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Sometimes I just want my gays happy and kissing in dramatic lighting. It is all I need.

If Yall haven’t already read it, @littlefists Tuckington fic Put my Guns in the Ground it sooooooooo great and gives me a lot of feelings for these two, especially the last two chapters. Read it read it read it.  

(P.s. Yall can see wash’s dimple, congrats)


So I was sharing some Malec headcanons with @f-f-f-fight and I mentioned an idea I had with regards Magnus’ magic. He loved it. I wrote it. And he did these beautiful art for it. They’re stunning aren’t they? Thank you Seph!!!! I still have every intention of framing them. Just so you know ;).


“Alec! Duck!”

He heard the shout and dropped low, body acting without conscious thought, his mind narrowed on the urgent call in Jace’s voice. The air above his head sang with the glide of the Seraph blade flying through the air and then he heard a thud.

The circle member’s body had barely dropped before Alec was yanking out the blade from the gaping hole the blade had made in the middle of the man’s forehead.

He nodded at Jace who nodded back at him and went back to hacking away at circle members and demons alike, his blonde hair glinting in the moonlight in a way that made Alec spin on his feet, heart suddenly beating hard, eyes searching for the glint of silver necklaces which he hadn’t seen since… The breath whooshed out of him and he sighed in relief.

He’s okay. He’s fine.

Magnus’ fingers shot out in a graceful arc and with a blast of his power he decapitated the demon he’d been fighting, watching unimpressed as the demon dissolved into ash.

He lifted his head, as if he could sense Alec’s eyes on him, dark strands falling over his eyes, glowing golden with the slits that entranced and drew you in with the force and power they held.  His eyes held Alec’s for a brief moment and then he gave Alec a cocky grin and dove back into the fight, mind now focused on the circle member that had tried creeping up on him. A driving punch to the solar plexus, an upwards thrust with the heel of his palm that connected with the man’s nose and a direct punch to the face, and the circle member landed with a thud.

Without breaking a sweat, he glided onto the next circle member just as Alec caught running footsteps and raised his blade at the exact same moment a circle member came swinging at him.

His arms shook with the force of the hit and the circle member grinned.


Alec shot his foot out, slamming hard against the circle member’s kneecap, hearing the satisfying crunch of shattering bone that had the man drop with a pained howl. A quick swipe and he took off the man’s head and using the same momentum cleaved the demon that was coming at him from the side.

And then it was a blur of noise and blood and sweat, losing himself to the battle, catching brief glimpses of his lover, his family, his friends, all focused on their fights.

A circle member clipped him and he turned around, grabbed the man’s face, yanked him close and gutted him.

He caught Magnus’ smile just as he dropped the man’s body and smiled back, shaking his head at the wink Magnus tossed at him.

He was just about to turn around when he caught it, the split second when Magnus was distracted looking at him and a circle member swung at him, the edge of the Seraph blade hitting him from behind.


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I did a sketch request on fb to stretch my hands a bit and got so many wonderful prompts! But only managed to draw two ahaha… here’s one ;0; 

Prompt 1:  “For once, Saitama is cooking something heavenly and Genos is in the background acting like an excited child because turns out it is his other favorite meal.” (on twitter) (he’s cooking sardines fried rice!)

My daddy rules and punishment!

Rules :O
Daddy will reward good behavior and punish bad behavior.
Always say please and thank you, manners are important
Always refer to Daddy as either ‘Daddy’ or ‘Sir’
Always text Daddy when waking up/ going to bed
Always tell Daddy the truth, always be honest
Always brush your teeth at least twice a day
Always tell Daddy how you feel be it happy, sad, aroused, or otherwise
Always ask Daddy if you want to play with your princess parts
Always thank Daddy for the punishments
Always keep your word
Always follow Daddy’s instructions
Never question Daddy’s instructions but you may discuss them
Never be afraid to use the safe-word
Never hurt yourself, another person or break the law
Never withhold information from Daddy
Give Daddy time if I’m busy (unless you need me)
Not allowed to make passive-aggressive replies “k,” “whatever,” etc.
Love yourself and Daddy with all your heart

Rewards ^^
Daddy’s mark (spanking)
Being allowed to chose your reward (only for very good girls)
Can ask Daddy to do anything :S
Bedtime story
Extra sweets
Ice cream
Daddy’s praise
Extra kisses
Extra cuddling
Extra extra cuddling
Falling asleep on Daddy’s lap
Secret surprise date
Daddy’s dick
Daddy’s cum
Hickeys <3

