “Start anew with only the worthy to survive.” He nods to Walton to reassure the Illuminatus that he would be one of them.“

"A forest fire,” the agent suggests, finally pressing down on the gas.

Page ponders the words carefully. He appreciates the idea, but, as always, he replies with something of his own. “No,” he grins. “A plague. The world was born anew through one once, and it shall occur again.”

@bexslynch continued from here.

Leaning in as Becky’s excitement was beaming, Alexa was mere inches from her lips. “Yes, really.” She whispered the words against the Irish woman’s lips as her own bottom lip now twitched with intensity. A second passed and now their lips were pressed against one another and the funny part of it was the fact that this was all happening backstage, behind a crate, and in a darkened bit of the hall. As much as Alexa hated Becky, she might’ve craved her just as much.
What a twisted web we weave…

It hadn’t even been a solid 10 seconds before Alexa pulled away, shaking her head as her eyes shot to the ground, the tone in her voice still low, almost inaudible, “Now that that’s over with, we will never speak of this again. Do you understand me?” It pained her to say it, but Alexa couldn’t bring herself to actually say that she wanted Becky. She’d never say it. Ever.

notxaxpuppet replied to your post: “So I heard you used to be a materia master?”

“I was an infantryman in Shinra when you up and took off, so I heard about your master status back then, also we met once, outside of Nibelheim’s reactor right before Sephiroth went insane and burned the town to the ground,” Cloud said, tone rather even as he spoke, “Reeve Tuesti mentioned you were still alive, so I figured I’d seek you out.” He was curious about the redhead, being, well, not quite a master, but still rather skilled in materia himself.

“Is that so?” Genesis said quietly, his back straightening as he turned to look at the blonde. “In that case I am all the more surprised you and Tuesti survived everything I understand has happened since then. And here I had believed I may be able to remain under the radar for a time…no matter, what was your purpose for finding me then, if I may ask?”

Preference: He’s a Cop

Harry: You discreetly watch from across the room as Harry slams the door shut after him, unbuttoning his black uniform. He’s halfway finished when he kicks his shoes off, letting them bounce around on the floor. When he pulls his shirt out from being tucked underneath his pants, his eyes trail upward and he meets your stare. “You alright?” You ask, raising your eyebrows at him. A crooked smirk forms on Harry’s lips as he aggressively tugs his shirt off and tosses it to the ground, revealing his perfectly toned chest. His fingers fumble with the belt around his waist while he slowly crosses the room to you. “Not the best day on the job,” He says, before biting his lip and adding, “But I know you can turn my entire day around.”

Liam: You’re lounging on your couch, with a box of candy and a movie playing in front of you. With your feet resting up on the coffee table, you can’t think of a better way to spend your night alone. Just before you can get too hooked into the winding plot the movie, however, you’re interrupted by the doorbell. A groan leaves your mouth as you unravel yourself and make your way for the door, not overly keen on having any guests. Gripping the doorknob, you freeze in your spot when you swing the door open to be greeted by a very handsome officer. You’re not sure whether you should me amused or frightened. “Um…can I help you?” You hesitantly ask, letting your eyes trail down his trimmed figure. Standing with his hands on his hips, he says, “My name is Officer Liam Payne. I’m investigating an abuse incident that might have occurred next door. Is there anything you can tell me?” You shake your head, mumbling, “Uh, no. I’ve just been watching a movie. I haven’t heard anything. Is everything alright?” He softly smiles and tells you, “Everything’s fine, for now. Would you mind, uh, jotting down your phone number for me?”

