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List ten ideas for writings you’ve had. I’m going with specific premises instead of themes, because usually I figure out the themes after I’ve written the thing. Tagged by @jltillary. (I have a bunch of info for some of these, but I’ll try to keep each one as short as possible.)

1. The multiverse functions as an multi-cellular organism. (Sci Fi WIP titled The Death Signal.)

2. Magic as other dimensional micro-organisms dwelling in people’s souls.

3. Volcanic steampunk society refuses to enter the cursed jungle until the latest eruption brings up an ancient horror from below ground.

4. Monster hunter joins a fishing voyage to go after a famous sea creature only to find that the ship’s crew are merfolk. (Romance ensures. romance and horror, probably.)

5. Jolly good chap with a top hat, a sweet tooth, and a Dark Side ™ fights chronic depression while brokering peace between the members of his magical adoptive family. (This is Kleos’ dad btw. He’s my bby.)

6. Something with a demon. (Not the scary kind or the hot fallen angel kind, but the kind who’s stuck with you since birth and complains about your fashion sense and scares away all your crushes.)

7. Alien “dystonia” with layered cities and intergalactic slave trade. 

8. Two young geniuses in an arranged marriage fight with each other until they realize they could be working together to fight their families instead.

9. Two societies fight over technology, reverse engineering and killing each other’s scientists until a mutual enemy forces them to work together.

10. Basically smart people work together to be even smarter, facing genius mastermind villains. 

Bonus round: 11. A satirical book written in the style of Douglas Adams with a villainous character named Dark Lord as the protagonist. And everything would be 150% cliches and over dramatized tropes, and the Dark Lord’s sidekick would be the only competent character. And in the end, Dark Lord would defeat the heroes because the heroes would get distracted arguing with each other over who has the most Edgy Traumatic Backstory ™. (Co-authored by @time-to-write-and-suffer.)

Tagging a bunch of people, and if you feel like you want to do this in some capacity, go for it. Otherwise, no worries.

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@plushchimera replied to your post “26, 27 for Song Beng, cuz I want to know more! ╰(✧∇✧╰)”

now I’m curious, what did she think about Zen’s home? c:

She doesn’t like very much that it is partially below ground. She enjoys the sun coming in from the windows, which is hard enough to happen in concrete jungles like all the cities she’s lived in, so him deliberately choosing a place that can’t get any sun isn’t ideal. Also, watching feet through the windows?? Weird…

The good points are that Zen’s got a more modern decoration and well, he lives alone as opposed to her situation. After the incident at Rika’s apartment, Beng doesn’t like staying there, so when the two of them spend the night together it’s usually at Zen’s.

When they get married, she convinces him that an above ground home is better to start a family xD

can you imagine how many things mom lalonde would confess that rose would just brush off as a joke tho

cause really

There’s an amusement park in Transylvania that’s 400 feet below ground. 

Photos: Shutterstock/RossHelen/RaduBerean

Photo: Cristian Bortes

This converted salt mine in Turda, Romania is one of the world’s oldest, having been mentioned as early as 1075.

Photos: Cristian Bortes / Enrico Strocchi

Photos: Cristian Bortes

The man-made cavern is always 54 degrees with 80% humidity, and is relatively free of allergens and bacteria.

Photos: Cristian Bortes

It was a working mine starting in the 17th century until it became a cheese storage facility and a bomb shelter in 1932.

Photo: someone10x

60 years later, it was transformed into a magical underground amusement park.

Photo: Salina Turda

Photo: someone10x

Visitors can go bowling, ride on a Ferris wheel, row around the indoor lake, or play mini golf, ping pong, and basketball.

Photo: someone10x

Source   Source 2
Bizarre ant colony discovered in an abandoned Polish nuclear weapons bunker
Scientists describe workers trapped for years in "a hostile environment in total darkness."

For the past several years, a group of researchers has been observing a seemingly impossible wood ant colony living in an abandoned nuclear weapons bunker in Templewo, Poland, near the German border. Completely isolated from the outside world, these members of the species Formica polyctena have created an ant society unlike anything we’ve seen before.

The Soviets built the bunker during the Cold War to store nuclear weapons, sinking it below ground and planting trees on top as camouflage. Eventually a massive colony of wood ants took up residence in the soil over the bunker. There was just one problem: the ants built their nest directly over a vertical ventilation pipe. When the metal covering on the pipe finally rusted away, it left a dangerous, open hole. Every year when the nest expands, thousands of worker ants fall down the pipe and cannot climb back out. The survivors have nevertheless carried on for years underground, building a nest from soil and maintaining it in typical wood ant fashion. Except, of course, that this situation is far from normal.