Punishments >:)

~Soft core <3
Taking away blanket
Daddy’s mark (spanking)
Getting grounded
Writing lines of the wrongdoings
Making them read it to you/make a video of it
Early bedtime
No Internet (entire day)
Speech restrictions
Corner time, on knees, facing the wall with hands up (timed)
No more sweets (timed)
Forced flattery, flatter Daddy even if you don’t want to
No panties/bra (timed)
Strip naked
Unspeakable amount of teasing
Admitting something embarrassing (dreams, kinks, insecurities, wishes)

~Hard core >:)
Daddy’s mark (spanking)
Denying orgasm
No more masturbation
Bondage (tied, gag, etc.)
Being slapped/hit
Impact play (the belt, flogger, crop, whip etc.)
Wearing a butt plug (timed)
Time out, no bathroom (timed)
Excessive usage of degrading words. (whore, slut, bitch, etc.)
Writing degrading words on your body parts
Cold shower
Pleasuring yourself in public bathrooms
Usage of hidden remote sex toys in social encounters
Nipple torture
No more body rights, your body becomes Daddy’s toy, used for whatever
Taking pictures or videos in combination with any of the above >:)

If this isn’t Feyre’s theme song with being in the spring court then I don’t know what is.

Bird Set Free– Sia

Clipped wings, I was a broken thing
Had a voice, had a voice but I could not sing
You would wind me down
I struggled on the ground
So lost, the line had been crossed
Had a voice, had a voice but I could not talk
You held me down
I struggle to fly now

But there’s a scream inside that we all try to hide
We hold on so tight, we cannot deny
Eats us alive, oh it eats us alive
Yes, there’s a scream inside that we all try to hide
We hold on so tight, but I don’t wanna die, no
I don’t wanna die, I don’t wanna die

“World Famous Canal Street New Orleans, LA. The street that was once reserved for a canal to connect the Mississippi River to Lake Pontchartrain now is the widest street in the U. S. measuring 170 ft. accommodating 10 lanes of traffic, and neutral ground with two trolley lines making it a real tourist attraction and a sentimental favorite of all Orleanians. New Orleans – America’s Most Interesting City

Another one from ForwardLock at Panoramio, apparently circa 1960.

Emerging from the Shadows

A little bit of Elriel, from the Kiss prompt request #14, starting with a kiss meant to be gentle, ending up in passion.  @next-gen-weasleys this one’s for you!

Azriel could feel something was wrong as he touched down on the townhouse roof.  Over the months he’d been training Elain, he’d developed a bond with her, one based on mutual understanding and similarity of experience.  Not a mating bond, perhaps, but that didn’t make it less valuable.  He followed it down the stairs, through the kitchen, and into the small kitchen garden.  She sat alone on the bench, eyes downcast, right hand playing with the fourth finger on the left.  Where her engagement ring had once sat.

He ghosted through the garden and took a seat next to her, thighs nearly touching.  She didn’t look up, wasn’t startled by his presence.  Just sat there, sadness leaching off of her.  He wished he could touch her, take her into his arms and comfort her, but that wasn’t his place.  All he could do was sit there, soaking in the sun with her, and wait.

“It was two years ago today I met him,” she said softly, still looking without seeing at the brick pavers that lined the ground.  “Two years.  He was the first person to really see me, my heart, not just this.”  She gestured to that lovely face.  “The first man I ever kissed.  The first man I ever loved.”

“I’m sorry,” Az said, feeling helpless and hating himself for it.  

“And then, because those bastards took me…he couldn’t see me anymore.  My heart is the same, you know.  I don’t think the Cauldron has the power to change a heart.  But what does it mean, if changing the outside made it so he couldn’t see that?  What if…what if he never really loved me, if he was just like all the others?”  A tear escaped her then, and she turned to face him, knee pressing into his thigh.  “I hate that I was fooling myself, just like I always do.  I hate knowing that I gave him everything, and he threw it all away because I was altered.  It wasn’t even my choice, they just took me.  And he left.  I want to hate him for it, but I can’t.  I just can’t.”

Az’s chest ached at her pain.  He raised a hand to brush away that tear, but hesitated.  She was not his to touch.  Even if she had shown no sign of wanting to accept the bond with Lucien, even if he could sometimes feel her yearning for that closeness too.  There was nothing he could do for her, nothing he could give her…except the same thing that had always linked them, shared experience.  Truth for truth.

