ground walnuts

kikihhd  asked:

Hi!! I love eating healthy and being healthy. Should you eat more during your period? Just curious if its a thing. I get hungrier during that time and i actually indulge a lot in chocolate mostly. Dark chocolate or just chocolate milk.

When you feel more hungry during your period then eat more! Probably you are craving chocolate because you don’t eat enough calories or not enough healthy fats. I wouldn’t recommend chocolate as a fat source. So maybe you could try to eat more! And if you need to eat more fat you could eat ground flaxseeds, brazil nuts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, Chia seeds or hemp seeds. I just mix them into my oatmeal or muesli :)


Blueberry flax wildway hot cereal 🍇🍲

This taste like coconut oatmeal with a hint of blueberry. It taste good sprinkled on top of fruit/oatmeal, and also cooked with hot water (which makes the flavor stronger)

The texture is both chewy and flour-y, perfect for sprinkling. With hot water, it becomes thinner and smoother.

Overall I enjoy this unique combination of flavor, but I wish the blueberry is stronger. The ingredients are also all non processed- ground flaxseed, walnuts, cashews, coconut flour, dried dates, freeze-dried blueberries, and vanilla bean!