Polish Academy of Sciences zoologist Wojciech Czechowski and his colleagues discovered the nest after a group of other zoologists found that bats were living in the bunker. Though it was technically not legal to go inside, the bat researchers figured out a way to squeeze into the small, confined space and observe the animals inside. Czechowski’s team followed suit when they heard that the place was swarming with ants. What they found, over two seasons of observation, was a group of almost a million worker ants whose lives are so strange that they hesitate to call them a “colony” in the observations they just published in The Journal of Hymenoptera.

Because conditions in the bunker are so harsh, constantly cold, and mostly barren, the ants seem to live in a state of near-starvation. They produce no queens, no males, and no offspring. The massive group tending the nest is entirely composed of non-reproductive female workers, supplemented every year by a new rain of unfortunate ants falling down the ventilation shaft.

Journal of Hymenoptera Research, 2016. DOI: 10.3897/jhr.51.9096

If you see a geyser just as it’s about to erupt, it might look like some sort of alien egg is about to hatch from the earth. As the super-heated water below ground turns immediately to steam, bubbles rise and pressure builds- but for a split second before the geyser erupts, you can often see a giant bubble that catches the light as it forms over the fissure. Source Source 2


There is so much beauty on a face held by shoulders already heavy with the weight on the world. You have a good mix of pessimism and optimism giving you a realistic approach to life. But real is hard to pill to swallow and it can cause a lot of your advice and warnings to be unheard by those your’e trying to protect.. Your realistic intuition allows you to feel the ground below crumbling before it happens. You know when it’s time to move on or to act before things get worse.

aries//it’s okay to fall sometimes because everyone has their weaknesses, put your whole self out there for everyone even if all they have to give you is rejection

taurus//you’re always there, counted on like the ground below us waiting for us when we come back to you, try not to feel used even when all you get is everyone’s lows

gemini//trying to unlock the world’s mysteries one at a time, sometimes the good things in life have to be treasured, or else one day you’ll find yourself wishing you could come back

cancer//everyone is trying to hurt you but maybe you should try to find a world out there beyond the motives, somewhere where you can live without constantly watching your back

leo//you’re always up up up living life on top but the benefits of knowing when to stand on the sidelines will help you so much more than always being in the front

virgo//remembering all the mistakes you made in the past isn’t helping you now, it only stops you from achieving what you want because sometimes the benefit is worth the risk

libra//even though it doesn’t seem that important, taking time for yourself is key, you don’t have to always be there for everyone who needs you every time, your time is important too

scorpio//compassion changes your whole view, take a look at how other people see things and a new perspective can make you think twice before acting harshly

sagittarius//you have the passion, but figuring out what you want is just as important, mixed messages to those around you hurts not only them but it hurts you too

capricorn//sometimes forgetting things and people is better, they’re not in your life for a reason so you should stop forcing yourself to keep replaying things from the past

aquarius//people aren’t always what they seem, take the time to know them inside and out before you deem them worthy of unworthy of your time, they may end up surprising you

pisces//don’t be afraid to reach out, people are a lot more scared and insecure than they’re willing to admit, don’t let them fool you they want you just as much as you want them

—  “advice for the signs this upcoming year”

the egyptians mined down and carved the pyramids out of the earth below ground and then when they were done they leveled out the rest of the ground around the area using a combination of water and dynamite so it would appear that they had built them above ground


Joanneumsviertel  Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos

“The Joanneumsviertel of Graz is comprised of three buildings from different periods and with different functions that up to now have had their backs turned toward one another and faced a residual rear courtyard: the Museum of Natural History from the eighteenth century; the Regional Library of Styria; and the New Gallery of Contemporary Art, built at the end of the nineteenth century. Addressing each of these organisms belonging to the same institution, the project emerged from the need to endow the complex with a common means of access, welcoming spaces, a conference hall, reading areas and services, along with a lower level for archives and storage. Instead of giving in to the temptation of developing an iconic intervention, as has often happened in recent museum expansions, however, the project offered a unique opportunity to carry out an at once urban and architectural transformation. Whereas the historic center of Graz is known for its expressive “roofscape,” our proposal developed entirely below ground: we simply defined a new pavement that, like a large carpet, takes up the entire exterior space between the buildings and conceals below ground those spaces housing the required program.”