“You know that Mor and I have a history,” he said, voice husky, shadows curling up over his shoulders.  She nodded.  “I loved her from the moment Rhys brought her to that camp.  She was this bright beautiful force of nature.  So fierce, so brave, so clever.”

“She still is,” Elain murmured, and he nodded.  

“Most of the females I had known were beaten down.  Well, except my father’s wife.”  Her lips tightened at that, and his shadows swirled, ready to cover his face before he pulled them back.  “But not Mor.  She swaggered around that camp like she owned it.  Even Lord Devlin didn’t dare cross her.  She flirted with everything on two legs, but with me she was different.  Quieter.  More sincere.”  He shrugged and was quiet for a while, as memories that he had spent centuries trying to suppress surged.  He could still see Mor, naked and bleeding from between her legs, from the many wounds over her body and breasts, from the nail embedded in her abdomen, the note that nail had held soaked in her blood.   She had been ready to give up and die when he’d found her, sprawled in the chill of the Autumn Court woods.  His throat began to ache, and Elain reached over and tucked her perfect, delicate hand in his broad scarred one.

The touch gave him the strength to go on.  “After Mor’s family tortured her and dumped her, and I risked my life to go get her, I started to tell her what I felt.  I had been so certain she shared it, but she just…fled.  At first I thought she was just afraid after all that had been done to her.  But time went on, and there was always this dance between us.  She would draw me in, then shove me away.  Eventually I realized that I wasn’t what she wanted.  And that no amount of me wanting her would change that.”  He fell silent again.

“Do you love her still?” Elain asked gently.

He had never talked about this, never wanted to, but for Elain…to smooth those waves of pain still rolling off of her…“No,” he said, admitting the truth he had kept even from himself.  “I think I love the idea of her though.”

“What do you mean?”

It was hard for him to think of how to say it, the words had been locked up in his heart for so long.  “I love the idea of someone who can’t hide who they are.  Even when Mor tries, her soul shines through.  It’s the same draw that Cassian has, and Feyre.”  He smiled a little, but it didn’t reach his eyes.  “It’s the opposite of me, I suppose.”

“Me too,” Elain whispered, so quietly it almost could have just been a breath.  For a long time, the only noises were the chirping of birds and the general bustle of the city.  Elain’s hand still rested in his, as if forgotten, and he fought the temptation to stroke the back with his thumb in case she decided to pull it away.  He would savor the contact as long as he could, just as he savored the press of her knee against his leg.  When she spoke again, her voice wistful now, he almost startled.  “Have you ever loved anyone else?”

“No,” he said, “not like that.  I’ve had lovers, but there’s never been the same feeling.”  She seemed to shrink in on herself.  “But I want to.  I know that I can love like that.  And someday…maybe someday soon, I’ll find someone who can return it.  And I know that you can, too.  You can find someone who sees your heart.”  She squeezed his fingers and now he did rub his thumb across her hand.  He waited for her to pull it away, to retreat across that boundary that they had always carefully maintained, but she didn’t.  Her brown eyes looked steadily into his and he couldn’t help but notice the tiny gold flecks in them, that matched the gold tips to her long lashes.  Their breaths mingled as they sat there, and he savored the lilac and rain scent of her.  

Slowly, he bent his head to her, giving her a chance to pull away.  He brushed his lips lightly against hers, a whisper of a kiss, a question.  There was no way he could have anticipated the lightning strike that shot through him at that gentle touch.  He started to pull back, trying to master himself before he did something really stupid, but she cupped his face in her hands and pressed her lips more fully to his.  His scarred hands wrapped around her slight body, gently at first, then tighter.  He felt her tongue trace the seam of his lips and he opened his mouth for her.  A small voice in his head warned him she was still grieving, reminded him he was a bastard, unworthy, but the sweet taste of her, the feel her mouth, of her tongue, of her hands, overruled it.  Every nerve in his body was on fire, every drop of common sense had evaporated.  Never had any of his lovers made him feel like this.  One of her hands had moved to run through his hair, the other was wrapped around the back of his neck, and he knew he would have to pull away soon or they would take it too far.  Elain was not a casual fling, and he had no desire to take everything at once even if she would offer it.  So he slowly eased back, shifting to softer kisses, then to the corners of her mouth, then her eyelids.  They were both panting for breath when he rested his forehead against hers, his eyes still closed in a silent prayer.

“Azriel,” she said hoarsely.  He opened his eyes to look at her flushed face, her lips as swollen as his felt.  “Someone who sees my heart?”