Niall: “Touch me again,” You growl, glaring at the girl in front of you. You stand with your hands balled into fists at your sides, ready to defend yourself. “My fucking pleasure,” She barks back at you, before harshly slapping her hand across your face. Before you even have time to tend to the stinging sensation in your face, you step forward and throw your fist across her face. She gasps, ready to come at you again, but not before a pair of police officers break it up. While she’s dragged away by one cop, another has his muscular arm wrapped around you. He pulls you away from the scene, guiding you through the crowd. He backs you up to his car, and it isn’t until now that you get a good look at him. All of your anger floods right out of you as your eyes wander along his figure. He’s breathing heavily as his eyes drop to your lips. “Stay here,” He breathes before disappearing to talk with the other officer. You obediently stand with your back leaning against his car until he returns. “Alright, here’s the deal. I’m not gonna give you a ticket or anything, because you were only defending yourself, right?” You nod, breathing a sigh of relief, “Thank you so much, Officer.” He smirks and slips a piece of paper into your hands. You glance down to see his phone number and name scribbled across it. With a wink, he tells you, “You owe me.”

Louis: You’ve backed yourself in a corner, hugging yourself. You feel cold and afraid as you watch the scene unfold in front of you. You can’t even bring yourself to remember why you came to this party anyway, as you figured something like this would probably happen. You watch a beer bottle crash to the ground, followed by a roar of laughter. Your eyes catch a glimpse of the joint that’s being passed around. You cringe at the foul smell that fills your nose. You can feel yourself getting weaker and weaker as time passes until, almost miraculously, you hear a siren and see the red and blue lights flashing through the windows. Everyone inside scrambles to either hide or run out the back door, and seconds later a loud knock echoes through the house. You watch as an innocent-looking girl pulls the door open, trying her best to appear as if nothing is going on. You finally peel yourself from the corner just as the door opens further and the officer invites himself in. He takes one look around at the messy place, and he knows the girl’s lying. When his eyes land on you, he helps you outside and gives you a ride home, leaving his partner to deal with the situation back at the house. “Call me if you ever need anything,” He tells you, passing you his phone number. “I hate to see nice girls like you in trouble.”

Zayn: “Zayn,” You whisper into your phone, as your back hits the brick wall behind you. Your eyes dart around the dark alley, only lighted slightly by the streetlight on the corner. The pavement beneath you is slick with rain drops. “I don’t know where I am. I tried walking home and I got lost and - I’m scared,” Your panicked voice cracks as tears flood your eyes. “It’s okay, angel. I’m coming to get you right now. Can you find out what street you’re on?” Zayn speaks as he rises to his feet and guides himself through the police station. He’s leaving without permission, but you need him and this is very much an emergency that he feels he is obligated to tend to. “I don’t know,” You cry, “I’m - I’m in the alley by the bar.” Though you’ve barely given him a description, Zayn knows exactly where to find you. He’s able to get you home safely before anything can happen. One of the perks of being married to a cop - you always feel safe with him.

Such an amazing surprise.

No Spoilers

This is the superhero show we’ve been wanting. Not only did we finish the season in 2 days, but not once did we feel it was a chore to watch the next episode.

Simple, character driven, and unique.

The tone is grounded in reality much like Unbreakable, mixed with the grittiness the world of Daredevil brings. The rivalry between Jessica and Killgrave is as complex and dark as the battle between Joe Carroll and Ryan Hardy.

Oh yeah, there are superheroes too. The abilities play an incredibly huge part in this world, but yet it just seems natural. Like we accept it before we get to the first time they use them. Subtle goes a long way. The fresh take on the abilities that we have seen time and time again makes this universe seem new, yet we have been in Hell’s Kitchen before.

Although I was never a big fan of the B from apartment 23, I thought she did great on Breaking Bad. Krysten becomes Jessica and brings a few friends along with her. The entire cast deals with their own inner demons with some moving from dark to light and light to death. But they aren’t just set pieces. They are important parts of this world and we can’t wait to see what becomes of them in season 2.

So now we come to Killgrave. Not only does this man cease being The Doctor, and David Tennant, but he creates a villain that you just find hard to root against because you get to see all the motivation behind his destruction. Then you hate him. Then you love him. So happy Tennant got to show a wider audience what kind of range he truly has.

With the success of the CW crossovers hopefully Netflix will keep building their own universe and keep giving us that darker edge that has been missing from other Marvel shows.

Now we wait till season 2.