I love sports bras and ponytails. I love wet hair and short breath. I love singing louder than everyone else in the car. I love laughing uncontrollably and unashamed. I love making faces and waving at babies and kissing dogs. I love walking in the rain. I love spontaneous adventures and the lights of the city at night. I love late mornings and chamomile tea and fuzzy socks. I love running- I love when it feels like your lungs are going to explode and your head is light and your feet slap the ground below you and the rush that comes as soon as you stop and look at the distance you have come. Alive. I love feeling comfortable in being. In existing. I love waking up and looking in the mirror, with no makeup and yesterdays hair, and being okay with what I see. It has taken me years to begin to like that girl in the glass. But I am finally starting to hope that she will stay.
—  Lessons of 2015
Hades and Persephone

Okay okay okay so he’s everything below the ground and she’s the flowers. His love nurtures her (like the soil), while she provides structure and helps take away the sadness (like roots filtering toxins and buildup). What a beautiful metaphor for a loving marriage. 

I see this quiet, serious man who cares so much about his job and is absolutely invested in everyone that he is charged with. And at the end of the day he comes home to this wife who loves him so much, so unconditionally, not in spite of his seriousness but because of it. Because he’s loving and complex and carries the weight of literally billions of souls. And she hugs him and smiles and kisses him and makes everything bright and colorful and she represents everything that is beautiful in the world.

Free the Honey Bee!

There is a common misconception going around that honey bees are essential to our plants.  There are plants that require pollinators, like many fruit trees, but pollination isn’t a honey bee monopoly.  Many insects pollinate and many plants require no pollination whatsoever or their pollination is achieved by wind.  

Entomophily or insect pollination covers 1000s of species of insects that pollinate, flies, moths, butterflies, ants, etc & over 20,000 types of bees!  We don’t need to enslave the honey bee & the world isn’t coming to an end w/o beekeepers.  

Typical crop plants that do not require pollination;

All leafy greens • Brassicas: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and kohlrabi • 

Below ground root veggies and tubers such as carrots, parsnips, salsify, potatoes, sweet potatoes, horseradish • 

Ground level root veggies such as beets, turnips, rutabagas 

Most legumes including peas and beans • Corn—like other wind pollinated veggies, giving them a little shake helps distribute the pollen. • 

Herbs, like the lemon balm pictured • Celery • Onions and leeks
And many crops are wind pollinated & can be pollinated by hand, like squashes, tomatoes - eggplants & peppers.

Bees & all the pollinators play roles in Cucumbers • Melons and watermelons • Berries • Tree fruits.

So while I appreciate the honey bee, his 19,000+ bee cousins do a fine job, too, without some industry stealing their hard work & monocroping bees so the single species we encourage, because we can bank off its honey, crowds out the rest of the pollinators & hurts the ecosystem by not having a diversified group of pollinators. I am thankful for all the Entomophily that help pollinate the melons & fruit in my garden, but I do just fine without honey bee keepers.  There are many ways to encourage pollinators in your garden & plenty of helpful bees to create habitats for that don’t produce honey.

I suspect the general population is so out of touch on the issue because so few people grow anything any more & we have a few mega industries producing all the food.  

So of course save the bees, but don’t be deluded into thinking honey is essential, its just the industry covering up the fact they screwed up and breed only one type of bee, just like when Ireland only took one type of potato, we are lacking BEEVERSITY!  If all the bees die its the beekeepers fault for not having a diversified business of pollinators & only going after short term profits vs long term strength through diversity.  

You can learn a little bit more about “bee stock” and how not native the honey bee is & imagine how many native pollinators they have decimated. 


Black Fairy Egg Nest by Julia Sinelnikova 

Black Fairy Egg Nest feels like a secret den where winged creatures could emerge at any moment. The primary piece hovering overhead is a nest of hand cut resin light sculptures dripping into the exhibition space. A pregnant mass leaks thin glowing strands and dark stones dangle towards the ground below.

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There’s gonna be no more Allison.

Chris is going to have to bury his own kid.

Lydia lost her best friend.

Scott lost his first love.

Isaac lost one of the only girls who cared about him.

Chris and Allison can’t have bonding moments about weapons. They can’t talk about Victoria. Never again. He’s going to have to place his lifeless daughter six feet below the ground. Just like he did with his wife.

Lydia isn’t going to have a shopping buddy anymore. She isn’t going to have a friend to go to for advice. She doesn’t have a best friend anymore.

Scott lost the girl who loved him. The girl who probably took his first kiss. The girl who was his first time. The girl who believed in him. The girl who told him “I love you.” Before dying. Before she even said she loved her father.

Isaac lost a the first girl to care about him since Erica. He lost the first person to love him since his father.

We lost Allison. The girl who was unbelievably sweet. The girl who was unafraid. The girl who was actually scared shitless, but put on a brave face and kicked ass. We lost one of the strongest characters.