“I never said that someone wasn’t me.”


“Go, go, go, go!”

“Keep going, keep going, keep going!”

“Don’t make him go too hard.”

The Green Island

Parring: Peter Pan X Reader

Word: 1421

Warning: none

Summary: Y/N is Peter’s Lost girl, and he isn’t exactly the boyfriend Y/N expected.

A/N: i’m not dead! I know i should write the next part of 3317, don’t worry, i will soon, i just really wanted to write this!

Part 2

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The stick moved easy over the ground, drawing a line from the end in the sand. The lines became a castle as they so often had before. Peter would soon come back and destroy it, as he so often had before.

You sighed, and looked around at the camp. Some of the boys were cooking dinner, some hunted, some fooled around, and Peter was out doing god knows what. He did that a lot, he was almost never at the camp anymore.

“it has its purpose” he had said when you had asked. “don’t ask again”

And you hadn’t. Not because you were scared, no. You had never been scared at Peter, not like anyone else had, he treasured you. Nobody dared curl a hair on your head, everybody knew what had happened to the boy who by accident had hit you with an arrow, sometimes you could still hear his scream in the dark night. Every time you asked Peter to let him go, forgive him, it was just an accident!

“nobody hurts my queen” Peter always said, and kissed your forehead.

You stood up, and started walking out of the camp. Peter wasn’t here, surely you could leave for just five minutes.

You knew the forest almost as well as Peter. All the times you had snuck out here, just for him to go after you, to spend a little quality time with your king.

The forest went on and on, but you didn’t mind, why should you? The forest was a nice place, it was as if even the plants was afraid of what Peter could do to them, and not dared hurt you.

A voice cut through the silence on Neverland, and you followed the sound. It didn’t take many steps for you, before you stood in front of a group.

“hello” you said, all of them turning to you. There were five, a woman with long blonde hair, a woman with dark shoulder length, and one with short black hair. There were also two men, a blonde and a dark haired, the last one had a hook instead of one of his hands. Captain Hook no doubt, Peter had told you about him, you had never meet him however, until now.

“welcome to Neverland! “you said with a smile, but none of the adults returned it.

“who are you? “the women with shoulder length dark hair said, no doubt a leader.

“I’m Y/N, and you are? “you asked, looking at them.

“wait, Y/N? “the blonde one said and took a step towards you. “as in The Golden Castle Y/N? “

“I’m sorry to disappoint, but I only lived in one place before this island, and it was no castle for sure” you said with a smile. Again, nobody returned it. You waited for an answer to your earlier question, but they didn’t seem to want to give it.

“so, what brings you to Neverland? “you asked. “it’s not most people who choose this place for a holiday”

“it doesn’t concern you” the one with the shoulder length hair said.

“we’re looking for someone” the women with short black hair said, and you nodded. You had a feeling of who it was. “maybe you can help us, do you know where Peter Pan is? “

You opened your mouth to response, but never got to. A loud noise made you turn around, and you saw a lot of birds flying up from the forest, their voices ringing through the trees.

“that’s my sign” you said, and looked back at them. “sorry, but it was nice to meet you! “


The five adults watched you disappearing through the trees, before four of them turned to the last.

“what’s the golden castle? “Mary-Margaret asked Emma.

“it’s a fairy-tale” Emma said.

“about that girl there? “Regina asked, and Emma nodded. “well, tell us! “

“it’s about a poor girl called Y/N, that lives in a village with her younger sister” Emma started telling. “but one day an evil witch finds them, and kills her younger sister. Y/N is of course crushed when she finds out, and she runs out in the woods, where a prince finds her. He gets sympathy, and offers her a place at the castle, but of course the prince falls in love with her, her with him, and they get married”

“a poor girl that marries a prince and become princess, where have I seen that before?” Regina said sarcastic.

“that’s the point of this fairy-tale, this is the beginning” Emma said, and the forest became quiet, as if everything waited for Emma to continue the story.


“where have you been?! “Peter asked angry, and you turned around to watch him. You were on your way back, but of course Peter wanted to talk private first.

“I took a walk” you said, not looking him in the eyes. “nothing happened, I’m fine”

He held a hand out, and turned your head to look at him. his forest green eyes meet yours Y/E/C, and suddenly it was just you two.

“I don’t know what I would do if something happened to you… “he said in a quiet voice.

“I know” you replied, and he leaned down to let his lips meet yours.


“Y/N is not what people expect of a princess” Emma continued her fairy-tale. “she wants to go on adventures, explore the world, but the prince won’t let her. He keeps her in the castle with nothing to do but what he expects princesses to do, stare at gold”

“he wants princesses to sit and stare at gold all day? “David asked, and Emma nodded.

“well, I’m glad you’re not like that” Mary-Margaret said to her husband, trying to sound joking.

“how does she escape? “Regina asked, making them all look at Emma.

“she doesn’t”


“Peter stop” you said, showing his hand off your arm.

“no! “he said. “you can’t leave this camp, I won’t let you! It’s not safe! “

“I can take care of myself! “you said angry. This argument happened far too often, and you both knew exactly what the other would say next.

“but you don’t need to! “he said, following the script down to every detail. “the boys and i can protect you, you don’t have to do it yourself! “

“you can’t keep me a prisoner! “you said angrily, knowing this wouldn’t last much longer.

“oh yes, I can! “he said, and you widened your eyes. He had never threatened you before.

“what? “you asked in a whisper, not being sure you had heard correctly.

“I said” he took a step towards you, so you had to tilt your head back to look him in the eyes. “yes. I. can! “


“what do you mean she doesn’t escape? “Mary-Margaret asked.

“I mean she doesn’t escape” Emma said, looking at her mother. She had never liked the story, and had felt relived when there was no Y/N in Storybrooke, now it turned out she was here. “she wants to, but right before she does it, the prince lock her up in the castle”

“but all fairy-tales has a happy ending! “David argued. He had always trusted his story to have a happy ending, to live happily ever after, that was how it should be.

“except this one” Emma said, her eyes dark by the thought of the story.


“LET ME OUT! “you screamed, but nobody answered. The wooden bars were rough under your hands, the cage swinging in the air. You could see two lost boys on the ground, but they were too far away for you to recognize them.

It wouldn’t make any difference, all the boys feared Peter, no one would dare to cross him. Before it had been nice, feeling so safe, but now you were a prisoner, trapped in a cage like all of his’ enemies.

“Please… “you begged quiet, letting go of the bars, feeling a single tear run down your cheek.

You had never been afraid of Peter, why should you? He had only protected you. He still wanted to protect you, and he thought he did just that. But you didn’t feel protected, you felt scared. Scared of the boy you loved.

Oh, what a horrible feeling. Fearing someone you loved. Wanting to run so far away you possible could, but also wanting to throw yourself into their arms. Oh, what a horrible feeling, being trapped on the green island you once had ruled with your king, calling it your kingdom.

anonymous asked:

What about a hc single parent phan! Either one of them, and they're kid runs into the other out in public and wants something?

* Dan went out to see a movie by himself. Yes, by himself. He was a loner with no friends, but he had to leave the house sometimes, so here he is now, standing in the arcade of the theater, waiting for the lines to go down so he can buy some popcorn.

* He lazily presses the button on the claw machine repeatedly, watching the lights inside change colors, when a small voice says, “Excuse me, Sir, but can I play this one?”

* “Oh yeah, sure,” Dan says, stepping away so the boy with bright, ginger hair could play it and hopefully win a stuffy.

* The boy inserted his bill, and the game played a different tune and the colors changed. His tongue poked out between his lips in concentration, eyeing the blue dragon near the back. When he was sure he had it, he pressed the button and watched the claw drop, scooping up the dragon and carrying it to the prize box. “Oh my gosh!” he squealed. “I’m gonna win!”

* Dan was surprised to see the boy actually win something, considering half these machines were rigged to just take money. The machine proved him right when the blue dragon was released from the claw, but a little too soon. The tag on the dragon’s ear got caught on the side, and it dangled just above the bottom of the prize box.

* “No!” the boy wailed, his lower lip quivering. “That’s not fair! Daddy said I only get one chance to play it!”

* Dan felt bad for the boy, digging around in his wallet for an extra bill, but came up short. He used his card for everything. He rarely had cash on him. But when the boy started to cry softly, Dan couldn’t help but offer him something. “I can try to get it out for you.”

* “Please! I was gonna give it to my daddy since he took me to the movies to reward me, but now it’s stuck and not fair.” He crossed his arms and pouted, looking quite cute. Dan was just glad he didn’t start throwing a tantrum like most of the kids he came across.

* Dan got down on the floor and pushed open the small door on the bottom, sticking his hand up it. “I have long arms, so this should work.” He pressed his body closer to the machine, his fingertips grazing the plush toy. “All most … Have it,” he grunted, knocking the dragon down and going to pull out his arm when all he did was be met with a wave of pain in his shoulder, and he couldn’t get his arm out. “Uh oh.”

* Are you okay?“ the boy asked, looking at Dan with a weird expression.

* “Um, maybe not,” Dan admitted truthfully. Great. He had his arm stuck in some toy machine with a few hundred people standing on just the other side of the wall. He hoped to God that not too many people would see him, but he couldn’t help but wonder how he was going to get unstuck.

* “Do I need to get my daddy?” he asked Dan, turning his head to one side.

* “Please don’t.” How was he going to explain this to some boy’s father? oh, I was just trying to help your son get this toy out when I did something stupid and got my arm stuck. That was too embarrassing.

* “Thomas?” a man asked, rounding the corner and stopping short when he saw the little boy standing not too far from a man who had his arm stuck up the claw machine. “Um, aren’t you a little old to be trying to snag toys from the claw machine?” He stepped a little closer to Thomas, pushing the boy behind him.

* “Yeah, but-”

* “Daddy, it was me! He was going to help me get the toy that the machine didn’t give me but it was supposed to.” He clung onto the man’s leg, looking at him with big, blue eyes. “It’s my fault, daddy.”

* Dan looked at the boy’s father, finding him to be rather attractive. He had dark, black hair, which didn’t match his son’s at all, but he did have the same blue eyes as him. “No, no, I did this to try and help him. He didn’t ask me to do it.”

* The man looked down at his boy, waiting for confirmation. “That’s the truth, Daddy.” The man nodded, looking back at Dan. “Do you want me to go get one of the workers?”

* “Please don’t!” Dan said, panicked. “This is embarrassing.”

* The man smiled, laughing lightly. “Then what do you want me to do?”

* “Quit laughing, it’s not funny.” Now it was Dan’s turn to pout.

* “I can try to get you out, if you want,” the man offered, crouching down and inspecting the scene. “It might hurt a little.”

* “I don’t care, please just hurry before more people see.” Dan did care, actually. A lot. His pain tolerance was practically nonexistent.

* The man gripped Dan’s upper arm, getting quite close to his face. “Not a fan of public humiliation, huh?” Dan’s face heated up, and the man chuckled softly. “Alright, just try to pull when I say go, yeah?” When Dan nodded, the man said, “One, two, go!” He pulled on Dan’s arm, which caused Dan to cry out in pain, but when the side of his body collided with the floor, he let out a sigh of relief.

* “Yay!” Thomas squealed, reaching in the prize box for his blue dragon. “You got it! Thank you!” He hugged it to his chest, smiling widely.

* The man huffed, rolling his eyes but smiling at his son. “Are you good?”

* Dan was rubbing his shoulder and rotating it, making sure it all still worked. “I’m fine, thank you.”

* “It was really nice of you, you know,” he said, looking at Thomas. “But also very stupid. People have had to call the fire department in order to get others unstuck from those.”

* Dan blushed sheepishly. “Guess I got lucky. I’m sorry, you’re probably missing your movie because of me.”

* The man shrugged. “I’m sure it’ll be fine. Thomas has the attention span of a fish. He won’t even remember the movie by bath time.”

* Dan laughed, unsure of what to say. He was going to make it awkward, he just knew it. So instead of lingering in silence, he said, “My name is Dan.”

* The man smiled, holding out his hand for Dan to take. “I’m Phil, and I would actually like to know if maybe you would be interested in joining us for this movie. For being nice to Thomas and all.”

* “Shouldn’t it be the other way around? You helped me.”

* “You helped my boy. And now I’m showing thanks. Besides, we can consider this … a predate. I think I’d like to see more of you, Dan.”

* Dan couldn’t believe it. A predate? With a guy he just met? Who also happened to be extremely attractive and now single? This really was his lucky day. All because of some stupid, blue dragon. “I think I’d like that, too.”

* Phil helped him off the ground, and waited in line with Dan again so he could buy a ticket for the same movie. They ended up sharing a popcorn, and by the end of the movie, Thomas was asleep. “I told you,” Phil murmured into Dan’s ear. “But maybe next time this could happen at my place?”

* Dan took that as an invitation and nodded with a smile. Yeah, maybe he wouldn’t stick his arm up another claw machine again, but if this was the result of it, he just might have to rethink doing stupid things. That is, only if it were to get the attention of Phil.